Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 777 - Riding a Donkey on the Fragrant Road

When the Primordial Realm broke through the seal, Eternal Peace was also affected. The mountains of Eternal Peace were like a fan that was opened up as they spread out.

The previous transportation methods of the cities were all broken off. Each and every city was ten thousand miles away from each other, and there were numerous ruins of the past that were laid out everywhere. Even gods had to be careful when moving from one city to another.

The Primordial Spirit Assembly was also disabled for the time being as there were too many dangers in the Primordial Realm. Numerous ruins were filled with remnants of divine arts, and if one wasn't careful, they would be injured by these divine art and get wiped out.

The transportation by land was gone, the transportation by air was also gone, and now, even the Primordial Spirit Assembly couldn't be used anymore. It was indeed like what Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher had predicted. Emperor Yanfeng's control over the empire had dropped to the freezing point.

The capital city was in chaos, and Emperor Yanfeng immediately made a decision and ordered the gods of Eternal Peace to head to all of the main cities in order to stabilize the hearts of the people.

Meanwhile, in the capital city, a strange man cloaked in black came to Khan Ruandi's manor.

"Khan Ruandi, the eagle on the prairie. You who have already become a god, are you really willing to continue being a subject of Eternal Peace?" the man asked him.

Khan Ruandi looked at that person and said, "The prairie has already fallen into the hands of Eternal Peace Empire. I've also lost to Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, so I'm willing to submit to him. If Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor doesn't die, I won't rebel."

That man lifted his cloak and said with a smile, "Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, it's hard for him to escape death. The people of the prairie are mixed-blood between god and human, the descendants of Mahakala. What abilities does Emperor Yanfeng have to dare make you his subject? The prairie is the prairie of Mahakala, and now that the Primordial Realm has broken through the seal, Mahakala is bound to make a comeback, so why do you need to be a subject? Aspiring to the top of the world, aspiring to Emperor's Throne is just around the corner!"

Ruandi looked at the face of that person in disbelief, and he was dumbstruck. When he saw that person taking off his cloak, a black sun rose from the back of his head. Meanwhile, his skin color was a brilliant gold!

This god chuckled and said, "Khan Ruandi, will you stay in Eternal Peace and be a subject, or are you going back to the prairie where you can spread your wings and fight with the other eagles?"

Khan Ruandi's spirit was roused, and he said solemnly, "My wife and children are in the capital city. If I go back to rebuild the empire, they will definitely be harmed!"

That black sun god chuckled and said, "As long as you are alive, won't you have plenty of wives and children? If you miss your wife, you will miss this opportunity. I'll find someone else!"

Khan Ruandi finally made a decision, and he said resolutely, "In that case, let us leave the capital city right away!"

That black sun god used his cloak to cover his face, and as they walked out of the Khan's manor, they saw a youth walking over.

That youth saw both of them and stopped to look. Suddenly, he asked, "Ruandi, where are you going?"

Beside the youth were several gods with three heads and six arms. They all had extremely strong auras.

When Khan Ruandi saw those few gods, he felt fear and didn't lie to him. "I'm planning to return to the prairie."

"The time of the prairie is long over."

That youth said, "Now that the world is changing, half-gods are everywhere. There are all kinds of ruins, all kinds of gods that are stirring. You won't achieve much even if you return to the prairie. Instead, you will bring danger to the people there and cause the whole clan to be wiped out. You have the grace of giving birth to me, which is why I'm warning you."

Khan Ruandi sneered and said, "Nearly all of the people on the prairie were poisoned to death by you back then, and you still have the face to say I'm putting the people of the prairie in danger? You and I have long cut our ties, so if you still acknowledge our blood ties, don't stop me!"

That youth frowned and moved to the side to let him leave. "Don't forget, it's First Ancestor who saved our ancestors."

Khan Ruandi hesitated for a moment, but he still gritted his teeth to walk past him.

The black sun god turned back to look at the youth, and he asked in a low voice, "Who is that? I see he has the bloodline of Mahakala as well."

"Grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace, he seized the body of my son Pangong Tso, and now he is on the Divine Bridge Realm."

Khan Ruandi said, "Even though we are blood-related and he's considered my son, he has already submitted to the remaining survivors of Crimson Light, he won't be assisting me. Let us leave quickly, there are many experts in the city, and there are several terrifying gods keeping guard here!"

Both of them left the capital city and immediately soared away.

Pangong Tso and those three-headed and six-armed gods continued forward. They came to the imperial city inside the capital city and saw a black tiger that was as nimble as a cat running on the roof, and behind him was a white fox that was jumping from palace to palace as she followed the little black tiger.

"Senior Tiger, Young Lady Ling."

Pangong Tso stopped and asked, "Are Saint Woodcutter and Cult Master Qin around?"

The little tiger that was like a black cat stopped in his footsteps and sat on top of the palace wall. "Pangong Tso? And some Dao friends of the South Sea. Now that the world is in chaos, you guys aren't taking the chance to seize some territories when Eternal Peace is weak?"

The white fox also stopped and transformed into a little girl who was seven to eight years old. She couldn't hide the seven tails that were behind her. "Grandmaster, you usually run for your life when you meet young master, why are you taking the initiative to meet him now?"

Pangong Tso said with a smile, "Eternal Peace can't fend for itself now, and it's also the same situation in the South Sea. Therefore, Crimson Light Son of God has projected his apparition down. He requested Saint Woodcutter and Qin Mu head to the South Sea for a talk."

The white fox said, "Young master isn't around. Is Crimson Light Son of God projecting his apparition down, or has his true body descended down? Grandmaster, you're lying."

Pangong Tso gave a slight smile but didn't reply to her.

"Saint Woodcutter is currently constructing huge teleportation formations to connect all parts of the world with Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng."

The little black tiger's body trembled, and he transformed into a black tiger that was three yards long. "Follow me!"

The little girl jumped onto the tiger's back, and the black tiger leaped forth. Pangong Tso and the rest followed them to the palace where the black tiger had stopped. They saw numerous craftsmen constructing a huge gate under the command of Mute. Woodcutter, Imperial Preceptor, and the emperor were also involved in calculating the algebra.

"Pangong Tso has come forth to pay a visit on the orders of Crimson Light Son of God."

Pangong Tso and those gods bowed and straightened their backs right after. "The teleportation formations laid in each and every city allows soldiers and commoners to travel between the cities. However, the medicinal stones that will be used each day will be countless, and if there's anyone who wants to rebel, they can just close the teleportation formation and render Your Majesty helpless. Why is Your Majesty doing something that won't work?"

Emperor Yanfeng wiped away the sweat on his face and looked at him. "What great idea does Grandmaster have?"

"I don't have any, but Crimson Light Son of God does."

Pangong Tso smiled and said, "Son of God has projected his apparition at the South Sea, may everyone go over to have a talk."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's gaze swept over, and he asked, "Does Crimson Light Son of God truly wants to profit from our misfortune? If he wants to do that, he won't just be projecting his apparition down, his true body will have descended."

Pangong Tso laughed and said, "Now that Eternal Peace is in pieces, you have to rely on the Crimson Light God Race in order to survive in this chaotic world. This isn't profiting from your misfortune, it's just making the best of new opportunities."

"If Crimson Light Son of God wants to talk, I'll go and talk to him."

Suddenly, a deep voice boomed from the sky. Everyone raised their heads and saw an old bull carrying an old farmer to descend down from the sky.

Saint Woodcutter was surprised and delighted. He was about to say something when the old farmer threw him a glance and tightened his fist.

Saint Woodcutter immediately shut up.

The old farmer took a glance at Grandmaster and said, "Let's go, we'll head to the South Sea and meet this Crimson Light Son of God!"

Pangong Tso asked with a smile, "Old man, can you make decisions?"

The old farmer was furious, and explosions could be heard coming out of him. They saw his Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, and Life and Death Divine Bridge open up one after another, and only his Divine Bridge Divine Treasure was missing.

Above these six divine treasure, a celestial palace soared out, and a path pierced through the Southern Heavenly Gate. It passed by the Jade Pavilion and Jade Sea, crossed over the God Execution Stage, went through Jade Capital City, and came to the Numinous Sky Hall.

The gates of the Numinous Sky Hall opened up, and a primordial spirit rose from the Emperor's Throne. His heavenly might was present everywhere as he roared, "You asked if I can make decisions?"

Pangong Tso felt his blood run cold, and he poofed into a trail of black smoke. He escaped out of the capital city and only came back after a while with a shivering body. He bowed and said politely, "Senior, please!"

At the Great Thunderclap Monastery, Rulai Ma and the monks sat in a lotus position on the golden peak of Mount Meru. He suddenly got up and said, "A buddha has come, follow me to welcome him."

The monks hurriedly went to the bottom of the mountain to see a young buddha walking over with bare feet.

Rulai Ma greeted, "I pay my respects to Senior Brother Sakra Buddha."

The monk all greeted him as well. "Buddha!"

"There's no need for too many formalities in Buddhism. Back then, I was also the rulai of the Great Thunderclap Monastery, just addressing me as senior brother will do."

Sakra Buddha scaled up Mount Meru and raised his head to look up. He saw that the twenty heavens of Buddhism were built against Mount Meru, and now that the height of Mount Meru was immeasurable, these heavens were high above and seemed to have their own world barrier. They weren't completely connected to the Primordial Realm.

"Old Buddha is still not willing to let the Buddha Realm enter the mortal world. It's a pity that the celestial heavens can't tolerate him."

Sakra Buddha said, "The world is going to be in chaos, what plan does Rulai have?"

Rulai Ma said, "If we can fight, we fight, if we can't, we run."

"That's the logic!"

Sakra Buddha clapped his palms together and smiled. "I was still worried you would be prepared to die along with them. Now that I hear this, I'm at ease."

As he was speaking, the rays from the twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm swirled. A black pagoda-like man and another small monk came descending down from the sky. Their cultivations were very dense and surpassed the monks. They were none other than Devil Ape Zhan Kong and Monk Ming Xin.

"Rulai, we have received the true teachings." Monk Ming Xin bowed.

Sakra Buddha raised his head to look at the twenty heavens, and he whispered under his breath, "You guys have come back, which means the old buddha is awake and knows what's happening here."

He had a grim expression.

When the old buddha was awake, it showed the severity of the situation.

Brahma Realm.

The buddhas all came here to seek an audience with Brahma Buddha. Yet when they came to the dilapidated monastery, they couldn't find any traces of him at all. Only a small buddhist monk was left behind.

That small monk said, "Old buddha left the moment he woke up, he said he was going to find a friend."

"Brother, this spirit pill taste pretty good!"

In the Primordial Realm, Celestial Venerable Yu tasted the spirit pill that Qin Mu had made for the water qilin, and the taste was actually pretty good as well, so he ate a few more. He praised, "How delicious!"

Qin Mu laughed from anger. "How is this for you to eat? These spirit pills are for half-gods to grow. Even though a human's constitution can also eat spirit pills, it will invoke an imbalance in attributes in one's body, it's very dangerous!"

Celestial Venerable Yu hurriedly stopped.

Qin Mu shook his head and thought to himself, 'Celestial Venerable can't control his own desire, he will become a small fatty sooner or later. A small fatty Celestial Venerable Yu sitting on a big fatty water qilin, now that I think about it, it's really...'

He taught Celestial Venerable how to refine spirit pills, and Celestial Venerable Yu learned very fast. However, the control of his vital qi wasn't enough, so he exploded quite a few furnaces, charring himself from the explosions.

Qin Mu didn't seem to worry, as he had also exploded countless furnaces when he learned how to refine pills from Apothecary.

Countless half-gods came rushing over from all parts of the Primordial Realm, and they all headed in the same direction, where Mother Earth's summon was coming from. Qin Mu's expression became grimmer and grimmer. The number of half-gods was so high that it was obvious that it wasn't only Mother Earth that was buried and sealed back then with the Mother Earth Primordial Realm.

'The High Emperor Era is one of the longest eras other than the Dragon Han Era. The mysteries of this era are no less than the Dragon Han Era.'

Finally, they came to a vast and ancient battlefield. Before Qin Mu could even examine it in detail, he heard the braying of a donkey coming from behind. It was rather piercing to the ears.

'There's still a donkey half-god?'

Qin Mu was astonished, and he turned back to look at the source of the sound. He saw a grayish green and long-eared donkey carrying a young scholar over while swaying from side to side.

That young scholar looked calm and rather carefree. He laid on the back of the donkey while holding a fishing rod with one hand. On the end of the fishing line was a carrot which hung in front of the donkey's face.

The donkey stared at the carrot and didn't look at the path in front. He kept walking forward with a leg higher and a leg lower while giving off loud brays. He was unsatisfied at not being able to eat the carrot.

"Nine out of ten illnesses in spring are due to wine, there aren't even two sunny days in three months. Riding a donkey at dawn on the fragrant road, listening to the cries of the orioles from the depths of the green poplars."

That scholar recited a poem while the donkey swayed from side to side. They passed by Qin Mu and the rest.

Qin Mu looked at that scholar, and he saw that the scholar had a graceful forehead and that his eyes were like stars. He gave off a pressing heroic spirit, but there was also a slight aura of depression.


Qin Mu cupped his hands in greeting and asked with a smile, "May I know where brother is going?"

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