Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 779 - Number One in Sword Skills for a Million Years

"My sword path is only so-so."

Qin Mu looked at the sword skill that was clashing with the knife light in the fog and he revealed a smile. "I only have two moves in my sword path so it's probably lousy."

His focus was absorbed by Bai Qu'er's sword skills. Bai Qu'er's sword skills had originated from him. He exchanged sword skills with the brother and sister of Bai family forty thousand years ago in High Emperor's Hundred Prosperities City. However, it was only for a brief two to four hours.

The brother and sister of Bai family didn't learn much and afterward, disaster broke out. Hundred Prosperities City was invaded and they started to escape in the darkness.

When the sun rose, they embraced each other in front of a cliff and parted ways.

Bai Qu'er brought the remaining people to survive and her sword skills had originated from Qin Mu's sword skills. She didn't continue forward on the path of Eternal Peace Empire's sword skills and instead, she paved out her own path.

Bai Qu'er sword skills had the spirit of a new lease of life and the hardships of an undertaking in the end of an era. This was caused by the era she was located in and those dark years forced her to grow stronger, using her feeble strength to fight for the survival of the remaining survivors.

Luo Wushuang's knife skills were proficient in calculation and the rays of knife light were upright and proper, overwhelming people with huge power. On the other hand, Bai Qu'er's sword skills break the surface at the weakest points, using terrifying piercing power to break Luo Wushuang's huge power.

Both of their knife skills and sword skills had the shadow of Qin Mu's sword skills. Qin Mu's sword skills had huge power and also intricate calculation. There was also the spirit of piercing through the darkness of an era.

Bai Qu'er received Qin Mu's guidance before while Luo Wushuang's knife skills that were intricate in calculation was crushed by Qin Mu's sword skills that were intricate in calculation. No matter if it was Bai Qu'er or Luo Wushuang, both of them were influenced by Qin Mu.

However, both of them also had their own paths and they had already broken out from the breathtaking display Qin Mu had brought them in that dark night forty thousand years ago. Their different personalities and different circumstances resulted in both of them having different success on their respective paths.

Scholar sat leisurely on the donkey and moved forward calmly. "It's rare that you are humble for once. However, there are simply too many people cultivating sword skills in the world, the numbers far surpass those cultivating knife skills. There is also an extremely high number of people who had achieved great success in sword skills. The number of people who entered the path with the sword isn't little as well. Let's not talkvabout people who are far away, people that are close by are people like Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Sword God Su Muzhe, just in Eternal Peace alone, there are these two huge pillars in the sword path. During Founding Emperor Period, there are countless people who had great success in the sword path. Your sword skill is indeed difficult to be ranked."

Qin Mu sat on the head of the dragon qilin and he said leisurely, "Brother, I'm saying my sword path is lousy but I didn't mention my sword skill. In terms of sword skill, if I say I'm number two, no one would dare to admit they are number one."

He gave a slight smile. "Looking back a million years, there are countless people who surpassed me in the sword path but on sword skills, I'm already standing on the peak. Maybe someone will surpass me in the future, however, there was no one that had surpassed me in the past million years."

Scholar was astonished and the donkey under him laughed. "Hwee!"

The scholar put down the rod and let the donkey have a bite from the carrot. He said with a smile, "Not even Founding Emperor?"

That donkey took a bite and the carrot suddenly screamed miserably. Right afterward, another section of its body grew back and its body was still complete.

However, that carrot was still screaming endlessly with a miserable voice.

"This carrot has turned into a spirit!"

The water qilin was shocked and he walked forward to examine in detail. Suddenly, that carrot stretched out its arm to punch the water qilin right in the nose, causing his nose to bleed profusely.

"The carrot is alive!" cried the water qilin.

"What are you looking at?"

That carrot said angrily, "You will also cry out in pain if you got bitten! I'm not a carrot, I'm a ginseng!"

He struggled to get off the rod and cried out, "Let me go, I want to beat this idiot that had insulted me. I'm going to open this rascal's eyes!"

Qin Mu looked at the carrot and he was endlessly astonished. He said with a smile, "Not even Founding Emperor."

Scholar's gaze flickered and he said, "I've also cultivated sword skills and there are merely two to three people that could surpass me from the past to the present. My sword skills have entered the path and I've deduced my sword path to the thirteen writings of the sword path. In terms of sword skills, I admit my attainments aren't weak as well so I would very much like to meet the number one person in sword skills for a million years."

He placed down his feathered fan and rod so the carrot stood on the donkey's head. The fishing line coiled around his head and he jumped to and fro on the donkey's head. He gripped his fists and whirled them around as he called out towards the water qilin. "Come on, let's fight!"

Scholar's gaze flickered and he said, "You and I shall use vital qi as swords to exchange a few blows. Don't worry, I won't bully you with my cultivation or use my sword path to pressure you."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "You can execute anything on the donkey's back, I don't feel like bullying you."

"It's common to see a scholar traveling the world with a sword on his waist, writing poems as he wields his sword and kills people on a donkey. Moreover, you are also on the head of a dragon qilin, you can't execute yourself freely as well."

Scholar said with a smile, "Once I execute my first sword move, you will jump down from the head of the dragon qilin. The second sword move will make you move ten miles away from here. On the third move, you will be a hundred miles away. On the fourth move, you will be hiding a thousand miles away."

Qin Mu wore a smile that was yet not a smile on his face. "Please!"

Vital qi swirled around Scholar's body and his vital qi transformed into a sword formation instantly. Countless fine swords soared about like raindrops and mountains could be faintly seen among the sword lights.

His sword skill was intricate and could be compared to Village Chief's Sword Picture. There was another kind of marvel.

Qin Mu raised his hand and tapped once. A single ray of sword light broke through the air and stabbed into his fine rain and mountains.

That ray of sword light was none other than the second form of his Calamity Sword. The sword light flickered indefinitely and tore through the rain and mountains in an instant. Scholar's countless sword lights missed and couldn't block this sword light at all.

Scholar was astonished and when he saw the sword light coming to his chest, he hurriedly jumped down from the back of the donkey!

That sword light followed him closely behind like a shadow!

He hurriedly executed his second sword skill and sword lights poured forth like a flood. Even though the sword lights overwhelmed that single sword light like the blue ocean and clearly sky that stretched for ten thousand miles, they still couldn't block down this sword light!

Scholar moved back rapidly. He fluttered like a butterfly and yet he was also like a rabbit sprinting in the wild. His body technique was 扑所迷离.

Yet that sword light still followed closely behind him. He was unable to avoid it.

Scholar's third move was released and it still couldn't block down this sword light. Raising his head to take a look, he had already escaped over a hundred miles away.

He continued to move back and next was the fourth sword skill, which was followed by the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh. Every sword skill was extremely exquisite and full of transformations that others wouldn't be able to catch. Yet, all of them were unable to block that single sword light.

In the blink of an eye, he had already come to a thousand miles away and the transformations of his sword skills were already exhausted. He could no longer execute any moves!

That single sword light from Qin Mu stabbed onto his chest like lightning and gave off a clinking sound. A glow burst forth from his chest to block this sword down.

Scholar's nerves were still shaken and he swept away the beads of cold sweat on his forehead. He returned back quickly with quick steps and he still saw Qin Mu sitting on the head of the dragon qilin, explaining to Celestial Venerable Yu the marvel of his move.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"This move of mine is called Raising Calamity and it's also called Sword Nineteen, it's the nineteenth move of the basic sword skills."

Qin Mu said calmly, "Sword Nineteen is too complicated and if divine arts practitioners are about to learn it, their sword skills will straightaway enter the path. I had encountered West Earth Sword Master Luo Yinyu and we deduced that there is still a nineteenth move, thus, we wanted to compete to see comprehend it first. Looks like I have won."

Scholar sat on the donkey's back and said dejectedly, "You won. Your sword skills are number one, I've seen Founding Emperor's sword skills before and they aren't as superior as yours. In that case, what is raising calamity?"

Qin Mu explained, "All living things in heaven and earth have predestined fate and in this predestined calamity, one has to give and take when facing the calamity. Raising calamity is first to give before taking. Every step my sword light advance, it's a kind of giving. The reason why you can't touch my sword light just now was because I have given first and take later.If you don't give, you will be killed by my Raising Calamity."

Scholar and Celestial Venerable Yu seemed to be thinking. Celestial Venerable Yu has also learned the basic sword skills and he was personally taught by Village Chief. However, he had not yet settled down and his foundation wasn't too stable. He also didn't have such dense magic power so he couldn't learn Sword Eighteen and Sword Nineteen.

Scholar's eyes light up and he asked with a smile, "What if I give? Will I be able to break through your Sword Nineteen?"

"How much can you give?"

Qin Mu used his vital qi to transform into swords and thousands of flickering swords stabbed towards him.

Scholar's hair stood on end and beads of cold sweat were all over his forehead. Just now, Qin Mu had used one sword to force him back a thousand miles. Now with a thousand and more swords of Raising Calamity, it was not only as simple as getting injured to break Raising Calamity. It was literally sending himself to death!

Qin Mu dispersed the sword light and said, "Sword Nineteen is the sword skill that had entered the path. Just now, I had executed chain calamities in my Raising Calamity Sword and other than that, there was also dozens of other changes. However, it's extremely difficult to cultivate Sword Nineteen. If one manages to cultivate it, they would have entered the sword path."

Scholar raised the fishing rod and he lifted up the carrot that was beating up the water qilin. He continued to hang it in front of the donkey and nodded his head. "Sword Nineteen is indeed terrifying but to be number one for the past million years, aren't you being too haughty?"

"I took revenge for someone I admire very much and I had once used this sword skill to break through the restrictions of an ancient god, severely injuring my enemy."

Qin Mu took a glance at Celestial Venerable Yu and said, "Even though that ancient god was only a projection, her abilities were extraordinary. She was equivalent to being on Numinous Sky Realm and even she couldn't suppress Raising Calamity Sword."

Celestial Venerable Yu was blur and he didn't know the person Qin Mu admired was him.

Scholar paid no attention and said with a smile, "Only the projection of the ancient god, how strong could it be? As for being as strong as experts on Numinous Sky Realm, that's an exaggeration. Your sword skills being number one for a million years is still debatable."

Qin Mu gave a slight smile and didn't debate with him.

That was because it was truly astonishing if he was to say it out. Outsiders would find it hard to believe however, Niu Sanduo and Founding Emperor would know that he wasn't lying.

They came to where Sword God Bai Qu'er and Knife God Luo Wushuang had clashed. There was a jade sea and in the sea, there were knife lights that were like jade walls and sword lights trained to perfection standing upright on the sea surface.

A gentle breeze swept passed and suddenly, the light and shadow burst forth. The sword skills and knife skills of these two strong practitioners were still fighting endlessly.

However, Bai Qu'er and Luo Wushuang were both not here anymore.

On Jade Sea, there were numerous devil gods and gods among the half-gods trying to bring numerous younger generations to pass through this area. Everyone was being careful so they wouldn't touch the knife lights and sword lights left behind by these two people.

On the surface of the sea, the knives and swords were like barriers. Sometimes, they were silent and sometimes they would suddenly explode with terrifying power.

"Divine Knife Luo and High Emperor Sword God have a grudge of life and death. Both of them had fought countless times.

Scholar rode the donkey into Jade Sea and he said to Qin Mu, "There was a period of time, Luo Wushuang kept chasing after the remaining survivors of High Emperor and it was High Emperor Sword God that had stopped him. When it came to Founding Emperor Era, they were still fighting but outsiders just didn't know about it."

Celestial Venerable Yu asked curiously, "What about High Emperor Overlord Body? Why didn't High Emperor Overlord Body reappear?"

Scholar revealed a blank look and he shook his head. "High Emperor Overlord Body had only appeared in the moment of crisis and then he vanished. He had most likely died in the calamity. Not many people know about High Emperor Overlord Body and I had also only heard rumors. I've heard that First Ancestor Human Emperor and Sword God Su had also gone to search ancient ruins to try to find the traces of High Emperor Overlord Body but to no avail. They only found an ancient stone tablet. This is Jade Sea so God Execution Stage should be in front. We have to be careful there..."

Qin Mu's heart stirred and he asked, "Brother knows a lot so do you know which of the two celestial heavens during High Emperor Era does this celestial palace belongs to?"

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