Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 78 - Sun Ship

Granny Si frowned and immediately ordered loudly, "Seal off the entire city and search for the sorcerer! Move all the people in the city to the city plaza. I would like to see who dares to cause mischief under my eyes!"

The divine arts practitioners of City Lord's Manor received the orders and immediately went to chase everyone in the city, including the merchants to the city plaza.

Qin Feiyue also frowned. Not being able to find the sorcerer who was creating havoc made him feel uneasy.

"There's no need to worry, Little General Qin. This is my city, no demon nor monster can create havoc here!"

Granny Si, who was wearing Fu Yundi's skin, smiled, " Now that we have gathered everyone together, no matter which sorcerer it is who is remarkable at hiding, will not escape the grasp of my hand! Feel free to invite the Imperial Army, there are too many lawless people in Great Ruins who are in need of a teaching! Come to think of it, I've heard of the distinguished name of Imperial Preceptor and even admire him greatly. I can't wait to see Imperial Preceptor immediately and listen to his teachings!"

Qin Feiyue suppressed the uneasiness in his heart and smiled faintly, "Please be at ease, City Lord. Imperial Preceptor has always dealt rewards and punishments clearly. Since that City Lord has done a great merit for Eternal Peace Empire, you will naturally be promoted to nobility and achieve meteoric success. There will be no need to guard this bitter cold place anymore."

Granny Si laughed out loud and was extraordinarily pleased. She suddenly said ruthlessly, "The sorcerer creating havoc is not amenable to reason. When I capture him, I'll execute him with a lingering death and hang his head on the city gate as a warning to others! That's right, may I request Little General Qin to say some praises in front of Imperial Preceptor. Just now, the sorcerer creating havoc was not my doing, this…"

Qin Feiyue understood and smiled, "Be at ease, City Lord. I will definitely recommend City lord in front of Imperial Preceptor."

Granny Si let off a sigh and her gaze wavered. She then lowered her voice, "Truth to be said, after running this place for many years, I have gotten quite a number of remarkable treasures. When Imperial Preceptor enters the city, why not have Little General Qin follow me to have a look. If there's anything that catches your eye, Little General Qin could just feel free to take it…"

Qin Feiyue's heart stirred. There were treasures everywhere in Great Ruins and there was no lack of treasures even before the darkness invasion. Running Border Dragon City for so many years, Fu Yundi had naturally obtained countless of strange and unique treasures. If he could go into his treasure vault to choose a few unique treasures, he will naturally be the one at the winning end!

On the dragon pillar, Qin Mu couldn't help but be dazzled and impressed when he saw how Deaf painted and used his paintings as divine arts. Since young, he had learned calligraphy and painting from Deaf and read intensively. Yet it was still the first time he had seen Deaf showing his divine arts.

With the power of one man to delay the advance of a hundred thousand men of Eternal Peace Empire's great army, this ability was simply astonishing!

If there were no experts in Eternal Peace Empire that could break Deaf's divine arts, the great army that had a hundred thousand men would have died under Deaf's divine arts.

"Is that Mu'er on top of the pillar?"

Suddenly, Butcher's voice came from below. Qin Mu stuck his head out to have a look only to see Butcher slicing towards the dragon pillar with his Pig Slaughtering Knives. However, he was bewildered as there no knives landed on the dragon pillar.

As Butcher slashed his knives, his body rose upwards as well and landed on the dragon pillars after a while.

"What are you doing this for, Grandpa Butcher?" Qin Mu asked curiously.

"Burying my divine arts to destroy the dragon pillar."

Butcher sheathed his Pig Slaughtering Knives back and used his hands to prop himself over to the dragon's head. Looking at the great army advancing outside of the city, he said, "When the Eternal Peace Empire's great army enter the city, my divine arts will explode in the dead of night. This dragon pillar will then shatter into pieces and be cleanly destroy by my knife lights."

The vanguard of Eternal Peace Empire received the attacks of Deaf and suffered great casualties. At this moment, the second division of forces had joined together with the vanguard at the border and once again hurried towards Border Dragon City.

Even though they had just suffered from Deaf's attacks, now that both forces were merged, their power had instead become greater.

Qin Mu jumped in shock and cried out, "Grandpa Butcher decided to use the darkness to eliminate Eternal Peace Empire's great army?"

Butcher nodded his head and said, "I've already buried my divine arts in the other three dragon pillars, only this pillar was left."

Qin Mu felt a chill down his spine. If the four dragon pillars were to be destroyed at night, what comes for the Eternal Peace Empire shall be a disastrous calamity!

When that time comes, it won't be known how many people will die in the darkness from unnatural causes!

Qin Mu hesitated, "Grandpa Butcher, the people in this city…"

Butcher smiled, "When Deaf cast his spell just now and attacked the Eternal Peace Army, Granny Si sealed off the entire city and gathered everyone to the city plaza."

Qin Mu instantly felt at ease. There were many ancient temples in the city plaza that worshiped various stone statues. The temples there would help defend against the darkness invasion.

It was apparent that Granny Si and Deaf had already communicated with each other and set up this scheme. When the dragon pillars collapsed, the darkness will invade. The city plaza which was surrounded by the temples will become a safe zone. Since all the commoners are already there, they will naturally be safe.

"When the night falls, the Eternal Peace Empire's great army shall be annihilated. The only ones able to escape will only be Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and a few strong practitioners. When that time comes, it will be when we will have our final battle."

Butcher smiled, "Therefore, Village Chief has also come."

Qin Mu was bewildered. What can Village Chief do when he already had no limbs?

Butcher was slightly excited and chuckled, "We'll be able to see the strongest sword then versus the strongest sword now! Goddamn, I can't wait for it to be nighttime now… What is that?"

His expression suddenly froze as he looked towards the distance blankly. As if he had seen a ghost, he cried out, "What the f*ck is that?"

Qin Mu followed his gaze and was slightly stunned. He could only see a tiny black dot and didn't know why Butcher was startled.

However, the direction where the tiny black dot is, should be Star Sea, which was seventy miles away from Border Dragon City.

"F*ck, f*ck…"

Vulgarities spewed out continuously from Butcher. He suddenly rose into the sky and landed down before shouting, "Stay there and don't move. I'll go find Village Chief, Apothecary and the rest. This is still the first time I'm seeing such a thing after staying in Great Ruins for so long… F*ck…"

Qin Mu was bewildered. It was still the first time he has seen Butcher losing his composure. When Butcher was insane, he had never spewed out so many vulgarities either. At most he would only scold the damned heavens.

Looking at the tiny black dot, he was suddenly stunned again. The tiny black dot had become much bigger.

The tiny black dot became bigger and bigger. It was like a needle poked on a piece of white paper but now it was like an ink blotch which was still getting bigger.

Suddenly, figures flashed by and a few people instantly appeared beside Qin Mu. They were the limbless Village Chief, the faceless Apothecary, Mute and the rest.

Blind, however, wasn't around. He should have been captured to the city plaza by the people of the gambling den.

"My God…"

Apothecary looked at the black dot and was extremely shocked as he muttered, "What a huge ship…"

"The legends are true, there is truly such a ship!"

Village Chief was also in a shock and muttered, "Why did this ship appear at this time?"

Mute was in a daze and stared blankly.

Deaf was also in a daze.

"F*ck…" Butcher still continued to scold with vulgarities.

Qin Mu opened his Heaven's Eyes and tried his best to see the black dot but he couldn't see it clearly.

Gradually, the black dot grew bigger and bigger. It was now as big as a pitch black plate and was still becoming bigger. Soon the black plate became three yards long.

Not long after, the plate had an area of several are.

Tremors kept on coming from the ground below. Qin Mu felt his legs becoming numb as the tremors became stronger and stronger. It was as if there was an enormous monster continuously moving forward.

He felt the air and the temperature rising as if it was the heat given off by the sun and was scorching the earth. However, it was still spring and two months away from summer.

Afterward, Qin Mu saw what Village Chief and the rest saw.

A ship moved forward from Star Sea and was getting closer and closer.

It was indeed a ship that was moving forward. On top of the ship floated a black sphere that was getting bigger and bigger.

Qin Mu's expression became weird and the shock in his heart multiplied several times. After some time did he let out a murky breath and grit his teeth, "F*ck…"

Butcher stared at him, "Children should not say such vulgarities! F*ck, what is this thing that had just appeared?"

The ship that was coming over was extremely enormous. It was a ship formed by tall and majestic volcanoes, which were spewing thick smoke and flames into the clouds. Lightning flashes all through the thick smoke and there were sparks continuously lighting up the sky.

The shape of the mountain was also very strange as there were no mountain peaks. The shape of the ship was also similar in that there was no building on top of it but majestic palaces that were a dazzling sight. Despite it being shrouded in the thick smoke, the palaces were still shining in a brilliant gold and were very gorgeous.

There were also chains that were so thick they could only be hugged by dozens of people floating in the sky like the string of a kite. These chains were all tied to that huge pitch black sphere. While it was moving in the air, the chains collided together and gave off rattling sounds.

And when the huge pitch black sphere was being dragged, it would give off loud rumbles. Even the air droned from the tremors as if the sphere was extremely heavy.

At this moment, the ship was traveling down Surging River, causing the huge river of Great Ruins to boil from the heat and run dry. The fish monsters and river monsters all jumped ashore and fled!

"This is…"

Qin Mu was stunned for a moment and cried out, "Sun Ship!"

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