Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 780 - Origin

"If I knew about the inside information of High Emperor, I wouldn't have come."

Scholar flicked the rod to tease the donkey as he sighed. "After the High Emperor Era was wiped out, the Primordial Realm vanished, and only the High Emperor Ruins were left. Even if I want to discover the secret of this era, I can't. Even High Emperor Sword God doesn't know much about the High Emperor Era because of her young age. I've once met some remaining survivors of the High Emperor Era, but they couldn't say anything clear about that era. The Mother Earth Primordial Realm appearing is the reason why I've appeared."

On the surface of the sea, the fog grew denser as they came assaulting from all directions. The Jade Sea was shrouded by the fog, and someone could be heard crying out from in front. "This is where Mother Earth fell, there is definitely something suspicious now that the fog has suddenly grown denser! Everyone be more careful!"

That voice came from not far away, and it had to be other gods that had rushed here from the other heavens.

Right at this moment, Qin Mu suddenly saw a huge shadow swooping past ahead. What followed next were cries of astonishment and furious shouts. Terrifying waves of divine arts followed closely behind, and then, the knife light and sword light on the sea surface erupted!

The dragon qilin and water qilin became nervous. Both of them opened their mouth to cough, and the water qilin coughed up a qilin bead which swept the seawater from the surroundings to form a barrier to defend against the impact of the gods' divine arts.

On the other hand, the dragon qilin coughed up two beads. One was a fire qilin bead, and the other was a dragon bead.

The water qilin took a glance at him and thought to himself, 'This fellow's bloodline isn't as pure as mine, his abilities are inferior.'

Just as he thought that, he saw qi, blood, and magic power that had gathered in the two beads of the dragon qilin became berserk. The two beads were three yards in radius, and countless divine rays shot out randomly from the beads, freezing the waves of impact around him!

The water qilin was dumbfounded.

Those knife lights and sword shadows were the remnants of Luo Wushuang and Bai Qu'er's divine arts. They were touched by the people in front, and as a result, the sea surface was in chaos. When the wind and waves became calm, it was silent in front.

They walked forward carefully, and not long later, they saw numerous people standing on a pillar that was stretched horizontally above the sea. They had strange smiles on their faces and smiled non-stop as they looked at them.

The fog spread and their bodies were also hazy.

That pillar floated above the water surface, and in front of this pillar were the devil race and the god race. There were also several gods that had tall and sturdy bodies which gave off intense god might and devil might.

There were also some gods and devils that had made a huge circle, and they stared warily at their surroundings. More and more people placed their attention on that pillar floating on the sea surface.

Qin Mu got creeped out by these people's smiles, and he got the dragon qilin to stop.

Those gods and devils were still smiling at them, and their expressions were unspeakably stiff.

"What are they smiling about?" Celestial Venerable Yu asked curiously.

Just as his voice landed, those gods and devils floated up with the pillar. They floated into the air and vanished into the fog.

"Shi shi shi…"

Laughs from those gods and devils came from the fog. It was sometimes left and sometimes right, sometimes front and sometimes back.

"There are monsters in the sea, work together to fight the enemy!" The gods and devils that had formed a circle shouted.

Qin Mu looked at Scholar, and Scholar said, "They have many people, and the target is bigger, the monster will definitely attack them. We can take this chance to slip by."

Those god and devil experts heard this and started spewing out vulgarities. Scholar rode on the donkey and rode past them gleefully.

Qin Mu got the dragon qilin and the water qilin to follow him closely. He turned back to look, and those gods were still huddled up in a circle and cursing endlessly.

Suddenly, a huge shadow flashed by in the fog, and after that shadow flashed by, the sea surface was empty. The hundred gods from earlier suddenly vanished without a trace!

Qin Mu shuddered. Just now, there were a few gods among the god race and devil race, yet they had also vanished!

He hurriedly instructed Celestial Venerable Yu to stick close to him. He got the dragon qilin and the water qilin to follow the donkey.

Giggles came from the surroundings and revolved around them. The fog became even thicker.

Divine light concentrated in his eyes and transformed into one galaxy and seven heavens. Looking around, faces suddenly appeared in front of them.

The dragon qilin was most terrified of this, and he almost screamed. The faces appeared from the fog and circled around them.

These faces belonged to those gods and devils from earlier!

The faces of these gods and devils swirled around them while giving off strange smiles. All kinds of peculiar giggles came from all directions.

Suddenly, a pitch-black gate appeared behind him, and the gate opened. Those faces passed through the gate, yet they still danced around them.

Qin Mu's heart sank, and he said with a low voice, "They are corpses, they aren't alive!"

His Gate of Heaven Influence could take away the souls and primordial spirits of other people, yet for these faces to still be fine after passing through the Gate of Heaven Influence, this meant that they had no souls!

Scholar took a glance at the Gate of Heaven Influence and said in astonishment, "This gate of yours seems to be extremely profound."

He took out a zither and plucked twice conveniently. A dull grunt came from the thick fog, and those faces started to warp. The spinning finally stopped, and countless dazzling rays of light came from the light as though two small suns were born in the fog. The piercing light came over.

"Hehe, it's actually an expert!" A stink came from the vicinity of the sun.

Scholar plucked three strings and let go. The sound of the zither rang loudly, and the three notes formed one line to extinguish both of the suns. Loud splashes of heavy objects hitting the water sounded out.

The fog in the surrounding gradually thinned out, and everyone regained their vision.

Qin Mu and Celestial Venerable Yu looked around, and they saw a huge tentacle floating on the water surface. On the tentacle were suction cups that were three yards in size, and on each suction cup was a god or devil!

These gods were gasping heavily for breath, yet they gave off expressions as though they had difficulty breathing.

They let out wails, and their faces rapidly shriveled up. Even their corporeal bodies had become thinner and thinner until they became dried corpses.

Scholar, who was on the donkey, put his zither somewhere and flicked the carrot. The donkey continued forward while chasing after the carrot.

Qin Mu hurriedly followed, and when he came to where the light had vanished, he saw a round head that was like a hundred-mile-wide island floating on the water surface. The top of the head had been sliced off, and the two eyes in that bare brain seemed to have been sliced apart by some sharp object!

There were corpses of gods and devils everywhere, and they hung from the incomparably thick tentacles. Only their empty skins were left.

Qin Mu and the rest past by this behemoth, and he raised his head. They had already come to shore.

In front of them was a divine mountain, and there were two baleful auras swirling around the mountain peak.

Qin Mu turned back to look, and that creature gradually sank into the sea, vanishing without a trace.

"This half-god's abilities were extremely powerful, but Brother could actually kill him just by plucking a few strings. Your zither notes have entered the path. I wonder what number in the world are you in terms of the zither?" Qin Mu asked.

Scholar raised his head to look at those two baleful auras and said, "My best abilities are the four arts, I've put effort into them. My second-rated abilities are weapons. I played around with them until I achieved quite the ability. My best abilities can be ranked number one or number two. As for the second-rated abilities I have played around with, that's just common. My zither has lost once, I lost to Red Deity Qi Xiayu."

His face dimmed as he said, "That woman's abilities are extraordinary, her attainments in the art of zither even surpassed mine."

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently.

Red Deity's abilities were extraordinary, and she was a strong Emperor's Throne practitioner. Qin Mu had experienced her zither notes before, and back then, when he and Sakra Buddha had escaped from Buddha Realm, Red Deity Qi Xiayu had sent a tune of The Phoenix Seeks his Mate to pursue them across the worlds. Just the zither notes alone were enough to severely injure Sakra Buddha!

This scholar actually fought her using the zither and didn't die. This showed his abilities!

"Originally, I thought my zither could be number one, but now that I think about it, my chess should be number one. The order should go as chess, calligraphy, painting, zither."

Scholar rode on the donkey to scale up the divine mountain. He fanned his feather fan and said with a smile, "Cult Master Qin, what do you think is the rank of your zither and chess?"

Qin Mu sighed and said, "I have completely no understanding of these two."

Scholar said with a smile, "I thought Great Cult Master Qin was omnipotent, never would I expect you to have things you don't know as well."

Qin Mu took out a brush and said with a smile, "Since your calligraphy is number two, can you write a few words for me?"

Scholar raised the brush. "How is that hard? What do you want me to write?"

"Just write Qin Fengqing."

Scholar wrote down Qin Mu's name on the paper, and Qin Mu took over the brush and paper. He examined the words in detail, and his gaze wavered. "Where is Carefree Village?"

Scholar turned back his head and said with a smile, "Cult Master's thoughts sure jump here and there. We were clearly talking about the four arts, so why have you suddenly started talking about Carefree Village? You puzzle me."

"You have been to Carefree Village before, and you might have even walked out from there!"

Qin Mu took out the family register and flipped to where his name was at. "On my father's ship, I've seen your writings. Many of the names on the Qin family register are written by you! And on the last page, my father wrote my name, and his writings are very similar to yours. It's obvious he learned his painting and calligraphy from you and tried to imitate you! You are from Carefree Village!"

He suddenly became excited. "Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi, where exactly is Carefree Village? Is Founding Emperor there or not? Why hasn't he shown himself for the past twenty thousand years?"

Scholar was silent, and she suddenly smiled. "The descendants of Founding Emperor are no simple characters. I've indeed written many names in the Qin family register, but I've never written your name. You getting me to write your name was to catch me off-guard, but I forgot that I once taught Qin Hanzhen calligraphy and painting."

She turned her head back to look at Qin Mu with a slightly pitiable gaze. She shook her head. "You don't want to go back to Carefree Village, forgo this thought and live well. I've met you, you aren't bad at all, you haven't thrown Founding Emperor's face... Lü Zheng, let us go!"

She flicked the carrot, and that donkey suddenly leaped to the peak of the God Execution Stage. That donkey brayed, and his body trembled into a god with the head of a donkey. With his body full of muscles, he stretched out his two hands to grab the two baleful auras on the God Execution Stage!

These two baleful auras were the God Execution Mysterious Knife of this celestial palace. They got swung around like two huge dragons by the donkey, who used them to split apart the mountain!

The God Execution Stage split in half, and fresh blood instantly poured furiously out of the divine mountain. In just a few breaths' time, the God Execution Stage that was in front had turned into a sea of blood which blocked the way ahead!

"Qin Fengqing, this isn't someplace you can enter, go back!"

Scholar's voice came from the front. "If you weren't so smart, I could still bring you around for the experience. However, you are too clever, so return home!"

Qin Mu looked forward, and he saw the blood sea becoming wider and wider. The shattered baleful auras were everywhere on the sea, and they formed strange apparitions of demons and monsters, making it difficult for anyone to cross!

Qin Mu also had a God Execution Mysterious Knife, and he knew about the origin of the God Execution Stage. The God Execution Stage was an imitation of that God Execution Stage in the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, which could absorb the qi and blood of gods. As long as anyone got a slight injury on the God Execution Stage, all of their qi and blood would be seized by the divine knife and the divine mountain.

Chi Xi had once said before that the High Emperor Era was one of the most brutal. The gods that were sent up to be beheaded were uncountable, and it was clear how terrifying the baleful auras here could be!

'However, it's not that easy to stop me!'

Qin Mu stretched his hand into his taotie sack to grab a small case. The small case opened up with a clack.

When the small case was opened, the bones and membrane trembled. That jade-quality head on Emperor's Throne was ineffably excited, and it absorbed the baleful auras on the blood sea!

Qin Mu lifted up the small case with his vital qi, and he walked into the sea of blood with the case floating in front of him.

Celestial Venerable Yu hurried the water qilin to follow after Qin Mu only to see Qin Mu's small case absorbing the sea of baleful auras like a whale. Its qi and blood were growing denser and denser. Its membrane was also becoming scarlet red like blood, and the baleful auras in the eyes of the jade head were becoming stronger and stronger.

The dragon qilin's heart was on tenterhooks as he kept raising his head to examine that small case. The water qilin whispered, "Brother, why are you looking at this case?"

The dragon qilin shuddered and said, "I'm seeing when this case would be full. You haven't eaten spirit pills, so you don't know the feeling of being full. Once it's full, it wouldn't eat anymore..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As he was speaking, he suddenly heard a burp coming from the small case.

Clack, the small case suddenly closed.

The dragon qilin felt his blood run cold, and he cried out, "Crap!"

The baleful auras on the sea surface poured towards him, and countless formation runes appeared around Qin Mu's body. As he was about to execute his teleportation divine art, the baleful auras suddenly calmed down as a voice came from the depths of the sea. "Esteemed guest, Mother Earth has invited you. Please follow me!"

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