Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 785 - Ostentation

'Red Deity Qi Xiayu again!'

Qin Mu had a weird expression. How many people had Red Deity Qi Xiayu betrayed exactly?

Boyfriend Sakra Buddha had an unclear relationship with her, Bai Qu'er was chasing her for an answer, and now Feng Qiuyun of the phoenix race under Mother Earth also wanted to beat her to death.

Once Red Deity Qi Xiayu was out, furious shouts could be heard from everywhere.

'However, something is weird. Bai Qu'er is chasing Qi Xiayu because she betrayed the High Emperor Celestial Heavens that Bai Qu'er belongs to. Feng Qiuyun said she betrayed the phoenix race, and the phoenix race is attached to Mother Earth, who has also supported a High Emperor Celestial Heavens which had High Emperors for fifteen dynasties.'

Qin Mu sank deep into thought. 'Could these two celestial heavens be the same? Bai Qu'er has the bloodline of a divine dragon, and the dragon race is also considered half-gods, could she be a subject under Mother Earth? Yet it doesn't look like it...'

Bai Qu'er had once said this stunning sentence by High Emperor to Qin Mu, and that was that human lives are greater than heaven!

Qin Mu didn't understand much about the High Emperor Celestial Heavens that Mother Earth supported, but he knew that the pillars of strength for this High Emperor Celestial Heavens was mostly half-gods, and from the actions of these half-gods, he could see that they didn't treat human lives importantly at all. They could be said to be full of disdain and enmity for humans.

For example, when the water qilin revived and saw Qin Mu, Celestial Venerable Yu, and Sakra Buddha, he began to go off on how he was going to eat them to fill his stomach, how they were lowly creatures.

From just a small detail, one could see the big picture. In the High Emperor Celestial Heavens that Mother Earth supported, the position of the human race was extremely petty and low.

And in the celestial heavens that Bai Qu'er was in, it had the tradition of human lives being greater than heaven. Human lives included the lives of commoners, and they were all very important, so important that even gods had to use their lives to protect the people!

This was the one point that moved Qin Mu. This was the sentence he had left behind on the cliff just before he left that era.

'Which also means that Red Deity Qi Xiayu was born from Mother Earth's phoenix race and later betrayed the phoenix race to submit to the celestial heavens Bai Qu'er was in. After beating the previous Red Deity to death, she was seized as a prisoner and submitted to the extraterritorial celestial heavens.'

Qin Mu blinked his eyes. 'During the Founding Emperor Era, she got together with Li Youran and ended up betraying him. The conduct of this Sister Qi Xiayu seems to have some problems... However, the problem doesn't lie in her, it's in the High Emperor Celestial Heavens that Bai Qu'er was in!'

The philosophy of human lives being greater than heaven from the High Emperor Era could be said to be the foundation for Saint Woodcutter's reform during the Founding Emperor Era.

Furthermore, this philosophy also affected the Eternal Peace Era.

The Eternal Peace Empire carried out the path of the saint, which was sorted out from Woodcutter's teachings by Big Senior Brother Wei Suifeng. The young patriarch later imparted it to Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, and it became the stem of the Eternal Peace Empire.

The philosophy of three eras could be said to have been passed down from era to era and even developed continuously.

"Let us quickly head out!"

Feng Qiuyun hurried. "In case that little slut escapes!"

Qin Mu couldn't resist saying, "Sister Qiuyun, nearly all of the half-gods in the Primordial Realm are gathered in Jade Capital City. There's the existence that impersonated Mother Earth and also other gods and devils. The strong practitioners over there are as abundant as the clouds. If we barge in recklessly like this, we won't even have to wait for Red Deity to make a move, the other strong practitioners will probably beat us to death."

Feng Qiuyun shook her head. "That Mother Earth is a fake Mother Earth. As long as I unveil her identity, the half-gods will return to my side. With the power of the half-gods, killing Qi Xiayu, this traitor, would be a piece of cake!"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Sister's idea is too simple. If you rush in, the fake Mother Earth will definitely bewitch the half-gods to attack you, and you will become everyone's target. Before you can even meet Qi Xiayu, you will be eradicated."

Feng Qiuyun stopped and turned her head. "What idea do you have?"

Qin Mu asked, "Does big sister have any of Mother Earth's keepsakes? Something to prove your identity and Mother Earth's identity?"

Feng Qiuyun sneered and said, "Mother Earth is Mother Earth, why does she need to prove her identity? What skewed logic is that?"

Qin Mu said calmly, "If you don't have a keepsake of Mother Earth, how can you prove that the other party is the fake Mother Earth? Those half-gods were called out by the other party, so they definitely have a keepsake. If you don't have one, how are you going to win over the trust of those half-gods?"

Feng Qiuyun frowned and asked after a moment, "So what should we do?"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Since big sister has decided on going to Jade Capital City to tear down her facade, the grander the entrance, the better. Does Mother Earth have any carriage that represents her identity?"

Feng Qiuyun said, "Yes, but it's too grand, and eight dragons and eight phoenixes are required to pull the carriage. If we were to take the carriage out, Mother Earth would most likely be alerted, and that wouldn't be good. Mother Earth won't agree to let me kill Slut Qi."

Qin Mu pondered and asked, "Does Mother Earth have any branches or anything else that looks more gorgeous?"

Feng Qiuyun's eyes lit up, and she smiled. "Mother Earth once made a wooden sword to suppress the sacred gods in the worlds, it's called the Mother Earth Primordial Sword. This sword is right in the temple, let me fetch it!"

She went into the main hall of the dilapidated temple excitedly, and Qin Mu followed her in. He saw Feng Qiuyun bowing respectfully to the god statue of Mother Earth before walking to the back of the statue. On the wall hung a wooden sword.

Qin Mu was dumbfounded, and he asked, "This wooden sword is the Mother Earth Primordial Sword that is used to suppress the worlds? It's hung right here?"

Feng Qiuyun nodded her head. "It's this sword, it's usually hung here."

Qin Mu had a weird expression as he glanced around the temple. His gaze landed on items like the offering table, shrine, incense burner, screen, as well as the praying mat.

'Could the two bronze bells hanging under the roof be good stuff too?'

As that thought crossed his mind, Feng Qiuyun started to clamor about wanting to head to Jade Capital City. Qin Mu smiled and asked, "Big sister, what is your identity in front of Mother Earth?"

Feng Qiuyun hesitated for a moment and said in shame, "My phoenix race originally resided on the top of the Primordial Tree and lived under Mother Earth's roof, being protected by her. Thus, I usually pulled the carriage for Mother Earth. I'm one of the eight phoenixes used to pull the carriage for Mother Earth. Qi Xiayu was originally one of the eight phoenixes, but she defected."

Qin Mu muttered, "You pull the carriage, Sister Yan is a maid, there will definitely be half-gods that recognize both of you and suspect your identity. My younger brother's cultivation is low, and the qilins are dumb and useless. In that case, I will just have to inconvenience myself and be the disciple of Mother Earth."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Feng Qiuyun was stunned and didn't understand what he meant.

Qin Mu sighed and said, "I'll just force myself to be Mother Earth's envoy and disciple to quell the rebellion, both of you will be my maids. In that case, I'll have to inconvenience Sister Qiuyun to hold my Mother Earth Primordial Sword. Sister Yan and Brother Lan's hands are still empty, do you have any other treasures? If we look too shabby, people will see through us."

Feng Qiuyun said, "Wait a minute, there's still a horsetail whisk, Mother Earth made it using the roots of the Primordial Tree and rivers. It's called the Six Directions Origin Sword. The other is the Mountains and Rivers Cauldron, which is used by Mother Earth to suppress the earthquakes. I'll fetch them!"

She rummaged under the offering table and took out a horsetail whisk from a bunch of scattered items. She then poured out the ashes inside the incense cauldron and gave it a wash. "It's still usable."

Qin Mu's heart twitched. This small temple actually had so many items, it was so terrifying!

"Yan'er, you hold the horsetail whisk."

Feng Qiuyun handed the horsetail whisk to Gongsun Yan and said, "This horsetail whisk is very heavy, and when activated with vital qi, the strands of horsetail will transform into sword light formed from mountains and rivers. It's very dangerous to control it, so be careful. Celestial Venerable Yu, come over here..."

She looked at the dazed Celestial Venerable Yu and shook her head. "It's best if you don't carry the cauldron, let me place the cauldron in the halo behind you."

She lifted up the Mountains and Rivers Cauldron, and it flew into the halo behind Celestial Venerable Yu's head, hovering up and down. She then looked at Qin Mu and asked, "Can we leave now?"

Qin Mu gave off a troubled expression. "I don't have any treasure on me, I look slightly unpresentable..."

Feng Qiuyun blinked her eyes. "We are your maids, and you even have a boy servant. The treasures in our hands are all for you to use, so if you carry a treasure personally, wouldn't you be losing your authority?"

Qin Mu gave a dry laugh, and his face was slightly gloomy. "That's true. However, the ostentation isn't big enough, if we can have Mother Earth's carriage..."

Feng Qiuyun sneered and said, "That would be Mother Earth personally going out! This ostentation is enough, let's hurry in case that little slut runs away! Her speed is pretty fast!"

Qin Mu turned back to look at the huge bells hanging under the eaves and the other items like the screen and praying mat before sighing to himself. "If I had more time, I could construct a carriage and get Fatty Dragon and Ah Shui to pull it. Brother Lan could then sit on the shaft of the carriage and hold a whip while both sisters could lean on my left and right leg as I sit on the throne behind the curtain..."

Feng Qiuyun hurried him. "After we slay the little slut and revive Mother Earth, we'll let you be that awe-inspiring for once, okay? We don't have time now, let's quickly go over now!"

Qin Mu threw a glance at the dragon qilin, and the dragon qilin understood him. He rolled on the ground and transformed into a huge beast that was a hundred and twenty yards.

Qin Mu rubbed Celestial Venerable Yu's face to change his appearance to look like a boy servant.

He took out a sword pellet, and his sword pellet transformed into a collar with a rope. He got the water qilin to transform into a half-god with a qilin head to hold the rope in front.

Gongsun Yan and Feng Qiuyun moved to the dragon qilin's head, and Qin Mu sat down. He got Celestial Venerable Yu to stand behind him while he pulled Gongsun Yan over to let the young girl lay on his shoulder. He was still planning to pull Feng Qiuyun over as well, but he got stared down by her. She threatened to pull out the wooden sword.

Qin Mu could only give up on this thought as he said, "Fatty Dragon, let's go meet this fake Mother Earth."

The dragon qilin hurriedly grew clouds under his feet and rode on the clouds. The water qilin stayed in front and led him towards Jade Capital City.

Qin Mu revealed a slight smile as he looked forward. He thought to himself, 'Sister Qiuyun was sent by Mother Earth to supervise me in case I run away. If Qi Xiayu kills Sister Qiuyun, I will be able to steal these treasures and run!'

The more he thought about it, the more excited he was. His smile also gradually widened. 'Qi Xiayu is the nine-headed phoenix, and she is even on Emperor's Throne Realm. Her abilities are immeasurable, and just her zither notes alone are able to injure Sakra Buddha heavily. Even with the Mother Earth Primordial Sword in Feng Qiuyun's hand, she will just be sending her life to Qi Xiayu. I can take this chance to run.'

He held Gongsun Yan's small hands and still wore a smile on his face. He caused the heart of the girl beside him to thump heavily, and she kept looking over at him.

However, Qin Mu completely didn't realize the abnormal state of the girl beside him and continued to guide the power of the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit into Gongsun Yan's body. He thought to himself, 'Scholar is also in Jade Capital City, she can help me resolve this Mother Earth's blessing, and with Sister Yan absorbing the energy of the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit, I'll be able to completely break free of Mother Earth's control.'

Gongsun Yan was absorbing the energy of the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit faster than him, but Qin Mu was still slightly impatient. No matter how much of the energy of the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit was absorbed, the energy in the fruit didn't seem to decrease.

'If the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit can't be cleanly absorbed in a short while, I can only kidnap Sister Yan.' Qin Mu looked at the girl beside him and gave an innocent and radiant smile.

Gongsun Yan blushed and tilted her head. She stared at the mane on the dragon qilin's neck, and her heart became flustered. 'What if he suddenly kisses me, what should I do? Should I struggle and resist, or should I act angry? Or should I let him kiss first before slapping him?'

Qin Mu didn't make any advances, and she sighed to herself in relief. However, she was also slightly dejected and thought, 'So he's even shyer than me...'

'After kidnapping Sister Yan, I can borrow her primordial spirit to absorb the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit completely!'

Qin Mu's brows jumped, and he almost revealed a smile of exultation. 'I can even get a hold of the Mother Earth Primordial Sword, the Mountains and Rivers Cauldron, and the Six Directions Origin Sword, this is perfect... Urgh, it's a pity I couldn't get Mother Earth's carriage...'

Jade Capital City was right in front.

The water qilin led the dragon qilin into the city.

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