Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 787 - Relentless Demolisher Qin

To Qin Mu, that night was merely a few years ago, but to that girl, forty thousand years had already passed.

What bewildered Qin Mu was that even though forty thousand years had passed, Bai Qu'er still looked the same as when he had seen her for the first time. There was no transformation at all.

She didn't grow up, and she still looked like that cute and lively girl he had met in Hundred Prosperities City that night. The beautiful hair on her forehead concealed a pair of small dragon horns.

What had changed was her temperament.

He didn't know what she had gone through, but her timidness and delicateness had been swept away. She was now filled with drive, initiative, and a lack of fear.

Qin Mu didn't know that before dawn came, he had become the motivation that had supported her and the immigrants of High Emperor to stay alive. He didn't know that after the dawn broke, he was the one that had motivated her to survive—he was the motivation for her to bring those weak immigrants to continue living.

Despite being forty thousand years apart, it was as if they had met for the first time. Both of their appearances hadn't changed much. Qin Mu had grown, and Bai Qu'er's temperament had changed, those were the only differences.

Qin Mu smiled, and that girl on the opposite side also smiled.

They averted their gaze like they were boys and girls that had never seen the opposite sex before. If they continued to stare at each other, they would have blushed.

With his spirit reinvigorated, his mood was suddenly much more pleasant. He said with a smile, "As the disciple of Mother Earth, I still have to prove my genuineness to you guys, what a joke, how pathetic. I also have the blessing of Mother Earth."

The halo behind his head slowly swirled, and it contained the power of Mother Earth.

"And also the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit bore from the Primordial Tree."

Qin Mu slowly looked around, and he said calmly, "As for who the maids beside me are, I believe numerous seniors present should have seen them before. These treasures of mine are all forged by Mother Earth herself. I have these, so what do you have?"

That girl's expression didn't change, and she just smirked. "Feng Qiuyun, right? Feng Qiuyun has long betrayed Mother Earth. Of course, if it wasn't for Feng Qiuyun and the phoenix race's betrayal, Mother Earth wouldn't have suffered such a miserable defeat. Am I right, Senior Sister Feng?"

Feng Qiuyun became angry and agitated. "You're slandering me! You little girl, I'll tear you apart!"

Qin Mu raised his hand and said in a low voice, "Sister Qiuyun, calm down. There are many half-gods here, if you lose control, you will be easily targeted by everyone and get used by her."

Feng Qiuyun felt apprehensive, and she hurriedly turned back to look. She indeed saw numerous half-gods giving suspicious looks.

That girl said with a smile, "Feng Qiuyun betrayed Mother Earth, but there are still many righteous subjects that are loyal to Mother Earth, thus she was able to safeguard her life. There are also several traitors, so how do you prove that the treasures in your hands are Mother Earth's treasures?"

Qin Mu looked at this girl in front of the Emperor's Throne, and he smirked. "Sword!"

He raised his hand, and Feng Qiuyun was slightly stunned. She quickly came back to her senses and placed the Mother Earth Primordial Sword into his hands. "Be careful, it's very heavy."

Qin Mu gave a slight smile and poured his vital qi into the Mother Earth Primordial Sword. The power of this divine sword was instantly activated, and the magnetic forces grew berserk. Divine rays that could be seen with the naked eye formed.

Grunts sounded out, and everyone in the Numinous Sky Hall could feel immense pressure!

The power from this wooden sword wasn't merely power from divine arts, there was a section of divine power.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The divine power that Mother Earth possessed to suppress the heavens and worlds!

That was the magnetic force that had a power which was as heavy as the land of the Primordial Realm!

Qin Mu also immediately felt the weight of this wooden sword becoming astonishing. He almost couldn't lift it. He immediately took back a portion of his vital qi, and only then did he felt much better.


He raised this wooden sword vertically. This sword moved very slow, yet its power was immense. He stabbed forward.

The numerous women around the girl raised their eyebrows and were about to stop him when that girl smiled. She raised an index finger, and the women beside her didn't dare to make any abnormal move.

Qin Mu stabbed this sword to the heart of her brows before stopping. However, that heavy sound still hadn't stopped. The upheaval brought by the magnetic force caused the entire main hall to sway.

Rumblings could be heard coming from outside the main hall. Numerous half-gods and gods standing in front of the gates got thrown into the sky and flew out of the hall.

Everyone soared into the sky and looked towards the back of the hall. After Qin Mu had stabbed, huge mountains rose steeply from the ground, and the rumblings were endless. It was incomparably astonishing as though the power of his sword had exploded everything behind the Numinous Sky Hall!

In the vast Jade Capital City, countless halls were blasted into pieces as majestic mountains came tunneling out from the ground at an astonishing speed. They smashed the ancient ruin of the celestial heavens into smithereens!

Just one sword had destroyed one-tenth of Jade Capital City!

"It's the Mother Earth Primordial Sword!"

An ancient half-god cried out. "It's this sword that suppressed the worlds! Ancestral Dragon King, this is the sword, right?"

Ancestral Dragon King was also astonished, and his voice was slightly hoarse. "This is the sword! Mother Earth forged it with the Primordial Tree, and it contains the divine power of Mother Earth. Back then, when Mother Earth was alive, she didn't have to descend personally. She just had to get someone to go forth with this sword, and once the Primordial Sword was out of the sheath, all the worlds would be scared into submission!"

"Those who didn't submit..."

A devil god that was in the sky above the Primordial Realm said coldly, "Were killed by this wooden sword!"

Scholar led the donkey over, and when she saw the mountain range that had destroyed one-tenth of Jade Capital City, she frowned slightly.

And at this moment, Qin Mu, who was holding the Mother Earth Primordial Sword, was feeling anxious. He didn't see how this sword had destroyed all of those halls in Jade Capital City!

'Why is the power of this sword so weak? I didn't use my full strength just now, so let me try once more!'

He then raised the wooden sword and stabbed out once more.

With this sword, he used even more vital qi, and the wooden sword became even heavier. He almost couldn't raise it to stab!

The space in the hall rumbled with shocking momentum as countless divine rays of magnetism surged out. Even though it sounded powerful, this Mother Earth Primordial Sword didn't display much power. This wooden sword didn't even cause much destruction to the Numinous Sky Hall.

'Could this sword of mine be fake?'

Beads of cold sweat rolled down Qin Mu's forehead as he stabbed repeatedly.

Outside the hall, even Scholar and that donkey were flabbergasted. They looked at Jade Capital City in shock.

Terrifying waves traveled over, and mountain range after mountain range rose steeply from the ground at the back of Jade Capital City. Countless palaces and halls were thrown into the air, and they shattered into pieces!

Every mountain range was a thousand miles long, and the mountain peaks were visions formed from the explosion of the divine power of magnetism!

In the blink of an eye, this vast Jade Capital City was more or less half-destroyed!

'King of Destruction... No wonder when I try to ask for information about him in Eternal Peace, everyone that knows him calls him Demolisher Qin...'

Cold sweat rolled down Scholar's forehead when she suddenly said, "Lü Zheng, did you hear what Divine Knife Luo of the extraterritorial celestial heavens said just now?"

That donkey nodded his head, and his donkey face was incomparably serious. "Hwee!"

"Divine Knife Luo said his arm was severed by Demolisher Qin."

Scholar seemed like she was talking to the donkey, and yet she was muttering to herself. She lowered her voice and said, "However, he also said his arm was severed by High Emperor Overlord Body. Now, this is weird. Could High Emperor Overlord Body and Eternal Peace Overlord Body be the same person? In that case High Emperor Sword God's sword skills..."

Her eyes widened, and she hurriedly shook her head. "Impossible, definitely impossible!"


Jade Capital City trembled as another thousand-mile mountain range surged out from the ground, squeezing the other mountain ranges to lean at crazy angles.

Everyone hurriedly returned to the Numinous Sky Hall, and they looked at the youth standing on the dragon qilin's head in terror.

That youth returned the sword to Maid Feng Qiuyun beside him. He then turned towards the maid who had a sapling in the halo behind her head and said, "Pass me the Six Directions Origin Sword."

Everyone's blood ran cold.

Gongsun Yan passed the horsetail whisk in her arms to Qin Mu. Qin Mu shook the horsetail whisk, and he was about to execute this treasure when Ancestral Dragon King suddenly said solemnly, "Young Master Qin, there's no need to test! If you continue to test, Jade Capital City will cease to exist! These few treasures are, without a doubt, the supreme treasures of Mother Earth!"

The other half-gods said in succession, "These are indeed Mother Earth's treasure, Young Master Qin has no need to test anymore!"

Qin Mu was flabbergasted. 'How did they confirm these are Mother Earth's treasures? I stabbed six to seven times, but I couldn't feel any power at all...'

However, since this had dispelled the doubts in everyone's heart, it worked for him as well.

Qin Mu handed the horsetail whisk back to Gongsun Yan, and Ancestral Dragon King let out a sigh along with the rest of the half-gods. He said to Qin Mu, "Young Master Qin, you are indeed Mother Earth's disciple, may I ask where Mother Earth is? May I please pay my respects to her."

Feng Qiuyun replied without thinking, "Mother Earth suffered heavy injuries, and she still has yet..."

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he hurriedly pressed down on her hand.

Feng Qiuyun didn't understand his intention, and suddenly, Qin Mu's brainwaves traveled over and exploded in her mind. "Sister Qiuyun, don't reveal Mother Earth's circumstances! These half-gods are up to no good!"

Feng Qiuyun felt a shiver running down her bones as she looked at the heads of the half-gods.

Ancestral Dragon King and the rest were the chiefs of various big races during the High Emperor Era, and their abilities were profound and immeasurable. When Mother Earth was alive, her awe was so strong, and all of the races couldn't get a breather.

If Mother Earth was fine, they wouldn't dare to rebel. If Mother Earth was dead, only then would they be relieved of their burdens.

And if Mother Earth was severely injured, they would be willing to get rid of Mother Earth and throw a pile of dirt on her grave!

When Feng Qiuyun thought until here, beads of cold sweat broke out on her forehead. 'Ancestral Dragon King and the rest have the opposite intention, they are trying to get information out from me!'

Ancestral Dragon King asked in concern, "Senior Sister Feng, how are Mother Earth's injuries? We old ministers have been waiting all these years for Mother Earth's news, and we are truly anxious. Now that we have the rare opportunity of meeting Mother Earth's disciple, we must go forward and pay our respects to her, to bow down to her."

Feng Qiuyun felt her scalp crawling.

Suddenly, Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Ancestral Dragon King, calm down. We have important matters at hand! What other things does this sister have to say? Why are you impersonating Mother Earth's disciple, what are you coveting?"

He changed the topic and turned everyone's attention to this girl.

This girl burst into laughter. "You traitors stole Mother Earth's treasures, and you come to pose as her disciple, masquerading yourself. Those who are in the dark are tricked by you. Heavenly Saint Cult Master Qin, you are truly a giant among men."

Qin Mu smiled.

That girl said leisurely, "However, you can explain all you want, but you can never change a fact."

She suddenly bowed and said, "Mother Earth, please descend!"

Just as she said that, an incomparably heavy aura descended on them!

The kind of aura that was as heavy as the land instantly shrouded the entire Jade Capital City. It was majestic, abstruse, and heavy—like the land of the Primordial Realm—and as deep as a bottomless abyss.

Everyone was intimidated by a kind of natural god's power, and they felt that the space in their surroundings was becoming heavier as well.

The Numinous Sky Hall suddenly broke down into pieces as countless bricks came flying up. The roof, walls, pillars, and ground all flew up and floated into the distance.

The entire main hall vanished in the distance, and only the place where everyone stood was left.

Under their feet, mountains rose and stretched out in all directions.

The majestic mountains were so tall that they reached the clouds.

Yet when looking at them in detail, everyone would realize that those weren't mountains. They were incomparably thick roots.

They raised their heads with difficulty and saw an incomparably ancient divine tree standing between heaven and earth. Its roots were planted into the land of the Primordial Realm. It was ancient, boundless, and the vein lines presented on its bark seemed to be the natural markings of Dao.

The trunk of this divine tree was simply too thick, and it looked like it was being formed by Mount Meru. It was even thicker than Mount Meru, and looking upward, one could see all of the worlds seeming to be floating between the divine tree and its crown.

Such a magnificent sight was dazzling to see!

Under the tree, that girl bowed. "Mother Earth, please."

Under the tree crown, a goddess with tens of thousands of postures floated down from the tree. She landed on the ground gently with her bare feet.

She was naturally born from the charm of Dao, and she bore the thickness of the earth, which gives birth to all living things. She had a temperament that others couldn't imitate.

And her appearance was the same as the god statue of Mother Earth Qin Mu had seen in Mother Earth Temple!

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched violently. He looked at Feng Qiuyun, then he looked at the girl before raising his head to look at this Mother Earth in front of him. He was slightly at a loss.

Even though he had seen Mother Earth's broken soul in the earthly palace, a voice in his heart told him that this Mother Earth wasn't fake.

'This is much more complicated than I've imagined... Aren't we here to seek revenge on Qi Xiayu? Feng Qiuyun will attack Big Sister Qi and get killed by her while I shall sweep away all the treasures and run. Why has it become so complicated and bizarre now?'

Qin Mu felt his head swelling up, and he secretly opened up the willow leaf on the heart of his brows.

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