Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 788 - Boundless Calamities

In Qin word land, Earth Count, Heaven Duke, Crimson Emperor, and Great Sun Sovereign were currently drinking tea with an old buddha. Suddenly, the sky lit up, and Heaven Duke chuckled. "Old Buddha, you rarely wake up, so you have never experienced such a situation, right? This is Son of Qin opening the willow leaf seal on the heart of his brows to let in some air for us!"

Brahma Buddha raised his head to look at the sky before sighing. "What a sin. To suppress Son of Youdu, we actually need so many experts to stand guard here. Furthermore, we still rarely get some air in here."

Far away, Qin Fengqing's face was all bruised as he sat among the mountains. His two chubby legs were folded up, and he sulked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

The old buddha that was suppressing them in midair woke up, and he suddenly came down from the sky. He came to beat up the old buddha only to be beaten up by the five strong practitioners in Qin word land. He didn't even get time to use the Slaughter Cauldron when he got thrashed badly by the elders.

The elders took the best position in this prison and chased him to the mountains. This big-headed baby was thinking of how to seize back his territory, but the Slaughter Cauldron had been snatched away by the elders and suppressed by Lava Earth Count. He couldn't snatch it back.

If he had the Slaughter Cauldron in his hands, he could still find back leverage.

'By working together with bad brother, we can suppress these old men!'

The big-headed baby looked into the sky, and he thought to himself, 'After suppressing the old men and bad brother here, I will be able to run out and enjoy.'

Suddenly, Qin Mu's consciousness came from the sky, and he asked, "Heaven Duke, Earth Count, come take a look and see if that's Mother Earth... Eh, Buddha is awake?"

His consciousness landed on the ground and transformed into a human form to greet everyone.

Heaven Duke said with a smile, "Old Buddha woke up not too long ago. He said the Primordial Realm was unsealed and the Great Ruins transformed into the Primordial Realm. Even the twenty heavens of Buddha Realm have no choice but to connect with the Primordial Realm, forcing him to have no choice but to wake up. It's also lucky old buddha woke up or else this place would have been dominated by your brother."

Crimson Emperor said, "Old Buddha brought some good tea, Son of Qin, come and have a taste."

Qin Mu hurriedly shook his head. "I have no time for tea, please help me check if the Mother Earth outside is the real deal. When I came to where Mother Earth had fallen, I saw the broken soul of Mother Earth. She only has her earth soul left, and she's hiding in an underground palace with nine imperial tombs of the various High Emperors. It doesn't seem to be fake. I even helped her summon her soul. However, there's another Mother Earth now, and she also looks like the genuine one!"

"That happened?"

The elder got up and looked out of the sky.

They borrowed Qin Mu's third eye to look at that Mother Earth sitting silently under the Primordial Tree. That ancient god had a vast body, and the other gods seemed extremely tiny standing beside her.

Even though Mother Earth's corporeal body was very huge, it was much smaller compared to Heaven Duke and Earth Count's immeasurably huge bodies. It wasn't as exaggerating.

Even so, to the other lifeforms and half-gods, she was still inconceivably huge.

"This is Mother Earth."

Lava Earth Count said, "Without a doubt. My eyes are more powerful than any Life and Death Book, I can see through the essence of a soul, so I won't be wrong. Her soul is Mother Earth's soul."

Heaven Duke said, "Her corporeal body is indeed Mother Earth's corporeal body. If it's fake, it's difficult to escape from my Heavenly Eyes. Son of Qin, the Mother Earth you have met in the earthly palace is definitely a fake."

Qin Mu was in a daze, and he shook his head. "I personally gathered the souls for that Mother Earth and helped her gather the black soul sand of her heaven soul and life soul. It's impossible for Mother Earth to have other souls lost outside... Mother Earth wouldn't have twice the number of souls by chance, right?"

He suddenly came to a realization and cried out, saying, "Mother Earth is Celestial Empress of the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens? She's a twin? This Mother Earth is actually the true Mother Earth's elder sister or younger sister?"

Heaven Duke shook his head and said, "You are overthinking things, Mother Earth is not that pair of twin flowers. Celestial Empress and her sister have another origin, moreover..."

He didn't continue saying and just said, "In any case, it's not them. That's weird. If this is Mother Earth, who's that Mother Earth you were summoning the souls for in the earthly palace?"

Lava Earth Count's voice was slightly dark, and it made him shiver without feeling cold. "Son of Qin, who were you summoning the soul for?"

Qin Mu's mind was blown, and he was dumb like wooden chicken. He said with difficulty, "You are saying I was tricked by someone? That's impossible, right? There are numerous half-gods in the earthly palace that are Mother Earth's old subordinates. If I'm tricked, they wouldn't be tricked as well, right? They were all lying dormant with Mother Earth in the earthly palace when Mother Earth got killed..."

Everyone frowned.

Crimson Emperor said, "Is there a possibility that another Mother Earth could be born from the Primordial Tree?"

He saw that Qin Mu was puzzled and made a suggestion. "Mother Earth is originally born from the Primordial Tree. When I founded the Crimson Light Era, I paid a visit to her and know her roots."

Heaven Duke shook his head. "The Primordial Tree is already dead, there can't be another Mother Earth to replace the original Mother Earth. Crimson Emperor, what you are saying is just deliberate exaggeration to scare people..."

"It's not a deliberate exaggeration."

Brahma Buddha suddenly said, "There's indeed such a method. Furthermore, this method was created by me."

Everyone looked at him, and Brahma Buddha let out a sigh. "My technique had taken shape during the Dragon Han Era, in simpler terms, entering the path with a dream was too much of a fantasy. It is actually transforming into tens of thousands of myself to roam and train myself, experiencing the world of mortals, experiencing countless calamities. These worlds of mortals are just like imaginary dreams to me, yet those versions of me have true souls, true corporeal bodies, and true experiences. Their cultivation, experiences, and Dao hearts would all finally return to me to become my dreams."

Heaven Duke praised and said, "Old Buddha's buddhist scriptures experienced boundless calamities and see clearly the world of mortals, thus it was coveted by the celestial heavens, and they wanted to get their hands on it."

Brahma Buddha shook his head and said, "They aren't after the buddha nature in my technique, they are just collecting techniques on Emperor's Throne Realm for Celestial Heavens Realm. In order to have a complete Celestial Heavens Realm, there's a simple method, and that is to find thirty-six Emperor's Throne techniques that aren't repeated to form a Celestial Heavens technique. And even though the Emperor's Throne techniques in this world aren't few, there are many repeated ones, thus it is extremely difficult. My Boundless Calamities from entering the path with a dream is one of them."

Great Sun Sovereign suddenly came to realization and asked, "Old Buddha, could this technique allow a new soul to be born from a corpse?"

Brahma Buddha said with a smile, "Even a new soul could be born from an illusory dream, much less a corpse."

Heaven Duke probed and said, "But you had never imparted this technique, the buddhist scriptures you have imparted are all the other buddhist scriptures you comprehended in your dreams."

Brahma Buddha sighed. "I've imparted it before."

He said calmly, "During the year of Dragon Han, Celestial Venerable Yun once found me and said that the human race was in a crisis. He said that a strong practitioner was needed to provide hope to the human race. He wanted to impersonate a few people, a few people that had already vanished without a trace. Thus, I imparted to him the technique that was newly formed and not matured. He cultivated my technique and impersonated Celestial Venerable Yu and Celestial Venerable Qin."

He gave a glance at Qin Mu and said, "He also impersonated Celestial Venerable Mu."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he probed, "What Old Buddha means?"

"Celestial Venerable Yun's talent is extremely high, it's even higher than the old Daoist and me. After all, he was one of the nine great celestial venerables that received the blessings from the ancient gods. After receiving my technique, he perfected it, and his unusual thoughts were even more marvelous than me, the founder."

Brahma Buddha said, "He imitated these three celestial venerables to perfection, and it had indeed brought massive hope to the human race. However, he still died in battle afterward. I don't know if the technique he improved on was passed down or not."

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently, and he understood what Brahma Buddha meant.

Someone had the divine art that had originated from Buddha's technique to create another Mother Earth!

"Could it be the Heaven Alliance?" he asked with a low voice.

Heaven Duke and Earth Count looked at each other in the eyes, and they sank into silence. They didn't speak a word.

Brahma Buddha said, "It might not be the Heaven Alliance. After Celestial Venerable Yun died, the technique that he improved on could also have been leaked from the Heaven Alliance. After all, everything happened so long ago. It's hard to say what happened in the Heaven Alliance."

Qin Mu nodded his head gently and gave his thanks to the elders before pulling back his consciousness.

"Is Buddha leaving?"

Heaven Duke looked at the sky and asked, "Now is the best chance to leave, if you don't leave, this kid will put down the willow leaf again."

Brahma Buddha said with a smile, "If you guys aren't leaving, I'm not going to leave."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Great Sun Sovereign said timidly, "I want to leave, but I don't dare to..."

Lava Earth Count consoled him. "Where else can you go? Aren't you just going to go back to Youdu? How is Youdu more interesting than here?"

Great Sun Sovereign's expression turned ashen, and he grumbled, "You guys are the ones enjoying yourselves here, I've never enjoyed a day here! I'm always afraid that one day I will be eaten by that Little Overlord of Youdu..."

Qin Mu waited for a moment. When Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and the rest didn't leave his third eye, only then did he cover it up with the willow leaf. He raised his head to look silently at this Mother Earth.

Behind him, countless half-gods have already knelt down and greeted in unison. "We pay our respects to Mother Earth! Long live Mother Earth!"

Those gods and devils from the other worlds also knelt down with trembling bodies. They didn't dare to make any reckless moves.

During the High Emperor Era, Mother Earth was half a ruler in the Primordial Realm. Even though it was being ruled by the High Emperors of North Celestial Heavens in name, she was actually the one controlling half of the Primordial Realm!

Back then, not even one race dared to rebel under her rule!

Of course, South High Emperor Celestial Heavens was an exception. South High Emperor Celestial Heavens could even split the Primordial Realm into two and rule over the south, contesting Mother Earth.

As for the reason behind this, it wasn't what outsiders would know.

There were also quite a number that didn't kneel to Mother Earth. Qin Mu, Gongsun Yan, Feng Qiuyun, and the dragon qilin all stood upright. Only the water qilin bowed down and shivered. He didn't dare to raise his head.

Red Deity Qi Xiayu's expression changed, and she raised her zither. With a hand grasping on the zither, she was valiant and formidable-looking as she made claims as equal to Mother Earth.

Divine Knife Luo led the youths of Spirit Elite Guards to her back, and they burst forth with their aura. The divine knife in his sheath started ringing.

They belonged to the same extraterritorial celestial heavens, and even though they belonged to different celestial palaces, rarely interfering with each other and even having some slight conflict from time to time, they had to work together when facing such an ancient god.

Bai Qu'er also never knelt. As High Emperor Sword God, she was the remaining survivor of South High Emperor Celestial Heavens, so she didn't need to kneel to Mother Earth at all.

Scholar also never kneeled. During the Founding Emperor Era, there was already no Mother Earth. Furthermore, she didn't even kneel when she meets Founding Emperor, so why did she have to in front of Mother Earth?

Under the towering Primordial Tree, Mother Earth looked down on everyone as though she were looking at ants. The atmosphere of an ancient god born from heaven and earth was so immense and terrifying that no one dared to have any rebelling thoughts!

Mother Earth looked at them and didn't speak. The more silent she was, the more afraid the gods present were.


Suddenly, a chuckle broke the silence. Scholar swayed her feather fan and said with a smile, "Just now there was a fight with the true disciple of Mother Earth, which caused quite a havoc. Lü Zheng, should there be a fight between the real and fake Mother Earth now?"

That donkey was so happy that he curled his lips in laughter. "Aang aang aang—"

The donkey's laughter was very piercing to the ears.

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out. "Why can't there be a fight between the real and fake Mother Earth?"

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