Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 789 - Berserk Magnetism

This voice came from underground and seemed to be swiftly moving around. The voice sneered and said, "Cutting down my Primordial Tree, stabbing my heart with a sword, seizing my corporeal body, using it to raise a fake soul. What a pity that after Primordial Tree fell, it became a tree without its roots. Being born from a tree without roots, you will never become the new Mother Earth. Fake will always be fake, it will never become real!"

When Qin Mu heard this, he immediately slapped the dragon qilin's head and shouted softly, "Fatty Dragon, turn and run—"

The dragon qilin's reaction was fast, and he immediately turned to run. The water qilin kneeling on the ground was still holding on to the rope, and so he tumbled as he got dragged on the ground. He still didn't let go of the rope.

Celestial Venerable Yu hurriedly said, "Ah Shui, run together."

The water qilin came back to his senses and let go of the rope. Shaking his body, he transformed back into his true form and followed after the dragon qilin.

Feng Qiuyun hurriedly said, "The voice below belongs to Mother Earth, why are we running? Stop, I want to deal with Qi Xiayu, that little slut!"

Just as she said that, the ground shook violently. Sorrow and grief could be heard in the laugh coming from underground. "You have no idea why I am known as Mother Earth! Mother Earth's power doesn't come from the trunk and crown that's above the surface, the power comes from the roots!"

The dragon qilin that was running furiously suddenly saw the ground under his feet splitting apart. Countless incomparably huge roots squirmed underground, and they shuttled back and forth like huge dark-brown dragons.

The entire Jade Capital City suddenly collapsed into the ground. Numerous half-gods, gods, and devils that were still kneeling on the ground fell into the huge cracks when they didn't manage to react in time. They were seized by those squirming roots and swallowed up, vanishing into the ground.

Fire clouds grew under the dragon qilin's soles as he carried everyone and tried his best to fly upwards.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The people of the world only thought the Primordial Tree was huge, but they don't know that the Primordial Tree is only a small part above the surface. The truly huge part is the roots, the Primordial Roots that are a hundred times larger than the Primordial Tree!"

The voice underground was becoming more and more furious. Jade Capital City had already been completely buried, and not only that, but the entire celestial palace was also sinking from the quakes.

Flames suddenly spewed out from underground and reached straight to the clouds. Pillars of lava that were even wider than mountains swirled furiously.

Feng Qiuyun looked at this sight in a daze, and she only saw countless half-gods, gods, and devils flying in between these pillars. They executed all kinds of divine arts as they tried to escape out of that place.

The dragon qilin and the water qilin's speed had reached the extreme, but the magnetism had suddenly been thrown into chaos. Their bodies became incomparably heavy, which made it hard for them to fly!

In the sky, no matter if it was gods, devils, or qi cultivators, everyone was falling!

This kind of falling was extremely strange. They didn't fall straight down into the ground, and instead, they were falling to where magnetism was abnormal. Some were falling up, some were falling down, and some were falling horizontally.

Suddenly, a god fell beside them and landed in midair. With a loud smack, that god crashed onto a power magnetism divine art, and fresh blood instantly exploded out. His bones and flesh were separated, and everything was crushed into pieces. Heavy pieces sank to the bottom while light pieces floated at the top. His death was too miserable to look at!

That god had clearly fallen into the air, but it was as if he had collided with the most durable iron wall!

Around them, countless gods and divine arts practitioners were falling in all directions, and no one was landing on the ground. They were all crashing onto magnetism divine arts of the five elements, exploding into flowers formed from fresh blood. It was sad and beautiful.

Qin Mu said solemnly, "Sister Qiuyun, now you know why we need to run, right?"

Feng Qiuyun was in a daze. The voice underground belonged to Mother Earth, who only had her broken soul and heart left. However, she was controlling the most crucial body part of Mother Earth, and that was the roots of the Primordial Tree.

Roots planted in the Primordial Realm were incomparably huge, and it wasn't known how far and deep they stretched. Her magic power was unimaginably dense.

On the surface, under that Primordial Tree, the other Mother Earth possessed a corporeal body. When she executed the Primordial Tree, the tree that stretched to the sky glowed brightly. Sunlight washed off as the rays whirled and danced in the breeze. They attacked down into the ground.

Both Mother Earths exploded with their divine arts, and Jade Capital City had long vanished. Only the storm formed by the magnetic force remained, the storm that distorted space!

Qin Mu saw the situation early, and thus, he was still considered quite safe. However, he also couldn't deal with this kind of abnormally strong magnetism, so he immediately decided to activate his teleportation divine art. He swept everyone and teleported out.

In the next moment, they appeared a thousand miles away.

Suddenly, magnetic force exploded under their feet, and the violent divine rays of magnetism weaved across the sky like dazzling rays of sunlight. Wherever the light passed by, strong gods, devils, and divine arts practitioners would fall uncontrollably towards the divine rays, causing their bodies to be shattered into pieces!

Looking from far away, it was as if these strong existences had taken the initiative to collide into those divine rays!

This was simply a massacre!

Yet this was merely the aftermath of the collision between the Mother Earth above the surface and the Mother Earth below the surface which had involved them.

These two Mother Earths hadn't made a move on these gods directly. Their abilities were simply too terrifying. Each of them controlled the power of magnetism, and when they clashed, the magnetic force was so violent that disaster was brought to the people around.

The divine power of magnetism was the most basic power in the world. It was the most primitive power and also the most terrifying one. As the embodiment of this kind of power, Mother Earth's strength could no longer be measured by using realms like Numinous Sky and Emperor's Throne.

There were no realms for ancient gods, there was only how strong or weak their control of the Great Dao was. Realms couldn't be used to measure their power.

Qin Mu hurriedly executed his teleportation divine art repeatedly and escaped. In a few instants, he escaped over ten thousand miles.

Much of his cultivation was exhausted, so he had no choice but to stop teleporting. He let the dragon qilin sprint full speed ahead.

The magnetism here was still extremely volatile, but its threat to them was greatly lessened. The dragon qilin's cultivation was even above Qin Mu, so it was enough for him to deal with.

He turned back to look and saw where both Mother Earths had clashed. He could no longer see those two terrifying existences and could only see the divine rays from the Primordial Tree flying around and the countless roots that had tunneled out from underground.

Other than that, there were also strong practitioners flying among the branches and roots of the two ancient gods and trying to escape. From time to time, people would be hit and explode in midair, turning into lumps of blood fog that expanded outwards.

Those that could escape from there were all strong practitioners with extraordinary abilities.

Suddenly, Feng Qiuyun's eyes lit up as she saw a nine-headed phoenix slicing apart thick branches and roots by plucking the strings of her zither. The zither notes would slice through the divine rays of magnetism, allowing her to break free from that battlefield.

"Slut Qi Xiayu!"

Feng Qiuyun was furious and leaped down from the dragon qilin's head. She transformed into a fire phoenix to flap away.

"Sister Qiuyun, no!"

Qin Mu shouted loudly, "Come back quickly to protect me, my cultivation is almost at Life and Death Realm!"

Feng Qiuyun's speed was extremely fast, and she vanished in the blink of an eye. Only two trails of colorful light were left in the sky. One was the trail left behind by Qi Xiayu, and the other was left behind by Feng Qiuyun.

Both of them were strong practitioners of the phoenix race. Feng Qiuyun's cultivation was already at the peak of Numinous Sky Realm while Qi Xiayu was on Emperor's Throne Realm long ago. She knew she wasn't Qi Xiayu's match and thus brought the Mother Earth Primordial Sword along with her.

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead, and he said softly, "Mother Earth got you to protect me..."

Waves of magnetic force came rolling over, and this kind of strange power distorted the ground and space. This caused mountains to move up and down like waves as they got warped.

Qin Mu quickly executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and protected his own body. Numerous gods and half-gods caught up to them and escaped in all directions. From time to time, someone would get hit by the random divine rays of magnetism and would be shrunk into a ball of flesh in the blink of an eye. Then, they exploded with a bang, turning into blood fog.

Qin Mu looked behind and stared nervously at the light, getting the dragon qilin to dodge them.

Right at this moment, incomparably terrifying waves came from where both Mother Earths were fighting. The ground trembled like a piece of cloth, and the mountains moved up and down.

In the center of the fight, the divine rays of magnetism were like a ball of light expanding rapidly. Wherever it passed, mountains looked like three-dimensional paintings that were stuck on the ball.

That terrifying ball of light expanded at a frightening speed and closed in on them!

That kind of speed was countless times faster than the dragon qilin's flying speed!

Qin Mu felt his hair standing on end. "We can't run anymore... Are the abilities of an already dead Mother Earth and a newly born Mother Earth from a crippled corporeal body so terrifying? Big brother, lend me your strength!"

He took off the willow leaf and shouted. His body bulged continuously as the divine power of Youdu poured over. Cryptic Youdu language rang out around his body, and it was strange and beyond comprehension.

Not far away, Ancestral Dragon King and the rest who had protected a bunch of half-gods shouted when they saw that they couldn't escape anymore. "Work together to defend against the impact!"

Everyone's auras collided together as they each executed their divine arts. Ancestral Dragon King transformed into an old dragon with an incomparably huge corporeal body. His dragon body wrapped tightly around his clansmen, and he opened his mouth to spit out a dragon bead. The dragon bead smashed straight at the divine rays of magnetism as he shouted, "Everyone attack this point together, if we create a large hole in this divine art, we still have a chance to survive, otherwise we are all going to die here!"

Other strong practitioners executed what they could and threw great divine arts right behind the dragon bead.

Qin Mu stood up in front of the dragon and the rest to shield them. With his six arms moving up and down, they were like countless arms which finally formed a punch to strike forward!

The ball formed from the divine rays of magnetism brought along heavy mountains to clash with their divine arts, and that ball seemed to pause for that short instant before swallowing them up.

Qin Mu heard the loud explosions of mountains shattering beside his ears, and he got lifted by the immense power. He was thrown backward.

He had three heads and six arms after all, so he grabbed the dragon qilin with one hand and grabbed the water qilin with another hand. His other arms grabbed Celestial Venerable Yu and Gongsun Yan before he got blown away by the remnants of both Mother Earths' divine arts.

Finally, after this impact, those mountains and land that got distorted finally returned back to normal. Qin Mu arched his body as he was being pressed down by a huge mountain and crawled up from the bottom of the mountain.

Gongsun Yan, Celestial Venerable Yu, and everyone else walked out from beneath his body while trembling in fear. Qin Mu dispersed his three-headed and six-armed form and shrunk back into his normal size. He felt a lingering fear as he examined the surroundings.

Where his gaze could see, mountains had collapsed left and right as though a violent storm had torn through the forest.

As for where Ancestral Dragon and the rest who had worked together with them in the moment of chaos were, they had no idea. Those half-gods were the ancestors of their respective races, and they had strong abilities that were no weaker than Feng Qiuyun. They were probably alright.

"Bad little brother, borrowing my power, costing me dearly."

In Qin word land, Qin Fengqing's aura was dispirited and listless. He was slightly furious. "I need to eat those ghost gods in order to recover my vitality!"

Qin Mu had borrowed his strength to collide with the aftereffects of both Mother Earths' divine arts. The aftereffects were too strong, and so, even the Little Overlord of Youdu couldn't take it.

Qin Mu hurriedly stuck the willow leaf on and examined his and everyone else's bodies. He let out a sigh of relief. "It's all superficial wounds, there's nothing serious."

Gongsun Yan hurriedly said, "Let us quickly find Mother Earth! That fake Mother Earth's abilities are rather strong, I wonder if Mother Earth is fine."

Qin Mu raised his head and said, "We can't go back anymore. The earthly palace is probably buried deep in the Primordial Realm. Even if it isn't destroyed, we also can't find where it is. We can only wait for Mother Earth to come to look for us. This isn't a good place to stay long in, we need to leave as soon as possible. Fatty Dragon, can you still walk?"

Fatty Dragon pulled himself together and was about to say something when he raised his head to look at a mountain peak stabbed at an angle on the ground in front of him. He didn't say a word.

Qin Mu followed the line of his sight and saw a girl sitting on that slanted mountain peak. Her arms were hugging her knees, and she was looking at them with a smile. She was none other than the other disciple of Mother Earth.

Her clothes were fresh and didn't look miserable at all. She wasn't like Qin Mu and the rest who were all covered in dirt, it was as if those aftereffects were completely insignificant to her.

Qin Mu revealed a smile and said leisurely, "Senior sister, we are both disciples of Mother Earth, yet I don't know how to address you."

That girl stood up and said with a smile, "As both disciples of Mother Earth, I've heard of Cult Master Qin's reputation for quite a long time. The reason why I've come out of seclusion this time is to see what kind of abilities you have."

Qin Mu laughed loudly, and he swung his right arm outwards horizontally. With his five fingers spread out, his sword pellet swooshed and transformed into a flying sword in his hand. "Please, I would also like to see the abilities of the Heaven Alliance that has been passed on since ancient times."

"Heaven Alliance?"

That girl burst into laughter. "Cult Master Qin seems to be mistaken, my name is Yan Qiling, and I'm not from the Heaven Alliance that's riddled with rebels and traitors."

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