Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 79 - Sun Herders Of Great Ruins

Village Chief, Apothecary and the rest all looked towards him in bewilderment. Apothecary then asked curiously, "Mu'er, have you seen this ship before?"

"I've seen it from the topographic map of Great Ruins…"

Qin Mu also wavered mentally and physically. This humongous thing that looked like a ship should be the Sun Ship that he saw on the map in Doom Suppression Palace.

When he originally saw the term Sun Ship, he was still bewildered as to why it was called Sun Ship. However, now he knew.

Sun Ship was a ship that pulls the sun!

And the sun should be the black sphere that was chained down by the Sun Ship.

That enormous black ball should be the extinguished sun.

It may be assumed that before the darkness had invaded Great Ruins, there must be a Sun Ship pulling a blazing sun and traveling across the lands of Great Ruins.

Qin Mu was stumped for words. Why was the sun that the Sun Ship was pulling extinguished?

Since the Sun Ship was pulling the sun, then what about the Moon Ship that was recorded on the map? Was it a huge ship pulling the moon?

And also where is the Sun Well? What about the Moon Well?

Boom, boom.

As the ship made its way here, the ship that was huge beyond belief actually grew legs and were as thick as mountains. These legs were formed from magmatic rocks and light could even be seen from the crevices between the magmatic rocks.

These light were magma that was like the blood of the Sun Ship.

The enormous ship had grown twenty-four legs that corresponded to the twenty-four solar terms.

Its legs looked very thick but every step it took was a distance of two miles.

The appearance of the enormous object was still extremely shocking.

Deaf looked at Mute who was giving off a feverish gaze and gesticulating. Deaf interpreted, "That's not a real sun and was a treasure that people from that generation had created before the darkness descended. Mute, I think you are right…"

The enormous Sun Ship got closer and closer to Border Dragon City, causing the air to get more and more parched. Qin Mu raised his head yet he almost couldn't see the peak of the ship.

The ship was too huge.

The dazzling palaces fell into his eyes and it seemed to look normal. However, for it to look normal at such a far distance, it was abnormal. It could be assumed that these palaces must be very huge if he were to walk in front of it. A grown man must be miniature when he stands inside.

"That's the place for the god race to reside."

Village Chief gently said, "I've heard they were called Sun Herders and their god is called Sun Guardian."

"Sun Herders?"

Everyone was slightly stumped for words. In the village, Village Chief was the one who had stayed the longest in Great Ruins. He had been here for several hundred years and knew the most. Apparently, he had also heard about the Sun Ship and knew some hidden information.

"I wonder if there's a descendant of the Sun Herders onboard? Is there still a Sun Guardian onboard?" Village Chief muttered.

Sun Ship passed by Border Dragon City and went towards the magnificent army of a thousand men and horses of Eternal Peace Empire. It was an especially grand and spectacular sight, so much so that the army had forgotten to advance and stared at the huge object foolishly.

Too terrifying, too shocking.


One of the legs from Sun Ship landed down and the mountain like leg crushed countless of soldiers into the mud. When the leg of this ship lifted up once again, a small lake was created from the stomp.

"Quickly run for your lives—"

Only now did someone react and scream before running back to escape. The soldiers behind have yet to react therefore people started squeezing and stepping on one another. When the people behind had reacted and wanted to spread out to escape, it was too late.

The immense Sun Ship followed the path the Eternal Peace Army took to move towards the borders of Eternal Peace Empire, crushing countless of soldiers in its path. No matter how much divine arts or flying swords from the officers landed on its body, they were all unable to shake up this huge ship.

The two troops of the army were merged into one, therefore, there was an extremely large amount of people. Even if they wanted to escape, there was no way for them to escape. Despite there being divine arts practitioners flying in the air, they were also smacked by the legs that were lifted up by Sun Ship, just like an easy as smacking a fly.

The immense Sun Ship continued to move forward and crushed countless of soldiers in its path. General Lu tried his best to attack the Sun Ship but it was like an ant trying to shake a tree - unable to shake the huge ship the slightest.

At the borders of Eternal Peace, sword lights flew out and slashed towards majestic mountain ship. Sparks flew off in all directions yet it was also unable to harm the ship. When the treasure swords were kept back, the expression of the strong practitioners at the border changed hugely. Their swords were actually scorched red hot and were starting to melt.

In the borders of Eternal Peace, several thousand divine arts practitioners cast spells and raised storms. As the thunder clouds started rolling, there were dispersed by the heat before they even reached the ship.

—It was an extinguished sun that Sun Ship was pulling but it was still a sun after all. It's fire energy was simply too powerful.

The ship had twelve pairs of legs, therefore, it could move forward very fast. Soon enough, it had reached the front of the borders. Creaking sounds pierced through the air as the Sun Ship slowly came to a halt.

Droning sounds came from the air as the black sun slowly floated forward and almost crossed over into the boundary of Eternal Peace Empire.

At the borders, countless of soldiers stared upwards blankly and looked at the enormous object in front of the borders. The borders were majestic but compared to the huge object in front of their eyes, they seemed miniature.

Some officers expression had turned pale white as they shuddered in fear, being almost unable to stand properly. Whereas the soldiers at the borders, whether they were martial arts practitioners or divine arts practitioners, they were all scared shitless by the sight in front of their eyes.

"The Sun Ship that was created by the beings before the darkness descended sure is extraordinary."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor stood on top of the building and looked up at Sun Ship. This magnificent ship gave everyone an extreme pressure and even he was lightly palpitating.

On the peak of Sun Ship and in front of the palaces, he saw a figure standing there.

He raised his head and looked at the black sun.

Even though this black sun was as huge as a real sun, it was still shocking enough. One can imagine what a spectacular sight it would be if the sun was reignited.

This sun may be extinguished but if Eternal Peace Empire's army was to collide with this enormous object, it would be like a mantis trying to stop a chariot, overestimating their own capabilities.

He could feel the divine energy coming from Sun Ship.

"There are still heavenly gods that are alive. The mysterious Great Ruins can't be threaded on rashly…"

Imperial Preceptor raised his hand and ordered, "Pass down my order to fall back and never set foot into Great Ruins for the next fifty years!"

The hearts of various generals behind him shuddered and immediately passed down his order.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor raised his head and his gaze landed on the palaces. He then said softly, "Sun Ship can't protect Great Ruins forever. Even the heavenly gods will die. The Sun Herders are merely a declining race. Fifty years later, my Eternal Peace Empire will have the mighty power to unify Great Ruins, therefore, it's not wise to fight them head on now.

He turned and walked down the city gate tower.

The urgent gong sounds used to halt troops rang from the city. As the soldiers outside the borders heard the gong, it was as if they were relieved from a burden and all of them ran back towards the borders.

The enormous Sun Ship also slowly raised it legs and changed direction, stomping its way towards Border Dragon City.

Not long later, the remnant of Eternal Peace Empire's army returned back to the borders and Sun Ship had reached the boundary of Border Dragon City. Raising his head up, a towering ship piercing the heavens that was pulling a black sun was something Qin Mu had never dreamed of.

Sun Ship came to a halt and it's twenty four legs slowly bent and sat down in a seize.

On the dragon pillar, everyone had weird expression. This Sun Ship doesn't seem like a ship but more like a living being with twenty-four legs!

With the ship being so close to Border Dragon City, heat waves swept towards the city. Even the city walls were scorched red hot as if they were going to melt.

It must be waiting for the Eternal Peace Empire's great army to completely retreat as it didn't leave immediately.

"Is there still a Sun Guardian onboard?" Qin Mu mumbled.

"There is, I can feel the aura of god."

Village Chief had a grave expression, "Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sounded out the difficulties and retreated to avoid defeat. It will never to step into Great Ruins rashly for the next dozens of years. Butcher, put away your knives or else the dragon pillars here will be destroyed."

Butcher nodded his head and looked at Sun Ship excitedly, "We've prepared long for this battle yet Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was scared off by the Sun Guardian, making us unable to fight that old fellow! How about we go onboard and fight with the god!

Everyone had a queer expression and shook their heads. This lunatic was sure making trouble. If there was still a Sun Guardian onboard, Butcher would probably be crushed to death while trying to pick a fight with the Sun Guardian using only the upper half of his body.

Village Chief and the rest went down the dragon pillar. Qin Mu continued to look upwards, his gaze wavering. He very much wanted to climb up this magnificent ship and have a look what's up there.

"Exactly what kind of generation it is for them to be able to build such enormous object that could even pull the sun and move?"

Thinking until here, the bow of the Sun Ship suddenly tilted downwards.

Qin Mu turned lifeless. He could see that the incomparably massive bow of the ship was almost as big as Border Dragon City. The ship just tilted downwards as if it was extremely light and had no weight at all.

Only now could he see the scenery onboard. There were actual mountains and river, grass and flowers. The glorious main halls stood tall and looked just like the sacred place for immortals. There were also many tall men that were so tall that Apothecary who was considered tall and sturdy, seemed like a child compared to them.

Qin Mu reckoned their people's height started from thirty yards onwards, not to be outdone when compared to the strong workers of Heavenly Devil Cult.

What's strange was that even though the bow of the ship was tilted downwards, the lake on the ship remained level and didn't spill out.

"Your jade pendant is very strange, it has a divine and extraordinary aura…"

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