Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 790 - Dao One

'Heaven Alliance that's riddled with rebels and traitors?' Qin Mu was puzzled deep inside.

Mother Earth once said that it was the Heaven Alliance that had killed her. Her Earth Soul had escaped by hiding in the roots.

Mother Earth had also revealed another piece of information, and that was that after the Heaven Alliance killed her, they chopped down her Primordial Tree.

According to these two pieces of information, Qin Mu could deduce that the Primordial Tree had landed in Heaven Alliance's hands. The other Mother Earth could only be born from the Primordial Tree by a capable person in the Heaven Alliance using the fantastic technique developed from Brahma Buddha's dream entering the path.

Yet this girl called Yan Qiling actually said she wasn't from the Heaven Alliance!

If she wasn't from the Heaven Alliance, then the other Mother Earth wasn't bred by the Heaven Alliance, it was bred by someone else!

Now, this was very strange.

Could it not be the Heaven Alliance that killed Mother Earth back then?

However, how would Mother Earth mistake the person that killed her?

'Or could it be that after the Heaven Alliance killed her, someone snatched the Primordial Tree from the Heaven Alliance's hands to breed another Mother Earth?' Qin Mu was puzzled.

Since the Heaven Alliance was able to kill Mother Earth, they definitely had extraordinary abilities, so who could be able to snatch away the Primordial Tree from them?

'However, I can search for clues from this girl named Yan Qiling!'

Qin Mu raised his head to look at that slanted mountain peak, and to him, as long as Yan Qiling displayed her best divine arts, she would leave behind traces which he could use to find the mastermind behind her back!

Yan Qiling walked down from the mountain and said with a smile, "Cult Master Qin doesn't have to guess where I'm from, no matter how smart you are, you can never guess my roots. There's still another matter other than to see you, and that's to bring a person away."

The light in Qin Mu's eyes suddenly pulled back, and he asked insipidly, "Bring who away?"

Yan Qiling's gaze suddenly moved from his face to Gongsun Yan's face before finally shifting to Celestial Venerable Yu.

"Lan Yutian, Celestial Venerable Yu."

She gave a gentle laugh. "Celestial Venerable Yu has no future following you, you will only waste his talent. However, if he follows me, I can find him the best teacher and fully open up his potential! In the future, he will definitely shine brightly!"

She looked very beautiful, and she had a beauty that wasn't inferior to Granny Si and Di Yiyue. She was like a goddess that had fallen into the mortal world, yet Qin Mu paid no attention to her. The divine light in his eyes earlier had become reserved, and now, even his aura was starting to become reserved.

The dragon qilin twitched his dragon scales uneasily and secretly moved two steps back.

The pet knew the master the best. The dragon qilin knew Qin Mu very well. The more reserved Qin Mu became, the stronger his killing intent was.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This beautiful looking girl had touched Qin Mu's bottom line and caused his desire to murder to bloom.

The reserved Qin Mu was like a fierce beast that was staring at his prey. He could burst forth any time to kill.

"You know a lot of things."

Qin Mu's tone was dry. "Many things that you shouldn't know at your age. This makes me more and more curious as of where you're from."

Yan Qiling raised her hands to stroke the hair coming down the side of her temple. She said with a smile, "I'll defeat you and take Celestial Venerable Yu away, how is this deal?"

"Celestial Venerable Yu isn't a commodity, he's the person I respect the most."

Qin Mu's tone became increasingly harsh. "Someone left him in my hands, and even without this relationship, I will never tolerate anyone who wants to treat him as a tool, to treat him as a commodity."

Yan Qiling looked at him and tilted her head to think before saying, "You seems to possess a huge problem, you don't seem to be just Cult Master Qin of Eternal Peace. If you are purely Cult Master Qin, you wouldn't have such feelings for Celestial Venerable Yu."

Qin Mu said indifferently, "Fatty Dragon, take them and go further away."

The dragon qilin felt as though he was relieved of a huge burden and hurriedly brought Gongsun Yan, Celestial Venerable Yu, and the water qilin as far as possible. He said softly, "Cult Master is angered, let us quickly leave this place so that we don't get implicated by him."

Gongsun Yan asked curiously, "If we attack her together and gang up on this disciple of the fake Mother Earth, wouldn't we be able to defeat her? Why do we have to leave?"

The dragon qilin said softly, "Have you forgotten about the other women around that smiling maiden?"

Gongsun Yan was stunned for a moment and only then did she come to understand. The women he was talking about were those maids beside Yan Qiling.

The dragon qilin said, "The abilities of those maids are probably not inferior to Feng Qiuyun, otherwise, how would Yan Qiling even survive all the way here? She would have long been crushed into bits and pieces by the divine arts from both Mother Earths. Those women are probably nearby. If we rush up together, how could they sit still? If we fight as a group, we are definitely no match for them. Cult Master's intention is for us to immediately leave this place and not wait for him!"

The water qilin said, "But he told us to go further and didn't ask us to leave."

The dragon qilin sneered and said, "You don't know what Cult Master's thinking. The reason why he said that was to drop the guard of those women so they wouldn't know we took the chance to slip away. When they realize, we will be long gone. The reason why Cult Master is doing this is actually for the safety of your master."

Celestial Venerable Yu asked anxiously, "In that case, would my big brother be in any danger?"

"Of course there will be danger, but we don't have to question him."

The dragon qilin quickly said, "The one in danger now is that girl, Cult Master's desire to kill has awakened."

Gongsun Yan burst out in shock. "That little sister just now looks so beautiful, is he capable of taking her life?"

The dragon qilin brought them to leave quickly as he said, "In Cult Masters eyes, she isn't pretty at all, so he naturally would be able to."

Gongsun Yan said seriously, "But she's really pretty, even I feel inferior myself."

The dragon qilin borrowed those mountains that had fallen at all kinds of angles to hide his body. He shook his head and said, "Her chest is small, Cult Master doesn't think girls with small chests are pretty."

Gongsun Yan's eyes widened, and she lowered her head to look. Grabbing onto her clothes, her eyes looked a little disappointed.

Under the slanted peak, Qin Mu's aura was stable and didn't leak out at all. No qi and blood leaked out either, everything was just calm.

Yan Qiling's beautiful eyes blinked, and she didn't know why Qin Mu had suddenly become so ordinary. It was as if he had become an ordinary person.

Suddenly, she came to a realization. 'Completely reserved! It's the Martial Dao!'

Just as she thought until here, a loud explosion rang out beside her ears. Qin Mu moved three hundred yards in a step and came to her face.

The air in between them got compressed into physical substance and shattered right away like glass. Behind the shattered wall of air was Qin Mu's face that was as still as an old well. He had no emotion.

Yan Qiling was astonished and flipped backward gracefully. Moving diagonally into the sky, she came to the peak of that slanted mountain and said with a smile, "Aren't you Mother Earth's disciple? Why are you using the divine art of the Martial Dao?"

Just as she landed on the peak, she felt a warmth against her back. Qin Mu was already behind her, leaning against her back. He had arrived atop the peak at the same time as her!

"The sure-kill battle technique in Martial Dao!"

Yan Qiling gave a soft chuckle, and her magnetic divine rays burst forth to form two magnetic divine knives.

Qin Mu moved with exquisite footwork, and the cold gleam of the sword in his hand twinkled as he stabbed sword after sword into empty spots.

As he moved, Yan Qiling was afraid of showing her heart to him, so she moved as well, and the empty spots that Qin Mu had stabbed were precisely the next locations where she would shift her body to.

Clank, clank, clank. Incomparably concentrated sounds of collision rang out as her magnetic divine knives danced up and down. Every time, she could precisely block where the sword light was coming from and force it back.

The sword in Qin Mu's hand suddenly split from one to two and from two to four. In the blink of an eye, it had transformed into several thousand flying swords that surrounded both of them.

He was like a thousand-armed god that kept changing swords, and the flying swords in the air also kept attacking Yan Qiling from different angles. The sword moves executed by each flying sword were actually different from one another.

Yan Qiling swung her knives, and divine knives came flying out of her magnetic divine knives to clash with the flying swords in the air.

The peak of this slanted mountaintop was only several hectares in size. The young man and young woman moved around on the peak gracefully like fluttering butterflies while light and shadow clashed around them. Every instance was extremely dangerous.

The sure-kill technique of the battle technique school was unleashed to perfection by them, and even though it was dangerous, it possessed an unusual kind of beauty.

Suddenly, both of their bodies separated, and Qin Mu turned around. There were no longer any flying swords in his hands, and he pressed forward with both palms. Countless runes of magnetism swirled around his palms, and magnetic divine rays burst forth!

Countless runes transformed into a galaxy formed by billions of stars. The magnetic divine rays surged between each and every one of the stars, and that was Granny Si's divine art, which was learned by him with one look!

Granny Si had used this kind of divine art to contact the crux of unsealing the Primordial Realm. This resulted in the huge change in heaven and earth, allowing the Primordial Realm to resurface!

This divine art was a great divine art from Granny Si's pursuit of the Dao of magnetism. When Qin Mu executed it, incomparably terrifying magnetic force pressed down on everything. The slanted peak suffered from unimaginable pressure and continuously sank into the ground.

Yan Qiling turned around at the same time and said with a smile, "Mother Earth's Dao Twelve!"

She pushed out with both palms as well and burst forth with a magnetism divine art!

This girl was actually fighting head-on with Qin Mu!

Both of them ran forward quickly and clashed together. When their palms collided, magnetism transformed into light to burst forth from their palms. With a swoosh, this slanted mountaintop was sliced off!

The other half of the mountaintop under their feet sank furiously into the ground!

Qin Mu's hair rushed into the air from his fury as he roared. Suddenly, qi and blood behind him flooded out, and it was like an ocean of blood had appeared behind him. His qi and blood were raised by a thousand folds in that instant!

"Great Emperor of Martial Path's Dao One!"

Yan Qiling was astonished. This woman couldn't react accordingly. Qin Mu retracted his palm and turned it into a fist to strike her. The ocean of qi and blood behind him exploded and transformed into vitality to rush forward!

Yan Qiling grunted as she flew backward. In the sky, countless apparitions of Qin Mu appeared, and immediately after, every apparition of Qin Mu attacked her with different divine arts of the martial path!


On the waist of another majestic mountain, there was a human-sized hole, and a huge fist imprint appeared on top of this human-sized hole. The fist smashed into the body of the mountain and caused it to shake several times.

Qin Mu's body appeared in front of this hole and raised a finger to press on the heart of his brows. Countless flying swords flew over and gathered into a sword pellet in front of him.

Qin Mu's sword finger stabbed out, and a sword light stretching ten miles stabbed through this hole in the mountain, shooting out from the other side.

The brilliant sword light was like a light pillar that was bright to the extreme!

"Sword Dao's Dao One!"

Yan Qiling's voice came from the other side of the mountain.

Qin Mu's pupils contracted and lifted the willow leaf. His third eye opened up, and a beam of light shot out from this eye. That beam followed quickly after the sword light!

At the same time, he raised his hand to throw a mudra out. Prisms of heavenly fire scuttled out in all directions to bombard Yan Qiling, who was on the other side of the mountain!

"Great Dao of Youdu's Dao Twenty Three, Great Dao of Xuandu's Dao Two!"

Among the terrifying rumbles, Yan Qiling's voice rang out clearly. "Cult Master, your divine arts are really remarkable! In that case, have you seen Dao One before?"

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