Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 791 - Dao One

'Dao One? Dao Two? Dao Twenty-Three?'

Thoughts flashed past Qin Mu's head like a spark. The Dao One and Dao Two that Yan Qiling had mentioned seemed to be serial numbers for all kinds of Great Dao. It was extremely weird.

And this kind of serial number should be corresponding to the types of Great Dao, for example, Martial Dao's Dao One, Sword Dao's Dao One, Youdu's Dao Twenty-Three, Xuandu's Dao Two.

However, what puzzled Qin Mu was that Xuandu's Dao Two was actually the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire, it was a divine art he had constructed with the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire.

Since the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire had turned into Dao Two in Yan Qiling's terms, how many kinds of Great Dao were there exactly?

Who would serialize these divine arts of these Great Dao?

Yan Qiling was so young, so how did she know so much?

The Dao One she had said just now was the Dao One of which Great Dao then?

Right at this moment, he suddenly felt an incomparably dangerous pulse from the other side of the mountain. The divine art that Yan Qiling was using was very unfamiliar to him. It was an unfamiliar Great Dao, an unfamiliar divine art, and yet there was an imposing and upright atmosphere!

'It's not from Youdu system, it's also not from Xuandu system, and it shouldn't be Yuandu's divine art system either!'

Qin Mu immediately made his decision. With his index and middle fingers together, the sword pellet he had stabbed out flew back and attacked Yan Qiling, who was on the other side of the mountain.

He couldn't see Yan Qiling, but he could sense her location through her breath.

He moved quickly, and his clothes fluttered in the wind. When his sword fingers stabbed out, it would be Stab Sword Form, and when his fingers flicked upwards, it would be Flick Sword Form. When his arm didn't move, and his wrist draws a circle, it would be Wave Sword Form. Sword Finger slashing horizontally would be Cleave Sword Form, and slashing down vertically would be Hack Sword Form!

All seventeen basic sword skills were executed by him.

He couldn't see Yan Qiling, but he executed every strike with utmost concentration. He was gathering all of his essence, qi, and spirit.

Sword skills were his strongest abilities, and offense was the best defense. By threatening the enemy, he could force the enemy to be unable to execute the goal of using her full power.

On the other side of the mountains, Yan Qiling danced gracefully to avoid sword light after sword light. Suddenly, her divine art burst forth and came bombarding through the mountain!

Across the mountains, Qin Mu couldn't see what divine art she had executed. He could only feel the Dao charm that was unrivaled. He could only hear resounding Dao voices as though there were countless ancient gods.

An incomparably majestic and vast ancient celestial heavens appeared in front of his eyes. On the stars in the sky, there stood three hundred and sixty star gods, seventy earthly fiend gods, thirty-six heavenly spirit gods, five-element gods, a sun god, and a moon god. They formed an inescapable net.

He could even faintly 'see' a giant of light standing above the gods. That was Heaven Duke!

Yet he could also sense the mountains and rivers, and the dragons and phoenixes dancing in the sky. The ancient gods stood upright and surrounded a verdant and thick Primordial Spirit that supported both heaven and earth. They were gathered around an imposing goddess under the Primordial Tree!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That was Mother Earth.

And under the ground, where the darkness laid, horns of nine bends transformed into Yellow Springs to flow downwards. The gigantic bull-head, tiger-face, and human body existence had formed Youdu.

That was Earth Count.

He could even 'see' the four deities of the four directions, Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, Green Dragon, and White Tiger.

The most terrifying thing was that Qin Mu saw an incomparably ancient celestial heavens and a blurry emperor sitting inside the Numinous Sky Hall, ruling over the ancient celestial heavens.

His naked eye couldn't see Yan Qiling's location, and he couldn't see Yan Qiling's divine art, yet according to Yan Qiling's breath, he could sense such a terrifying and imposing sight!

That was the vision of Dao being mobilized. The star gods represented the different Great Dao of Starforce while the sun, the moon, the five elements, and the four deities also represented different Great Dao.

In addition, Yuandu's Mother Earth, Xuandu's Heaven Duke, and Youdu's Earth Count also represented each of their system of Great Dao.

"The reason why there are these visions is that Yan Qiling has included all of these Great Dao into her divine art, transforming them into a complete system and fusing them into a divine art.

"Dao One isn't Youdu's Dao One or Xuandu's Dao One, it's the Dao One of all the Great Dao!"

Qin Mu came to realization and shifted his feet. His body shook as he revealed his three heads and six arms.


His three heads opened their mouths wide and roared furiously. The ribbon used to bind his hair exploded, and his hair rushed upwards. Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was raised to the extreme by him in an instant!

Qin Mu was like a god, and in front of him, that huge mountain was already flaking and cracking under Yan Qiling's divine art. Huge mountain rocks were like lava that had poured out from the ground, and in the next instant, countless rocks were vibrated into powder!

This huge mountain started to sink down but not into the ground. Instead, it was because the bottom of the mountain had completely shattered and couldn't support a huge body anymore.

Yet no matter how much the mountain sank, the body of the mountain was shattered into pieces by that terrifying power instantly.

One-third of the mountain peak was gone in that split second!

The power from Yan Qiling's divine art didn't seem to weaken, and it came over majestically from the other side of the mountain. With unmatched crushing momentum, it pressed down on Qin Mu.

Among the dust that had saturated the sky, Qin Mu seemed to see the ancient Celestial Emperor stretching out his hand to smack him.

The dust shrouded him, and he couldn't see anything except for the hand coming to smack him!

"Yan Qiling, I know your origin now!"

Qin Mu shouted forcefully. With his hands controlling his sword, his sword fingers changed rapidly to execute countless sword moves. At the same time, his other four arms became incomparably thick. With muscles bulging and blood vessels popping out like green dragons under his skin, he threw countless punches in an instant, and every strike was to his fullest strength. He released that terrifying power of destruction in his corporeal body to his heart's content!

Return of Thousand Palms Beyond the Strange Peaks of Heavens!

His great divine art of the Martial Dao burst forth at this moment, facing the huge hand of the ancient Celestial Emperor head-on. Yet it was completely crushed by that unmatched power straight after.

The Martial Dao that Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher had founded was completely useless against this palm that was filled with boundless celestial might.

Qin Mu got blown backward, and the Gate of Heaven Influence appeared behind him. Youdu devil qi poured furiously into the vertical eye in the heart of his brows. His third eye opened up, and the beam of light that could eradicate all corporeal bodies and souls shot out. Black marks appeared in the sky.

Yet he still couldn't block down that palm.

The Dao voice from Qin Mu's mouth vibrated, and his arms flailed around. Countless magnetism runes soared up to form a galaxy which he pushed forward with his four arms. In the incomparably violent vibration, his four arms burst apart. Flesh, blood, and bones flew in all directions.

He got blown away by the unmatched power and flew back at an extremely fast speed. His body got stretched thin.

Qin Mu coughed up blood from his three mouths, and the four arms that had broken off grew back rapidly. He flipped his palm several times in an instant and pressed down towards the huge hand that was pressing down on him.

Countless prisms of heavenly fire exploded, and in that explosion, terrifying impact poured out in all directions. The heavenly fire that came spewing out swept along the ground like a flood in a radius of several hundred miles, bathing the land of several hundred miles in blazing flames!

And when the heavenly fire exploded, it raised a whirlwind which brought the flames even further and ignited the forest. The radius of a thousand miles sank into a sea of flames.


With the huge hand pressing down, Qin Mu was covered by the palm, and in that instant, Qin Mu was still executing his teleportation divine art. Countless teleportation divine arts swirled around him, but they were later destroyed by the grand celestial might.

His teleportation divine art was broken right away.

The huge hand swept down, and the mountains in the heavenly fire shook. The impact in the next instant was so astonishing that even the heavenly fire that was inextinguishable had its internal structure completely decimated. The fire extinguished completely.

Kacha, kacha, the ground vibrated as gorges stretched out in all directions. It was a shocking sight.

Meanwhile, the mountain separating Qin Mu and Yan Qiling had almost been completely destroyed under the power of this divine art. In the rolling clouds of dust, Yan Qiling's grunt sounded out.

When the Dao One of this girl burst forth, the other two hands of Qin Mu had always been executed sword skills. From the seventeenth sword form to the eighteenth sword form, Qin Mu used a peculiar sword skill to slash into her protection circle and the eighteenth sword form transformed into the nineteenth sword form.

The second move of Calamity Sword — the nineteenth sword form, Raising Calamity — burst forth, and Yan Qiling's body movement was sometimes like an astonished swan, a swimming dragon, and even a phoenix spreading its wings. It was truly marvelous and made others unable to determine her location.

And yet, the nineteenth sword form was a move that Qin Mu had created to take revenge for Celestial Venerable Yu. Countless sword lights surrounded that girl and danced up and down. Every transformation was a calamity, and either she had to respond to the calamity, or she had to avoid it.

Yet, the more she avoid, the more the calamity would grow!

Those dancing swords had cut off all retreat, forcing her to have no choice but to respond!

When her huge hand had covered Qin Mu, Yan Qiling had also executed her body movement to the extreme. She got hit by all the swords, and several thousand swords stabbed into her body at the same time.

Yan Qiling was like a huge porcupine nailed in the air. Blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth as several flying swords had also stabbed into her mouth. Only the hilts were left outside.

This girl shivered from the pain and suddenly, the flying swords dropped out from her body. The wounds on her body sealed up in case she lost too much blood.

When all of the flying swords were plucked out, this girl coughed up blood, but the blood wasn't red, it was gold and even had sunlight rising from the blood.

"I know your origin now..."

Yan Qiling coughed up blood repeatedly and held onto her knees. She raised her head to look over at Qin Mu.

She was gasping for breath, and beside her were flying swords that had scattered everywhere. She said with a low voice, "I also know why you must protect Celestial Venerable Yu now, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have used so much strength..."

"Cough, cough, cough!"

Suddenly, violent coughings came from the air filled with dust. Yan Qiling's pupils contracted as she looked towards the sound to see a figure standing up shakily.

That figure was extremely miserable. Only one arm remained from the six, and his three heads were all bent at peculiar angles. Huge chunks seemed to be missing from each and every head.

The chest of that figure seemed to have rotted away, and his backbone seemed to be twisted, yet he was walking step by step over to her.

As that figure walked, there still seemed to be flesh falling off his body.

The corners of Yan Qiling's eyes twitched. The falling flesh meant that Qin Mu had been beaten up miserably, but she still saw flesh growing on his body. He was repairing himself!

"Crimson Emperor Light Emperor's Dao One..."

Yan Qiling straightened her back and moved back. "Cult Master Qin, stop! You and I aren't enemies, Celestial Venerable Yu can also continue to be under your care, we don't have to fight to the death! I already know who you are..."

Whrrng, whrrng, whrrng.

The flying swords on the ground trembled, and Yan Qiling's scalp crawled. She endured the pain to move backward. "Stop! Celestial Venerable Mu, it's not that I'm afraid of you!"

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