Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 792 - I Don't Care

Qin Mu walked over shakily and every step was excruciating, causing his body and face to contort. Fresh blood flowed down his legs and filled his footprints with blood.

Yet as he walked forward continuously, his footsteps gradually became more and more stable.

Kacha, kacha. Sounds of bones displacing rang out. Qin Mu's broken neck started to reconstruct themselves and his strangely twisted heads started to recover.

His broken bones were planted and grew back out again while the flesh on his wound squirmed to continuously grow outwards, growing out arm after arm.

Flying swords on the ground also flew up one after another, slowly increasing in numbers.

Yan Qiling's hair stood on ends. She had never seen a divine arts practitioner with such astonishing recovery. If it was a god skilled in the art of creation or a half-god from some powerful race, they might still be able to just do it.

Yet it was impossible for a divine arts practitioner to have such strong comprehension on the art of creation.

This was literally an undying body!

The great divine art she had executed earlier was enough to wipe out Qin Mu and yet Qin Mu had relied on that perverted recovery to endure all of the pain, recovering as he walked.

Yan Qiling could even see countless small runes dancing up and down his wounds and they were like incomparably fine needle and thread weaving in and out to allow the wound on his body to grow. Dead skin was shed, dead flesh was relaced and broken bones were ejected out.

Her divine art gave Qin Mu not only injuries on the corporeal body, but also on the primordial spirit. After withstanding that move, Qin Mu's primordial spirit was all tattered and yet Qin Mu's art of creation could also repair his primordial spirit!

Crimson Light Era has astonishing achievements in the art of creation. Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor was skilled in the primordial spirit and skilled in the corporeal body respectively and when both of their techniques were combined, it was the highest standard in the art of creation.

An undying body and an indestructible primordial spirit!

Qin Mu still had a distance away from the highest standard but he was already not far away!

Yan Qiling mobilized her vital qi forcefully and she suddenly grunted. She had several thousand wounds on her entire body and even though she had suppressed them and forced them shut, the wounds still had yet to recover. By forcefully using her vital qi, her wounds had nearly exploded open.

Moreover, she already has not much vital qi she could use.

That great divine art was the great divine art of Dao One. It had immense power but the consumption was also terrifying. More than half of vital qi had been exhausted and the remaining small portion still had to be used to suppress her injuries. She was slightly finding it difficult to cope.

However, what made her slightly at ease was that the flying swords that had risen from the ground weren't much. It was obvious Qin Mu's exhaustion was great as well.

Under the power of her great divine art, even though Qin Mu managed to protect his life, he had lost more than half of his vital qi and even more than she did.

And to be to achieve an undying corporeal body and an indestructible primordial spirit also required an extreme amount of vital qi. Qin Mu's vital qi might not be as dense as hers now.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you said you know my origin so you should understand we don't have to fight to the death."

Yan Qiling continued to move back and she quickly took out a jade bottle. She consumed the spirit pills inside and tried her best to repair the damages to her body. "I also admire Celestial Venerable Mu very much and I know that Celestial Venerable Mu had shaken the world during that battle in Jade Pool during the ancient era. However, don't you forget who had given you the title of Celestial Venerable Mu..."

"The title of Celestial Venerable Mu? Do I care?"

Qin Mu's voice suddenly exploded. When he said the first word, he was still three hundred yards away from Yan Qiling and when he said the third world, he had already come to her face.

His speed was indeed inferior to before and even though he had the art of creation of Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor, he was still heavily injured.

That great divine art of Yan Qiling had caused massive damage to him and already damaged him divine treasures!

Not only that, he could even feel that the function of his corporeal body was also limited. This was because his exhaustion was too great and even though he had the strongest art of creation from Crimson Light Era, he was helpless if his cultivation couldn't catch up.

However, Yan Qiling's injuries were also extremely heavy. From the first sword form to the nineteenth sword form, the damage that Raising Calamity Sword was the first she had experienced in her life.

Qin Mu's fist smashed towards her and that fist was tattered. There was not a piece of intact flesh and even the white finger bones could be seen.

"Do I care?"

His voice boomed like thunder.

Yan Qiling raised her hand and magnetism runes burst forth. Magnetic force instantly pressed down on Qin Mu.

She couldn't use my cultivation now and it wasn't wise to fight head-on with Qin Mu. Using magnetism divine art was her best choice.

Magnetism divine art could allow Qin Mu to feel his corporeal body becoming as heavy as a mountain. Any punch and kick would be affected and his accuracy would be affected. Even his attack would be pulled to the ground.

However, what was out of her expectation was that Qin Mu had still punched over. He was not affected by the magnetic force at all.

'Dao Seven of Yuandu is ineffective to him? That's right, his corporeal body is too strong, my great divine art just now didn't even smack him to death!'

Yan Qiling was astonished and he raised his hand to block this punch from Qin Mu. Suddenly, the other five fists came smashing over like a tempest.

Yan Qiling blocked with all her life yet Qin Mu's three heads and six heads overwhelmed her. She got punched a hundred times and fell backward. Her wounds all opened up in midair and she was like a ball that was filled with water turning into a net, leaking blood from everywhere.

Yan Qiling hurriedly sealed her wounds and Qin Mu suddenly squatted. With a leap, he raised his six arms high up and cupped his hands. He appeared above her.

"Youdu's Dao Three"

Yan Qiling hurriedly executed her divine art and a membrane of darkness opened up in front of her. Qin Mu's figure sank into that membrane of darkness that had no thickness at all and vanished without a trace. He was sent into Youdu by her.

Before Yan Qiling could even let out a sigh of relief, Qin Mu's feet appeared under that membrane of darkness and his cupped fists smashed down ruthlessly on her chest.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes!

Yan Qiling heard her ribs cracking and with a loud bang, she smashed into the ground and made a huge hole.

'I can't go on like this, I'll be beaten to death!"

She laid in the pit and she forcefully raised her remaining vital qi to blow open her own Life and Death Divine Treasure. "I can't continue to suppress my cultivation, I need to break through my Life and Death Divine Treasure in order to stop him!"

Breaking through Life and Death Realm, she instantly felt a kind of power that passes through life and death flooding over. This power flooded throughout her entire body and the berserk magic power surged to sweep away her earlier decrepitness.

Even though she still hadn't recovered back to her peak, she didn't have to be scared of Qin Mu with the magic power of Life and Death Divine Treasure now.

Yan Qiling was overjoyed and raised her head to see Qin Mu falling from midair. His body was horizontal to the ground yet he was rolling furiously in midair as though he was a top being pulled by a string as he fell!

"What is this move?"

Yan Qiling suppressed all the wounds on her body and she suddenly came to a realization. 'It's a sword move! The eighteenth form of basic sword skills! Crap!'

She hurriedly retreated and jumped out the huge pit, only to see Qin Mu rolling horizontal to the ground towards her. What welcomed her was several hundred spinning and slicing flying swords!

Yan Qiling crossed her hands and magnetic divine knives appeared. Two knives took turns and blocked down the eighteenth sword form. Endless sounds of collision rang out.

Both of them fought speed with speed and their speed was overwhelming. Yan Qiling lost the first opportunity and got forced back continuously.

'He can still use Sword Eighteen? His vital qi should be extremely weak so how could he use a move that consumes so much vital qi?'

Just as she thought until here, she suddenly saw that Earth Aeon Dao Fruit in the halo behind Qin Mu's head and she understood. "The energy inside Mother Earth's Earth Aeon Dao Fruit is immense, he is refining the energy inside the Dao fruit into his cultivation!"

Suddenly, Qin Mu stopped rolling and he landed on the ground on his feet. Grasping a mudra in his hand, he struck out.

'Xuandu's Dao Two!'

Yan Qiling's felt a shiver down her spine and immediately tossed the two magnetic divine knives in her hands. The two divine knives were as fast as lightning, interweaving in the air to form layers of magnetic walls to protect her.


Heavenly fire burst forth and the terrifying power destroyed walls after walls. It broke through a hundred layers and finally stopped at the last layer.

Yan Qiling let out a sigh of relief and suddenly, bright knife light shone out from the last wall. With six arms raised up high, flying swords came soaring over. There were only several hundred flying swords just now and now there were over two thousand flying swords gathered in his six palms. They transformed into a divine knife.


The last magnetic wall was sliced apart by a knife and Qin Mu's six arms opened up. That divine knife split into six and in front of Yan Qiling's eyes were just vertical and horizontal knife lights!

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining!

Golden colored blood spurted out and Yan Qiling was almost diced into dozens of chunks. She hurriedly moved back and said sternly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you don't want your title anymore?"

The wounds on Qin Mu's corporeal body had basically healed and he could sprint as fast as thunder. Every time his feet landed on the ground, the ground would explode and he would leave behind a series of thunderclaps. He sneered and said, "What do I want it for? If he has the guts to, get him to take it back personally!"

Yan Qiling was furious. She forcefully mobilized her vital qi and let her wounds open up again. "How dare you be disrespectful, now you can't blame me! Dao One!"

She forcefully executed this great divine art and terrifying waves swept over again. The apparition of the ancient celestial heavens appeared around him. There were thousands of palaces and halls, Jade Capital was deep, the city walls were high and the celestial river flowed.

The apparitions of the star gods appeared to form an inescapable net. On the celestial river, Celestial River Navy was controlling fleets. In the sky, the sun and the moon hung high up.

Under the celestial heavens was Yuandu where Primordial Tree and Mother Earth was gradually forming. Above the inescapable net, Xuandu and Heaven Duke were also gradually forming. Below Yuandu, Youdu and Earth Count was also gradually taking shape!

At this moment, Qin Mu had already stepped into the celestial heavens and barged through Southern Heavenly Gate. He punched through this gate and in the next instant, he stepped on the celestial river to rush straight for Jade Pool, leaping across the Jade Sea!


He had already shattered the city gate of Jade Capital City and wherever he passed by, the apparitions of palaces would be shattered into pieces. Broken tiles and shattered bricks would fly in all directions.

In the apparition of Numinous Sky Hall, Yan Qiling was standing in front of the Emperor's Throne. Qin Mu had come too fast, so fast that he didn't seem like an injured person. Before she could even complete her divine art, she already saw Qin Mu bashing his way into Numinous Sky Hall.

'His cultivation has recovered? That's not it, he has entered Life and Death Realm!'

Yan Qiling felt her hair standing on ends. Numinous Sky Hall suddenly trembled as Qin Mu's fist smashed the apparition of this supreme and sacred hall into pieces.

In the next instant, his fist pressed down on Yan Qiling's beautiful face and immense power burst forth.

Both of their figures flashed through the ancient celestial heavens that were in destruction. A mountain dozens of miles away suddenly exploded and rocks flew in all directions. The flying rocks curved in midair and landed after a long time.

Next, a deafening boom rang out and only then did the apparition of the ancient celestial heavens vanished.

Yan Qiling's body kept transforming as she tumbled on the ground, crushing countless trees and rocks. She only stopped after sliding dozens of miles, laying on the spot motionlessly.

A foot without shoes appeared beside her and another foot came landing down. Qin Mu stood in front of her.

"I don't care about the title of Celestial Venerable Mu that Old Man Celestial Emperor had conferred on me."

Qin Mu spat out a mouth of bloody phlegm. "I've fought for the title of Celestial Venerable Mu with my own fists, it isn't conferred by Old Man Celestial Emperor!"

Mouthful of gold blood flowed out of Yan Qiling's mouth as she looked at him with lifeless eyes.

Qin Mu raised one of his arms that were still regenerating and spread his five fingers apart. Sounds of swords came breaking through the air.

Flying swords suddenly landed in his hands and the sounds of collision rang out endlessly. The other flying swords collided with this flying sword and they started to fuse. The speed was so fast that only afterimages could be seen.

Qin Mu pointed the tip of the sword downwards and lifted up Yan Qiling's chin. He raised a hand to wipe off the blood from the corner of her lips and asked with a smirk, "Where's Celestial Venerable Yu?"

Yan Qiling swallowed the blood in her mouth and croaked. "Bring them up."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Cult Master, we are here!" the dragon qilin's shivering voice rang out.

Qin Mu looked towards the source of the voice and he saw those women that were following Yan Qiling escorting Celestial Venerable Yu, Gongsun Yan and the rest over. The dragon qilin hung his head down dejectedly. "Cult Master, we didn't manage to get far before we were caught..."

"I know."

Qin Mu said indifferently, "You guys were to lure them away and only then would it be easy for me to seize this girl in return for you guys. This is to lure the tigers away from the mountain."

The dragon qilin was dumbfounded and cried out, "Cult Master, you mean your intention wasn't to attract the attention of these women and let us escape first?"

Qin Mu was astonished and he scratched his head. He then replied with a curious coincidence, "That's right Fatty Dragon, that was my intention. You have understood well, en, very good..."

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