Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 798 - Celestial Venerable Yu Comprehending Dao

Qin Mu brought everyone to a manor in the capital city, and he saw that the manor was very huge and serene. There were numerous maids hurrying to and fro to tidy up the manor daily.

'Ling'er is truly good at managing finances.'

Qin Mu was very pleased, and he inquired around. One of the maids said, "Ling'er would come here occasionally to stay for a period of time, receiving Senior Tiger, Princess, and some other friends. However, she hasn't been by recently."

'Why is she like me, liking to run around everywhere? Now that the world is in chaos, it's very dangerous.'

Qin Mu shook his head and arranged the lodging for Celestial Venerable Yu, Gongsun Yan, and the rest. He immediately started to try and open up the Paramita Divine Treasure.

The Life and Death Divine Treasure was the basis of the Paramita Divine Treasure, and this kind of divine treasure was the simplest. What Qin Mu had to do for the early stage was to design the Paramita Ark, and the Paramita Ark was the divine treasure.

He borrowed inspiration from the Paramita Ark in the Great Ruins and took reference from Elder Messenger of Death's paper boat.

The Paramita Ark was originally a treasure ship meant for heading to Carefree Village. It was designed by Saint Woodcutter and constructed by Sakra Buddha. However, it ended up being destroyed in the Great Ruins.

What Qin Mu saw in this was the ability of this ship to cross the void.

On the other hand, Elder Messenger of Death's paper boat could carry humans and souls to cross Youdu, and since the sixth divine treasure was the Life and Death Divine Treasure, which was connected to Youdu, Qin Mu used the easiest method. By borrowing the ability of the paper boat to cross Youdu, he could allow the Paramita Divine Treasure to rise from the Life and Death Divine Treasure, crossing through the void and flying up to Southern Heavenly Gate.

This was the simplest method because the Paramita Divine Treasure would be constructed in the Life and Death Divine Treasure. With a place to borrow power from and for vital qi to gather, it would be much easier to open up.

On the other hand, it would be much harder to open it up in the void. It would be very difficult for vital qi to gather in the void of the corporeal body; it was equivalent to opening a world in the void of the corporeal body. Qin Mu still didn't have enough confidence to do so.

'Among the seven divine treasures that the Seven Celestial Venerables opened up, only Celestial Venerable Yu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was purely a creation from the void. He had absorbed the energy from the void to open up the spirit platform which forged the spirit embryo, allowing all lives to have spirit and soul.'

'As for the other six celestial venerables, they all borrowed the power of the ancient gods.'

'The Five Elements Divine Treasure borrows the power of the Five Elements Star Sovereigns, the Six Directions Divine Treasure borrows the power from Mother Earth, Seven Stars Divine Treasure borrows the power from the sun, the moon, and the Five Elements Star Sovereigns, the Celestial Being Divine Treasure borrows power from Heaven Duke, the Life and Death Divine Treasure borrows power from Earth Count, and the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure borrows power from the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens. Dragon Han Celestial Heavens' Celestial Emperor no longer existed, so there was no power to borrow, which meant the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure couldn't be opened anymore.'

"In that case, which god do I borrow power from for the Paramita Divine Treasure?" Qin Mu muttered to himself.

To open the Paramita Divine Treasure, there had to be power from the Paramita Divine Treasure to be sent back to the divine arts practitioner. Only then was it considered a realm.

Among the seven celestial venerables, six celestial venerables had borrowed power. Only Celestial Venerable Yu had peerless talent and didn't borrow any power. This was a talent that couldn't be surpassed!

"No matter which god I borrow power from, it doesn't seem like a good thing."

Qin Mu pondered hard and suddenly came to his senses. He found Celestial Venerable Yu and saw Celestial Venerable Yu in a daze.

Qin Mu was about to go up when he suddenly stopped. That small fatty lifted up his chubby chin, and there was vital qi swirling outside his body as he opened up a divine treasure. Looking at it with his divine eyes, the spirit embryo in Lan Yutian's divine treasure was gradually forming.

Qin Mu's body trembled violently, and he didn't make a sound to alarm him.

Celestial Venerable Yu had died miserably. During the abrupt change in the Jade Pool a million years ago, all the divine treasures he had opened up were destroyed, and even his celestial palace was destroyed as well.

When Qin Mu reconstructed his corporeal body, there was no divine treasures or celestial palace in his body!

And now, this fatty Celestial Venerable Yu had actually comprehended without any teaching. He had reopened a Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure by himself once again!

The reason why Qin Mu hadn't taught him any paths, skills, or divine arts was that he knew how high Celestial Venerable Yu's talent was, and he wanted him to comprehend it by himself. Celestial Venerable Yu's talent was possibly even higher than his, and even though he wasn't willing to admit it, he still admired Celestial Venerable Yu from the bottom of his heart.

He really anticipated Lan Yutian, who had revived, becoming another Celestial Venerable Yu!

Now, Celestial Venerable Yu had sunk into a wonderful state of comprehension, so Qin Mu didn't interrupt him.

The state of comprehension was very difficult to come by, and it was Celestial Venerable Yu's only chance. This was also Qin Mu's only chance to see how Celestial Venerable Yu opened up his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

Celestial Venerable Yu was still comprehending, and Qin Mu observed in detail. He gradually comprehended and understood where the power was coming from to allow Celestial Venerable Yu to mold the spirit platform and spirit embryo.

That was the power of heaven and earth, it was also the power from his own body. Celestial Venerable Yu, who was comprehending the Dao, was mobilizing the power of his body and the power of heaven and earth at the same time.

The feeling he gave Qin Mu was as if he had fused into one with heaven and earth!

This didn't belong to that unique comprehension of all things have spirits and all things have souls from West Earth, this was true compatibility with each other.

'This kind of talent is truly invincible.'

Qin Mu sighed to himself, "If we were born in the same period, I could only admit myself to be the pseudo overlord body. He is the true overlord body. However, I'm not inferior."

He was rather conceited.

To be able to think of twenty-six kinds of seventh divine treasures, Qin Mu had the right to be conceited.

Finally, Celestial Venerable Yu woke up and looked around in a daze. Only then did he notice Qin Mu and said in a fluster, "Brother, when did you arrive?"

"I've just come."

Qin Mu waved his hand and let him continue to sit. He also came to sit beside him and asked, "You have just opened up a divine treasure, can you share your thoughts?"

"I'm too fat."

Celestial Venerable Yu blushed and scratched his head. "When I lowered my head and couldn't see my toes, I thought of training this body of fat away, and so I pondered how I should train. I sensed there was marvelous energy in heaven and earth and also marvelous energy in my body. Afterward, I felt my thoughts becoming clearer and clearer as though I had done the same thing before, and I easily got hold of it."

Qin Mu revealed a smile and said, "You have done well. As for techniques in the Spirit Embryo Realm, do you have any ideas yet?"

Celestial Venerable Yu said, "I've seen numerous books on the Floor of Heavenly Records, can I learn the techniques from there?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "You have to comprehend your own techniques."

Celestial Venerable Yu asked curiously, "Do other people comprehend their own techniques as well?"

"We are different from other people."

Qin Mu's expression was solemn, and he said seriously, "We are the overlord bodies! You must remember this, every overlord body is different from ordinary people. A true overlord body needs to create their own techniques, their own divine arts! If you are inferior to others, you are just not working hard enough!"

Celestial Venerable Yu was solemn and nodded his head in acknowledgment.

Qin Mu got up and said, "Think about your technique, I'm also going to open up the Paramita Divine Treasure now!"

Celestial Venerable Yu continued his comprehension. Not long later, he raised his head in a daze and turned to look back. At where Qin Mu was at, wind and clouds swept over and formed a huge whirlpool in the sky, which was swirling furiously. Darkness spread below the ground from where Qin Mu's room was and slowly spread outwards.

That darkness was also swirling as though the land didn't exist!


Lightning suddenly struck down from the sky and surged on the ground to strike at the house Qin Mu was in. Lightning strikes rained down and shattered that house into pieces!

This sight was so shocking, and it was as though the birth of a devil king was met with heaven's wrath.

'Big brother is still big brother.'

Celestial Venerable Yu turned back his head and continued to comprehend his own technique. He thought to himself, 'He's much stronger than me in guiding the power of heaven and earth. I wonder if he utilizes the power in his body as well?'

In the center of the lightning strikes, Qin Mu was already using his own power to mobilize the power of heaven and earth with the power of his body. Using the power of his body along with the power of heaven and earth, he started to build a Paramita Ark in the Life and Death Divine Treasure. A majestic-looking ark gradually took shape in the darkness of Youdu.

The Life and Death Divine Treasure in the darkness had monsters swimming around, and they were sometimes near and sometimes far. It was obvious by opening the seventh divine treasure here, the commotion was too huge, and it had attracted the attention of the monsters.

However, the monsters of Youdu couldn't enter the Life and Death Divine Treasure of a living person, so they could only look from afar.

After a moment, light suddenly shone over, and a paper boat sailed over silently. Elder Messenger of Death carried a lamp and shone over at Qin Mu's Life and Death Divine Treasure. When he shone onto Qin Mu, he was stunned and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you again. I was wondering what kind of monster would dare to create a ruckus here. Stop messing around... What are you doing?"

He suddenly spaced out as he looked at the Paramita Ark, which was gradually taking shape before coming to an abrupt realization. "You are opening up the eight divine treasure?"

Qin Mu's voice came from above. "It's the seventh divine treasure! Celestial Venerable You, wait a moment!"

Elder Messenger of Death looked upwards and saw Qin Mu's primordial spirit standing under the Builder Tree and above the Six Directions Land. He stepped on the stars of the Big Dipper as he cast his spell.

He waited quietly, and after a long while, his Paramita Divine Treasure had finally succeeded in taking shape.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit stumbled as it was weak. He only explained after a moment. "I've gotten Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher to destroy my Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, which means I need to open another seventh divine treasure. Was Celestial Venerable You passing by here?"

Elder Messenger of Death nodded his head. "I was passing by when I saw the commotion here, so I came over to see who was creating a ruckus and it was indeed you. Have you succeeded in opening this divine treasure?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said with a smile, "The primordial spirit can board this Paramita Ark, and as their cultivation rises, they can control this Paramita Ark to levitate to the celestial palace. This would solve the problem of the people in Eternal Peace having broken divine bridges."

Elder Messenger of Death said, "You truly know how to play. If Celestial Venerable Yun was still alive, he would be infuriated by you. Where is Celestial Venerable Yu? Since I'm here, I might as well take a look at him."

Qin Mu said with a guilty conscience, "Celestial Venerable Yu has comprehended the Dao and opened up the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, he is currently comprehending his technique. It's better for you not to see him and disrupt his cultivation."

Elder Messenger of Death was skeptical and said, "I'll just be looking at him from afar, I'm also not going to disturb him."

"You will scare people to death if you run out early in the morning, shoo, shoo. Come and visit him after some time, I guarantee he will be a fit as a bull."

Qin Mu chased him away and felt a little relief. 'If he sees how Celestial Venerable Yu has turned into Fatty Lan, he will definitely demerit me. This won't do, I need to quickly let Celestial Venerable Yu return back to his original shape. However, this fatty is so greedy, how can I make him slim down?'

At this moment, a familiar voice rang out from a distance away. "Junior Brother Qin, Junior Brother Qin!"

Qin Mu was delighted and surprised. He hurriedly opened his eyes and saw an old bull carrying an old farmer into the manor. That old bull spoke in a human tongue and smiled. "Brother Qin, Imperial Preceptor said you wanted to meet old master, so we hurried over!"

On the bull's back, the old farmer didn't have a pleasant face, and his complexion was bad. He seemed to be injured, and he just said insipidly, "What's the urgent matter?"

Qin Mu examined the old farmer and said, "Senior uncle, you are injured, forcibly suppressing the bad blood in your chest will only cause the functions of your body to deteriorate further."

The old farmer looked at him coldly and suddenly vomited a mouthful of black blood. His aura wavered for a moment.

The old bull jumped in shock and said in a hurry, "Old master, you have been enduring your injuries ever since that battle with Mahakala?"

"Mahakala is no doubt a devil ancestor, his abilities are much higher than mine."

The old farmer coughed up a mouthful of blood, but his complexion was much better. "After seeing my abilities, he won't lay his hands on Eternal Peace recklessly. Worthy nephew, what have you called me here for?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I've already opened up the seventh divine treasure."

The old farmer was delighted and surprised. He asked with a shaky voice, "Is it true?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and continued to say, "The reason why I'm in a hurry to meet you is that I want you to destroy the seventh divine treasure I've just opened."

The old farmer stared with his eyes wide open and cried out. "What?"

Qin Mu repeated himself and said, "I can only open the other seventh divine treasures if you help me destroy it. I have prepared twenty-six kinds of seventh divine treasures, this current Paramita Divine Treasure is only the first kind, there are still twenty-five kinds waiting to be tested."

The old farmer was dumb like a wood chicken, and his mind was in a muddle.

Qin Mu went forward and asked, "Senior uncle, your injuries have erupted?"

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The old farmer waved his hand and muttered, "I'm fine, I got injured by Mahakala and suddenly felt a pain in my heart... How many kinds of seventh divine treasures did you say earlier?"

"Twenty-six kinds," Qin Mu said honestly.

The old farmer resisted the urge to cough up blood again and swallowed it into his stomach. He felt a trace of bitterness in his heart as he thought. 'Twenty-six kinds, for the past twenty thousand years, I couldn't even think of one kind...'

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