Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 800 - Venerable of All Dao

Saint Woodcutter walked over while looking travel-worn. His face was full of smiles, and he carried a wood-cutting ax on his back. The black tiger with long ears followed behind him, and his ears twitched back and forth. Suddenly, he saw Niu Sanduo, and his ears subconsciously pointed forward.

The next instant, the black tiger god transformed into a little black tiger and scampered over. He called out with an endearing tone, "Third brother, long time no see."

The relationship between the old farmer and the woodcutter was very bad, but the relationship between the black tiger god and the old bull was extremely good. He hung around the old bull and called him third brother.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The old farmer took a glance at Saint Woodcutter and said faintly, "I'm not familiar with the capital city, but you are. Choose a ditch, I'll send you there."

Saint Woodcutter laughed loudly, but he didn't dare to get close. "Don't be like this. We have already been friends for tens of thousands of years, don't send me to a ditch every time we meet. This time, my little disciple has invited me back anxiously saying that my second disciple has received a strange blessing from Mother Earth, so I'm here. Have you seen him?"

The old farmer's face softened. "I have. Mother Earth's blessing is truly weird. I punched it several times, but I couldn't shatter it."

"Even you couldn't destroy Mother Earth's blessing?"

Saint Woodcutter's expression became solemn. "Looks like it's going to be tricky."

Suddenly, another voice rang out. "Senior brothers, both of you are already here?"

Both of them looked towards the source of the voice and saw a fisherman carrying a fishing basket with a fishing rod. He also looked travel-worn.

Saint Woodcutter said, "Fourth brother is here at the right time. Third brother just told me to choose a ditch, and he'll send me there."

Fisherman said carefully, "If third brother asks big brother to lie in the ditch, big brother can just lie in the ditch. I also can't beat him, so it's useless for you to tell me this."

The two fish in his basket popped their heads out and took a glance at the old bull and the little black tiger. They hurriedly flew out by moving their bodies and laid down on the ground to flop around.

The black tiger god saw the two fish and instantly perked up. His paws shot forward to press down on both of them.

"Hook, line, and sinker!"

The two little red fish were delighted, and the male fish shook his head, causing his head to grow huge. He swallowed up the black tiger god and only left his black tail to sway outside.

The old bull said slowly, "Alright, alright, stop messing around and spit the little black cat out."

The little male fish wasn't all that willing, but he still spat the black tiger god out. The black tiger god snorted and took out a transparent fish tank from somewhere. The eyes of the two little red fish lit up, and they jumped in immediately.

The black tiger god stared at the fish in the tank and kept drooling. However, he didn't dare to provoke them.

These two little red fish weren't ordinary. They were two red kuns, two half-gods. They had cultivated alongside Heavenly Teacher Fisherman and cultivated astonishing abilities. Their magic power was outstanding.

Based on pure fighting power, they were no match for the old bull alone, but when both husband and wife worked together, they would be on par with Niu Sanduo.

"The four of us haven't gathered together for quite some time, it's a pity that donkey isn't here," said the little female red fish as she popped her head out of the tank.

Niu Sanduo seemed slightly unhappy and said, "He has followed Scholar to Carefree Village and is living carefreely. That donkey has a weird temper, and his words are unlikable. He better die in Carefree Village and not come out!"

The black tiger shifted his gaze reluctantly and said, "That stubborn donkey's words are unlikable, and he likes to raise his hooves randomly..."

As he was speaking, the donkey's bray rang out. Woodcutter and the rest were delighted, while Niu Sanduo, the black tiger god, and the two little red kuns instantly had black faces. The little male fish grumbled angrily, "Damned old woman, who told you to shoot your mouth off!"

"I'm late!"

A scholar sat sideways on a donkey, and the donkey came swaying into Qin Mu's manor. Scholar jumped down from the donkey's back and walked towards everyone with her feathered fan. "Big brother, junior brothers."

"When did second brother leave Carefree Village?"

The old farmer asked solemnly with a firm expression, "Is Founding Emperor well? Why hasn't he come out?"

"He's well." Scholar greeted everyone with a smiling face but didn't answer his question.

Everyone hurriedly greeted her in return.

The donkey swayed his tail and walked towards Niu Sanduo and the rest. Niu Sanduo's body tightened up, the black tiger god secretly moved a few steps back, and the two red kuns in the fish tank also forgot to swim.

The donkey came to the front of the fishtank and suddenly stuck his head into the tank to gulp down the water. He soon drank the whole tank of water before pulling his head out. In his nostrils were the two little fish that were flailing their tails.

"Where did the little fish come from?"

That donkey sneezed and blasted the two little red kuns out before laughing. He spoke using the human tongue. "So, it's the husband and wife, I almost ate both of you. What are you hiding in the water for? I'm a vegetarian, so if I ate both of you, wouldn't I have broken my precept? Aang, aang, aang... Brother Niu? Brother Niu!"

That donkey knocked onto Niu Sanduo with his shoulder and chuckled. "Brother Niu, nice muscles, my shoulder hurts from knocking into you, how sturdy! Come to speak of it, I know of someone who braises beef skins. You can get it treated from him, I guarantee your skin will be shiny and glossy. He also sells beef and beef tendons, the taste is so good. When I saw those pieces of beef, they reminded me of you, hwee hwee... Why aren't you laughing? You are too serious, I don't want to talk to you. Little Blackie!"

The donkey stood up like a human and laughed loudly as he placed his hoof on the little black tiger's head.

The black tiger god lowered his head to stare at the ground. He secretly took out two axes behind his back, but his body trembled. He didn't dare to chop at him.

"Little Blackie, do you still remember the first time we met? You tried to eat me and got knocked down by one hoof of mine. You laid in bed for several months. I was so elated..."

The old bull's gaze flickered and cut him off. "Lü Zheng, stop talking. Let me introduce two good friends to you. Long Pi, Ah Shui, come over!"

The dragon qilin and the water qilin hurried over and shuddered when they saw this donkey.

The donkey came between them and stretched out his hooves. He squashed them with his shoulders that were full of muscles and chuckled. "Two brothers, long time no see!"

The dragon qilin and water qilin's faces turned ashen, and the dragon qilin said with a trembling voice after a moment, "Brother Lü, do you eat spirit pills?"

Under the Primordial Tree, Woodcutter, Scholar, Farmer, and Fisherman surrounded Qin Mu and walked around him. After a moment, Farmer stopped in his footsteps, and Fisherman also stopped. Scholar knocked on her head with her feathered fan, and they all sunk into deep thoughts.

Woodcutter examined the halo behind Qin Mu's head in detail and said after a moment, "Mother Earth's blessing is going to be slightly difficult, but this Earth Aeon Dao Fruit can be plucked."

Scholar hurriedly asked, "How do we pluck it?"

Woodcutter stretched out his hand and smeared the heart of Qin Mu's brows. Qin Mu instantly felt his primordial spirit falling silent, and his world turned dark as though he had fallen into Youdu.

Woodcutter waited for a moment before plucking the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit from his halo and throwing it to Gongsun Yan, who was at the side. "Dao friend, bury this fruit under your primordial spirit and use your roots to coil around it. This Earth Aeon Dao Fruit is enough for you to allow your primordial spirit to grow to the extent where it would cover the whole capital city in a few months."

Gongsun Yan hesitated and said, "This is the blessing of Mother Earth, and it's used to raise his cultivation."

Woodcutter smiled warmly. "Mother Earth is harming him. The Earth Aeon Dao Fruit doesn't benefit him much. Raising his cultivation forcefully will only cause his cultivation to be unstable, and his Dao heart would be damaged. If Mother Earth lets this fruit explode with a bang, your little lover would be eradicated."

Gongsun Yan jumped in shock and hurriedly buried the fruit under her primordial spirit, coiling it up with her roots.

Fisherman frowned and asked, "Big brother, how did you pluck the fruit?"

"Very simple, the Earth Aeon Dao Fruit only follows him by the breath of his soul."

Woodcutter said, "I struck his primordial spirit into Youdu and caused him to fall into a state of feigned death. That way, it would be easy to pluck the fruit. When I plucked the fruit, I secretly added some runes into the fruit and changed the structure of its runes so that the fruit wouldn't continue to chase him."

He stretched out his index and middle fingers to tap on the heart of Qin Mu's brows. Qin Mu's primordial spirit returned back to his corporeal body, and he woke up.

Woodcutter continued to look at Mother Earth's blessing and continued to say, "You guys are thinking of how to break it, but I'm not thinking of breaking it, I'm thinking of adding to it. Adding a portion also breaks the divine art structure that is hidden inside of this fruit."

Farmer snorted and said, "If you put your smarts into cultivation, who wouldn't be convinced that you are the number one heavenly teacher?"

Woodcutter shook his head and said, "My aptitude isn't good, so I would rather not waste time. Anyway, all of your cultivations surpasses mine by a hundred times, you guys can protect me. However, this Mother Earth's blessing is a little tricky... This kind of blessing is the blessing of Dao, it's not born, not erased, not dirtied, not cleaned, not increased, and not decreased. This makes it hard for me to start."

Qin Mu asked, "Teacher, can Mother Earth use this blessing to monitor my movements?"

Woodcutter said with a smile, "Giving you her blessing means you are her people, of course she can monitor your movements."

Qin Mu's complexion changed slightly.

Woodcutter said, "I haven't completely mastered the runes of Yuandu, so I still need others that are skilled in this area to come. Gathering the intelligent ones, we can slowly research and search for a countermeasure. Don't worry, Si Youyou is skilled in magnetism divine arts. When she gets here, I will have fifty percent confidence in breaking Mother Earth's blessing."

Qin Mu was silent for a moment, and he suddenly asked, "What about the blessing of all ancient gods, including the ancient Celestial Emperor, as well as Earth Count, Heaven Duke, and Mother Earth? Can teacher break all of those blessings too?"

Saint Woodcutter burst into laughter. "Where would there be such a person to gather the blessing of all the ancient gods? What kind of person has such face and merit to have all the ancient gods bless him?"

"There is."

Qin Mu looked at the old farmer and said, "Senior uncle, is the little fatty I handed over to you still at Imperial Preceptor's manor?"

"That little fatty?" Farmer's expression changed drastically, and he hurried away.

After a moment, Celestial Venerable Yu was brought to everyone's face, and he secretly sized everyone up. He asked with a low voice, "Brother, has something happened?"

After being whipped into shape by the old farmer during the past few days, Celestial Venerable Yu was much skinnier and looked more refreshing. He had gotten fat because of all the undigested medicinal energy from the spirit pills, and since the old farmer was the Great Emperor of the Martial Dao, his training could be said to be very harsh.

In just a dozen days, the old farmer had catalyzed the excess medicinal energy in his body.

However, Celestial Venerable Yu seemed to have suffered quite a bit. His posture had also become more robust. When he had lost his memory in the past, he looked slightly timid, but now he had a kind of heroic spirit that was standing out brilliantly.

He stood there, and everyone circled around him. They looked at the wheels of light behind his head, and they were very extraordinary.

The four heavenly teachers had solemn expressions as they looked one another in the eyes. "It's indeed the blessings of the ancient gods, and they are all extremely complete!"

Scholar pondered for a moment and asked, "Mu'er, who can receive the blessings from all the ancient gods? What kind of world-shaking merit has he done?"

Qin Mu sighed, and his face became serious. He walked with wide strides to Celestial Venerable Yu and said solemnly, "I haven't introduced him to senior uncles and teacher, this here is the Ancestor of All Truths, Venerable of All Dao, the first divine arts practitioner who founded the system of divine treasures, the first god that founded the system of celestial palaces! Lan Yutian, Celestial Venerable Yu!"

The four heavenly teachers' minds were blown, and they were dumbstruck. The old farmer stuttered, "W-W-What did you say? Who is he?"

Qin Mu said to Celestial Venerable Yu, "Good brother, these four here are my teacher and senior uncles."

Celestial Venerable Yu was muddle-headed and greeted the four of them. "I pay my respects to teachers and senior uncles..."

The four heavenly teachers changed their expression drastically, and they hurriedly avoided his greeting.

Woodcutter hurriedly tidied his attire and bowed down. "I'm prideful and feel that nobody is worthy of my worship. I use the term Dao friend even for Founding Emperor, and yet your distinguished self is definitely worthy of my worship!"

Scholar also bowed down. "Scholar Zi Xi has never bowed to heaven or earth, but your distinguished self is worthy of my respect!"

Fisherman and Farmer also bowed down, and they said solemnly, "Ancestor of All Truths, Venerable of All Dao, we ought to worship you. We aren't saluting you, we are saluting to your matchless achievements!"

Celestial Venerable Yu stood there in a daze and looked helpless. "You guys..."

Qin Mu revealed a smile and said in a low voice, "Even though many people want to assassinate you, there are still people that are grateful to you. Celestial Venerable Yu, you deserve this."

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