Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 803 - Contribution of the Saintly King

"Celestial River Divine Treasure can connect to six other divine treasures and open access between all of these divine treasures, gathering the power of all the divine treasures in one's body."

Qin Mu gave a soft shout and activated the divine treasures in his body. His divine treasures projected out from his back.

Everyone hurriedly looked over and saw the celestial river descending from the sky. The river flowed down Builder Tree and passed through divine treasure after divine treasures, forming a loop.

"And the most crucial thing is that the celestial river is connected to the celestial palaces, merging the power of the celestial palaces along with the power of the divine treasures. From then on, the divine treasures that you open up will harmonize with the celestial palaces, allowing gods to find it even more convenient to mobilize the power of the divine treasures. This is also a benefit for the gods."

Qin Mu still hasn't cultivated to his celestial palace yet so he could only let people faintly see that his celestial river was connected to the celestial palace which was extremely high up, to show them that the celestial river was flowing out of the celestial palace.

"However, divine arts practitioners still benefit the most."

Qin Mu continued to show everyone his fruit of labor and began to mobilize his vital qi. He executed all kinds of divine art and the activation speed of the divine arts in his hands was extremely fast, so fast that they couldn't catch what he was doing.

Because all the divine treasures were all connected, the power of all the divine treasures was mobilized at almost the same instant. Furthermore, his primordial spirit was also incomparably strong and it was numerous times stronger than the previous cultivation system of divine treasures!

"When all the divine treasures of a divine arts practitioner are connected, their magic power would be doubled and the time required to mobilize the vital qi would be halved or even shorter. The activation speed of the divine art would be even faster and the primordial spirit will be even stronger!"

Qin Mu executed all kinds of divine arts one by one and said solemnly, "After a divine arts practitioner cultivates to Life and Death Realm, they will reach Celestial River Divine Treasure once they break through the wall. When they reach this realm, the seven great divine treasures will become one and they will be able to fight with fake gods who stand outside Southern Heavenly Gate after crossing the divine bridge!"

In the manor, everyone quietened down but their hearts were thumping furiously.

This Celestial River Divine Treasure from Qin Mu had indeed surpassed Divine Bridge Divine Treasure by leaps and bounds!

From Celestial River Divine Treasure, they saw the hope of the future, an incomparably prosperous era!

Emperor Yanfeng's voice was hoarse and he said, "Minister Qin, Celestial River Divine Treasure is so perfect so would it be hard to open up? There's no Celestial River Divine Treasure in the current human body and only the broken divine bridge is left. If Celestial River is hard to open up, it wouldn't be much use to the people now."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "As long as we go to Celestial River, we can utilize the power of Celestial River so it wouldn't be difficult to open up Celestial River Divine Treasure. As for the specific details on the method to open it up, I will sort it out later and let Your Majesty spread it out."

Emperor Yanfeng was at a loss, "Celestial River? Where's Celestial River?"

"It's none other than Surging River. Surging River is the celestial river of Dragon Han Celestial Heavens in the past. I don't know why it had become Surging River after flowing here."

Qin Mu didn't explain much and continued to say, "As long as one heads to Surging River and comprehend the power of Surging River, they will be able to guide this power to mold Celestial River Divine Treasure in their body. I can even sense the intense power of Celestial River from the capital city so it will definitely be even stronger beside Surging River. The comprehension will definitely be easier as well. I'm mobilizing the power of heaven and earth to mold the celestial river, this method is too difficult and not many will be able to do it. On the other hand, comprehending Celestial River and borrowing power from Celestial River would be countless times simpler."

Emperor Yanfeng was even more at a loss. He muttered, "Surging River, is it that Surging River where Dragon Rearing Sovereign is at?"

When he mentioned this, Qin Mu's face turned as black as charcoal and said resentfully, "It's that Surging River."

He had conferred the title of Surging River Dragon King onto Dragon Rearing Sovereign and even signed the Pact of Earth Count with him, making a pact with him to maintain the water transportation and conservancy of Surging River. On the other hand, Dragon Rearing Sovereign could enjoy offerings to Surging River and that included some of the aquatic lifeforms in Surging River.

"As for erasing the incomplete Divine Bridge Divine Treasure in the divine arts practitioners' bodies, that would be even simpler."

Qin Mu was full of confidence and said, "Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher can easily destroy Divine Bridge Divine Treasure so Big Sister Di Yiyue, Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi, Buddha, First Ancestor, King Yama, Senior Uncle Fisherman, Tian Shu, you all should have this kind of ability."

Village Chief shook his head and said, "Mu'er, you are robust and your body is sturdy, you will be fine even if your divine bridge is destroyed but it might not be so for the others. Even if they don't die, they would probably be stripped out of their skin. You need to find a person that's not as robust as you to try." After he said so, he looked at Human Emperor Qi Kang.

Human Emperor Qi Kang felt the chills. "Su Muzhe, I'm your master, your dear master! Your Grand Master Yi Shan's body is sturdy, use his as an experiment!"

Human Emperor Yi Shan was furious, "Am I not dear?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Qin Mu calculated and said, "Using grand masters and ancestors as test subjects isn't too bad. They were no weaker than me so they are probably not dead..."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor muttered to himself, "Can gods who had already cultivated to the celestial palace also destroy Divine Bridge Divine Treasure to cultivate Celestial River Divine Treasure instead?"

Everyone's heart clenched. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had asked the main point.

In the current Eternal Peace Empire, there were two to three hundred gods. Woodcutter and the rest were gods of Founding Emperor Era. Their primordial spirits have already crossed their divine treasures to enter the celestial palaces.

From the effectiveness of Celestial River Divine Treasure which Qin Mu had created, Divine Bridge Divine Treasure would definitely be eliminated by Celestial River Divine Treasure in the future and they would be called old gods.

The battle power of old gods would be inferior to the new gods and that was the first point. The second point was that their descendants' divine treasures which were inherited from them would be inferior to the descendants of the new gods, or even inferior that the descendants of those divine arts practitioners that had opened up Celestial River Divine Treasure.

Even though their descendants could also destroy their divine treasures and open up Celestial River Divine Treasure, not everyone could open up the celestial river, there was bound to be some descendants that wouldn't be able to achieve it.

And these people would be eliminated by their era like they were.

"If Divine Bridge Divine Treasure is destroyed, would the power of the celestial palaces come collapsing down?"

Qin Mu didn't understand much regarding this. "What influence would it cause if Divine Bridge Divine Treasure is destroyed, I'm also not so clear about this..."

Farmer suddenly said, "Not much influence, I don't have a divine bridge."

Everyone looked at him and Farmer said, "The other divine treasures would indeed have to bear extremely heavy pressure if one is missing the divine bridge but it is still bearable."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "Senior uncle's attainments in your corporeal body are extremely high so you can still bear it. However, not everyone has a corporeal body as strong as senior uncle does. For safety reasons, I feel we should still seal Southern Heavenly Gate before breaking the divine bridge. I shall create the technique to seal Southern Heavenly Gate. Sealing Southern Heavenly Gate isn't too troublesome."

Qin Mu continued to ask, "I have been researching with Xu Shenghua on how to combine the divine treasures into one and we have quite some gains. Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge was created by Xu Shenghua, if one has Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge, it can also make the divine treasure even more stable, their cultivation would also be stronger than those who do not have Builder Tree. However, Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge requires extremely high attainments in algebra so not many people can cultivate it."

Everyone praised, "Xu Shenghua indeed has matchless talent."

"Put Builder Tree Innate Divine Bridge in all colleges and Imperial College, whoever can cultivate it shall cultivate it."

Emperor Yanfeng said, "If they can't, there's no need to force them."

Qin Mu nodded his head and hesitated for a moment. "Everyone, now take a look at my divine treasure again."

He released his aura and suddenly, a series of reflection appeared under the divine treasures of the god path. The divine treasures of the devil path surged out and there was also a Builder Tree, Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars Divine Treasure. There was also a celestial river falling in the reverse direction and connecting with the celestial river in the divine treasures of the god path!

Everyone broke in a commotion and was astonished. Discussions arose and everyone started to chatter noisily.

Suddenly, Village Chief gave everyone a look of disdain and sneered, "It's the overlord body."

Granny Si, Deaf, Butcher, Old Ma, and Blind understood and they smiled. "Even though these seniors have astonishing abilities, their horizons are shallow and inferior to us. They don't know the power of the overlord body."

They were very pleased. After all, they were all convinced by Village Chief a long time ago so they didn't find it weird anymore.

"How do you cultivate this out?" Scholar went forward to study and asked in astonishment.

Saint Woodcutter, Di Yiyue, Sakra Buddha and the rest also went up and examined it before crying out in astonishment, "They are truly divine treasures, they aren't a reflection!"

"Even the celestial river is real!" Heavenly Teacher Fisherman cried out in astonishment.

Farmer cried out, "The other Life and Death Divine Treasure is not the same as the previous one!"

"What a lack of knowledge." Second Ancestor folded his arms and sneered.

The other human emperors also folded their arms and sneered. "We already knew it when we got beaten up by him. Is that right, First Ancestor?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor's expression didn't change as he said, "Don't talk nonsense."

Second Ancestor reminded him. "Teacher, you were also beaten up by him before."

First Ancestor's expression turned black and he stuttered, "I didn't..."

"Nonsense, you got beaten up in front of Hall of Human Emperors and you even cried."


"I feel I that everyone can cultivate positive and negative divine treasures and they could also be connected into one by Celestial River Divine Treasure. Only Life and Death Divine Treasure is different, one is Life and Death Divine Treasure and the other is Xuandu Divine Treasure."

Qin Mu said, "Above the primordial spirit is heaven and below is earth. Up is god and down is devil. We, humans, are neither god nor devil so we don't have to just focus on one. I feel we might even possess both god and devil to form the human path. God and devil have many restrictions but we don't have to force those restrictions on ourselves, jumping out of it might make our world even wider."

Everyone surrounded him and walked in circles, pondering about how to open up the other divine treasures of the devil path.

Even though Qin Mu was right, it was too difficult to achieve it. This wasn't something they could do instantly.

Woodcutter suddenly asked, "How did you open your divine treasures of the devil path?"

Qin Mu said, "My other identity is Son of Youdu so I open it up somehow, I also don't know the exact details but this is a feasible path."

Woodcutter frowned and continued to walk around him. "Not everyone is Son of Youdu, you can do it doesn't mean other people have the requirements to..."

Everyone else was also frowning and thinking.

Qin Mu became giddy as they walking around him. As he planned to push everyone aside to go out, everyone stopped him. "You can't go. You can only leave after everyone finishes studying you."

Qin Mu said troubledly, "I was only throwing a problem for you guys to solve, I still have other things I have to do."

Scholar said, "Only you have succeeded as of now so we can only study you. If you go, who do we study?"

Qin Mu could only sit down.

Celestial Venerable Yu who was not far away let out a sigh of relief. These few days had taken quite a toll on his and he was being stared at continuously. He could finally relax now.

Qin Mu was studied by these few people for half a month. Daoist Lin Xuan and the other Daoists even crawled into his divine treasures to take down detailed data, recording them down.

His divine treasures of the devil path were completely studied by everyone and they combined all of their studies to take out a list of regulations.

Granny Si said, "Not everyone is Son of Youdu so we need to breed a devil seed first, to use the seed to breed a Bulder Tree Divine Bridge. To plant the devil in the Dao heart and nurture the heart devil."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "After the devil nature becomes denser, one can open the spirit embryo of the devil path and give birth to the primordial spirit of the devil path."

"Five Elements, Six Directions, and Seven Stars will be easy but Xuandu Divine Treasure will be difficult."

"To achieve this step, that's one in a billion. There's still any hurdle behind and that is Celestial River Divine Treasure. After Celestial River Divine Treasure is completed, there's still another problem and that is who will be the one to open the celestial palaces of the devil path. We don't have any celestial palaces of the devil path in our body."

"But if you can do it, you can be crowned the God King or the Saintly King of the devil path!"


Qin Mu just focused on executed his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and sat there to train for half a month. Everyone sighed when they saw him like this.

Emperor Yanfeng still had a good heart and reminded him. "Minister, if you can sort out these techniques, the people of the world will respect you as saintly king. Countless divine arts practitioners will revere you."

Qin Mu asked, "Is the title of saintly king higher than celestial venerable?"

Emperor Yanfeng shook his head. "No. Celestial Venerable's contribution is the largest and even saintly king is slightly inferior. God King is also a title for great contribution but it's still slightly inferior to Saintly King."

"I don't care then, it's too troublesome."

Qin Mu said, "I'll just be my celestial venerable."

Emperor Yanfeng snorted but the little eunuch beside him wasn't around so he couldn't record anywhere. He thought to himself. 'I'll record this down in my book when I get back.'

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