Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 804 - Breaking the Blessings of the Ancient Gods

Everyone finished studying and sorted out a constitution. Next, each of them chose a direction they wanted to research into and targeted that direction.

The divine treasures of the devil path was a very huge cultivation system and if one person had to research everything, he might not complete it even if he dedicated all his life to the research.

Even if each of them chose one direction to research, they also required a large amount of capable people. For example, Heavenly Saint Academy where Granny Si and Village Chief was in, Dao Sect where Dao Master Lin Xuan was in, Little Jade Capital where Wang Muran was in, there were numerous talents could be picked to assist them in their deductions, to elaborate on every fine detail of the divine treasures of the devil path. They just had to be in control of the general direction.

Everyone used another dozens of days to sort out the blessings of the ancient gods behind Celestial Venerable Yu's head. Woodcutter collected all of the runes of the gods and handed them over to Emperor Yanfeng.

Emperor Yanfeng was tearing up with joy and he said, "Eternal Peace's paths, skills and divine arts shall soar high from now onwards."

Everyone couldn't help having the same sentiments.

Celestial Venerable Yu was like a huge treasure vault. Just by studying the halo behind Celestial Venerable Yu's head was enough for Eternal Peace's paths, skills and divine arts to advance by leaps and bounds!

"Eternal Peace Emperor, your words fall short."

Woodcutter said, "Emperor, you only see the paths, skills and divine arts of the ancient gods but you didn't see the paths, skills and divine arts of us, the lifeforms after the beginning, you must not neglect the root and pursue the tip."

Emperor Yanfeng bowed to the ground and asked sincerely, "May teacher enlighten me."

Woodcutter said, "I'm the heavenly teacher of Founding Emperor, I'm not your heavenly teacher. I can't teach you, ask your heavenly teacher."

Emperor Yanfeng was slightly stunned and he immediately came back to his senses. He consulted Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

"Your Majesty, what teacher means is that even though we have received the runes of the ancient gods, these runes don't belong to us, the lifeforms after the beginning."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said firmly, "Even though we are lacking inherently, we had managed to create Sword Dao, Knife Dao, the four arts, martial divine art and all of these aren't the Great Dao of the Ancient Gods, nor are they the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. They were created by us from nothing. What teacher means that these are then our roots."

Emperor Yanfeng suddenly saw the light.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor continued to say, "Your Majesty, our reform can absorb the good points of the ancient gods but we cannot give up on our good points. Only by making use of the good points from both sides can our society improve."

Emperor Yanfeng acknowledged and said, "Imperial Preceptor's words have solved the questions that had been plaguing me from years."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said softly, "Teacher also has another layer of meaning. By understanding the runes of the Great Dao of Ancient Gods, we will be able to understand the weakness of every one of the ancient gods."

Emperor Yanfeng's heart trembled violently, "What Imperial Preceptor mean is?"

"Your Majesty will naturally understand."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "Now that Primordial Realm has broken out of the seal and all kinds of power are emerging, we need to make early preparations. There are strong practitioners from Founding Emperor Era helping us but we still have to rely on us in the end, if Your Majesty relies on the gods of Founding Emperor for everything, what's the purpose of Eternal Peace Empire's reform? Your Majesty needs to prepare now to face the ancient gods in the future, this is so we won't be totally unable to fight back."

Emperor Yanfeng felt apprehensive. Looking at the books that everyone had put in effort into sorting out, he let out a shaky breath and said with a soft voice, "I will not disappoint Imperial Preceptor's hope, I will not let down the hope of our predecessors! Even if I have to give my life to the empire, I will make this reform last long!"

The three heavenly kings and the four heavenly teachers gathered together. Di Yiyue's gaze twinkled and she said, "I already have some confidence in removing the blessings of the ancient gods, however, there are simply too many blessings on Celestial Venerable Yu, their links are also extremely so the ancient gods might detect something. Thus..."

Scholar smiled and said, "Thus we need a test subject!"

The other heavenly teachers and heavenly kings immediately looked at Qin Mu in unison.

Qin Mu still didn't sense anything and he was currently telling the human emperors that had reincarnated by possession how to cultivate Celestial River Divine Treasure. He was planning to use Human Emperor Yi Shan and Human Emperor Qi Kang as test subjects.

Even though Qi Kang and Yi Shan were willing, the other human emperors were all very willing. First Ancestor also nodded his head so it wasn't up to them to make a choice.

Scholar pulled back her gaze and looked at Di Yiyue while swaying her feathered fan with a smile, "The number one heavenly king is praised by Founding Emperor for being the person with the most outstanding aptitude. If you can get rid of Mother Earth's blessing, can you get rid of Heaven Duke's blessing?"

Di Yiyue looked at her and said indifferently, "The number one formation master of Founding Emperor, the only person brought to Carefree Village by Founding Emperor, he views you even more highly than me. In that case, how many blessings can Zi Xi remove?"

Scholar said with a smile, "Even though I'm the only one brought by Founding Emperor to Carefree Village and I know that the rest of you bore grudges, I had never betrayed Founding Emperor before. Not one of the Four Great Heavenly Teachers had betrayed him and yet there are two that had fallen among the Four Great Heavenly Kings.

Di Yiyue's face instantly turned dark.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Sakra Buddha also didn't have a pleasant expression.

Tian Shu carried Imperial Gate Divine Knife and sneered. "So what if you are the Four Great Heavenly Teachers? Don't forget, I was the one who had chopped off the horn of Earth Count. Only then was there Fengdu, only then was there a place for the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor to have a place to settle down, only then was the land of Eternal Peace safe. Among the Four Great Heavenly Teachers, the ones who could run had run, those who could hide had hidden. Some even blame themselves and turned into stone for twenty thousand years, what face do you have to scorn us, the Four Great Heavenly Kings?"

Woodcutter and Fisherman were silent. When the army had lost, they had turned into stone statues. They truly didn't have the face to.

Farmer also didn't say a word. When the army had lost, he guarded Bullfighting World and didn't do much.

In terms of contribution, Tian Shu, the Mingdu Heavenly King, had still done the most.

Scholar sneered and said, "Mingdu Heavenly King is indeed remarkable but you are ranked behind among the Four Great Heavenly Kings. The number one heavenly king was married to Son of Heavenly Yin before the battle and got assassinate by him during their nuptial night, she died for twenty thousand years! The strongest force of Founding Emperor was instantly destroyed so how are we, the four heavenly teachers suppose to fight? We are here to teach, not to fight!"

She looked at Sakra Buddha and said coldly, "Heavenly King Li Youran is also rather remarkable, as the third heavenly king, to get tangled up with Red Deity Qi Xiayu of the fake dynasty! Founding Emperor got you to build Carefree Village and you went to become a monk because you were plagued by love! As the god of war, you have run away and let us teachers brace ourselves and fight, it's no wonder we had lost!"

"I won't say Green Emperor, he's old and is our elder. But what about Tian Shu? During the ending period of the war, you got lured away by Left Assistant Minister Yan Shaoqing of the fake dynasty and got tricked into Imperial Gate Divine Knife. Without you, how are we teachers supposed to fight? I know how to layout formations, to teach formations, to teach the four arts, but I've never led an army before! Farmer, Woodcutter, Fisherman, which one of them had led an army before?"

She sneered and said, "Founding Emperor handed the military power to the four of you yet you guys had crumbled one after another, letting the four teachers having to lead the army and fight to the death with the extraterritorial celestial heavens. If we aren't the ones who are going to lose, who is?"

Di Yiyue, Sakra Buddha and Tian Shu were silent.

After a moment, Di Yiyue sighed and bowed to the ground. "I'm sorry, Dao friends. Yiyue has failed Founding Emperor's expectations."

Sakra Buddha and Tian Shu also bowed to the ground for a long time.

"There's no use apologizing to me."

Scholar didn't help them up and said coldly, "You didn't let us down, you let Founding Emperor down, you let those soldiers who had died in battle down, you have let the people of Founding Emperor Era down. Hehe, a god dynasty that had lasted for twenty thousand years was vanquished just like that. Countless lives were lost and only that few people that Prince Qin Wu had saved remained. I'm also guilty, we, the four heavenly teachers are also guilty, in that calamity, the one with the greatest contribution wasn't the Four Great Heavenly Teachers, it also wasn't the Four Great Heavenly Kings, it was the army deserter, it was Prince Qin Wu. Sinners, we are all sinners..."

Everyone was silent.

If it wasn't for First Ancestor Human Emperor Qin Wu who had protected the last of the people from Founding Emperor Era to immigrate and look for a safe haven, Eternal Peace wouldn't have even existed afterward.

Saint Woodcutter was silent and he suddenly asked, "Let's not talk about this. Is Founding Emperor well?"

Scholar didn't answer and looked back.

Far away, Qin Mu's ears grew larger. The earholes were originally facing two sides but now his ears had actually rotated to the back of his head to eavesdrop on them.

Scholar pulled back his gaze and didn't speak. He started to sign with his hands and conversed with sign language.

Right at this moment, the hair on the back of Qin Mu's head parted and a face grew out. His eyes opened to stare at her hands.

Scholar frowned and whispered, "We'll use our consciousness to communicate."

The consciousness of the seven strong practitioners collided together and just as Scholar was about to tell them, she counted and realized the number of consciousness was wrong. There was actually eight!

Scholar's head became huge and she gritted her teeth. "We'll talk another day."

Woodcutter called Qin Mu over and revealed a smile. "Mu'er, we already have full confidence of removing the blessings from Celestial Venerable Yu's head, however, we need a test subject. Heavenly teachers, heavenly kings, do you bear to let Qin Mu be this subject?"

The other six people had fierce gazes as they looked at him and said in unison, "What's there not to bear?"

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead and he secretly moved a few steps back. He revealed a sincere smile and said, "Teacher, senior uncles, I didn't hear anything..."

Sakra Buddha stretched his finger out and a golden rope bound him tightly, bringing him to their faces.

Qin Mu was about to shout for help when Woodcutter sealed his mouth with a divine art.

"Let's begin."

Seven of them looked at one another in the eyes and suddenly Scholar and Di Yiyue moved. They circled around Qin Mu and struck at the blessing behind his head!

Boom! Boom!

Rumbles rang out. Di Yiyue was an expert on Emperor's Throne and even though Scholar wasn't on Emperor's Throne, her overall cultivation was terrifyingly high. Both of them had their own good points and they used all kinds of methods to break the runes of Mother Earth's Great Dao. Soon, the halo behind Qin Mu's head became tattered and it dimmed.

Scholar suddenly said, "Everyone, be careful. Mother Earth has already detected us! Third Brother! Mingdu Heavenly King!"

Farmer bent his legs and leaped into midair. Looking down, he saw the ground at the west of the capital city rolling and the mountains shaking. There seemed to be something huge moving underground!

Farmer shouted and he took a step to cross a thousand miles. He punched down on the ground and the capital city shook at that moment. Everyone in the capital city could see light filling the sky in the west, turning it as bright as day.

And at this moment, knife light descended down from the sky as Heavenly King Tian Shu stabbed his knife deep into the ground. God blood poured out from the ground and flowed into Mud River, dyeing Mud River red.

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