Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 807 - Celestial River's Ghost Ship

"Celestial River Dragon King?"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's heart stirred and he asked, "How is the treatment of Celestial River Dragon King like?"

Qin Mu said, "The same treatment as before but the underwater treasures inside Celestial River can't belong to you."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign asked carefully, "How wide and how long is this so-called Celestial River? My Lord, it's not that I don't believe you, it's just that there's God Bai Xi with his Hundred Years Mountains as an example. My dragon body is rather huge and an ordinary river of three to five miles cannot fit me."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Celestial River is definitely wide, it's no smaller than the current Surging River. There's also plenty of aquatic life so you don't have to worry about your food."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was delighted but he still wasn't at ease. "If I can be Celestial River Dragon King, it would be for the best, however, I always afraid you will trick me. God Bai Xi and his Hundred Years Mountains..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Qin Mu asked unhappily, "Are you going to do it or not?"

"Do! Do!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign immediately made his decision and said with a smile, "I will rather be Celestial River Dragon King than stay here to be bullied by the half-gods daily, at least I can be the king there! However My Lord, how do we erase the Pact of Earth Count?"

"There's no need to erase the Pact of Earth Count, you just to need sign one more Pact of Little Earth Count and that will do."

Qin Mu taught him how to make the pact and Dragon Rearing Sovereign did as he said. Once the pact was made, Qin Mu ignored him and got Human Emperor Qi Kang and Human Emperor Yi Shan to start to comprehend the power of Celestial River so they could mold the seventh divine treasure.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's huge head popped out of Surging River and he waited for a moment. When he saw Qin Mu hurrying here and there instead of telling him where Celestial River was, he asked impatiently with a smile, "My Lord, where is Celestial River?"

Qin Mu continued to ignore him. However, the dragon qilin was kind and said, "Dragon Rearing Sovereign, Surging River is Celestial River, you are located right in Celestial River."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was stunned and he still didn't understand.

The dragon qilin shook his head and said, "Oh you, you are the founder of Dragon Rearing Scripture after all but you are like a blank piece of paper when dealing with humans. Surging River is Celestial River, when Cult Master saw Surging River transforming into Celestial River, he felt he had suffered losses by conferring you as Surging River Dragon King since all the underwater treasures belong to you. There are countless treasures sank over the eras, all kinds of dragon palaces and dragon manors, and also countless half-gods in the water. Cult Master felt the heartache for over a year but he couldn't take back the Pact of Earth Count."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was muddled and his mind was blank.

The water qilin beside also had a pitiful look on his face as he said to this dragon king. " Brother Pi's master is so scheming... I mean wise and brilliant? The reason why he didn't cancel the pact with you was because Surging River is Celestial River, there was no need to cancel. As for the Pact of Little Earth Count, it is to take back the treasures in Celestial River. Hehe, Little Earth Count is truly vicious..."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign still had a blank look on his face.

Qin Mu hurriedly checked on the progress of the two human emperors and checked if they could sense the power of Celestial River, this was of utmost importance.

The human emperors were all talents, they were strong practitioners that had been at the top of the world for several hundred years. If they couldn't sense the power of Celestial River, it would be even harder for the other divine arts practitioners.

Luckily, Human Emperor Qi Kang and Human Emperor Yi Shan quickly sensed the power of Celestial River, only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

"Since grand master and great grand master can sense the power of Celestial River, opening up Celestial River Divine Treasure is something that's going to happen sooner or later. However, it's still going to be difficult for other divine arts practitioners to cultivate to their level. The number of people who can open up Celestial River Divine Treasure isn't going to be much."

Qin Mu calculated and with the current educational standard of Eternal Peace, there should be tens of thousands of divine arts practitioners with a foundation that was solid enough and aptitude that was high enough.

Tens of thousands of people were already a lot but compared to the population of Eternal Peace, it was still too little.

For Celestial River Divine Treasure to completely replace Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, it would probably have to take several hundred to several thousand years!

This required the strong practitioners who had opened up Celestial River Divine Treasure to produce offsprings and also more future divine arts practitioners to open up Celestial River Divine Treasure.

Furthermore, Eternal Peace's cultivation techniques also had to improve. The techniques in the past were all cultivated according to Divine Bridge Divine Treasure and the path they were going to take from now onwards had to go according to Celestial River Divine Treasure.

'Changing the techniques is going to be an immense project.'

Qin Mu sighed ruefully in his heart. There were simply too many techniques in Eternal Peace, changing all of these techniques required talents with outstanding intelligence.

Celestial River Divine Treasure had connected the cultivation system of divine treasures and cultivation system of the celestial palace into one. Divine arts practitioners don't know much about the celestial palace while gods have experience with the cultivation of celestial palaces, thus the gods' help was still needed in order to change the techniques.

'In the dozens and even several hundred years to come, great masters that would shake the world would definitely be born.'

The sky gradually darkened and Qin Mu's gaze twinkled in the darkness. Looking at the river surface, his gaze seemed to be slightly deep. 'However, how long can Eternal Peace last? Time doesn't wait for us...'

Suddenly, light came from the river and it became brighter and brighter as though it was day underwater.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign hurriedly flew up and transformed into a dragon-headed god. He looked nervously at the light underwater.

Qin Mu called him over and asked, "What's that thing in Surging River?"

"Ghost ship!"

The scales on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body stood up and every scale was incomparably sharp. He foamed at his mouth and said, "Ghost ship! That ship has appeared once again!"

Qin Mu was stunned and he asked, "Ghost ship?"

Everyone flew to the side of Surging River and looked down, only to see an incomparably ancient and huge ship slowly rising up from underwater. Dense black gas shrouded the ship as though they were chains.

This ship was extremely huge and could be compared to huge artifacts like Sun Ship and Moon Ship. It sailed slowly in the water and the light emitted seemed to be from the lanterns on the ship.

The entire ancient battleship was submerged in the water yet the lanterns weren't extinguished. This made everyone clicked their tongues in wonder.

That ship sailed past a dragon palace and also lighted up the dragon palace. Everyone could faintly see a few half-gods swimming out of the palace and raising their heads to look at the weird ship.

Yuyuan Chuyu said, "I've seen this ship with Chancellor Su a few times and we always see it at night, however, we didn't go up to check. Ever since Surging River had become wider, numerous half-gods have appeared and people of Lizhou Prefecture are displaced. People have no way of getting by and handling government affairs is already putting me under a lot of pressure."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign revealed a look of fear and he said with a trembling voice, "Magistrate don't have the time to investigate but since I live here, I have encountered this ghost ship many more times than Magistrate. After Surging River became wide, this ship had appeared but I didn't dare to go over. However, numerous half-gods in the water went to investigate. They were much stronger than us but they never return once they got on the ship. I heard someone said they saw them on the ship and that they had transformed into white bones... My Lord, after Surging River transformed into Celestial River, peculiar incidents keep happening, about this Celestial River Dragon King..."

Qin Mu looked underwater and he saw that ancient battleship swimming underwater. There were figures flickering on the ship as though thousands of soldiers and calvaries were guarding this ship. However, he couldn't see the faces of these people.

'Celestial River is linked to Great Ruins and its history is too ancient. There are too many things buried here.'

He didn't plan to investigate it as this ghost ship was only one of the many peculiarities in Celestial River, there was no need to put himself in danger.

Right at this moment, he saw the flag streaking through the river surface. Water flowed down from the tattered flag and after the water had flowed down, the wind blew against the flag and caused the bloodstained flag to flutter.

In the sky, the moon was like a withered flower but there was still moonlight shining down.

Qin Mu raised his head to stare at the weird moon. He frowned and looked as the moonlight shone down. He could faintly see the words 'Feathered Forest' on the flag.

"This ship is called Feathered Forest."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "A ship with a name, its origin shouldn't be ordinary..."

Suddenly he was stunned. He hurriedly examined the two words 'Feathered Forest' and the more he looked, the more puzzled he was.

The handwriting on the flag was very familiar. He quickly took out Big Senior Brother Wei Suifeng's commander's seal and on it was also the words 'Feathered Forest'!

The words of the flag were embroidered while the words on the seal were carved, however, the handwritings were the same.

Qin Mu examined the flag before examining the commander's seal again. The puzzlement on his face grew more and more intense.

"First Ancestor, Village Chief, you guys remain here, I shall go on the ship and take a look!"

He suddenly rose into the air and stepped on the river surface, flying towards the ghost ship. He shouted, "Dragon Rearing Sovereign, you are skilled in water, follow me!"

Village Chief hesitated for a moment before saying to First Ancestor, "First Ancestor, stay back and look after these human emperors, don't let them fool around. I shall go after Qin Mu that brat!"

First Ancestor frowned and he said muffledly, "Why are they all instructing me..."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign hesitated and didn't want to go forward. Village Chief threw him a glance and he could only brace himself to go forward. "If My Lord dies on the ship, could my Pact of Earth Count and Pact of Little Earth Count be wiped off?"

Just as he thought until here, his vision suddenly turned back and a huge devil god appeared in front of him.

"No licking." A dull and heavy voice sounded out from the darkness and it seemed to be Earth Count's voice.

"I don't lick, I'm just looking at my food." That big-headed devil gave a sinister smile and slowly vanished into the darkness.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's vision recovered his vision and he shuddered while exclaiming bitterly to himself. 'That is Little Earth Count? Does the other voice belong to Big Earth Count? This is even more peculiar than then ghost ship...'

Qin Mu got close to that ghost ship which was sailing underwater. Only the flags were revealed above the water surface and they were moving on the river surface like huge white knives slicing apart the river water.

Qin Mu stood far away and he suddenly shook his hand to stab out. A red sun instantly appeared on the river surface as though it was a setting sun that was halfway into the river. The sword light transformed into a red light and lighted up the surface.

"Sunset Sword Skill of my Yuyuan family!"

Beside the river, Yuyuan Chuyu said in delight, "Brother Qin still hasn't forgotten Sunset Sword Skill!"

The sword light of Sunset Sword Skill came to the borders of the ghost ship and it suddenly dimmed. It was erased by the black chains surrounding the ghost ship. The power was completely gone.

Qin Mu frowned. Figures flashed as Village Chief and Dragon Rearing Sovereign reached.

"Grandpa Village Chief, why have you come?"

Qin Mu frowned and shook his head, "I can't take care of you two."

Village Chief was furious and punched him ruthlessly on his head, "Take care of us? I'm here to take care of you. Rascal, after mingling outside for a few years, you have gotten quite haughty!"

Qin Mu hugged his head and he had almost crashed into the river.

Village Chief looked at the ghost ship on the river and he muttered, "The chains outside the ship are formed by the black gas which is extremely powerful. Follow after me and don't barge in recklessly!"

Qin Mu pat Dragon Rearing Sovereign and Dragon Rearing Sovereign transformed into a huge dragon. Qin Mu stood on the dragon's head and Dragon Rearing Sovereign dived into the water first.

Village Chief hurriedly followed and he swam quickly onto the dragon's head. He shouted, "Mu'er, I'm here so both of you can follow me, I'm not here to follow you. This brat, you are becoming more and more daring..."

Suddenly, his gaze landed on Qin Mu's hand and he saw a jade pendant in Qin Mu's hand gradually becoming brighter. The light chased away the chains around the ghost ship that was formed by the black gas.

"It's indeed the Feathered Forest Guards of the old celestial heavens!"

Qin Mu lowered his voice. "Could this possibly be the time travel incident of Feathered Forest Guards that Great Sun Sovereign had said? Strange, why would the battleship of Feathered Forest Guards come here? Shouldn't they be the Feathered Forest Guards of Dragon Han Celestial Heavens a million years ago? How did big senior brother have the commander's seal of Feathered Forest Guards? In that case, could big senior brother be on this ghost ship..."

As he said until here, he received another blow on his head and he saw Village Chief looking at him with eyes full of vigor.

"Mu'er, what do you know?"

Village Chief's serious face suddenly changed into a face which couldn't conceal his curiously. He smiled from ear to ear and asked, "What is this jade pendant in your hand? What is the time travel incident of Feathered Forest Guards?"

Qin Mu was about to reply when he suddenly felt undercurrents surging in the water. A huge kun swam over in the water and on its back stood numerous strangely-shaped half-gods.

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