Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 810 - Two Celestial Empresses

The writings on the wall mentioned that Celestial Empress had gone down to the lower bound to visit her ancestral land, yet she didn't return after a long time. Celestial Emperor had ordered the Left Feathered Forest Guards to head to the Ruins of End to fetch Celestial Empress back to the celestial heavens.

After some days, the Left Feathered Forest Guards sent a memorial to Celestial Emperor saying Dragon Count Country near Guixu was rebelling. The power of Dragon Count Country was strong, and they had taken over the Ruins of End, trapping Celestial Empress. They had requested His Majesty send reinforcements forward to quell the rebellion.

And so Celestial Emperor ordered the Right Feathered Forest Guards forward to quell the rebellion. However, just when the Right Feathered Forest Guards had left, the Left Feathered Forest Guards sent another memorial to Celestial Emperor saying that Celestial Empress was assaulted and had suffered rather heavy injuries.

Celestial Emperor added a decree to let the Right Feathered Forest Guards investigate how Celestial Empress was assaulted.

As the Right Commander of the Feathered Forest Guards, he led the Right Feathered Forest Guards and hurried to the Ruins of End to work with the Left Feathered Forest Guards. They defeated Dragon Count Country and seized King Dragon Count. Dragon Count Country surrendered.

Celestial Empress' injuries had also mostly recovered, and she planned to nurse her injuries before returning back to the celestial heavens.

However, something happened that night. The undercurrent in the abyss of the Ruins of End burst forth and turned the sky as dark as night. No moon or stars could be seen.

Peculiarities came out of the abyss together, and the hearts of the gods were in fear. They couldn't sleep the entire night.

When the undercurrent stopped, it was already daybreak, and the soldiers found Celestial Empress' corpse on Square Jar Mountain. In the side palace, all of the maids were killed, and even the Left Commander of the Feathered Forest Guards had died outside the palace.

Wei Suifeng seized the Eighth Dragon King of Dragon Count Country and ordered him to guard the coffin of Celestial Empress. He then ordered soldiers to investigate what had happened that night and to find out the cause of Celestial Empress' death.

There was a soldier who said he had seen two Celestial Empresses at night, and there was also a soldier who said the abyss of the Ruins of End had spewed out devil gods to assassinate Celestial Empress.

Wei Suifeng's investigation found no success. He immediately transferred the coffin of Celestial Empress onto the ship and escorted King Dragon Count back to the celestial heavens.

They sailed in the reverse direction of the Celestial River's flow and reached Yuandu after several months.

The Celestial River floated above Yuandu, and there was suddenly heavy fog on the river. Reports from an official said a woman was casting a spell in the center of the river.

The writings on the wall ended here, and there was only a confusing sentence was left behind. "I've come from the Ruins of End and returned to the past when I met this woman. I visited the wonders of the past and searched for the riddles of history. I think I should extinguish the lantern and return."

"Dragon Count Country!"

Ancestral Dragon King suddenly cried out. "Legends say that Dragon Count Country was one of the earliest appearances of the dragon race! It was a country formed by divine dragons born from heaven and earth. Rumors say that it was a country of giant dragons formed by heavenly dragons born from the dragon veins of the ancient celestial heavens! The dragons there were ten thousand yards tall and possessed boundless divine power. King Dragon Count was even the first divine dragon in this world. I originally thought these were only rumors, I didn't expect Dragon Count Country to truly exist!"

"Could that old dragon from earlier, who was merged together with the building, be King Dragon Count?" asked a half-god who was beside him.

Ancestral Dragon King was stunned, and he shook his head. "It shouldn't be. Rumors say that King Dragon Count was one of the strongest existences, how could he merge with this ship, it's definitely not him."

Suddenly, a youth close by put his hands behind his back and said leisurely, "Dragon Count was seized and suppressed on the ship. Later, this ship vanished from the Celestial River, so that crazy old dragon might really be Dragon Count."

Ancestral Dragon King's long dragon's beard floated, and he asked unpleasantly, "And you are?"

That youth said with a slight smile, "I'm from the celestial heavens."

Ancestral Dragon King frowned and sneered. "The celestial heavens? The Crimson Light Era has a celestial heavens, the High Emperor Era also has two to three with celestial emperors changing one after another. Which celestial heavens are you from?"

That youth chuckled and said, "Ancestral Dragon King, your ancestor refers to himself as Dragon Count to show that he is an ancient god on the same level as Earth Count, Heaven Duke, and Mother Earth. Yet, never did he expect to still be seized by the Feathered Forest Guards of the celestial heavens, how embarrassing. In that case, why are you still trying to hold him in high regard?"

Ancestral Dragon King's expression dimmed, and his murderous aura burst forth.

That youth didn't mind him. Two gods behind him suddenly walked forward and protected him in the middle.

The youth waved his hands and said, "Demon dragon of the lower bound. He doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth, so it can be forgiven, there's no need to bother about him. What makes me interested is that in this incident recorded by the Right Commander, there were two Celestial Empresses when Celestial Empress was assaulted."

He revealed a playful smile and said, "However, Celestial Empress always existed in the celestial heavens, and there's no news of her death. What is the reason? On this ship, is the Celestial Empress' corpse in the coffin really Celestial Empress? Could there be other secrets? The celestial empress in the celestial heavens..."

The two gods beside him had worried expression, and they lowered their voices. "Your Highness, there are many ears here, you can't talk about the existence in the palace."

That youth said with a smile, "The incident regarding the real and fake Celestial Empress is important. If Celestial Empress died here, it would be truly strange if she's still in the celestial heavens. Since the coffin of Celestial Empress is on this ship, let us just find it and find out for ourselves..."

He didn't continue talking. He must also have been afraid of people being nosy.

"The emperor's family is so dirty," Feng Qiuyun sneered and said in a low voice.

That youth looked at her and said leisurely, "Maid of Mother Earth, Feng Qiuyun? Which family of Mother Earth do you think is clean?"

Feng Qiuyun sneered and didn't reply to him.

Crimson Light Son of God said with a smile, "This prince is from the extraterritorial celestial heavens? May I know how to address you?"

"Crimson Light Son of God who hides in the floating world and doesn't dare to show himself?"

That youth smiled and said, "I've heard that Crimson Light Son of God has borne the luck and fate of the entire Crimson Light Era, yet why are you still so mediocre and incompetent?"

Crimson Light Son of God wore purple, and his expression didn't change when he heard that. He just replied with a smile, "There's no Crimson Light Son of God in this world. I merely adopted the title to give a little hope to my clansmen, so that they don't sink into despair."

That youth suddenly felt respect and said, "For Son of God to tell me the truth, your breadth of mind is truly wide, and you deserve the title of Crimson Light Son of God. I am Prince Qiu Ming of the celestial heavens, nice to meet you, Crimson Light Son of God."

Crimson Light Son of God returned the greeting.

Village Chief frowned. He looked at the people in the building and had a bad feeling in his heart.

There were too many big shots, and the three of them could be considered to be the ones with the least sense of presence. They were also the three weakest ones.

Everyone looked to be getting along well now, but if a fight was really to break out, the three of them would probably be the first to die.

'Even if First Ancestor came, it wouldn't really change anything...' he cried out bitterly to himself.

Qin Mu looked at the writings on the wall and said with a smile, "Village Chief, there are many interesting incidents here."


Village Chief replied with a black face, "Don't talk. It's easy for you to become the center of attention if you talk."

Qin Mu acknowledged, and his mind started becoming active. 'Wei Suifeng is Teacher Woodcutter's big disciple, Founding Master of the Heavenly Saint Cult, and also the big senior brother of Imperial Preceptor and myself. From the writings he left behind, he must have gone to explore the Ruins of End and ended up encountering Celestial Venerable Ling. By some unexplainable reason, he returned to the past and somehow became the Right Commander of the Feathered Forest Guards. He must have known many secrets about how Celestial Empress was assaulted, however, on his way back to the celestial heavens, he met Celestial Venerable Ling again. As for returning after extinguishing the lantern...'

Qin Mu pondered and looked at the lanterns floating beside him. He thought to himself, 'Big senior brother could possibly have time-traveled to the Dragon Han Era during the day, and he would return after night falls. However, he didn't want to return, so he forged the sun into lanterns to hang around him. This is so he would always be situated in the day. Later, he met Celestial Venerable Ling and felt it was time for him to return, so he extinguished the lantern and returned. However, it's also lucky that he's gone. He didn't manage to become a member in the time travel incident.'

"What kind of place is the Ruins of End?"

He suddenly recalled those maps that Founding Master had given him. One of the geographical maps was the map of an abyss in the ocean!

Could that map be the Ruins of End?

"Cult Master Qin." Crimson Light Son of God greeted and smiled at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu even returned the greeting and said, "Crimson Light Son of God, when we met the danger on the deck earlier, you sure ran fast enough."

Crimson Light Son of God said with a smile, "I know of Cult Master's methods, that's why I didn't assist. Cult Master created chaos in the floating world back then and almost demolished my floating world, so how would you be troubled by this small danger in front of you?"

Qin Mu broke into a smile. "It's still Son of God that's good with words."

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Luo Wushuang's voice rang out. "Long time no see."

Qin Mu looked towards the voice, and he said with a smile, "Divine Knife Luo, you ran faster than anyone else just now and didn't bother about taking your revenge on me. I was still hoping you would come to save me, but you only cared about saving yourself."

Luo Wushuang smiled and said, "Overlord Body Qin of the High Emperor Era, I wonder if your sword is still as sharp as before."

Qin Mu laughed and said, "My sword skills are even better now, they are number one in the world. Zhe Huali, have you told your master how my sword skills are?"

Village Chief gave a cough.

Qin Mu pretended not to hear.

Village Chief snorted and thought to himself, 'I haven't taught him a lesson these past few days, and this brat has gotten more and more conceited. Usually, he only claims he's number two humbly, and now he is claiming to be number one in sword skills.'

Zhe Huali said solemnly, "Teacher Luo, Qin Mu's sword skills are indeed unmatched in the world, he's no weaker than me."

Prince Qiu Ming looked at Qin Mu and said curiously, "So you're that overlord body that revived Goddess of Heavenly Yin? I've also heard about you. Coming down to the lower bound this time, one of my missions is to get rid of you, and also to get rid of Jiang Baigui and Emperor Yanfeng. Bringing the heads of you three back to the celestial heavens, I would have completed my task."

Qin Mu said seriously, "I'll pay my respects at your grave the next year."

Prince Qiu Ming said with a smile, "The celestial heavens pays no mind to the people of Eternal Peace. Eternal Peace is too weak, so it's hardly even in the celestial heavens' line of sight. The only ones worth taking a look at are the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor, the remaining survivors of Crimson Light, and also the remaining survivors of the fake dynasties in Dragon Han. Therefore, only I was sent to deal with Eternal Peace. Cult Master Qin is an interesting person, I like interesting people. I've been asking around about you, and I'm rather impressed with your intelligence and wisdom."

Qin Mu laughed and said to Village Chief, "Village Chief, this prince isn't a good-for-nothing."

Village Chief had an unpleasant face. "Stop talking. The more you talk, the better chances the first ones to die will be us!"

"Ancestral Dragon King, Celestial Empress' coffin is found!" said a half-god as he hurried over.

Ancestral Dragon King's eyes lit up, and he immediately led the other half-gods over.

Prince Qiu Ming, Crimson Light Son of God, and the rest also followed after them. Feng Qiuyun also carried the emperor's coffin on her back to go forward.

Village Chief immediately said, "Let's leave this ship and not participate in this!"

Qin Mu was about to speak when Village Chief had already grabbed his hand and led him out of the building. Dragon Rearing Sovereign followed them out, and the three of them looked out of the ship to see the ship being shrouded by black gas. The outside world couldn't be seen.

Village Chief said solemnly, "Take that jade pendant of yours and break through the black gas. Let's leave immediately!"

Qin Mu took out the commander's seal, and that tiny bird-headed human in the lantern suddenly said, "You can't leave. Once on this ship, nobody can leave. Even if you jump off the ship, you will return back onto the ship."

Village Chief frowned and took off his shirt. He tossed it out.

His shirt submerged into the darkness and vanished.

Next, Village Chief saw another shirt appearing on his body. It was that shirt which he had thrown earlier.

Village Chief let out a shaky breath. "Let's go, let us go and see that Celestial Empress."

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