Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 811 - Woman Named Wuchen

The three humans and one lantern walked back to the building of the ancient battleship, and suddenly, a light twinkled. It wasn't known where that light had come from, but the entire ship was bathed in intense light which caused Qin Mu, Village Chief, and the rest to be unable to see anything.

The light appeared quickly and disappeared quickly. When the light vanished, Qin Mu examined the surroundings, and he was slightly stunned. This ship was originally sailing under the Celestial River, but now it was sailing on the surface.

Fog was around them, and gradually, there was bright and beautiful sunlight shining down. The ship had sailed out of the fog.

The bright sun hung high up in the sky.

Qin Mu looked outside. He saw the ship floating on the river surface, and the Celestial River was currently floating in the sky.

"Lin Xiao, what happened?" Qin Mu asked the one-inch man in the lantern.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

In that lantern, the wings behind the tiny bird-headed human flapped, and he said, "Commander, there's no need to panic, this is merely a reset of space and time."

"Reset of space and time?"

Village Chief asked carefully, "What is the meaning of that?"

The one-inch human in the lantern said, "The divine art in the fog is incoherent. This kind of peculiar divine art would burst forth after a certain period of time and bring us to a fixed year. I calculated it before, and this ship would be brought to thirty-six different years. The current year should be..."

The lantern shone outwards and revealed billowing smokes, as well as fires of war.

"It's the Light Emperor Era now, as for which year it is, I'm not clear."

The tiny human in the lantern said, "The son of Light Emperor from the Light Emperor Celestial Heavens, Emperor Son Chi Xiao, is about to board this ship."

Just as his voice landed, a young general that was currently fighting flew over. He raised his hand from far away, and a mirror in his hands shone down on this ship.

That young general arrived along with that light, and he looked awe-inspiring with his three heads and six arms.

"Emperor Son Chi Xiao?"

Qin Mu shuddered and said softly, "Wasn't Emperor Son Chi Xiao one of the faces from the black coffin which Ancestral Dragon King shattered when we first boarded the ship? That face claimed to be Crown Prince Chi Xiao of Light Emperor..."

Village Chief's face changed slightly, and he muttered, "It can't be him, he was clearly swallowed up by the coffin and died from loss of blood. The one that just boarded can't be Crown Prince Chi Xiao, it must be a person with a similar name..."

"This is... the Celestial River Ghost Ship!"

The voice of that young general rang out in delight and surprise. "This treasure would actually appear at this moment. Could the heavens be helping me? I've heard that this ship carries the strongest gods of the ancient celestial heavens. If they can be used by me..."

He waved his flag, and numerous three-headed and six-armed gods flew over to land on the ship.

That young general cried out, "Search this ship! Find out where the Feathered Forest Guards of the ancient times are!"

"Your Highness, there are seals on this ship!"

"Open them!"


After a moment, black coffins grew out from the deck, and black gas spread out. Waves of flustered cries came from the gods of the young general.

When the black gas finally dispersed, numerous gods of the Crimson Light Era and that young general had vanished. Only the black coffins remained on the deck.

The black coffins slowly sank down and vanished.

"When they reappear once again, Crown Prince Chi Xiao will die because of the black coffin being shattered."

The one-inch human flapped his wings in the lantern and said, "Commander, let us go see Celestial Empress' coffin. Follow me."

Qin Mu and Village Chief looked each other in the eyes, and both of them were slightly muddled. Village Chief suddenly said, "General Lin Xiao, when you met Qin Mu for the first time, you said Commander has become younger again. What is the meaning of that? Have you seen him in the past? Was his age much older than he is now?"

Qin Mu felt a chill down his spine, and he hurriedly looked at the tiny human in the lantern.

The tiny human in the lantern remained silent.

The wrinkles on Village Chief's face distorted, and his voice was slightly trembling. "Which also means this isn't the first time we have boarded this ship! We have already boarded this ship many times and even stayed for a very long time on this ship! Am I right?"

The tiny human sat on the door sill of the lantern and flapped his wings. The lantern floated forward, and he said, "On this ship, every time is the first time. Over here please."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign collapsed onto the ground and wailed, "We are done for, it's over! My Lord, we are finished..."

Qin Mu's expression was grim. He grabbed his dragon horn and dragged him forward.

They walked around a pavilion and saw that the old dragon that had fused with the building in front of the pavilion had already turned into stone. On the face of the stone dragon was a look of terror.

Qin Mu raised his head and examined this stone dragon. He said with a smile, "Could this crazy old dragon be Dragon Rearing Sovereign?"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign shuddered, and his body became even limper.

"Mu'er, don't scare him!"

Village Chief had a solemn expression, and he said seriously, "I've encountered more than my fair share of strange occurrences and have been through countless trials, I won't be trapped by this ship! Don't worry, I can definitely bring you guys out, let's go!"

Behind the building was a hall, and the lantern brought them through the long winding corridor of the palaces. They passed by fake mountains and discussion halls and came to another hall behind the hall.

The first thing that entered their line of sight was eight huge and red dragons. The bodies of these huge dragons hung on a horizontal beam above this wide hall, and their bodies were half-stretched down from above. Their bodies then coiled around bronze pillars as they stretched their claws forward to touch the ground. Their necks were raised high, but their heads were lowered forward at a floating coffin.

Eight huge dragons were precisely in all eight directions of this coffin and seemed to be protecting this coffin.

However, the bodies of these eight dragons had already been turned into stone. It was as if they were being carved from sparkling and translucent rubies, which looked extremely gorgeous.

Ancestral Dragon King and the rest had already reached here, and they walked passed the eight dragons to come to the side of the coffin. Ancestral Dragon King's divine might burst forth as he tried to open the floating coffin.

However, the floating coffin was extremely heavy, and it was covered with a huge number of seals. Even a great god on the Numinous Sky Realm like him wasn't able to open it.

"The Feathered Forest Guards are one of the two guards among the Ten Guards of Celestial Heavens. The Left and Right Feathered Forest, the Left and Right Dragon Martial, the Left and Right Divine Martial, the Left and Right Divine Stratagem, and the Left and Right Divine Awe. Among them, the Feathered Forest Guards were personally controlled by Celestial Emperor. What is the Feathered Forest? The feathered wings of the empire, as flourishing as a forest. That is the Feathered Forest."

Prince Qiu Ming said, "Since the Feathered Forest Guards are the army of Celestial Emperor, the ones chosen are naturally the strongest existences in the world. Demon dragon, how could the seals placed by them be opened up by someone like you?"

Ancestral Dragon's face flushed and he sneered, saying, "Even if I can't open it, can you?"

Prince Qiu Ming's clothes fluttered in the wind as he took a wide stride forward. He said with a smile, "The Feathered Forest Guards are the army of my celestial heavens, from generation to generation. I've also entered the Feathered Forest Guards to seek knowledge, so even though my cultivation is inferior to yours, opening up the seals of the Dragon Han Era isn't difficult for me."

His hands moved up, and his vital qi transformed into all kinds of runes. The runes marked themselves on the coffin one after another, and it was truly remarkable and exquisite.

Everyone saw this and felt apprehensive. 'The paths, skills, and divine arts of the celestial heavens are truly immeasurable!'

Qin Mu's heart also sank. Prince Qiu Ming's attainments were extremely high, and his abilities were extraordinarily strong.

'The celestial heavens have been collecting all kinds of Emperor's Throne techniques, and the elites they have groomed are indeed extraordinary!'

After a moment, beads of sweat rolled down Prince Qiu Ming's forehead, and he started to frown. He suddenly moved back and shook his head. "Strange, strange, it's not just the seals of the Feathered Forest Guards on this, there are also seals I have not yet learned..."

Feng Qiuyun sneered and said, "Bumpkin prince of the upper bound who only knows how to brag, what a joke. Let me do it!"

She placed down the emperor's coffin and pulled out the Mother Earth Primordial Sword. The wooden sword flashed and stabbed at the coffin of Celestial Empress as she tried to break the seal by force!

Even though she was the maid of Mother Earth, she was also the chief of the phoenix race, a great expert on the Numinous Sky Realm. She had extremely strong abilities, and with the Mother Earth Primordial Sword, it shouldn't be difficult for her to break the seal.

However, even after Feng Qiuyun had stabbed dozens of times, light flowed around the coffin, and all kinds of seals appeared. They actually blocked her power and the power of the Mother Earth Primordial Sword.

The seal around the coffin was a circular stellar system formed by countless kinds of divine arts. They absorbed the power of the Mother Earth Primordial Sword.

Feng Qiuyun frowned, and she put the sword back into her sleeves. She returned to the side of the emperor's coffin.

Prince Qiu Ming said with a smile, "Even though Mother Earth is strong, her foundation is still far inferior to the celestial heavens. Who else wants to try?"

Qin Mu had a strange expression. It was fine if it was the other seals, as he didn't recognize many of them. However, when these seals formed together, it was the seal of Founding Master.

He had seen Founding Master's galaxy seal more than once, and he had also solved them more than once.

Beside the Paramita Ark, in the valley where the old dragon was suppressed—on the God Execution Stage of Crimson Light Abnormal Star—he had solved them before.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of eyes on his body, and he looked over to see Zhe Huali.

Qin Mu gave him a slight smile. When he had solved the galaxy divine art on God Execution Stage, Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi were right beside him, and they even got tricked by him.

It was obvious that Zhe Huali still remembered this.

"Only Cult Master Qin can solve these seals."

Zhe Huali suddenly spoke out. "Why doesn't Cult Master Qin give it a try?"

Pairs of eyes landed on Qin Mu's body, and Qin Mu laughed loudly. He let go of Dragon Rearing Sovereign's horn and let his head smashed onto the ground. His head bounced several times, but he was still too limp to get up.

Qin Mu walked to the side of Celestial Empress' coffin. He carefully examined the seal on it and suddenly burst out into laughter. "This seal has been solved by someone before, so it isn't too difficult to solve it again."

"Solved by someone before?"

Everyone was astonished, and before they could come back to their senses, Qin Mu moved quickly around the coffin and executed all kinds of mudra skills. Instantly, the stellar system around the coffin moved, and the stars were being solved continuously. The stars formed by all kinds of divine arts retreated to the back.

Not long later, all of the stars had moved back, and they transformed into runes to mark the coffin, forming a brilliant image of a galaxy


Celestial Empress' coffin gave off a light sound.

Qin Mu moved back to Village Chief's side. "I'm lucky to have met everyone's expectations."

The lid of the coffin slowly floated upwards and hung above the coffin. In the coffin, multi-colored sunlight rose, and the sound of Dao lingered on. It was as though a beautiful woman was singing with all kinds of unending temperament.

That kind of Dao voice was from the rhythm of the Great Dao, which caused people to be entranced and unable to pull themselves out.

Nobody cared why Qin Mu was able to open the seal. They hurriedly rushed forward and looked into the coffin. Crimson Light Son of God suddenly cried out, "What a beautiful woman!"

Everyone else's throat was parched as they blushed when they saw the woman in the coffin. They were speechless.

Suddenly, a half-god roared and ripped apart his shirt as he tried to jump into the coffin. "To be able to be buried with such a beauty in the same coffin, I have not lived my life for naught!"


Luo Wushuang slashed down with his knife and killed the half-god. "Whoever dares to insult the corpse of Celestial Empress shall end up like that fool! Ancestral Dragon King, get your subordinates to settle down!"

The knife in his hand was also trembling slightly. It was obvious he was also astonished by the beauty of the woman in the coffin and that his Dao heart was slightly wavering.

"Celestial Empress?"

Ancestral Dragon King's laryngeal prominence moved up and down, and his gaze fell on the coffin. He asked with a hoarse voice, "There are two women in the coffin, which one is Celestial Empress?"

Qin Mu and Village Chief were stunned. "Two women in the coffin?"

Village Chief asked with a low voice, "Mu'er, when you opened the coffin, did you look inside?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said softly, "Village Chief wanted me to stay low key, so I immediately moved back after I opened the coffin so that I didn't become everyone's target. As for what's in the coffin, I'm not too clear. How are there two corpses in the coffin?"

Both of them looked at each other in dismay.

Village Chief hesitated for a moment. "Why don't we go up and take a look as well?"

Qin Mu nodded his head repeatedly as he couldn't suppress his curiosity.

Village Chief also couldn't suppress his curiosity. He raised his hand to grab Dragon Rearing Sovereign's horn and dragged him forward as well.

When they arrived at the side of the coffin, Village Chief tip-toed to look in the coffin. The multi-colored sunlight lit everybody's faces up, and two women could be seen lying silently inside the coffin.

"How pretty, even a little prettier than Granny Si," praised Village Chief.

Qin Mu's hands grabbed onto the sides of the coffin, and he popped his head over to look. There were indeed two remarkably beautiful women inside the coffin. However, one of them was perfect and flawless, while the other was slightly less pretty. Even when he was used to Granny Si's beauty, he still could feel his heart stirring.

That woman placed both of her hands in front of her chest as though she was asleep.

"How pretty."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he took off the willow leaf on the heart of his brows, allowing Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and the rest to see the sight in the coffin. "Heaven Duke, come look at this woman!"

Heaven Duke's astonished voice rang out in his mind. "Jue Wuchen! Why is she dead?"

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