Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 812 - Eternal Peace Sword God

"The woman in the coffin is indeed Jue Wuchen!"

Qin Mu's heart stirred, and his consciousness asked Heaven Duke, "Is the other woman in the coffin Celestial Empress?"

His gaze landed on the body of the other woman, and the body of the other woman seemed to be formed completely naturally. She was born by the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, so even though she wasn't as beautiful as Jue Wuchen, she was still a rare beauty.

She had the bearing of a motherly model of the world, and the clothes on her body were tailored with threads refined from the most precious divine metal. She wore a phoenix crown on her head, and on the heart of her brows was a spot of cinnabar. She had a powdered face and red lips.

The injuries on her body were rather severe, but to Qin Mu, her wounds weren't considered lethal. There was still a way to treat her.

However, there were no such conditions in the past, so the wounds of this woman were enough to take her life.

The Dao of Healing didn't belong to the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth after all. It was a great Dao that was created by the lifeforms after the beginning, and in the past, the Dao of healing had merely just taken off, so it wasn't enough to treat injuries like this.

And the Great Dao of Creation was also a great Dao created by the lifeforms. The Great Dao of Creation from that era wasn't enough to help Celestial Emperor change her fate.

"It is Celestial Empress."

Heaven Duke borrowed his eye to examine the two female corpses in the coffin and sighed. "Celestial Empress is actually dead. This woman is sacred and extraordinary, never would I have expected her to become a corpse as well. I always thought that among the leaders of the ancient gods, Goddess of Heavenly Yin was the first to die. Never would I have expected it to be her. So who exactly is the celestial empress in the celestial heavens? Could it be..."

"Heaven Duke can determine she's Celestial Empress?"

Qin Mu suddenly asked, "Heaven Duke, I've heard that Celestial Empress and her sister look the same, maybe it's her sister that's in the coffin."

"It's not that woman. Even though they are twin sisters, there are still differences."

Heaven Duke said patiently, "The older sister is clear as ice and clean as jade, having a bearing that is sacred and can't be violated, thus she was Celestial Empress. On the other hand, the younger sister is much more active and bizarre. The most obvious difference between both of them is the mark on the heart of their brows. The older sister has a red mark, which is extremely feminine and supple, while the younger sister has a black mark, which is extremely demonic."

Qin Mu examined that spot of cinnabar on Celestial Empress' corpse and realized it wasn't dotted with cinnabar. Looking at it in detail, there seemed to be boundless vein lines that were hidden inside, making it extremely profound and marvelous.

Heaven Duke sighed. "Both sisters fighting each other to the death for Celestial Emperor, is it worth the trouble? However, why is Jue Wuchen dead as well? This woman lured Celestial Emperor to reincarnate and assaulted him. She's truly ruthless, and her methods are extraordinary. Why would her corpse be here? Who killed her and placed her here?"

Qin Mu was at a loss from his questions. What Heaven Duke was asking was also what he wanted to ask, but it was obvious that Heaven Duke didn't know the answer, which was why he was asking him.

"Don't cover your eye!"

Heaven Duke saw Qin Mu grabbing the willow leaf, and he hurriedly said, "This is interesting, let us have a look as well."

Qin Mu could only put away the willow leaf as he heard Crimson Emperor's voice sounding out. "This is Jue Wuchen? Truly a beauty. What a pity. If I were still alive..."

"You would die miserably."

Earth Count's voice rang out, and he said, "Even Heaven Duke and Celestial Emperor couldn't resist the temptation. If Celestial Emperor didn't send himself to death, Heaven Duke would definitely have reincarnated and flirted with this woman, sending himself to death. Old Buddha, has your mortal heart started stirring?"

Brahma Buddha said, "Beauty will still turn into a skeleton. To me, it's nothing more than that."

"The crux is that a god won't die from old age, so there is only beauty and no skeleton."

Heaven Duke said, "Old Buddha, your Dharma still has flaws, be careful of being at a disadvantage. Great Sun Sovereign, what do you know about this woman?"

Great Sun Sovereign grumbled, "What can I know? Everything that I know has already been dug out by you guys. Besides, Jue Wuchen died after me, and I wouldn't have dared to have any thoughts about her."


"Truly a beauty. To be able to share the same room with such a person... Strange, there's no obvious wound on her body!" Crimson Light Son of God discovered something and suddenly spoke.

Everyone hurriedly examined her in detail, and the Jue Wuchen in the coffin indeed had no wound. She laid there quietly, and it was as if she was asleep. Her fair cheeks had some rosy color, but she wasn't breathing.

"Could someone have used a Youdu spell to seize her soul by force?"

Everyone stood in front of the coffin and couldn't bear to disperse. They had completely forgotten that their goal was to investigate the real and fake Celestial Empress and not the woman in the coffin.

Feng Qiuyun suddenly sneered and said, "Men are all no good. How dare you call yourselves heroes! It's just a woman and even a corpse, yet you stinky men are head over heels for her, how laughable."

Qin Mu said in delight, "Sister Qiuyun, I'm not head over heels for her, I'm still pretty sober. Village Chief, you are too, am I right?"

Village Chief's face blushed slightly, and he chuckled. "I'm long used to Granny Si's beauty, so I'm naturally in control."

Feng Qiuyun snorted and looked at Prince Qiu Ming. "Bumpkin prince of the upper bound, we are here to see if this is Celestial Empress' coffin and if it's really her that's inside. Now that you have taken a look, do you have an answer?"

Prince Qiu Ming pulled back his gaze, and he said solemnly, "It's indeed Celestial Empress that is in the coffin."

Everyone was astonished, and that included Luo Wushuang.

Feng Qiuyun said, "So who is the celestial empress in the celestial heavens?"

Prince Qiu Ming shook his head and said, "I don't know. I suddenly don't want to know. The more you know, the faster you will die. I don't want to die. I just want to leave this ghost ship, everyone can leave now."

The gaze of every man was placed on Jue Wuchen, who was in the coffin. No one moved. The ghost ship was no longer important. All of them wanted to stay here to be with this woman in the coffin.

Village Chief sighed and pulled back his gaze. He pulled Qin Mu's hand and slowly moved back. "We aren't interested in the ghost ship, nor are we interested... in the woman in the coffin! We will make a move first!"

He kicked Dragon Rearing Sovereign, and Dragon Rearing Sovereign barely managed to stand up. He moved out with them.

Right at this moment, light flashed from somewhere, and everyone saw white light in front of their eyes. They couldn't see anything. Qin Mu and Village Chief's hearts squeezed. "This ghost ship is going to reset time and space again!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Waves of dragon roars came from the hall, and terrifying auras burst forth. Qin Mu immediately sensed the eight stone dragons guarding the coffin starting to revive, so he felt a chill down his back. He hurriedly ran out of the hall.

Dragon roars reverberated in the hall and terrifying pulses spread out. There was the light of knives, the shadow of swords, and even the impact of the emperor's awe. Even though the hall was very huge, it also couldn't take the impact of the divine arts from so many experts. Furthermore, there was even an emperor's corpse here, as well as divine weapons on Emperor's Throne Realm!

"Quickly leave this place, it's going to reset!" the tiny human in the lantern cried out flusteredly.

Village Chief immediately pulled out his sword, and the sword light flashed. In terms of sword skills, Qin Mu had already surpassed him, but in terms of Sword Dao, he was still the number one man in Eternal Peace. Even Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was far inferior!

On the Divine Bridge Realm, he had already founded the Nine Forms of Sword Picture. One move of Sword Dao was equivalent to one heaven, so at that time, he was already a great expert on the nine heavens of Sword Dao!

Entering the Dao was difficult no matter which method was used. However, in order to advance another step, it was more than difficult. Even an existence like Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi had only reached thirteen heavens in Sword Dao.

However, Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi was on the Numinous Sky Realm, and the thirteen heavens of Sword Dao was her limit. That was the Sword Dao she had opened up on the Numinous Sky Realm.

Village Chief was different. He was trapped on the Divine Bridge Realm back then and couldn't find a technique that could surpass the Divine Bridge Realm, so he couldn't cultivate to an even higher realm.

He had relied completely on his talent and hard work to create the Nine Forms of Sword Picture.

The Nine Forms of Sword Picture corresponded to the realm of a true god. This also meant that on the Divine Bridge Realm, the Sword Dao he comprehended had already reached the realm of a true god.

Afterward, when Qin Mu spread out techniques like the Secrets of Magpie Bridge to patch the divine bridge—using Between Life and Death to connect to Fengdu, and using Mutual Shift Bridge to connect to Supreme Emperor Heaven—more and more god techniques and devil techniques emerged. Even techniques on Emperor's Throne Realm were spread out, and Village Chief's horizons rose drastically.

When Qin Mu had been traveling around during this period of time, Village Chief hadn't been slacking off. He had memorized the techniques of the Sword Dao in the Jade Brightness Palace by heart, and his Sword Dao had another astonishing breakthrough.

With a sword in hand, Village Chief broke through all kinds of divine arts and brought Qin Mu and Dragon Rearing Sovereign to break out.

There was also light in front, so he couldn't see anything. He could only rely on his own feelings to advance forward, and suddenly, his sword touched a divine knife and gave off a loud clank.

That divine knife flowed swiftly like mercury, and there were no holes that it couldn't pass through. Village Chief executed his sword skill to block the divine knife, and he said solemnly, "Divine Knife Luo?"

"Eternal Peace Sword God?"

The divine knife flowed swiftly. The Knife Dao clashed violently with the Sword Dao, and Village Chief was stunned when he swung his sword to block. The power from the knife wasn't strong, and it wasn't much different from his magic power.

'Divine Knife Luo is suppressing his realm to fight with me? He wants to see my Sword Dao!'

Suddenly, his knife light was pulled back, and Luo Wushuang left into the distance. In the light, a divine dragon suddenly passed through the knife light and sword shadow, throwing Village Chief and Qin Mu into midair. It wasn't known if it was a divine dragon from Dragon Count Country or if it was Ancestral Dragon King.

Even more people rushed out from the hall, and a huge bang rang out as the hall collapsed. Blazing flames burst out in the light, and it was Feng Qiuyun who had opened up the emperor's coffin. The emperor's corpse jumped out and roared furiously, shattering the entire hall!

"Feng Qiuyun, you are crazy!" Crimson Light Son of God transformed into a beam of light to pass by the side of Qin Mu and the rest.

Right at this moment, the light suddenly faded away, and they regained their sight.

Village Chief protected Qin Mu and Dragon Rearing Sovereign while he scattered sword light from his hands to slice all kinds of divine arts. He landed gently on the ground and gave a grunt. Blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth.

Qin Mu immediately said, "Village Chief, you are injured?"

"I'm fine."

Village Chief said faintly, "I just got rubbed against by the divine dragon, so I still won't die. Luo Wushuang's Knife Dao is indeed very powerful. His Knife Dao has already reached thirteen heavens. However, seeing how I've just entered the Dao, my Sword Dao is not inferior."

Qin Mu quickly executed creation divine arts to treat his injuries.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign said with a muddled head, "My Lord, wasn't the hall earlier destroyed?"

Qin Mu was stunned and turned back to take a look. He saw the hall standing upright there properly, and it hadn't collapsed. It looked the same as it did, and there was no place that had been damaged.

The eight dragons were still coiled around in the hall and protecting the coffin of Celestial Empress.

Beside the coffin was another coffin, and it was the emperor's stone coffin that Feng Qiuyun had brought over. The stone coffin was half-submerged in the ground, and the other half was outside. That emperor's corpse was actually fused with the ground and the stone coffin. The green face of the zombie was currently stuck on the lid of the coffin, and his grey-white eyes were rolling around.

Numerous half-gods that were brought here by Ancestral Dragon King had half of their bodies stuck to the wall. Some grew on pillars and revealed their butts outside, while some were sunk into the ground as though faces were growing on the ground.

They were still alive.

However, when the light had burst forth earlier, it was as if they were reconstructed. However, the reconstruction seemed to be wrong and caused them to be fused as one with this hall.

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