Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 813 - Old and Experienced

"This broken ship is too peculiar!"

Qin Mu, Dragon Rearing Sovereign, and Village Chief had their hair standing on end. This kind of situation was unheard of. For living organisms to actually be growing together with the main hall was simply a deliberate exaggeration to scare people, yet it had appeared right in front of their eyes!

Different organisms actually growing together as one was possible, but that was living organisms growing together with living organisms. However, what was before them was living organisms that were growing together with dead objects.

The most terrifying part was that even such a strong existence as the emperor's corpse didn't manage to escape. It had transformed into a part of the main hall!

Village Chief took a step first to return to the main hall and said softly, "Let's go and take a look. Mu'er, be careful. If there's danger, just activate your teleportation divine art immediately. Don't care about us and just escape by yourself!"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "My teleportation divine art is fast enough. I can bring you guys, and we can leave together."

Village Chief shook his head. He knew that he couldn't persuade him.

When they returned to the main hall, the hall was clear and orderly. Everything was how it was before, except for those people that were growing with the main hall.

"Feng Qiuyun has escaped."

Qin Mu looked around and couldn't find Feng Qiuyun.

Village Chief stared at the mural in the main hall and shook his head. "She didn't manage to escape, look over here."

Qin Mu looked at the mural, and on the mural was the scene of the Feathered Forest Guards quelling the rebellion. Gods were fighting, and the scene was desperate. Every soldier from the Feathered Forest Guards was brave and skilled in battle, possessing extraordinary abilities.

The Painting Dao had just started in the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, so the painting techniques weren't exquisite. It couldn't be compared to the Painting Dao of Founding Emperor and Eternal Peace.

The Feathered Forest Guards were painted rather flatly on the surface, whereas Deaf could achieve a world inside the painting and a world outside the painting.

The Painting Dao was also a Great Dao after the beginning.

Heavenly Saint Cult had three hundred and sixty professions and three hundred and sixty halls. After Qin Mu had become Cult Master, he had added another School Hall, and the fact was that most of the professions in the Heavenly Saint Cult could be treated as Great Dao after the beginning of the world. They weren't part of the Great Dao before the beginning, and they were Great Dao that were created by the lifeforms after the beginning.

Yet, in this painting that Qin Mu found to be crude, there was a vividly-drawn phoenix that was flapping her wings. That phoenix was out of place when compared to the planar paintings of the Feathered Forest Guards.

That was Feng Qiuyun, and she had also been hit by the divine art when she was escaping. Time and space must have reset just as she reached the borders of the main hall, trapping her inside the painting.

"Where is the Mother Earth Primordial Sword?"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and scanned around with his gaze. Feng Qiuyun had already revealed her true form by transforming into a phoenix, and the sword was currently in her claws.

This sword was forged by Mother Earth and was extremely powerful. The sword gave off a golden glow, and the light swirled non-stop. It actually countered the rest of time and space, so there was a possibility it could even jump out of the painting!

Qin Mu tried to see if he could grab the sword, but he couldn't, so he could only sigh in pity.

Feng Qiuyun's eyeballs could still move, so she stared at him furiously.

Qin Mu ignored her and moved to the side of the emperor's coffin. In the coffin was the corpse of a celestial emperor from North High Emperor. He had already turned stiff and was currently snarling with all his might. He was trying to break free of the assimilation, but he couldn't jump out.

"Mu'er, this emperor's corpse still has emperor's awe, so don't get too close."

Village Chief's voice rang out, and Qin Mu also felt it was an abnormally terrifying emperor's awe. This emperor's corpse was extremely powerful and had the momentum of breaking out of the assimilation. This astonished him.

The three of them surveyed their surroundings. The eight divine dragons were petrified once again, and they continued to guard Celestial Empress' coffin. However, her coffin had already closed once more.

Other than them and those half-gods and gods that were sealed, there was nobody else left.

Crimson Light Son of God, Ancestral Dragon King, Divine Knife Luo Wushuang, Prince Qiu Ming, and the rest were no longer here. They must have escaped.

Village Chief immediately made a decision. "Mu'er, Feng Qiuyun and the emperor's corpse will break free sooner or later, and they will definitely lay their hands on us. This ghost ship is huge, so we should leave here immediately and investigate other places. Let us see if we can find a way to leave the ship!"

Qin Mu shook his head and walked towards the coffin. "I want to take a look at Celestial Empress and Jue Wuchen again."

Village Chief frowned, but he suddenly felt gratified. 'Mu'er has grown up, he likes to look at beautiful women now. The pig that we raised has also learned to dig up white cabbages now! Granny and the rest have always been worried that this brat is dense and now he is finally enlightened.'

Qin Mu cast his spell and opened up the coffin again.

In the coffin, Celestial Empress and Jue Wuchen laid side by side.

Qin Mu took in a deep breath and executed the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. The Gate of Heaven Influence suddenly appeared behind him!

"Mu'er, what are you doing?" Village Chief asked cautiously.

"Summoning the souls of Celestial Empress and Jue Wuchen to ask them clearly!"

Qin Mu immediately cast his spell, and he said solemnly, "Village Chief, don't worry, I'm not reviving them, I'm just summoning their souls for questioning. After I interrogate them, I will return them back and not leave them here."

Village Chief let out a sigh of relief and said, "That's good then. However, it's fine if you send Celestial Empress' soul back, but it's also fine if Jue Wuchen's soul remains here..."

Qin Mu was stunned and took a glance at him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Village Chief's face turned slightly red, and he hurriedly said, "I feel that this girl is too pitiful. If you think that sending them off is good, then you can just send them off. I'm starting to get old, and you are frequently not home. Sometimes I feel that I'm rather lonely and that I need a partner..."

Qin Mu ignored him and executed Soul Guide. He chanted Youdu devil language, and it would sometimes jump to Xuandu god language. He mixed all kinds of languages, and the power of the divine art grew stronger and stronger.

After a moment, Qin Mu suddenly stopped. "Weird!"

He turned around to walk to and fro around the coffin and muttered to himself, "No soul, how is that possible! It's impossible for her to have no soul! Even Celestial Venerable Yu, whose soul had been scattered for a million years, could also be gathered back. This woman definitely has a soul..."

Village Chief asked, "Mu'er, what's wrong?"

"Jue Wuchen has no soul."

Qin Mu said puzzledly, "With Soul Guide, no matter which universe her soul landed in, she wouldn't be able to escape from my divine art. However, when I executed my divine art earlier, I couldn't sense her soul at all, not even a particle! This body of hers is an empty shell!"

"What you mean is…"

Village Chief had a weird expression. "Jue Wuchen could still be alive? She just abandoned her body and changed her face to live in this world?"

"No, even if she changed her body, she can't change her soul. What my soul guide is guiding is her soul, so even if she changed her face, her soul would still be summoned by my divine art. Even if I can't summon it, I should still sense the existence of her soul."

Qin Mu had an even weirder face, and he suddenly said with conviction, "Jue Wuchen, this woman, is man-made!"

Village Chief jumped in shock and cried out, "Such beauty is man-made?"

Qin Mu stopped in his footsteps and looked at this woman, who was such a beautiful and alluring woman that she couldn't have been made. "It requires extremely high attainments in creation in order to create such a woman. However, creation divine arts cannot create a brand new soul, so Jue Wuchen has no soul."

Village Chief looked at the woman in the coffin, and a boulder in his heart dropped. That woman was affecting his Dao heart earlier, but when he looked at her now, he wasn't affected anymore.

"Mu'er, what you mean is that someone created such a beauty and lured Celestial Emperor down to the lower bound before getting rid of him?"

Village Chief said, "How strong is Celestial Emperor? Could he not have seen that this beauty had no soul?"

Qin Mu pondered and said, "In that case, someone had to project their primordial spirit out and enter Jue Wuchen's body to become Jue Wuchen."

Village Chief gave it some thought and said, "Furthermore, this person had to know Celestial Emperor very well and adapt to his taste. This person also had to let Celestial Emperor not realize who the actual person was. Therefore, the one hidden in Jue Wuchen's body must have been someone beside Celestial Emperor."

Both of them looked at each other.

Village Chief suddenly said, "Mu'er, try summoning Celestial Empress' soul. I suddenly have a theory."

Qin Mu instantly understood what his theory was, but he didn't say it out loud. Instead, he did as he said and executed Soul Guide again, trying to summon Celestial Empress' soul.

"If my guess is correct, you will definitely be in danger if you summon Celestial Empress' soul. Let me protect you!"

Village Chief pulled out his sword and closed his eyes. His aura burst forth, and the sword in his hands shone brighter and brighter. The sword in his hand was like an awakened dragon that could soar out anytime!

He executed his Sword Dao to the limits!

Qin Mu started chanting Youdu devil language, and the Gate of Heaven Influence opened up behind him with thick devil qi.

After a moment, he finally sensed Celestial Empress' soul!

It was a complete soul!

Celestial Empress' soul had no damage, and her three souls were all intact. She was incomparably powerful, and Qin Mu felt as though she was a towering god that was standing above the nine heavens!

Right when Qin Mu sensed Celestial Empress, Celestial Empress also sensed him. Her phoenix eye opened up and looked at him through boundless space.

Qin Mu's eyes suddenly turned black, as though he had fallen into an immeasurably deep abyss. His soul warped and felt as if it was going to leave his body and fall eternally!


Village Chief's sword soared up, and sword light shone to slash at the void. The snow bright sword cut the connection between Qin Mu and Celestial Empress in that split second, and after the sword light landed, Village Chief's body trembled and blood gushed out from his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

Sword light flashed in front of Qin Mi's eyes, and his primordial spirit immediately returned back to his corporeal body. His body was covered in sweat, and his hands were trembling.

"Alive! Celestial Empress is still alive!"

He was like a drowning person who had floated out of the water as he gasped for air. His voice was hoarse, and he said, "Celestial Empress is still not dead!"

Village Chief's hand that was holding the divine sword was still trembling. The divine sword in his hand trembled, and he suddenly heard a pop as the divine sword in his hand exploded and turned into powder.

Village Chief loosened his palm, and the handle turned into powder to slide down his palm.

"Old and experienced, old and experienced!"

Village Chief vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his aura withered. His body turned limp, and he collapsed into a sitting position. He chuckled and said, "This Celestial Empress is truly old and experienced! Mu'er, when you left the village, I told you about the treacherous martial world. Now you see what I mean, right?"

Qin Mu immediately treated his injuries, and he said solemnly, "Mu'er understands."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was confused and still hadn't come to any realization. He hurriedly asked, "Isn't Celestial Empress dead? Why is she still alive? How is she old and experienced?"

Village Chief and Qin Mu didn't answer him.

In Qin word land, Heaven Duke, Earth Count, Crimson Emperor, and Brahma Buddha were all dumbfounded and speechless.

The big-headed baby, Qin Fengqing, suddenly pounced over like a cat and shattered Lava Earth Count to steal the Slaughter Cauldron.

Pieces of lava rock gradually recovered, and Earth Count's corporeal body returned back to normal. However, he didn't seize back the Slaughter Cauldron and remained in a daze.

"Truly old and experienced."

He let out a sigh and said, "Truly old and experienced. It turns out that Celestial Empress is Jue Wuchen!"

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