Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 818 - Death of a Prince

"Killed one of the unchanging constants?" Zhe Huali's pupils constricted, and the demon knife behind him suddenly opened its eye to stare at Prince Qiu Ming.

The tiny human in the lantern told them about the secret of the unchanging constants, which stirred up internal strife between the people on the ship. Zhe Huali had also originally suspected that the unchanging constants could be killed.

He just didn't expect Prince Qiu Ming to actually intercept and kill the other people that had boarded the ship, even killing one of the unchanging constants.

Prince Qiu Ming said leisurely, "I wanted to see if killing the other unchanging constants would have any effect on us. Maybe one more of us could survive. However, I realized that I've already reached the boundary of starting to fade. In the last reset, a portion of my power vanished. I'm afraid I can't test out this theory before I fade into the void."

Zhe Huali's heart sank.

He still hadn't felt himself starting to fade, which meant that the ghost ship felt that Prince Qiu Ming's strength was above his. That was why Prince Qiu Ming was weakened by the ghost ship.

"I don't dare sever my own cultivation because I'm afraid I would die at the hands of others. Therefore, I placed all other matters aside and came to find both of you."

Prince Qiu Ming said with a smile, "The reason I came down to the lower bound is to get rid of Overlord Body Qin and the rest of the reformers, to eradicate the threat when it is still budding. Zhe Huali, you belong to the Spirit Elite Guards of the celestial heavens, and I'm a prince of the celestial heavens. You are my subordinate, so you know what you should do. After I get rid of Overlord Body Qin, I will sever my own cultivation, and you shall fade into the void. I'll live and solve the ghost ship, and you will still have a chance at survival."

Zhe Huali was silent, and he suddenly shook his head. "I don't believe in you, I only believe in my knife."

He lifted his head and looked at Prince Qiu Ming. "I walk my own path, I cultivate by myself, and my life was given to me by my parents, not by the prince. Even though I belong to the Spirit Elite Guards, I'm not a lowly life. I need to hold the life my parents gave me in my own grasp, and I can't hand it over to anyone else."

Prince Qiu Ming frowned slightly and said, "My method is simple, to get rid of all the other unchanging constants. When only I'm left, I will end my own life."

Zhe Huali looked at him with an astonished gaze.

Prince Qiu Ming said, "When this ship no longer has any unchanging constants, the stability of the divine art will drop to the lowest point, and the divine art will crumble. As long as the divine art crumbles, we will be able to return to our years, and none of us will need to die. Don't worry, I'm confident that I can kill the strong practitioners from the rest of the thirty-five years!"

He was rather conceited and said, "You have learned from Luo Wushuang and Fu Riluo and have entered the Knife Dao. However, what you learned are all unorthodox methods."

Zhe Huali frowned.

Prince Qiu Ming said, "I learned the Emperor's Throne techniques of the celestial heavens, and we are personally taught by the heavenly teachers in the celestial heavens. Numerous people underestimate the disciples of the royal family and think that we are hedonistic sons, but this is absurd. There are numerous princes, and if we want to stand out among our peers, we need to work harder than anyone else. Otherwise, a prince would just be a featherless phoenix, and that is inferior to a hen dragon! Furthermore, there is internal strife in the royal family, and they have a lot of methods, so the dangers I've met in my life are no less than you."

Zhe Huali felt deep veneration and said solemnly, "Prince is tasked with an important task, so you must have slaughtered your way out from tens of thousands of princes."

Prince Qiu Ming smiled and asked, "In that case, Zhe Huali, are you going to follow me?"


Zhe Huali said indifferently, "Even if I admire you, I won't pledge my loyalty to you, and I won't believe you. I only trust my knife, I only pledge my loyalty to my knife."

"Why do you peasants who rise to power always like to be conceited and contemptuous?"

Prince Qiu Ming sighed. "I'm most annoyed by people like you, sticking your nose up in the air just because you are a little capable. You think you are so remarkable, but you don't know that I was born into a better family than you, that I'm more hardworking than you, and that my abilities are much higher than yours. However, despite all that, and despite me being here and trying to talk nice to you, you still remain so arrogant and conceited."

"That's because..."

Zhe Huali pulled out his knife and rushed at him. He raised the demon knife high up, and knife light filled the sky. The knife qi was like a long rainbow as he roared, "When you were born, you had the position and glory, you had the achievements that we might not be able to get even if we struggle for several hundred years!"

His knife skill was faster and faster. His knife contained his responsibility, his hard work, and his unflinching righteousness!

"You think it's natural to be born into a royal family, but to us, it's something that's out of reach!

"You feel that we are arrogant and conceited, but you don't know how many peasants died and how many bones were stepped on to walk to where we are today!

"You think you are very hardworking, but you don't know the hard work every one of us has put in. We also had to step on the corpses of friends and foes just to reach where we are today!

"To follow you, to help you become one of the unchanging constants?"

Zhe Huali's demon knife became frantic, and knife light poured out like mercury to become his brush and ink. It allowed him to write out his emotions to his heart's content.

"If I give up and follow you, how am I going to face the friends who died beside me, how am I going to answer to those who died under my knife?"

He laughed loudly and executed his Great Knife of Long Dao. "The descendants of Celestial Emperor naturally have a higher starting point the moment they are born, how is that natural? Why can't they die?"

Prince Qiu Ming's sword light welcomed his knife, and he said with a smile, "I heard that people who enter the Knife Dao all have unique heroism. It's a pity I was born noble, and this is something I can't avoid. However, even if I was born a peasant like you, I would also be able to rise up and achieve meteoric success! It's not confidence, it's..."

His sword light suddenly burst forth, and it was like countless silver needles weaving rapidly. Every silver needle countered every knife light from Zhe Huali precisely, and they blocked all the knife light.

There was no sword in Prince Qiu Ming's hand, and his body suddenly trembled. Forty-nine Heavenly Dao appeared behind his back, and he pushed forward. A terrifying divine art burst forth, and overwhelming power pushed towards Zhe Huali's demon knife!

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Zhe Huali grunted and coughed up blood. He executed the second form of his demon knife to slash apart the Heavenly Dao.

Chi, chi, chi.

Silver needles pierced through the front of his chest and came out from his back, splattering blood in all directions.

Prince Qiu Ming's body shook, and the apparition of a devil god with a bull's horns, a tiger's face, a human body, and a bull's tail appeared and struck out with a punch. Rolling Youdu devil qi transformed into a divine art of the devil path, and a huge fist with countless silver needles smashed into Zhe Huali's body. It overwhelmed Zhe Huali and smashed him into the palace hall that was in front of Qin Mu.

Half of the palace hall was crushed by his punch.

Prince Qiu Ming pulled back his hand and walked over with his hands behind his back. His footsteps didn't touch the ground, and he walked three feet above the air. He was untainted by dust, and he said indifferently, "You have worked hard all your life, comprehended the Knife Dao, and finally entered the Knife Dao. This is truly laughable. No matter how hard you work, you will never be as high as my starting point. I used three moves just now, and they were great divine arts of three kinds of Emperor's Throne techniques. Each one of the techniques is a divine technique that you can only dream of getting! Even if you work hard your whole life, it's impossible for you to create such a technique, yet they are easily obtainable for me!"

Zhe Huali crawled out from the collapsed palace hall and propped himself up on his demon knife. He gasped for his breath heavily, and blood was foaming at his mouth. His body was swaying, and he seemed like he could collapse at any moment.

He wanted to fight, but his injuries were too heavy. He already had no more strength to fight.

Prince Qiu Ming continued to walk over. He looked at the struggling Zhe Huali and revealed a slight smile. "A true Emperor's Throne technique can allow you to comprehend Dao in the midst of your cultivation involuntarily and comprehend divine arts of the path involuntarily. Even if my comprehension wasn't enough, the heavenly teachers of my celestial heavens would take the initiative to create an environment for me to enter the Dao, guiding me into the Dao."

He said leisurely, "You guys worked painstakingly and struggle between life and death in order to do so, yet you don't know how laughable it is for so many people like you to die just to enter a mere Dao. You are right, this is natural!"

He suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at Qin Mu who was standing up.

The pillar in front of Qin Mu was already shattered from the battle earlier. Without Celestial Venerable Ling's poem in front of him, he had an unpleasant face.

"So Overlord Body Qin is also like this."

Prince Qiu Ming said with a smile, "You are thriving in the lower bound, and others call you cult master and overlord body, but in the eyes of the celestial heavens, you are all swine rolling in the mud, shrimps struggling to survive in a small pond."

He had a slightly pitiful gaze. "To the celestial heavens, the so-called overlord body, the so-called saint that appears once every five hundred years, and the so-called reform of Eternal Peace are all just a joke. You are all basically grasshoppers hopping around in an urn that could be squashed to death anytime. Even though my words hurt, this is the truth."

Qin Mu opened his palm, and his sword pellet flew out to spin in his palm as he walked forward.

Prince Qiu Ming walked over and said with a smile, "Overlord Body Qin, the reason I came down to the lower bound this time is to crush you grasshoppers. Now is a good time to get rid of you first."

On his right hand, Qin Mu's index finger and middle finger came together as he clutched a sword technique. Raising his hand to tap on the heart of his brows, the sword pellet flew out from his sack and floated three inches in front of the heart of his brows to spin furiously.

Prince Qiu Ming smiled. Countless silver needles flew to him and collided in his hand to form a treasure sword.

Qin Mu's speed became faster and faster until he suddenly stabbed forward!


A brilliant sword pillar stretched over ten miles!

Qin Mu's body shook, and he revealed his three heads and six arms. The other two right hands also raised up in succession to tap on the heart of his brows.

Hmmm hmmm—

The second and third sword pillar arrived one after another!

Prince Qiu Ming roared and also revealed three heads and six arms. The heart of his brows on all three heads split open and revealed his third eyes. His aura was also stronger than before, and his divine arts were even fiercer than before!

In an instant, he executed the great divine art from three types of Emperor's Throne techniques. The three types of divine art were different, and their power burst forth as he took down the three Opening Calamity Swords with brute force.

Suddenly, countless flying swords paused in the air and began to jump around in strange and unpredictable trajectories in front of his nine eyes. This caused his divine arts to miss.

The second form of Calamity Sword, Raising Calamity.

Chi chi chi. Sounds of swords piercing through his corporeal body rang out, and Prince Qiu Ming was covered in flying swords. His eyes revealed a look of astonishment.

"Xuandu God King's Body!"

He suddenly roared, and light flowed throughout his body. It was another kind of Emperor's Throne technique, and it was a god technique from Xuandu widely known for the corporeal body.

Light swirled around his corporeal body as flying swords were forced out of his body. Yet, in that instant, he saw Qin Mu's fist coming straight toward his face. Return of Thousand Palms Beyond the Strange Peaks of Heavens smashed ruthlessly on his body, and even Xuandu God King's Body couldn't withstand the impact.

Prince Qiu Ming heard the sound of his bones cracking, and this sound was coming from his chest. The cracking sounds quickly spread to his ribs, and his twenty-four ribs exploded out the front of his chest, exploding all the way to his backbone.

He went flying backwards.

He looked forward and saw Qin Mu's body coming to his face. He was currently lifting the golden willow leaf off the heart of his brows.

When the willow leaf was opened, Qin Mu's third eye was revealed.

Qin Mu's footsteps swirled around him, and every time he took a step, the third eye on one of the heads would shoot a beam of light out into Prince Qiu Ming's third eye. As he took another step, another head shot out another beam.

Qin Mu circled around him in three steps, and each head shot out a beam to pierce through Prince Qiu Ming's head.


Prince Qiu Ming crashed into the ground and stumbled backwards. He had to retreat dozens of steps before he could stabilize his body. Countless silver needles flew over and formed a sword in his hand again. The tip of the sword pointed diagonally to the ground.


He looked at Qin Mu, and his three heads suddenly exploded. His headless body swayed before collapsing in the dust.

"How dare you destroy my pillar and make me unable to read my poem in peace."

Qin Mu snorted. "And you still have so many things to say! Now I have to wait until the next reset to see the poem on the pillar, and it's all your fault. My Grandpa Deaf hates people like you the most! Bah—, I'll beat you to death!"

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