Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 82 - The Qin Of Qin Mu

Early next morning, Ling Yuxiu came to the inn to look for Qin Mu and bid goodbye.

She was still the same, using her beautiful hair at the sides to make her face look thinner. Sitting next to Qin Mu, she ordered a pot of green tea and had a clear gaze, "Great Ruins is a place of poverty and is not suitable for prolonged stay. The world that you can only see here is a desolate place. Only by walking out of Great Ruins could you experience the vastness of the outside world. Outside, the spells and divine arts see new developments every day as Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and the emperor establish a new generation of great aspirations and abilities. The spells and divine arts of Eternal Peace Empire is currently going through a great transformation! You have the guts and the potential, therefore, I don't want you to be tarried in such a remote and desolate place. I may be a woman but I also would like to achieve great things. If you are willing to leave with me, we can depart today."

Qin Mu was stumped for words. Should he follow this girl to Eternal Peace Empire?

He actually really wanted to go out of Great Ruins to experience the outside world. Great Ruins was too dangerous and with his current ability, it was basically impossible for him to explore Great Ruins. Even existences like Village Chief had never explored the entire Great Ruins.

What he need now was an experience.

The people outside of Great Ruins came into Great Ruins for experience however he wanted to go out of Great Ruins for the experience. Ling Yuxiu's invitation was very tempting to him.

Even though Imperial Preceptor wanted very much to unify Great Ruins and occupy here, Qin Mu had no ill feelings against him. On the contrary, he held Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor in high esteem.

For Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to make such a great change and employ other sects for his own use to create ultimate arts together and to promote the development of spells and divine arts. This kind of breadth of mind and talent made Qin Mu admire him.

He wanted to go out to meet the new generation and the new ultimate arts that such a peerless talent had founded.

"Where do you stay?" Qin Mu asked.

"The capital city." Ling Yuxiu replied.

The youth pondered and smile, "Capital City of Eternal Peace Empire, I'll definitely go there. You can return to the capital city first, I'll find you when I go there."

Ling Yuxiu frowned, "You're not going with me?"

Qin Mu had a headache, "My guardians have a strict rule. I have to clear their tests before I can leave home. There are nine guardians, therefore, there are nine tests for me to pass before I can go out for an experience."

Ling Yuxiu was astonished, "Even with your ability you can't pass the test?"

She felt unbelievable. With a raise of a knife, Qin Mu slew Fu Tingyue and that was truly breathtaking. One should know that Fu Tingyue was the number one martial arts practitioner in Border Dragon City, even though being number one in Border Dragon City means nothing in Eternal Peace Empire, Qin Mu's ability was considered to be outstanding in Spirit Embryo Realm. In her eyes, he had no problem entering top ten in Eternal Peace Empire.

Yet with this kind of ability, Qin Mu wasn't able to pass his guardians' test?

"My family's rules are slightly stricter."

Qin Mu replied ashamedly, "I have to pass nine test before I'm considered an adult but I've yet to clear even one."

"In that case, I'll be waiting at the capital city for you. That's right, there are Inspection Mirrors guarding at the borders, if you pass by the borders, you need to be careful."

Ling Yuxiu stood up and was about to walk out but she suddenly halted, giving a smile that was yet not a smile, "I've given you a handkerchief so shouldn't you give me something back?"

Qin Mu immediately searched his body and couldn't find anything of value to give as a gift. Thinking for a moment, he took down his big iron hammer and gave it to her.

Ling Yuxiu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Biting her red lips, she asked, "You're giving a girl a big iron hammer?"

Qin Mu scratched his head and took down his Pig Slaughtering Knife, bamboo cane, brush and ink, and a pouch of dragon coins, mumbling, "Choose any one you like…"

"Forget it, I'll take the big iron hammer then."

Ling Yuxiu got a headache and carried the big iron hammer out of the inn. Outside the inn, numerous divine arts practitioners stood at both sides of the door. Qin Feiyue was pulling onto a steed while standing there. When he saw Ling Yuxiu walking out, he looked peculiarly at the iron hammer in her hands. Even though there was doubt in his heart, he didn't ask questions and immediately said, "The preparations for the ship are done. May seventh young… seventh princess get on the horse!"

Ling Yuxiu flipped her body up the horse. Looking at Qin Mu who was flabbergasted in the inn, she winked at him and spat out her tongue.

Qin Mu startled blankly and stuttered, "Y...you…"

"I'm the fatty seventh young master who you've described as chubby! Cowherd, let us meet again in the capital city!"

Ling Yuxiu giggled, her voice was clear and loud like a bell. With a hand holding onto the big iron hammer, her other hand was cracking the horsewhip.

Qin Mu was stunned as he grabbed the fragrant handkerchief in his hand, unable to say anything. Qin Feiyue waved his hand and numerous divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace caught up Ling Yuxiu in quick steps. He then glanced toward the inn before going into the inn and sat down in front of Qin Mu. Looking straight at Qin Mu with a bright gaze, he asked, "Your surname is Qin?"

Qin Mu composed himself and suppressed the shock from knowing that Ling Yuxiu was the fatty seventh young master who's chubby. Nodding his head, he replied, "General's surname is also Qin. I've heard other people refer to you as Little General Qin."

"In this vast world, there are many people with the surname Qin."

Qin Feiyue poured tea for himself and said indifferently, "Some people have a poor fate, therefore, they are born into poverty while others have a good fate, therefore, they are born into riches and honor. A surname Qin can't represent anything. You may have the surname Qin but you're an abandoned person, a lowly commoner of Great Ruins. Little brother, don't be delusional, you are unworthy to be associated with her." Finishing his words, he finished drinking the cup of tea and left behind a gold ingot, turning around to walk out of the inn.

"Little General Qin, I don't understand what you're trying to say."

Qin Mu stood up and also walked out of the inn. The inn owner immediately came over and bowed, "Young Master is going back?"

Qin Feiyue was slightly stunned. He had thought the inn owner was calling him but he didn't expect the inn owner to bow to Qin Mu.

"There's no need for formalities in front of outsiders."

Qin Mu waved his hand and look around at the vast Border Dragon City, at the majestic buildings and the prosperity.

This place, is his city!

He walked towards the City Lord's Manor and passed by the gambling den where a crowd of burly men bowed, "Young Master!"

Walking past the cathouse, the female brothel keeper brought the girls out to bow, greeting in unison, "Young Master!"

Walking past the bookstore, flower market, vegetable market, butcher shop, restaurant, antique store, general store, pharmacy, smithy, weapon store, people all came out and bowed to him.

"Young Master!"

"Young Master!"

"Young Master!"

Qin Feiyue frowned. Looking at Qin Mu walking all the way to City Lord's Manor, the gates of City Lord's Manor open wide and Fu Yundi walked out to welcome him while laughing heartily. At the same time, he ordered the guards at his sides, "Are all of you blind, aren't you going to greet young master?"

The divine arts practitioners guarding the door bowed and greeted loudly, "Young Master!"

"From this day on, this entire city will be our home!" Fu Yundi laughed loudly and walked Qin Mu into the City Lord's Manor.

Qin Feiyue greatly frowned. He had no idea what had gone wrong. He didn't know why Fu Yundi would be so cheerful with the person who killed his son. It was like Qin Mu was then his son and not Fu Tingyue.

He had no idea how Qin Mu had latched onto the rich and powerful Fu Yundi.

"Uncivilized barbarian can only be king of the streets and never step his foot up the imperial court."

Turning around to leave, his body suddenly shuddered when he reached the city's gates. He figured out exactly what was wrong and turned his head back to look unbelievably at the City Lord's Manor at the end of the street.

"Heavenly Devil Creation Technique! Cult Mistress!"

He composed himself and turned to leave, "Fu Yundi had already died and got his skin stripped. The Fu Yundi in the city now is Cult Mistress of Heavenly Devil Cult! The owner of Border Dragon City has shifted! The divine arts practitioners under Fu Yundi should all have been changed away to the divine arts practitioners of Heavenly Devil Cult. The entire city are people from Heavenly Devil Cult! Luckily Imperial Preceptor was stopped by the huge ship, or else…"

He shivered uncontrollably. Now that Cult Mistress was wearing Fu Yundi's skin, if Eternal Peace Empire's great army were to enter the city, this Cult Mistress only need to wreck havoc with her accomplices and destroy the dragon pillars of Border Dragon City. This way, the Eternal Peace Empire's army will be eliminated in one fell swoop, causing a great deal of damage to Eternal Peace Empire's strength and even a setback that could lead to the ruins of Eternal Peace Empire!

Looking back at Border Dragon City, the owner had changed and it was not a place where he or the Eternal Peace Empire could rebuke Heaven and Earth anymore.

This city now belongs to the Qin. It may be the same Qin but it was the Qin of Qin Mu and not his Qin.

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