Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 820 - Killing God

Work together with Zhe Huali to kill a god?

Qin Mu muttered to himself irresolutely. He and Xu Shenghua knew each other very well, and they were both individuals with outstanding intelligence, so they could usually predict what each other was going to do next and follow up accordingly. Even without practicing beforehand, their coordination was impeccable, so they could fight together to get rid of a strong opponent.

As for Zhe Huali, Qin Mu wasn't worried about the power of his knife skills and Knife Dao. He was only worried about whether Zhe Huali could catch up to his train of thoughts like Xu Shenghua could.

If he couldn't, it would be hard for the coordination to be perfect.

It was fine if they were facing ordinary gods. However, Lin Xiao had an extremely high realm, and it was he who severed his cultivation to drop his cultivation to the realm of honored god.

Even though his realm had fallen, his horizons and knowledge far surpassed any other honored god; therefore, he was able to escape from Village Chief's sword.

Furthermore, the cultivation that he had severed had turned into a small sun inside the lantern, and the sun contained terrifying energy that could burn a huge hole in Village Chief's Sword Picture!

For the energy in the small sun to not decrease until now, one could imagine how strong Lin Xiao was when he was at his peak!

If their coordination was bad, they would definitely be killed by him!

Suddenly, Qin Mu executed his teleportation divine art once more, and a beam of light shone over from the back, vaporizing where they had just hidden.

That lantern flew over, and the tiny human inside the lantern checked around, but he couldn't find any traces of them. He chuckled and said, "Where can you guys hide? I know the ins and outs of the whole ship. There's nowhere for you to escape to, nowhere for you to hide!"

The tiny human flew out from the lantern and landed on the ridge of the palace hall. He flapped his wings, and the lantern exploded open. The sun inside rolled out, and he grabbed it under his claws.

His body swelled up in the wind, and the sun under his feet was also becoming bigger. His body size soon grew to be three hundred yards tall. He had a chicken head, human body, and dragon scales on his neck, while the feathers on his back had various colors. He flapped his wings furiously and raised his head to crow.

Crow of the Rooster Break of Dawn!

The small sun under his claw also transformed into a three hundred yards big sun and grew brighter and brighter as he crowed. The golden rays that were ten thousand fathoms long shone like flying swords sweeping out in all directions!

Chi chi chi. The palace halls on the ghost ship got pierced by the golden rays from the big sun, and they were covered in holes. The ground got pierced until it looked like a broken sieve!

Lin Xiao flapped his wings, and the sun under his feet rolled with his body. The golden light swept down and razed the palaces to the ground. They were then lit up by the intense light and burst into flames.

Lin Xiao swept everything in his way and said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Mu! There's no need to hide, come out quickly!"

On the other side, light twinkled. Qin Mu and Zhe Huali suddenly appeared in the palace hall where Celestial Empress' coffin was placed.

"Lin Xiao will soon find his way here."

Qin Mu placed Zhe Huali down and quickly roamed around the hall. "Zhe Huali, how is your sense of space?"

Zhe Huali was slightly stunned and didn't understand what he meant. He said honestly, "Even though my knife skills are upright, I need an extremely strong sense of space in order to execute it. You and I have fought before, so you should know my knife light requires precise calculation in every foothold of space. Only then can I ensure my knife skills are completely perfect when I execute them."

Qin Mu nodded his head, and he suddenly stopped. He stomped the ground forcefully.

Zhe Huali looked at him and saw vital qi flowing out under his feet. The vital qi transformed into rune markings and was imprinted on the ground as he moved.

These runes were very complicated, and there was too much logic involved. Zhe Huali didn't really understand.

Qin Mu moved to the front, back, left, and right, walking over and over again in an area of twenty yards. Suddenly, there was a loud kacha, and a tunnel appeared in the ground, which led to the hold of the ship.

Zhe Huali was stunned. Qin Mu had already walked into the tunnel, and he waved at him. He hurriedly followed after him and said with a soft voice, "Cult Master Qin, how did you know there was a gate here?"

"This ship should have been designed by my big senior brother, and the layout is quite similar to the flying ship of my Heavenly Saint Cult. According to the layout of my house, the tunnel leading to the hold of the ship should have been right here, so I tested it."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I have forged flying ships for Eternal Peace Empire before, so I'm very clear about the layout of the ship."

Zhe Huali was silent, and he suddenly asked, "Cult Master Qin, what haven't you done before?"

They arrived inside the hold of the ship and were stunned by the majestic sight in front of them.

He saw huge dragon bones lined from the south to the north, passing through the inside of the body. Even though the huge dragon was only left with its bones, they were still glowing a brilliant gold, and they lit up the entire inside of the ship.

Other than dragon bones, there were also ribs of a kun inside, and the thick rib bones of the kun were arranged on top of the dragon bones. There were all kinds of strange beast runes appearing on the kun bones, and when these runes lit up, they looked very eye-catching in the golden light of the dragon bones.

And the roof, which should be below the deck, was lined with phoenix feathers of various colors. They were like rainbow clouds in the sky.

"Great ship!" Both of them praised in unison.

Qin Mu stopped in his footsteps and took out his sword pellet to examine the surroundings. "I have never made a child before. Imperial Preceptor showed me a book on how to make a child, and the man and woman inside were so shameful."

He tilted his head and blushed when he thought of the man and woman in the book.

Zhe Huali and the demon knife opened their eyes wide and gave off an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Qin Mu's finger flicked gently, and a silver line flew out to measure the internal space of the ghost ship. He measured the length and circumference of the dragon bones and kun bones, and soon, he got all the data he needed.

There was light shining from outside the tunnel as Lin Xiao controlled the big sun to fly above this palace hall. The sword light of the sun destroyed the palace hall recklessly.

In just a while more, the hall was going to collapse, and the tunnel would be revealed.

Qin Mu grabbed the sword pellet in his hands and closed his eyes. After a moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and gripped tightly. The sword pellet transformed into a treasure sword!

He stepped on the air and rose up, sprinting inside the body of the ship with his sword in hand. He was graceful, and his sword was like a swimming dragon as he executed all kinds of sword moves. He was like a heroic scholar with his sword as his brush, splashing ink on the dragon bones and kun bones. With the body of the ship as paper, he scattered writings and set his feelings free!

Soon, he flew to the sky, and his body was moving parallel to the domed roof. His sword was fast as he imprinted runes between the gaps of the rainbow feathers.


Qin Mu landed from midair. When his body was ten yards away from the ground, his wrist trembled as he swung his sword to write on the ground.

Sounds of swords slashing rang out non-stop. The internal space of the ghost ship was extremely vast, and it stretched for three hundred yards. Qin Mu stuck close to the ground, and his sword lights rained down. Soon, he moved from south to north and wrote down a series of runes.

His figure suddenly stopped, and he hung in midair.

Zhe Huali looked around and saw all kinds of runes marked clearly on the dragon bones from the south to the north. On the domed roof were also pictures constructed by runes that moved from the south to the north.

There were also two bones that were imprinted with runes by him.

However, the body of the ship was simply too huge. Qin Mu could only imprint a small section with runes, so there were still many places that weren't imprinted.

"Cult Master Qin, what's the purpose of doing this?" Zhe Huali was puzzled.

Qin Mu's chest heaved up and down violently. It was evident that he was extremely exhausted. The treasure sword in his hand suddenly shrunk into a sword pellet.

The sword pellet suddenly burst forth!

Countless sword lights filled the space inside the ship, and the sword light traveled back and forth. The runes that Qin Mu had imprinted lit up and dazzled their eyes. It was as if the flying swords had activated the power inside the runes!

The light from countless runes shone onto the sword lights that were flying and got reflected by the flying swords. In the sky, the land, and the walls on the left and right, more and more runes appeared. The runes were also becoming more and more complicated!

Zhe Huali was dumbfounded. All of the sword lights suddenly vanished and transformed into a furiously spinning sword pellet that stopped in front of the heart of Qin Mu's brows.

Meanwhile, inside the ship, countless runes were still dancing in the sky!

Qin Mu's clutched sword fingers on both his left and right hands. His index finger and middle finger were put together, while his thumb was pressed down on his ring finger and pinky finger.

The sword fingers on his right hand were vertical in front of the heart of his brows. The sword fingers on his left hand were tilted up and lifted the wrist of his right hand. Both hands slowly sank downwards.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

At the same time, apparitions of arms appeared from the back of his body, and it was as if he had grown a thousand arms that were all clutching different sword techniques. They slowly assembled and fused with his two arms in succession.

In the end, the apparitions of the thousand arms vanished.


Qin Mu gave a low shout, and in the huge space inside the ship, the scuttling runes nailed into the sky, land, and four halls in succession. These runes gradually darkened, and seventy-two pictures appeared, each of them being different from the rest!

Qin Mu gasped for breath as he landed from the sky. He half-knelt on the ground, and his vital qi was severely exhausted.

"Cult Master Qin, you have broken down your Sword Dao and struck it into the space inside the ship?"

Zhe Huali looked at the seventy-two murals that were gradually fading away and said solemnly, "That's not right, it's not only the divine art of Sword Dao, there's also the divine art of Martial Dao, the divine art of formation skills, the divine art of knife skills... En, there's also the divine art of magnetism! I've seen the divine art of magnetism over at Mother Earth's place! You even used the divine art of Painting Dao to transform into seventy-two paintings, which are a total of seventy-two divine arts. The seventy-two divine arts formed a chain of killing formations! Your learnings are so mixed!"

Qin Mu nodded his head. He executed the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and tried his best to recover his vital qi. His voice was slightly hoarse now. "Now that the formation is laid out and my vital qi is exhausted, I can only rely on you. Zhe Huali, do you have the confidence to fuse into my seventy-two murals and sever the head of that hen dragon?"

Zhe Huali took in a deep breath and said calmly, "The battle of killing a god, to slay Lin Xiao, Cult Master Qin has already completed ninety percent. All that's left is for me to sever his head with my knife. If I can't take his head, how would I have the face to compete with Xu Shenghua? To even compete with you?"

Qin Mu revealed a smile.

Right at this moment, loud explosions rang out continuously from the tunnel, and Lin Xiao's voice traveled into their ears. He said with a smile, "I've been on this ship for so long, and I still haven't found a tunnel to enter inside the ship. Never would I expect Celestial Venerable Mu to find it. Celestial Venerable Mu, how impressive. Truth be told, when I heard you tell that sword god that you were Celestial Venerable Mu, I was also stunned. I would never have expected to actually catch a big fish here!"

He was ineffably excited.

Intense light traveled over as Lin Xiao flapped his wings to fly. The rolling sun under his feet burst into the ship with a whoosh, and the scorching light transformed into beams of sword light to shoot out in all directions.

Suddenly, the sword light paused in the sky, and the golden swords formed by the rays actually remained still in the air.

Lin Xiao spread his wings and slowly landed on the big sun. His claws gripped tightly onto the big sun, and he looked excitedly at both of them.

Hum hum hum.

The big sun vibrated, and even more golden swords appeared in front to lock onto Qin Mu and Zhe Huali.

"Celestial Emperor and the gods bestowed Yu, Hao, Ling, Yue, Huo, You, Yun, Mu, and Qin, the nine celestial venerables that all had extraordinary attainments."

Lin Xiao stared at Qin Mu and ignored Zhe Huali. "The reputation of the Nine Celestial Venerables is simply too big. Celestial Venerable Hao is already Celestial Emperor Hao, and he controls the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens, while the other few celestial venerables are also extraordinary. Only Celestial Venerable Mu and Celestial Venerable Qin's whereabouts are always unknown. Both of you will appear once in a while, but I would never expect to actually find Celestial Venerable Mu, who had come from the future generation, on this ship! Cluck cluck cluck!"

Zhe Huali had a blank look on his face.

Qin Mu said indifferently, "I don't know what you are proud of. Lin Xiao, do you know that you are merely a dish in the future?"


The dragon scales on Lin Xiao's neck flared up, and feathers popped out under the scales. His corporeal body quickly swelled up, and he chuckled. "Hen dragons are the descendants of golden hen and divine dragons. We control the course of the sun, and our bloodline is noble and high above. You humans are the dishes on the table!"


Qin Mu shouted, and the entire inside of the ship became incomparably bright. The power of seventy-two pictures burst forth in that instant!

One of the formations was a magnetism divine art, so in that instant, Lun Xiao's corporeal body became incomparably heavy as though Mount Meru after Mount Meru was pressing down on him. He and his big sun crashed into the ground from the pressure!

The rest of the formations burst forth, and all kinds of terrifying great divine arts bombarded the suppressed Lin Xiao from all directions!

The space inside the ship was nearly torn apart by these abnormally powerful divine arts, and after those divine arts flew passed, space would be warped. Space overlapped into countless shapes and made it hard for people to walk!

Zhe Huali pulled out his demon knife and roused his cultivation. With his knife entering the Dao, he reached his peak in an instant!

At this moment, the light of a formation shone down on his body, and that was a teleportation formation.

Zhe Huali seemed to get teleported into a world inside a painting, and then, that painting moved up and down in the space that was trembling violently.

Now he understood why Qin Mu had asked him how his sense of space was. At this moment, he had completely lost his sense of direction from the torment of the teleportation divine art.

Zhe Huali resisted the urge to vomit. He executed his demon knife furiously while raising his cultivation furiously as well.


His figure appeared beside the bird-headed god that was covered in injuries, and Zhe Huali roared angrily. Taking a step forward, he raised his knife and poured out all of his power from the knife!

There was still a glint of astonishment in Lin Xiao's eyes. Next, his head flew up as his god blood poured out.

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