Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 823 - Visit Your Grave

Six hundred and eighty thousand years ago.

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A bunch of gods escorted a coffin to the Celestial River and one of them shouted in a hurry, "Lin Xiao, what are you standing at the side of the river for? Faster, we need to complete what the empress has ordered us to do!"

Lin Xiao composed himself and he looked at the ghost ship that had appeared in the light. He hesitated for a moment and followed after the others. He said softly, "I seemed to have been here before, it's like a nightmare. I had seen the four deities boarding the ship and even saw the commander of Feathered Forest Guards..."

"Of course you are dreaming! Get on the ship now!"

Lin Xiao stood beside the ship and hesitated.

"If this is done well, the empress will ensure your descendants achieve meteoric success in their lives!"

One of the gods said ruthlessly, "If you hesitated again, we will have to get rid of you now to guard this secret!"

Lin Xiao braced himself to walk towards the ship while thinking to himself. "Just a dream. It's definitely just a dream!"

Seven hundred thousand years ago.

Celestial River.

A ball of light exploded in the Celestial River. The figures of South Deity Zhu Que, East Deity Qing Long, West Deity Bai Hu and North Deity Xuan Wu appeared and they stood on both sides of the river. They saw the light fading away and a ghost ship reconstructing itself in the Celestial River.

On the ship, Dragon Count was roaring and trying to break free of the restraints. He tried to escape from the ship.

That divine dragon was incomparably strong yet because Feathered Forest Guards had pierced the chains through his body to suppress him on the ship, he didn't manage to break free from the suppression even when Qin Mu borrowed the power of the four deities to break Celestial Venerable Ling's divine art.

And now, as this ghost ship reconstructed itself, Celestial Venerable Ling's divine art made a comeback so when he struggled, he only fused with the ship more. His body merged with the building in front of the deck and now, only his head was left outside.

Fear spread through King Dragon Count's eyes and he shouted, "Save me! Four deities, save me from here!"

The four deities remained standing on both shores and looked at the ship which got shrouded by the black gas again. They were bewildered.

"Celestial Venerable Mu was on that ship!"

North Deity Xuan Wu suddenly looked at South Deity Zhu Que and he asked solemnly, "Celestial Venerable Mu even called you big sister. Should South Deity give us an explanation?"

"What are you looking at me for?"

South Deity Zhu Que chucked and swept her large red clothing up to transform into flames. As she fled away, her laughter came from far away. "Like you guys, I don't know anything!"

The other three deities frowned.

"Other than us who had escaped, I also saw spots of light fading away, they looked like human figures."

East Deity Green Dragon said softly, "Also, the few officers that I had grabbed from the Feathered Forest Guards had also vanished from my hands. When the light burst forth, they... they had also vanished from the ship!"

He looked around but he didn't see the figures of those few officers from Feathered Forest Guards. He muttered to himself, "This ship is too strange..."

Seven hundred and twenty years ago, the fog came invading.

"General, there's a woman casting spell in the fog!"

A huge ship sailed into the fog and Wei Suifeng looked at the fog that had suddenly appeared on the Celestial River. His heart stirred and he took off the armor on his body. He fetched the lantern he had hung on the mast and wrote on the wall in front of the building at tremendous speed.

He wrote down the final sentence. "I've come from Ruins of End and returned to the past when I met this woman. I visited the wonders of the past and searched for the riddles of history. Now that I've met this woman again, I think I should extinguish the lantern and return."

He hung the lantern on the lantern stand and opened up the lantern to blow out the light. The building sank into darkness.

The fog gradually turned darker and shrouded the entire ship.

Right at this moment, light exploded in the middle of the Celestial River and three officers of the Feathered Forest Guards suddenly appeared on the water surface. They looked forward in a daze and saw the black gas swallowing up their ship, vanishing from the world.

"You guys solve my divine art?" On the river surface, a woman wearing a leopard print skirt looked at them and revealed a curious look.

The three officers of the Feathered Forest Guards were still in a daze. "You are... Celestial Venerable Ling!"

That woman smiled and said, "Looks like my divine art isn't perfect yet, there must still be some flaw... Since you guys are out, don't run around and interfere with the major event. Follow me, you guys can also tell me how you had solved my divine art."

She swept her sleeve and brought the three men away.

On Surging River, Village Chief and Dragon Rearing Sovereign were baffled. They had just caught up to Qin Mu and planned to explore the ghost ship with him. They had clearly been around yet Qin Mu spoke like they had not seen each other for a long time.

Furthermore, the current Qin Mu was also slightly strange. In the past when Village Chief knocked him on the head, he would hug his head and acted like he was in pain. Yet now he was only rubbing his head.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign suddenly cried out in astonishment. "Sword God, looking at his facial hair! His facial hair is much longer than just now!"

Village Chief looked at Qin Mu and he saw that his mustache and beard had grown a few inches longer. His beard was stubbly and yet Qin Mu was still clean-shaven earlier.

Qin Mu stroked his beard and said calmly, "Coming down from the silver rope in the sky would be Prince Qiu Ming from the celestial heavens and his two followers, their abilities are extremely high."

Village Chief and Dragon Rearing Sovereign raised their heads and they indeed saw three small figures sliding down the silver rope from the chrysanthemum-like moon. The silver rope grew longer and longer as it headed straight from the ghost ship below.

"Boarding the ship from underwater would be Ancestral Dragon King and the half-gods under him."

Before Village Chief and Dragon Rearing Sovereign could even see the figures of Ancestral Dragon King and the rest clearly, Qin Mu had already pointed to the west and said, "One-Armed Divine Knife Luo Wushuang from the Spirit Elite Guards of the celestial heavens will be executing a moon-shape treasure to break through the black fog outside the ship. In the distance, Feng Qiuyun would be bringing Mother Earth Primordial Sword and carry a stone coffin, transforming into a ball of flames to come forth. In the sky, a star would arrive and Crimson Light Son of God would transform into a beam of light to descend from the sky.

Village Chief and Dragon Rearing Sovereign were stunned. They indeed saw Luo Wushuang who was sitting at the bow of the small boat executing a moon-shaped treasure to shine down on the ghost ship. The light of the moon was like a pillar which broke through the black gas.

On the other side, flames blazed as though a huge sun was flying on the river surface at an extremely fast speed. A rainbow-colored phoenix could be faintly seen among the flames and under its claw was a wooden sword while on its back was a stone coffin!

Meanwhile, in the sky, the star of Crimson Light had arrived above their heads unbeknownst to them. It was parallel to the ghost ship below and a beam of red light descended down from the sky!

Village Chief and Dragon Rearing Sovereign's minds were muddled.

"When did My Lord change his profession to an oracle?" Dragon Rearing Sovereign muttered.

Qin Mu suddenly said, "Village Chief, Crimson Light Son of God has helped us on the ship, I had also promised him to rescue him out of the ghost ship. Stop him and don't let him land on the ghost ship."

Village Chief was confused but he still pulled out his sword. As he flew out with his sword, thousands of mountains and rivers appeared in the sky above the ghost ship and intercepted Crimson Light Son of God.

The red light paused and shone onto the move, Sword Treading Mountains And Rivers. Next, the red light suddenly shrank back and Village Chief's hand that was holding the sword sank down. Crimson Light Son of God stood on the mountains and rivers that were floating and greeted Qin Mu, as well as First Ancestor who was at the shore.

Qin Mu returned his greeting while First Ancestor Human Emperor also returned his greeting from a distance away.

"Why have Son of Youdu blocked my way?" Crimson Light Son of God walked out of the apparition formed by mountains and rivers before asking with a smile.

"Save Son of God's life."

Qin Mu smiled. "I had promised to save you on the ship and now that I've saved you after a great deal of effort, would I be wasting my effort if you were to enter the ship again?"

Crimson Light Son of God was stunned. Village Chief and Dragon Rearing Sovereign also had blank looks on their faces.

First Ancestor Human Emperor was afraid that they were in danger and flew over. He looked at Crimson Light Son of God and said indifferently, "Son of God, long time no see."

Crimson Light Son of God's purple clothes fluttered as he gathered his qi and spirit. As though meeting a dangerous enemy, he said solemnly, "Dao Friend Qin's cultivation has improved once again."

Qin Mu frowned and looked at Luo Wushuang's small boat. He saw the small boat stop suddenly and didn't continue to sail towards the ghost ship. It was evident that Zhe Huali was persuading Luo Wushuang.

Crimson Light Son of God coughed and said, "Cult Master Qin's words always have deep meanings, you have made me hesitant. However, this ship is related to a huge secret so I have to investigate..."

"Secret about Celestial Empress?" Qin Mu asked.

Crimson Light Son of God was stunned.

Qin Mu suddenly shouted, "Prince Qiu Ming!"

In the sky, the sliver rope hanging down from the moon has already been tied to the mast and the few people were sliding down the rope. They were about to reach the mast when the youth heard Qin Mu's words and stopped. He looked at Qin Mu and his eyes lighted up. He said with a smile, "Cult Master Qin of Heavenly Saint Cult, Eternal Peace Overlord Body, the three heroes of Eternal Peace's reform! I've just come down from the celestial heavens and Cult Master Qin is actually able to call out my name, you truly have eyes everywhere, looks like I've underestimated you!"

Qin Mu laughed and was rather pleased. He said to Village Chief, "Village Chief, he says I have eyes everywhere."

Village Chief snorted and tilted his head to look at his buttocks. "Lucky you don't have a tail or else it's going to rise to the sky!"

Qin Mu looked at Crimson Light Son of God. "I don't have eyes everywhere, I had just met him on the ship. Son of God should believe me now, right?"

Crimson Light Son of God was even more puzzled.

Right at this moment, Luo Wushuang's small boat sailed over. At the bow of the boat, Luo Wushuang stood up.

Qin Mu smiled in acknowledgment and the corners of Luo Wushuang's eyes twitched. He asked with a hoarse voice, "I'm here to confirm something. What Zhe Huali had told me is simply too inconceivable, therefore I'm here to ask High Emperor Overlord Body if that is true."

Qin Mu nodded his head. "It's true."

Luo Wushuang muttered to himself for a moment before saying, "Many thanks."

Qin Mu asked in astonishment, "Why did Divine Knife Luo trust me so easily?"

Luo Wushuang said indifferently, "High Emperor Overlord Body and Eternal Peace Overlord Body are the same person, why should I not believe you?"

Village Chief was even more at a loss and he felt slightly terrified. 'When I search High Emperor's ruins with First Ancestor, we discovered the stone tablet that had recorded the information of High Emperor Overlord Body, thus I thought there was really the overlord body and even took down a rubbing of the inscriptions. From what Divine Knife Luo Wushuang had said, High Emperor Overlord Body is Mu'er so the overlord body that was recorded is none other than Mu'er! The information of the overlord body on the tablet was actually made up by me and Qin Mu had repeated my words when he ran to High Emperor Era! Wait a minute, I'm feeling flustered, let me sort this out properly...'

He felt that his head was about to explode. 'If I didn't guess wrongly, the lie I had made has spread all the way to High Emperor Era!'

Crimson Light Son of God's mind was still muddled. He looked at the ghost ship underwater before turning to look at Qin Mu, unable to make a decision.

Suddenly, light flashed underwater and the ghost ship vanished without a trace.

This made Crimson Light Son of God let out a sigh of relief as though he was relieved of a huge burden. He said with a smile, "No matter if what you said is real or not, I don't have to board the ship now."

Qin Mu laughed and looked around. Ancestral Dragon King and Feng Qiuyun had vanished without a trace. They must have entered the ship.

"Son of God, let us reminisce by the river." Qin Mu invited him.

Crimson Light Son of God nodded his head and was about to follow him when Prince Qiu Ming suddenly chuckled. "Overlord Body Qin had called me, delaying me from boarding the ship and now you are just going to leave? Making an invitation is not as good as a chance encounter, I've come down to the lower bound this time for the three heroes of Eternal Peace's reform, now that I've encountered you, I can't just let Overlord Body Qin leave just like this."

Qin Mu stopped and turned to look at him.

Prince Qiu Ming said leisurely, "You have experts on Jade Capital beside you and I also have experts on Jade Capital beside me. How boring is the fight between strong practitioners so why don't you and I fight to the death on this river? What do you think about this?"

Zhe Hua burst into laughter.

Qin Mu took a glance at Zhe Huali and smiled warmly at Prince Qiu Ming, "On this day next year, I will visit your grave."

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