Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 825 - Serving Tea on the River

Luo Wushuang's small boat left into the distance and incomparably terrifying Youdu devil qi came from the river surface behind him. Even if he didn't turn back to look, he could also imagine that terrifying sight that was behind him.

It was like the most terrifying and malicious devil god that was crawling out from another world, tearing apart everything in this world with his boundless strength, swallowing everything that it could eat!

About Son of Youdu, Zhe Huali did not hide this information from him which was why Luo Wushuang immediately retreated when he felt a bad feeling.

"Teacher Luo, Zhe Huali..." On the ship, a disciple asked carefully.

Luo Wushuang's face was as calm as still water. He looked at his empty sleeve and the pain of his severed arm came searing back again. The pain reached into the depths of his heart.

"Forty thousand years ago, High Emperor Overlord Body severed one of my arm and today, he has severed my arm again."

Luo Wushuang closed his eyes and suddenly opened them again. He said softly, "Zhe Huali had walked out his own path, on this path, he will not be walking with us, instead, he will be running in the opposite direction. I had thought that he was my right arm and never did I expect... From today onwards, you have to be careful when meeting him, you will have to fight to the death and not spare his life! He has entered the path with the Knife Dao and has very strong abilities. His future achievements would be extraordinary!"

The turbulence on the river surface calmed down.

Crimson Light Son of God, First Ancestor Human Emperor and Village Chief were still slightly terrified. The scene earlier was too frightening and made them shuddered.

The river was dyed red and the two visitors from the celestial heavens had died so fast that it was out of their expectations.

It was still fine for Qin Mu as he took out a willow leaf to paste on the heart of his brows. He ran over to the side of the river to check on the progress of Human Emperor Qi Kang and Human Emperor Yi Shan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Zhe Huali, what has happened on the ship, is it real?"Village Chief asked.

Zhe Huali nodded his head and he described everything that had happened on the ghost ship. Everyone had an astonished expression and Crimson Light Son of God felt a lingering fear. He glanced down the river and the ghost ship had already vanished without a trace.

'Ancestral Dragon King and Feng Qiuyun entered the ghost ship, their life and death are now unknown.'

Village Chief felt a warmth spreading in his heart. "Mu'er risked his life to save me and he has managed to solve something that even the four deities couldn't. He has really grown up and he is also very confident. About the truth of the overlord body, it already not that important anymore.'

He wanted to tell First Ancestor that he had created the legend of an overlord body but he thought about it and felt that he would end up getting beaten up if he spoke the truth. Not only would the past human emperors beat him, but First Ancestor might also be unable to hold himself back as well. Thus, he could only keep it to himself.

They came to the riverside. To the past human emperors, Qin Mu and the rest had gone to the heart of the river to have a big fight for a short while. Yet to Qin Mu, he had been away for a month and more on the ship.

After daybreak, Human Emperor Qi Kang and Human Emperor Yi Shan sensed the power of the Celestial River to open up the Celestial River Divine Treasure. This made everyone excited.

Since they had succeeded, this meant that Celestial River Divine Treasure could replace Divine Bridge Divine Treasure to become the seventh divine treasure!

However, the process to replace the divine treasure was probably going to be very long.

"Cult Master Qin, this Celestial River Divine Treasure, it's created by you?" Zhe Huali checked on the Celestial River Divine Treasure that both human emperors had opened up and were astonished.

Qin Mu was very pleased and said with a smile, "I had made a bet with Xu Shenghua to see which one of us is able to open up the new seventh divine treasure first, whoever wins would be the true overlord body, whoever that loses would be the beta. At first, I didn't have the confidence in beating him but I didn't expect Mother Earth who gave me an Earth Aeon Dao Fruit. That allowed me to break through Life and Death Wall and enter Life and Death Realm instantly. Xu Shenghua has extremely high talents and he will be able to think of what I could think. However, he lost to me in cultivation and so I had managed to open up Celestial River Divine Treasure ahead of him!"

Zhe Huali was fascinated and he said, "To have such a Dao friend to continuously whip yourself, it's truly a fortunate thing."

He remained behind to comprehend Celestial River Divine Treasure while Qin Mu packed up to head to the other side of the Celestial River.

Since Celestial River Divine Treasure could be opened up, he didn't have to handle the rest of the matters. Eternal Peace Empire would spread out this divine treasure and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would also create a technique to seal Southern Heavenly Gate, allowing the gods of Eternal Peace Empire to cultivate the Celestial River Divine Treasure as well.

In the river, Qin Mu brought the dragon qilin to sit on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's head. Dragon Rearing Sovereign controlled the clouds and flew towards Hundred Years Mountain on the opposite end.

In the river, the sapphire-blue flood dragon king appeared and he followed them all the way to the other shore. His speed was extremely fast too.

After yesterday's battle, Dragon Rearing Sovereign lifted his head up high and could even be said to be throwing his weight around. He wanted all of the dragon kings and half-gods in the river to know that he had a powerful lord.

The sun rose in the east and the sun rays scattered down. Qin Mu looked at the east and he saw the sun looking as though it had jumped out from the water of the Celestial River. The surface of the river shimmered with gold ripples as though golden snakes were dancing.

Qin Mu and the dragon qilin cheered and said that it looked beautiful.

Next, Qin Mu's face turned dark as he saw that sun rising up from the east becoming warped like an ugly red date. It was indescribably detestable.

Ever since Primordial Realm had reappeared, the sky map that stretched for ten thousand miles in the sky could no longer cover Eternal Peace. The gods maintaining the operation of the astronomical phenomenons were also getting lazier day by day.

They also couldn't be blamed. The sky map was a hundred thousand miles high and a thousand yards thick. Now that Primordial Realm has resurfaced, there were many majestic mountains that were even taller than the sky, pushing onto the sky map up and down unevenly. This cause the operation of the stars to become messy and made the gods of the celestial heavens flustered.

Qin Mu pulled back his gaze and looked at it no more. He suddenly saw the river water churning and an elder with a dragon head slowly rose up from the river with his cane. He stood on the water surface and behind him were numerous dragon sons and dragon descendants of his. They blocked their way.

Divine rays soared into the sky and the divine light lingered on the river.

Two of the female dragon transformed into the form of humans. One of the female dragons carried all kinds of shining treasures while the other female dragon carried teas and snacks.

Qin Mu stopped Dragon Rearing Sovereign and said, "Why has elder blocked my path?"

That old dragon king hurriedly greeted him, "Little dragon is the dragon king of this section of Celestial River, ever since Dragon Han Celestial Heavens until now, I have guarded this place for a million years, ensuring the operation of Celestial River. Yesterday night I had seen high god's divine might and since High God is passing by here today, I'm here to offer my meager gifts."

"High god?"

Qin Mu laughed loudly and shook his head. "I'm still not a high god, I'm merely a divine arts practitioner that had opened up Celestial River Divine Treasure, I'm still a distance away from the god realm."

That old dragon king agreed with whatever Qin Mu said and replied, "High God must be fatigued so I'm here specially to offer my meager gifts, these are all produce of Celestial River."

Qin Mu jumped down from Dragon Rearing Sovereign's back and landed on the water surface. That old dragon waved his hand and there were immediately shrimp soldiers and crab generals going forward to control the water with their magic power, constructing a palace on the water to let Qin Mu be seated.

This palace on the river was formed by the water of the Celestial River and the tables and chairs were all carved by white jade. Sitting inside, one couldn't felt the harsh sun and cold wind but they could still see the scenery outside.

Qin Mu sat down and that old dragon king accompanied him.

Those two female dragons hurriedly went forward to offer up the treasures and tea.

Qin Mu drank the tea and took a look at the treasure. "Dragon Rearing Sovereign, keep them first."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was delighted and hurriedly kept the treasures of all kinds.

Qin Mu took a deep look at the old dragon king in front of him and said, "I've already conferred the title of Celestial River Dragon King to Dragon Rearing Sovereign, follow him from today onwards and I'll ensure your descendants will live peacefully here."

That old dragon hesitated and said carefully, "High God, Dragon Rearing Sovereign is wise and strong but his bloodline isn't pure..."

Qin Mu laughed and said with a smile, "If bloodline had any use, how would I have killed Prince Qiu Ming with a sword? If bloodline had any use, why would Mother Earth had been defeated?"

That old dragon king didn't dare to speak.

"Since you have guarded this place for generations, I won't give you any trouble. This section of Celestial River will still be managed by your family, I can smooth wind and rain for this area, you can cause flood willfully to cause harm to the people on both sides of the river. You can enjoy their offerings but you are not to seize them and enslave them."

Qin Mu put down his teacup and walked out of this palace on the water. "Dragon Rearing Sovereign will make the Pact of Little Earth Count with you so you can't rebel. I've drank the tea and accept the gift, you can fall back now. After crossing the river, Dragon Rearing Sovereign will come to look for you."

That old dragon king acknowledged his words and the palace on the water dispersed. The old dragon king also vanished with his descendants.

"Pact of Little Earth Count?"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign blinked his eyes and was delighted. He exclaimed to himself. 'Pact of Little Earth Count is even fiercer than Pact of Earth Count, I might really become Celestial River Dragon King.'

He was delighted and carried Qin Mu and the dragon qilin to continue forward. Not long later, another dragon king brought all kinds of treasures to appear on the river surface, offering fragrant tea.

Qin Mu drank the tea and said the same things. He continued forward.

On the journey, dragon kinds continuously appeared on the river and offered up treasures. The battle last night was too big of a commotion. The dragon kings upstream and downstream hurried over and every section of their journey, a dragon king would welcome them and they were extremely polite.

Qin Mu walked and stopped, drinking tea until he was full. When he reached the other shore of Celestial River, it was already in the afternoon.

The dragon qilin whispered and said, "Cult Master Qin, because of the disappearance of Ancestral Dragon King, these dragon kings have no more backbone so they had come to submit with fake intentions. When Mother Earth gives her command, these dragon kings would all rebel! Even though Dragon Rearing Sovereign's abilities aren't weak, he still can't suppress Celestial River. We need to invite Elder Qing Huang from the dragon village to suppress them."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was rather displeased but what the dragon qilin said was also facts. Elder Qing Huang was the number two heavenly king of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens and his abilities were merely second to the number one heavenly king Di Yiyue. He surpassed him by leaps and bounds.

Elder Qing Huang's abilities were even stronger than Ancestral Dragon King so he was the most suitable to suppress Celestial River.

"Even if Elder Qing Huang comes out of the mountain, he won't be able to suppress this river."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "As long as Mother Earth gives her command, these dragon kings and half-gods that have submitted to us will rebel. None of them had submitted to us willingly!"

The dragon qilin was at a loss and he asked, "In that case, why did Cult Master still accept the surrender of all these dragon kings? When these dragon kings rebel and control the water of Celestial River to flood Eternal Peace, it would be more than enough to turn Eternal Peace into an underwater empire. They would turn countless people into food for the fishes and prawns!"

Qin Mu turned back to look at the great waves surging on the river surface and he said leisurely, "I know, I'm only waiting for Mother Earth's command."

The dragon qilin and Dragon Rearing Sovereign were stunned.

"When Mother Earth gives her command, these dragon kings and half-gods would rebel, as long as they rebel, they would be going against the Pact of Little Earth Count."

Qin Mu's face turned dark. "If they don't rebel, nothing will happen. If they rebel, in just one night, countless dragon corpses would float on the river surface of this Celestial River! Mother Earth's greatest threat to Eternal Peace will hereby dissolve and there would be no more danger from the Celestial River! From then on, the Pact of Little Earth Count will shake the world with its awe!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign shuddered and didn't dare to think of that sight.

In Qin word land, the big-headed baby was excited and he waited at the stone table, ready for his meal.

Qin Mu looked at the Hundred Years Mountain in front of him and said, "Dragon Rearing Sovereign, go back and sign the Pact of Little Earth Count with them. For the half-gods in Celestial River, as long as they have the abilities on the god realm, they have to sign the Pact of Little Earth Count! Go!"

"As you command!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign sank into the water and disappeared.

The dark aura on Qin Mu's face vanished as he looked at God Bai Xi on the small dirt mound and he said with a smile, "God Bai Xi, I'm here to see you."

God Bai Xi hurriedly greeted and didn't dare to throw any tantrum. However, he still has some grievances. "My Lord, was that Dragon Rearing Sovereign? He is fortunate now that Surging River has become so big. My Lord, do you think those mountains beside me are tall?

Qin Mu raised his head and saw the mountain range beside Hundred Years Mountain stretching for nearly ten thousand miles with mountain peaks that were tall and elegant. There were numerous shrines and temples on the mountain and there were all kinds of rare strange beasts appearing in the mountains. There was also huge deer that soared on the clouds to fly to and fro.

Qin Mu smiled warmly and said leisurely, "From today onwards, this mountain shall change its name to Hundred Years Mountain, what do you think about that?"

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