Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 827 - The Original Culprit

Qin Mu pondered and said, "He should know. Even though he is younger than you, he isn't much younger. In terms of age, he is also considered one of the oldest among the human race, merely younger than the Seven Celestial Venerables. He should know a lot of things!"

Celestial Venerable Yu's spirit was roused.

They flew into the green light and the green light in front of their eyes faded away. In front of their eyes was Clear Sky Heaven and when Qin Mu turned back to look, the sun was already setting. This sun hung up high in the sky.

He looked up at the sky and the sun in the sky wasn't the true sun. It was created by the Daoists here and there were numerous Daoists that could be seen flying in and out from that sun.

"Daoist Lin, your Dao Sect's branch has extremely high attainments in algebra!" Qin Mu said to Dao Master Lin Xuan.

Dao Master Lin Xuan was very happy and he said with a smile, "Everything in this world can be described with algebra and since my Dao Sect is specialized in the Dao of Algebra, we naturally have quite the attainments."

His mood was much more optimistic. He looked around and nodded his head repeatedly.

There were numerous mountains and rivers in the terrains however this place was too big. It was equivalent to Eternal Peace Empire in the past, stretching a hundred thousand miles in radius.

Even if the place was small, it still contained the essentials. Qin Mu actually saw a man-made moon and a man-made galaxy. The moon and the stars in the galaxy weren't huge, those stars were circular and merely three hundred yards big. On many of the stars was a palace each.

Those stars could fit a palace precisely and one more palace made it seemed too squeezy.

Those Daoists were currently roaming in the galaxy and changing the locations of the stars, forming star formations. Beside them were also some elderly Daoists teaching them how to lay their formation.

Looking at the general overview of the sky, the formation of the stars, constellations, and galaxy could form the shape of a majestic god. The two galaxies formed the eyes of the god, the nebula formed the vein lines of the skin, and the stars formed the structure of the corporeal body.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Heaven Duke?"

Qin Mu clicked his tongue in wonder and said with a smile, "Clear Sky Heaven actually used the stars to forge the shape of Heaven Duke, this kind of standard in algebra is truly superior!"

Yu Chen said, "This is natural. Our Dao Sect is skilled in algebra and this is why the celestial heavens view us importantly, letting us deduce the Heaven Dao and breaking down the structure of Heaven Duke's corporeal body. The Daoists of our Clear Sky Heaven also frequently go to Xuandu to measure Heaven Duke's body structure. There are many disciples of Dao Sect on Heaven Duke's body."

The corner of Qin Mu's eyes twitched violently.

The celestial heavens let Dao Sect deduce the Heaven Dao and measure the structure of Heaven Duke's corporeal body. Moreover, they were even constructing Heaven Duke's corporeal body with stars in Clear Sky Heaven so what was the celestial heavens planning to do?

He had a bad feeling in his heart. 'Replacing him! Heaven Duke is in danger! After getting rid of Heaven Duke, the celestial heavens wants to create another Heaven Duke!'

"Even though your Eternal Peace's Dao Sect is considered nothing at all, it is still a tiny branch from the true Dao Sect."

Yu Chen said to Lin Xuan, "Since we are from the same sect, therefore I allow you to meet your ancestors."

Daoist Cha raised his eyebrows and was rather displeased. Dao Master Lin Xuan said, "Many thanks, Senior Brother Yu Chen."

Yu Chen looked at Qin Mu and he frowned slightly, As for Overlord Body Qin, you really shouldn't have followed me to Clear Sky Heaven. Heavenly Saint Cult is also called Heavenly Devil Cult, subjugating devils is the responsibility of Dao Sect. Furthermore, Eternal Peace is also a target that the celestial heavens wants to exterminate."

Qin Mu looked at the sky and his gaze fell on Heaven Duke's body. He said with a smile, "Whether if an official business or personal business, I needed to come. If I didn't, the world is going to change."

Yu Chen looked at him and felt his words held deep meaning but he didn't think much about it. "Dao Palace is over there, let me bring you to meet the sect master of my Clear Sky Heaven. As for whether the sect master will be willing to meet you, I do not know."

Dao Palace was located in the heart of Clear Sky Heaven and there were mountains standing in numbers around it. There were also twenty-four palace halls that surrounded Dao Palace and these twenty-four palace halls should be corresponding to the twenty-four kingdom of gods under Clear Sky Heaven.

Clear Sky Heaven was Clear Sky Sect, which was a branch of Dao Sect that had become large-scale. Dao Sect definitely still had other branches so one could well imagine how astonishing the power of the true Dao Sect was!

Everyone came to the outside of Dao Palace and they got down their mounts. Yu Chen let them wait outside while he hurriedly scaled up the steps and headed for the golden palace at the peak.

Those stone steps were built along the mountain and the numbers of steps were uncountable as they looked up the mountain.

"This is how they treat their guests?"

Daoist Cha smiled from anger and he pulled out a military fork from his Dao crown. "We are still from Dao Sect after all and even if we aren't orthodox, there's no reason to throw us out here! Dao Master, let us fight our way in and turn their palace upside down first!"

Lin Xuan waved his hand and said, "Since we are guests, we shall follow the host's decision. We can just take a look around."

This Dao Palace was extremely huge and there were numerous Daoists cultivating Dao skills. Qin Mu and the rest came to where the Daoists were training and they saw numerous Daoists standing in front of a copper wall that was over dozens of yards thick as an old Daoist explained slowly to them. "All things in the world are formed by countless particles, it's the same for a human body, it's the same for a copper wall. As long as you are able to see through that, you can change the structure of your body to vibrate the particles at the same frequency as the copper wall, that way you will be able to pass through the wall. Cultivating the art of passing through walls, any forbidden skills, any seals, will be of no trouble to you. Look at me."

He walked to the front of the copper wall and slowly walked in. He passed through the wall and came out from the other side of the wall before returning back. "You can give it a try."

The other young Daoists were all excited and went up to try. Some bloodied their forehead from crashing onto the wall but there were also some that managed to pass through.

That old Daoist narrowed his eyes and looked at these young Daoists cultivate. He would point out their mistakes from time to time.

The dragon qilin looked curiously at this sight and couldn't resist saying, "Elder, you have one disciple missing! There were seventeen earlier and now only sixteen are left!"

The old Daoist counted and he was instantly flustered. He hurriedly smacked the copper wall with a heavy blow and an inexperienced Daoist that was stuck inside the wall got smacked out by him. He gasped heavily for breath and had nearly died.

That old Daoist looked at the dragon qilin and praised. "You have the root of wisdom, are you willing to join my Clear Sky Sect and cultivate with me?"

The dragon qilin shook his head.

"The art of passing through walls from Dao Sect seemed slightly similar to Heavenly Saint Cult's Phantom Illusion Technique. It's also similar to Grandpa Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching Hand."

Qin Mu looked over it and said to Celestial Venerable Yu, "It's just slightly different in using the reasoning. As long as the principles were understood, it isn't too difficult to learn."

Celestial Venerable Yu was tempted to try and he said, "I've understood it, can I give it a try?"

Qin Mu nodded.

Celestial Venerable Yu walked to the front of the copper wall and passed through the wall. He then walked back as well.

That old Daoist's eyes lighted up and he said with a smile, "This little brother has the root of wisdom..."

Qin Mu hurriedly pulled Celestial Venerable Yu away and they came to the other side of Dao Palace. Some of the Daoists were gathered and drafting a map on a huge circular platform.

Qin Mu moved forward to take a look and his expression changed drastically. He asked solemnly, "Senior brothers, are you guys drafting the sky map of the stars?"

"Your eyesight is not bad, you the disciple of which kingdom of gods?" one of the Daoists raised his head and asked.

Daoist Lin Xuan went forward and his expression changed drastically when he saw that formation. "The sky map that shroud Eternal Peace is made by Clear Sky Heaven?"

Those few Daoists were stunned.

The sky map that they were drafting was completely the same as the sky map in the sky of Eternal Peace Empire. The orbit of the stars in the formation diagram was exactly the same.

Qin Mu, Lin Xuan were all senior figures in Heaven Alliance and the reason why they established Heaven Alliance was to tear down the fake sky so the people of Eternal Peace could see the outside world.

Dao Master of Eternal Peace Dao Sect had never been able to cultivate the Fourteenth Writing of Dao Sword. He had exhausted his life for the Fourteenth Writing of Dao Sword and spent all his effort on deducing it.

Lin Xuan's master, the Old Dao Master, had only cultivated half of the move after spending his whole life studying it. The reason Old Dao Master had died in God Broken Mountain Range was also because he didn't manage to cultivate the fourteenth sword. If he had, he wouldn't have to die in battle.

It was because the astronomical phenomenon in the sky was fake, it had misled the past Dao masters and no matter how they calculated, the result would always be fake, that was why they couldn't cultivate the fourteenth writing!

It was also because of this sky map that Lin Xuan's Dao heart had also crumble and went crazy on the spot. Luckily for him, Qin Mu, Xu Shenghua and the rest were beside him and it was them who had encouraged him. That was how he had walked out of the shadow.

Now that he saw the sky map which the Daoists of Clear Sky Heaven were drafting, this caused his Dao heart to stir once again. His heart was filled with anger.

Incomparably intense anger!

Those few Daoists examined Qin Mu and Lin Xuan. One of the Daoists then said with a smile, "You mean that sky map above Primordial Realm? It is indeed drafted by my Dao Sect. My Dao Sect is drafting the sky map on the celestial heavens' orders to cover the sky of Primordial Realm. However, because they had created it in a hurry back then, many flaws have now appeared. We are planning to repair the sky map this time and patch the places that are lacking."

The other Daoist said, "The celestial heavens ordered Dao Sect to draft the sky map and so the seniors of our Dao Sect had designed a few misconceptions that have endless calculations for the sky map. If the people of Primordial Realm observed the astronomical phenomenon and tried to calculate the marvel of the courses in the astronomical phenomenon, they will sink into an endless calculation. Thus even though there are flaws in the sky map, these endless calculations can exhaust the intelligence of those outstanding talents, causing them to never find out that the astronomical phenomenon is fake. To be able to see that we are drafting the sky map, your attainments in algebra aren't shallow as well. Which kingdom of gods are you from?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan gritted his teeth and blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth.

"The guest from the celestial heavens this time said that the sky map is damaged and wants us to repair it. Once the repairs are complete, nobody will be able to see any flaw anymore." Those Daoists said with a smile.

Crunching sounds came from Dao Master Lin Xuan's teeth and he said emotionlessly, "Cult Master Qin, please return. This is the personal business of my Dao Sect."

Qin Mu took a glance at him and shook his head. "This isn't the personal business of Dao Sect, it is the official business of Heaven Alliance. Isn't the goal of Heaven Alliance at the start to tear apart this fake sky?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan spat out the blood and cracked teeth from his mouth and chuckled. "Sky map, sky map... The sky map that had destroyed my Dao Sect for twenty thousand years is actually made by our own Dao Sect! Master, master, are you seeing this from the heavens?"

He bawled and two streaks of blood flowed down his cheeks.


The Dao Sword before him unsheathed and the sword light rushed into the clouds.

Suddenly, Qin Mu placed his hand on his shoulder.

"The elder of Heaven Alliance isn't so bad at holding his temper back, right?" Qin Mu smiled warmly.

Dao Master Lin Xuan looked at his warm gaze and his furious Dao heart calmed down. He closed his eyes and after a moment, the sword qi that was rushing into the clouds returned back into the sheath.

Qin Mu turned around and looked at those bewildered Daoists. He revealed an innocent smile and asked, "May I know where is the emissary from the celestial heavens?"

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