Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 828 - To Kill People

Those few Daoists were subconsciously infected by his smile and weren't suspicious of him at all. They pointed to the top of Dao Palace and said, "The emissaries from the celestial heavens are right in Dao Palace, they have high positions so the sect master is receiving them personally."

Qin Mu hurriedly gave his thanks and looked at the formation diagram on the circular platform. His heart stirred and he said with a smile, "This formation diagram is only the formation for the courses of the astronomical phenomenon. The formation used for each of the astronomical phenomena for example, the sun, the moon, would definitely be even more complicated. The course of every star is different and the power in every star is also different, thus the formations would be different. Senior brothers have truly been working hard. Truth to be told, I am also rather skilled in algebra so I can help everyone solve some problems."

One of the Daoists shook his head. "The formation of the stars are already laid out, there's no need to redesign it. Now, we just need to calculate the sky map and patch the holes in it."

Another Daoist shook his head and said, "You didn't hear them clearly just now, the emissaries of the celestial heavens had planned for us to recreate the sky map and for us to incorporate the divine art of the astronomical phenomenon in as well."

"I see."

That Daoist said with a smile, "That's why those senior brothers of Dao Sanctuary are so hard working these few days and burying their heads in work. Turns out they are designing the formations of the sky map."

Another Daoist smiled and said, "I have asked the sect master and he said that we have to incorporate the divine art of the astronomical phenomenon into the sky so in case countries like Eternal Peace appears from today onwards or if anyone from the lower bound tries to rebel, there would be no need to ask the four deities for help. We can just activate the sky map to descend the disasters. Even though the celestial heavens doesn't look down on a small country like Eternal Peace and can't bother themselves with them, it is indeed troublesome if they have to go and clear them up time and time again. Recreating the sky map saves a lot of time."

"No wonder so many people have come from the celestial heavens this time, many of them seemed to be under the main gods of the various stars, they are their disciples."

"Not only that! The disciples of four deities are also here. They are all at Dao Sanctuary and guiding the senior and junior brothers on how to design the formation of the astronomical phenomenon!"

The corner of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. He held back the urge to pull out his sword and kill these Daoists.

'By incorporating the divine art of astronomical phenomenon into the sky map is truly evil! If the sky map is done, Eternal Peace will have no way to survive! Not only will Eternal Peace have no way to survive, but the eras from today onwards will also not have any power to rebel, they will not have any possibility of threatening the celestial heavens! The mastermind is the people from the celestial heavens, there's no use killing these Daoists.'

Qin Mu thought until here and asked, "Senior brothers, where is Dao Sanctuary?"

One of the old Daoists raised a finger and said, "Dao Sanctuary is in front of Dao Palace, the emissaries are in Dao Palace and the subordinates are in Dao Sanctuary."

Qin Mu gave his thanks and threw Dao Master Lin Xuan a glance. Both of them left this place. Dao Master Lin Xuan asked him, "Cult Master Qin, what are you planning?"

Qin Mu raised his head to look at Dao Sanctuary that was up the mountain. He said solemnly, "To kill people!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan was silent for a moment. "We have yet to meet the sect master of Clear Sky Sect, are you just going to kill people straightaway?"

Qin Mu frowned and asked, "You are still harboring any hopes for Clear Sky Sect Master?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan shook his head and said emotionlessly, "I originally had, but after seeing the sky map, I have no hopes anymore."

There's no greater sorrow than a dead heart. He had harbored the thoughts of meeting a fellow sect with the same principles but after seeing the sky map, his Dao heart was struck down heavily again.

Lin Xuan sorted out his feelings and said righteously, "If you kill the people from the celestial heavens, you won't live to walk out of Clear Sky Heaven."

"Once these people created the sky map, no matter if it's Eternal Peace or Primordial Realm, everyone's fate will be sealed. If we are in the hands of the celestial heavens, we would truly have no way out!"

Qin Mu said calmly, "Back then when we measure that the sky was a hundred thousand miles high and a thousand yards thick, we had established Heaven Alliance. Didn't Heaven Alliance exist for the sake of overthrowing this sky? The chance is right in front of us now! As for our safety, we can put that behind us for now, we will talk about safety after we settle what we need to do!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan was infected by his heroism and he revealed a smile. "Cult Master Qin, even though you and I are good friends, I always had some prejudice about you, I feel your conduct is eccentric, just like the conduct from those of the devil path. Even though I felt you are from the devil path, I don't know why but I just admire you very much. I even fantasize of me being able to do something like you can, to not be overcautious and think about the consequences."

Qin Mu laughed loudly, "Dao Master Lin, do you still have the struggle of righteous and devil?"

Lin Xuan said with a smile, "I have been receiving such teachings from young so it is hard for me to change completely. However, after meeting Cult Master Qin, I don't view what's called the righteous path and the devil path as important anymore. Even though I feel what Cult Master Qin does are eccentric, I can see you have the heart of a newborn. When I saw this, the difference between righteous and devil becomes even fainter. At many times, I am won over by your actions and how to handle matters."

Qin Mu praised and said, "Old Dao Master is truly wise to choose you as the next Dao Master."

"For Heavenly Devil Patriarch to choose you as Heavenly Saint Cult Master, he is then truly the wise one."

Both of them laughed loudly and scaled up the stone steps tp talk cheerfully and wittily.

They came to Dao Sanctuary unconsciously and there were layers and layer of palaces in Dao Sanctuary. Several old Daoists came out in a fluster and shouted, "Thief, thief! Green Goat Hall has been robbed, many treasures got stolen!"

Qin Mu stopped in his footsteps and stopped an old Daoist to ask, "Elder, has a thief came to Clear Sky Heaven?"

That old Daoist nodded his head, "I don't know what had happened but that thief seemed to have cultivated our art of passing through walls, the seals of Green Goat Hall were completely untouched but the treasures inside were all stolen! There are also a few Daoists that had their clothes stripped off and hung onto the trees. They were even tied up by their own Gold Dragon Rope so they can't break free! This thief has appeared among us, it's definitely a disciple of our sect!"

Qin Mu was stunned.

Suddenly, that old Daoist turned back and examined them before asking cautiously, "Your faces are unfamiliar, where are you from?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I'm Eternal Peace Overlord Body, Heavenly Saint Cult Master, Grand Chancellor of Eternal Peace Empire Heavenly Saint Academy, Qin Mu. This is Eternal Peace Empire Dao Sect's Dao Master, we heard that Clear Sky Sect was a branch of Dao Sect so we are here to visit."

That old Daoist looked at them from the left and right before circling twice around them. He sneered and said, "So you are the poor relatives from the countryside here to claim riches and honor. I guess you won't have the abilities as well."

Qin Mu smiled and kept quiet.

That old Daoist hurriedly left and Qin Mu was suddenly stunned. He touched his waist urgently and his expression changed drastically. He was about to chase after that old Daoist but that old Daoist was long gone!

Qin Mu stopped and the corners of his eyes twitched.

Dao Master Lin Xuan asked bewilderedly, "What happened, Cult Master Qin?"

"One of my taotie sack is missing."

Qin Mu's face turned green and he gritted his teeth. "It was stolen by that old Daoist earlier!"

Lin Xuan jumped in shock and he asked, "This kind of method isn't what a half-god of Primordial Realm could do. Instead, it seems like the work by an elder of Cult Master. However, that old Daoist didn't look like Cult Master Qin's elder... Wait a minute, I seemed to have lost something as well!"

Daoist Cha hurriedly touched his body and cried out in astonishment, "The fork in my Dao crown is missing!"

"My spirit pills are much lesser!" cried the dragon qilin sorrowfully as though he had lost his family.

The water qilin's expression changed and hurriedly flipped through his spirit pills but they were still there. Suddenly, he came to his senses. "Where's my master? He was still on my back, how did I lose him?"

Everyone hurriedly looked and Celestial Venerable Yu who was on the water qilin's back had vanished without a trace!

When did Celestial Venerable Yu vanish?

None of them actually noticed anything!

Everyone felt apprehensive.

Qin Mu took in a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He sneered and said, "When the old thief strikes, he never returns empty-handed! Since he is often a thief, he never shows anyone his true face, his art of changing appearance is superior, being able to shift his bones and change his face, changing his height and weight. In addition to the creation technique I had taught him, even if he transform into a woman and stand in front of me, I wouldn't be able to recognize him!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan had a queer expression and he coughed. "My Dao Sect is also frequent by this senior."

"How worrisome, he will be caught and have his legs broken sooner or later!"

Qin Mu couldn't hate him and just continued to walk to Dao Sanctuary. "This old thief has stolen throughout Eternal Peace and act like samaritans with Grandpa Blind daily as though they had turned into a new leaf! Now that Primordial Realm has broke out of the seal, he must be the happiest. No wonder I didn't meet him in the capital city earlier, Clear Sky Heaven must not be the first to have suffered from his lethal hands. This old thief must have stolen from god knows how many sacred grounds and heavens! That's right, what have you lost?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan's face turned black and he didn't say anything. However, looking from the queer way he was walking, his underwear must have been stolen by the old Daoist earlier so he didn't have the face to say.

Just as they entered Dao Sanctuary, a bunch of Daoists came running out and they cried out, "Have any of you seen those few old Daoists? After they came, our Dao Sanctuary seems to have lost a number of items, even the guests from the celestial heavens got robbed!"

Qin Mu raised a finger. "Those few Daoists ran over there!"

"Many thanks!"

The bunch of Daoists swarmed out, overflowing with killing intent. "Find those few old Daoists and break their legs first so they can't run!"

"Those few old Daoists are all senior uncles of Dao Palace, do we also have to break their legs?"

"Since they dared to stole from my Dao Sanctuary, they should have their legs broken!"


Soon, few people were left in Dao Sanctuary and only some oddly-looking half-gods were left. They were currently looking at them.

Qin Mu turned around and got the dragon qilin and the water qilin to keep a lookout outside Dao Sanctuary while he closed the gate to Dao Sanctuary. He smiled at these half-gods and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am Qin Mu, one of the three heroes in Eternal Peace's reform, I'm also known as Eternal Peace Overlord Body, Heavenly Saint Cult Master. This person beside me is Dao Master Lin Xuan of Eternal Peace Dao Sect. Have any of you heard about our titles?"

Those half-gods had the image of various ancient star gods. Saturn Sovereign's disciples had human heads and snake bodies. Mars Sovereign's disciples have bull heads and human bodies. Great Sun Sovereign's disciples had bird heads and three legs. They were all different and rarely would they have a complete human form.

These half-gods swept their gaze over Qin Mu and Dao Master Lin Xuan. The half-god with a wolf head and human body should be the disciple of Wood Wolf of Kui Star Sovereign, and he said nonchalantly, "Eternal Peace Overlord Body Qin? I've never heard of you before."

In the remaining taotie sack on Qin Mu, his sword pellet slowly rose up and he grasped it gently. The sword pellet transformed into a horsetail whisk in his hand and he had a face that was full of smiles. "Everyone here is about to hear of me, but it shall also be the last time you will hear of me."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Dao Master Lin Xuan threw away his horsetail whisk and pulled out his sword. Sword light scattered out and it was instantly the Fourteenth Writing of Dao Sword!

Dao Nourishes the Earth of All Heavens, Giving Birth to all Laws and the Whole World will Return to One!

At the same time, the sword pellet in Qin Mu's hand expanded in the wind. Threads of horsetail whisk stretched out furiously and the fine swords were like slender dragons that instantly became dozens of miles long. They pierced through every single corridor and palace inside of Dao Sanctuary!

With the hair of the horsetail as swords, every thread was executing a different sword skill!

Since Daoist Cha had lost his military fork, he could only help them suppressed the situation.

In Dao Sanctuary, angry roars rang out non-stop and apparitions of stars and constellation rose into the sky above Dao Sanctuary. Just as they rose up and transformed into a galaxy, a magnetic force burst forth and pulled the galaxy down from the sky to smash ruthlessly onto the ground. None of them could actually escape from Dao Sanctuary!

After a moment, everything was calm again.

Qin Mu opened up the gate of Dao Sanctuary and he walked out with Lin Xuan behind him. Daoist Cha followed behind both of them and turned around to close the gate. From the gaps of the gate, fresh blood slowly poured out.

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