Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 829 - Putting an End to the Awe-Inspiring Authority

Cloud Sky Heaven's Dao Palace was in chaos. Numerous Daoists were flying in the sky while some were running on the ground to look for the thieves. When the incident of the Dao Sanctuary being robbed came to light, the other sanctuaries and palaces realized that it wasn't only the Dao Sanctuary that was robbed. They had all been plundered.

However, those thieves were truly crafty. Even after the treasure vaults were swiped clean, no one had actually noticed anything. It was only after the treasures on these Daoists got stolen that it raised some attention.

Even the Dao Palace was robbed. Numerous old Daoists hurriedly ran to the treasure vault, and over a dozen Daoists on the god realm stayed guard outside while the rest opened up the seal. They poured into the vault to see if any treasures were missing.

Dao Master Lin Xuan saw the chaotic sight of the Clear Sky Sect, and he said with a smile, "Cult Master Qin, when your elder came to my Dao Sect, it was also this chaotic. Every time he came, the senior uncles of my Dao Sect would search the entire mountain for traces of him. They even raised a few divine hounds to deal with him specifically."

Qin Mu's head started to ache, and he said helplessly, "In the past when Grandpa Cripple's cultivation wasn't high, you guys could still take him down. Now that he has cultivated to the god realm and cultivated creation techniques, he can even hide his own body odor. It would be rather impossible to take him down now."

Both of them acted like everything had nothing to do with them as they continued to climb up the mountain. It was as if the death of the star gods' disciples had nothing to do with them.

Some Daoists hurriedly flew down from the sky to borrow a few divine hounds, divine mastiffs, and divine rats from the kingdoms of gods under their jurisdiction. They also invited some constables and searched around.

Qin Mu and Dao Master Lin Xuan chatted one minute and became quiet the next as they walked up the mountain at a leisurely pace. Daoist Cha, the dragon qilin, and the water qilin followed them. Some Daoists stopped them and let them go after some questioning.

"Will Lan Yutian be fine?" Dao Master Lin Xuan asked.

"Not a big problem."

Even though that was what Qin Mu said, his head was about to explode. "Brother Yu doesn't have any memory of the past, so he is like a piece of blank paper now. The most beautiful painting can be painted, but doodles can also mess everything up. I am very worried that he will pick up the bad habit of pilfering."

"Can pilfering cause such a huge commotion?" Dao Master Lin Xuan asked with a smile.

"Grandpa Cripple's rule is that a thief never walks away empty-handed."

Qin Mu said seriously, "As long as he makes a move, he has to steal the best item. After stealing from all of us, he realized there was nothing of value on Lan Yutian's body, and thus he took him away. I'm not worried about Brother Yu's safety, I'm just worried that he will be corrupted by bad examples."

"Thief God should have brought Lan Yutian to escape Clear Sky Heaven already, am I right?"

"Escape? Impossible. Grandpa Cripple is a person who loves noise and excitement. He is definitely still in the Dao Palace now and has changed his appearance, following those Daoists to search for traces of the thieves."

Both of them finally came to the Dao Palace, which was at the peak of the mountain. It was as though the Dao Palace was facing a dangerous enemy, as numerous Daoists walked in and out. They executed all kinds of treasures, such as mirrors to shine everywhere, as they searched for traces of the thieving old Daoists.

A young Daoist hurried out of the palace and was stunned when he met Qin Mu and Dao Master Lin Xuan. He lowered his voice and asked, "Why have you guys come up the mountain? I just told the sect master that you have come to visit, but the Dao Palace has been robbed, so the sect master has no time to meet you guys."

That Daoist was none other than Yu Chen.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned, and he said loudly, "Eternal Peace Overlord Body Qin and Eternal Peace Dao Sect Dao Master Lin Xuan are here to pay our respects to Clear Sky Sect Master and the emissaries of the celestial heavens! Clear Sky Sect Master, you are merely a branch of the Dao Sect, so why aren't you coming out to welcome us?"

His voice was loud as it rushed up from the bottom of the mountain to explode in the air of Clear Sky Heaven. His voice spread throughout the Clear Sky Dao Palace and the twenty-four halls!

The Daoists that were searching for the thieving old Daoists couldn't help stopping when they heard this voice, and they all looked over. The atmosphere became incomparably heavy in a split second.

Daoist Yu Chen's expression changed slightly.

Dao Master Lin Xuan looked down at his heart, and he was unfazed. He had already expected Qin Mu to act this way, so he said leisurely, "Cult Master Qin is the Eternal Peace Overlord Body that's unmatched for eternity. Now that you have put out your name, there will probably be many people in the Dao Palace that want to kill you."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "There are many people that want to kill me in the world, yet I'm still alive. Even though I have the title of Overlord Body, I have still fought my way out for this title, it's not just adulation. You shouldn't worry about me, you should worry about yourself. By calling Clear Sky Sect a branch of the Dao Sect, would Clear Sky Heaven still leave you be?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan waved his horsetail whisk and laughed.

Daoist Yu Chen frowned, and he shouted softly, "Neither of you knows your place! I saw that we are from the same sect, which is why I let you up the mountain. You guys could have come up quietly, and the sect master would meet you quietly, giving you some benefits and letting you go down. Now that you have put out your name, would the emissaries of the celestial heavens still tolerate you?"

Just as he said that, an old voice came from Dao Palace. "Yu Chen'zi, invite the little friend from Eternal Peace Dao Sect and Overlord Body Qin in."

Daoist Yu Chen was helpless, and he could only bow in acknowledgment. "Follow me. You guys are in trouble, it's hard to say if you can even leave alive..."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Senior Brother Yu Chen, we are also not the poor relatives that are coming up for money. Who cares about the emissaries of the celestial heavens? Didn't Prince Qiu Ming of the celestial heavens also get killed by me? Senior brother had extremely high knowledge and vast horizons when you were at Deer County, so why have you become so unbearable when you are back in the Dao Sect?"

Daoist Yu Chen frowned and led them into the Dao Palace. He shook his head and said, "You guys don't know the immensity of heaven and earth."

Both of them smiled faintly and walked into the Dao Palace under everyone's gazes.

In the Dao Palace, the palace hall was extremely vast, having a radius of three hundred yards. However, the strange thing was that there was no roof above. This Dao Palace had an open roof, and there was sunlight shining down.

Qin Mu looked in detail and saw that because there was no roof, the light from the sun, moon, and stars could shine down. Furthermore, space here seemed to be rather strange. Once the sun passed by, the rays of the moon would shine here, forever illuminating the Dao Palace.

And for the man-made stars and galaxy in the sky, after the light was gathered, they looked much bigger from here than anywhere else. He could even rely on his naked eye to see the vein lines and palaces on the stars without any divine art.

The stars were bright and colorful, making it a very wonderful sight.

At this moment, in the main hall of the Dao Palace, there were already dozens of old Daoists sitting on praying mats and floating in the air. They had all kinds of auspicious qi lingering around them.

Those old Daoists looked old, and it wasn't known how long they had lived for. Their long brows and long hair were snow-white, and they sat there motionless. They opened their blurry eyes and had a serene expression.

Even though their eyes were blurry, terrifying light would burst forth from their eyes from time to time. It was evident that their cultivation was immeasurably deep.

There were also some Daoists that looked much younger, but it was only in comparison to the old Daoists. These Daoists weren't young, and they all had white hair. Even their clothes were turning white from washing too much. Some had tattered Dao robes, and some of their shoes were already torn, revealing several toes.

Qin Mu looked around, and he noticed a few people that wore fresher clothes.

One of them was a middle-aged man that wore a yellow colored Dao crown with a purple cord on a seal around his body. There was a horsetail whisk in his hand and a sword on his waist. He must be the sect master of Clear Sky Heaven.

The others should be the guests from the celestial heavens, and they were all very young. Most of them were youths that had delicate facial features, and they were looking curiously at Qin Mu and Dao Master Lin Xuan who were walking in.

The strange thing was that Clear Sky Sect Master wasn't sitting at the highest position. He was sitting one level below them, which showed that his position was slightly lower than those youths.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Those youths also weren't sitting in the highest position. On the highest position was the god statue of Dao Ancestor. It should be a wooden sculpture that was from a very long time ago.

That sculpture was about thirty yards tall, and it was a sloppy Daoist that had a horsetail whisk on his back. There was a strange compass in his hand as he bowed with the compass stretched forward. The gaze of the sloppy Daoist was on the compass.

The wooden sculpture was remarkably true to life and was very vivid.

'It's indeed him.'

Qin Mu revealed a smile. This sloppy Daoist was that Daoist that he had met in the Jade Pool Meeting. The one that had attended the meeting with the young Brahma Buddha.

Back then, the Daoist didn't do anything at all and just research his algebra daily while Brahma went around begging for spirit pills, relying on his spirit pills to keep both of them alive. Moreover, Brahma had quite the temper and was insistent on not taking more than the spirit pills he had begged for. He said that it would spoil his cultivation.

"The Dao Sect of the lower bound was established by the exiled disciples of the Dao Sect. They once assisted Founding Emperor during Founding Emperor Era and did things that are rebellious, so they are actually guilty."

The position of Clear Sky Sect Master was very high, and he looked at Lin Xuan and Daoist Cha from high above. He explained the origin of Eternal Peace's Dao Sect and said at a steady pace, "On the other hand, my Clear Sky Heaven is also called Clear Sky Sect. It was established by the disciples taught personally by Dao Master when they came to reside here. Back then, after Founding Emperor's rebellion, Clear Sky Heaven lay hidden in the heavens of the Primordial Realm and sealed the sky of Eternal Peace on orders. With the rules of the celestial heavens, Eternal Peace's Dao Sect was to be eradicated, but it was me who pleaded with the celestial heavens to spare you guys. Little Friend Lin, you just said that my Clear Sky Heaven is a branch of your Dao Sect, now do you know the whole story?"

One of the old Daoists beside him sneered and said, "Little Friend Lin, aren't you going to pay your respects to Sect Master?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan bowed and greeted Clear Sky Sect Master, "Senior brother."

All of the Daoists frowned, and they shouted, "Absolutely disgraceful! Why aren't you kneeling down?"

Lin Xuan greeted, and his greeting was a greeting to another person of the same seniority. According to the rules, it should be the greeting of a junior to a senior, kneeling three times and kowtowing nine times!

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Since you are both from the Dao Sect, for him to kneel and worship, can you take the greeting when you aren't even Dao Ancestor?"

"I have the three treasures that Dao Ancestor handed down. The horsetail whisk, the Dao shoes, and the Dao crown that represents Dao Ancestor, so naturally I can take Little Friend Lin's kneel and worship."

Clear Sky Sect Master had a snow-white gaze as he looked at Qin Mu. "Eternal Peace's Heavenly Saint Cult Master, also known as Overlord Body Qin Mu. Little Friend Lin is of the same sect, and I also acknowledge him as a junior brother, so he doesn't need to kneel. But why are you not paying your respects to me?"

Qin Mu was speechless, and he burst out into laughter. "Let's not say how you can't take my worship. Even if Dao Ancestor comes here personally, he also can't take my worship. If I worship you, your lifespan will be reduced."

Clear Sky Sect Master waved his horsetail whisk and said leisurely, "Eternal Peace, merely a small country. Any one of the twenty-four kingdoms of gods under my Clear Sky Heaven is no smaller than Eternal Peace Empire. You are merely the cult master of a small sect in a small country, I can take your worship."

He gave a faint smile and said, "Behind me are the emissaries of the celestial heavens. They represent the celestial heavens and symbolize the authority of Celestial Emperor, they also can take your worship. Overlord Body Qin, you can kneel and worship now."

Those few youths from the celestial heavens sat on their thrones and looked at Qin Mu with much interest.

Qin Mu laughed loudly and shook his head. "Since Sect Master wants me to worship, I should worship Dao Ancestor first. Little brats of the celestial heavens, fall back, don't block Dao Ancestor!"

Clear Sky Sect Master frowned and left his throne.

Those few youths from the celestial heavens also gave off soft laughter and left their seats.

Qin Mu walked forward and raised his head to look at the wooden sculpture of the sloppy Daoist. He said with a smile, "Old Daoist, Mu has come to visit you. Your disciples have asked me to worship you. I going to kneel down right now!"

Just as he lifted the corner of his clothes, that wooden sculpture of Dao Ancestor suddenly exploded into pieces with a loud bang!

All of the old Daoists in the Dao Palace jumped in shock. After seeing the wooden sculpture of Dao Ancestor split apart, Dao flames suddenly burst out and burned the sculpture into ashes!

Qin Mu laughed loudly and didn't kneel down. He turned around to face Clear Sky Sect Master and said loudly, "Old Daoist, your disciples want me to worship your Dao crown, Dao shoes, and horsetail whisk, to worship these three treasures means that I'm worshipping you. In that case, here's my worship!"

The moment he tried to kneel down, the Dao crown on Clear Sky Sect Master's head suddenly exploded with a pop. The horsetail whisk in his hands suddenly burst into flames, and the Dao shoes on his feet instantly turned into ashes!

Qin Mu straightened his back and looked at the helpless Clear Sky Sect Master. He said with a smile that was yet not a smile, "Sect Master, now you know you can't take my worship. Even Dao Ancestor can't take my worship. Take back your awe-inspiring authority."

Clear Sky Sect Master's hair was messy, and he threw away the horsetail whisk that had turned into ashes. He stood there barefoot, not knowing what to do.

The other old Daoists were astonished, and they were also at a loss. 'Is the overlord body that powerful? Even Dao Ancestor doesn't dare to take his worship?'

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