Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 83 - The Ultimate Armaments

"I can really study numerous powerful divine arts in these sculptures!"

In the last few days, Qin Mu hovered around the dragon pillars and the temples in Border Dragon City. During nighttime, he would either sleep in the temple or on top of the dragon pillar. When he woke up, he would observe and analyze the marvel of the sculptures in a trance.

Using Heaven's Eyes to examine these sculptures. He analyzed the sculpture's three graces which were the shape, aura, spirit and pondered over the sculpture's three states which were the essence, power, intensity. In his eyes, these divine statues were not statues but instead had different kinds of vital qi directions which possessed both a material form and an internal spirit. They had an extraordinary vigor, to concentrate qi into essence, circulate qi into intensity and form qi into power.

He was still a martial arts practitioner and had yet to touch divine arts. However, his brain was already thinking of creating divine arts by following the methods used by the divine being to sculpt the divine statues.

Qin Mu was observing the sculpture of a goddess stepping on the river. His vital qi started to circulate actively and with a sudden whoosh, his vital qi transformed into flowing water and surged out from his hands, like a river with waves churning and water surging. Every slam of his palm had the sound of waves surging and as his palms alternated at his waist!

The power of Qin Mu's palm grew stronger and suddenly with one smash, his vital qi transformed into a surging river and burst forth twelve yards, shattering a huge rock in front of the temple into pieces!

This attack of his wasn't a divine art and was more like a spell but not a spell. It was similar to battle techniques but it wasn't battle technique. It was very strange.

"Excuse me."

Qin Mu bowed to the sculpture of the goddess stepping on the river before retreating out from the temple and went to the ancient temple next door.

In the ancient temple was a divine statue of a human's face with the claws of a tiger while stepping on two dragons. Qin Mu sat in front to observe this divine statue and analyze.

As three to five days passed by muddle-headedly, Qin Mu managed to grasp the three graces and the three states of the statue and his vital qi involuntarily circulated accordingly to what he was seeing. Suddenly, a radiant gold light appeared on his body and every movement he made sounded like metals colliding with each other!

His form was similar to the divine statue. Suddenly, a total of seven golden and dazzling disks appeared around him. The edge of the disks was razor sharp and had a weaker glow, while the golden color in the middle of the disks was the most intense.

Qin Mu's body moved and used Secrets Of Sword Clutch, making the disks move as well. As the vital qi circulated, the glow in the heart of the disk grew brighter. Suddenly, Qin Mu pointed his sword to stab forward and golden lights came out from the seven disks. The golden lights were very fine and were like extremely thin swords made from golden threads.

Chi chi chi—

Seven fine swords that were like golden threads flew out in a flash and stabbed the place where his sword had pointed.

Qin Mu kept his hand back and saw sword holes that had appeared on the ground.

"It's still not as powerful as Old Ma's fist skill… Eh, something's wrong, when did my vital qi become White Tiger Vital Qi?

Qin Mu suddenly came to the realization and was pondering over it when something strange burst out suddenly in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. His spirit embryo took a deep breath and instantly absorbed all of the remaining golden light in the golden sea!

Qin Mu suddenly felt the heart of his brows getting emptied out, his mind turning blank and giddy. When he regained consciousness, he discovered his Spirit Embryo had fallen asleep again.

"Wait, Village Chief clearly said the three elixirs of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique meant that the spirit embryo would awaken three times. Why does my spirit embryo showing signs of a fourth awakening?"

Qin Mu was a little bewildered. With the spirit embryo in deep sleep, he was only left with half of his cultivation, making it was slightly strenuous for him to continue maintaining his Heaven's Eyes. Therefore he left the ancient temple at once.

"Young Master, Patriarch has sent a letter to you."

Just as he walked out from the temple, he saw an elder in green bowed and stood outside, he was not sure how long he had been there. The elder in green immediately came up and took out a letter from his sleeve, "May Young Master read it personally."

"Devil Cult Patriarch has a letter for me?"

Qin Mu temporarily let go of the fact that his spirit embryo was having a fourth awakening. Receiving the letter, the elder in green immediately fell back as Qin Mu opened up the letter, "To Young Cult Master, it's been three years ever since the goodbye at Surging River. As one grows old they become more aware of their lifespan. I'm already old and looking at my lifespan, only seven years are left. I hope I can meet Young Cult Master again in my living days and witness your ascension."

Qin Mu closed the letter. The message meant that Devil Cult Patriarch only has seven more years to live and wanted to meet him again while he is still alive, officially making Qin Mu the Cult Master.

"Ling Yuxiu wants me to find her at Eternal Peace's capital city and Devil Cult Patriarch also wants me to meet him. It's time for me to decide whether to stay or to leave."

Qin Mu composed himself. Does he want to leave Great Ruins, leave Disabled Elderly Village and leave this family that had raised him?

He summoned the elder in green over and said, "Pass my reply to Patriarch, in a few days time I will leave Great Ruins and go meet him."

The elder in green acknowledged and turned to leave.

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and came to City Lord's Manor. At this moment, the sky was turning dark and in City Lord's Manor, Village Chief and the rest were gathered together. These elderly were all wearing the new clothes that Qin Mu had personally sewn for them. Qin Mu had bought a lot of silk in the city and was making clothes for the first time. The clothes were actually quite fitting just that the fabric Qin Mu chose was slightly garish, therefore as the elderly wore their new clothes, they were all like old and rich landlords who looked bright and pretty.

However, this was Qin Mu's kind intention, thus the old men were all very happy.

"Mu'er, Village Chief has come out from cultivation and is ready to bring you to Dark Realm in the darkness to search for your birthplace."

Apothecary waved him over and smiled, "You'll leave tonight!"

Qin Mu's heart pounded violently in excitement and threw the thoughts he had to the back of his head before hesitating for a moment, "There are numerous dangers in the darkness, Grandpa Village Chief…"

"No worries."

Village Chief gave a warm smile, "My old bones can still handle that. Mu'er, this time we are entering the darkness, therefore, you are not to leave my side. Granny, pass the Great Education Heavenly Devil Scriptures to him for protection."

Granny Si took out a ball of thread from the little basket and gave a flick. A strand of thread flew over to Qin Mu and weaved around Qin Mu's hand, forming a glove in the short while.

Qin Mu gently gripped his hand and was astonished. He couldn't feel that he was wearing a glove.

Village Chief ordered again, "Cripple, take your Emperor's Disk over and let him wear it."

Cripple took down a jade disk from his neck. This jade disk was like a pendant yet not a pendant. It was as big as a palm and had strange writings on it that were continuously flowing and changing.

Cripple put the jade disk on Qin Mu's neck with a pained expression, "Mu'er, be absolutely careful not to lose it. This is what Grandpa Cripple got in exchange for my leg! The Emperor's Disk is worth one of my leg!"

Village Chief assured, "Don't worry, the Emperor's Disk won't be lost. Mu'er, take off your clothes."

Qin Mu didn't understand the meaning of it and took off his shirt, revealing his toned body.

Village Chief gave a cough, "Take off everything and don't wear any clothes."

Granny Si turned over and Qin Mu took off all his clothes, leaving the glove on his hand.

Apothecary took out a fat worm with an aching heart, "This cup of blood is the precious blood of a poison dragon. It wasn't easy for me to get this…"

The fat worm was squeezed by him and a small cup of blood was filled.

Deaf came forward and took out his brush. Dipping the brush in blood, he started drawing on Qin Mu's back. What he drew was one of the four statues in Disabled Elderly Village, the tortoiseshell elder that had a huge snake coiled around his body.

When the dragon blood was used up, Deaf finally finished drawing the huge snake all around Qin Mu's body. The last drop of dragon blood was forced out by him on the last stroke, making the brush clean, "Mu'er, you can wear back your clothes."

Village Chief continued, "Mute."

Mute the Blacksmith came forward and his body tremored. Blazing flames emanated out from his body and formed a huge great furnace. The flames in the furnace seemed to have gods and devils hidden inside.

Mute raised his hand and gave a hard push, making the great furnace flew to Qin Mu instantly.

Qin Mu didn't feel any heat when his body contacted the great furnace that looked incomparably astonishing. The great furnace became smaller and smaller before finally vanishing into his body.

Village Chief continued, "Old Ma."

Old Ma came forward and the Buddha voice suddenly boomed out. With rays of light shining ten thousand fathoms, the dense vital qi behind him formed a great Buddha that had ten thousand fine rays at the back of his head.


This Rulai strode over, becoming smaller and smaller before disappearing into the heart of Qin Mu's brows, vanishing without a trace.

"Blind, it's your turn." Village Chief said again.

Blind lifted up his bamboo cane and tapped it on Qin Mu's heart, giving a low shout, "Eyes awaken!"

Qin Mu's body trembled violently and felt boundless vital qi rushing from his heart to both his eyes. With a few thrums, nine pupil rings instantly appeared in his eyes!

Heaven's Eyes, Green Heaven's Eyes, Cyan Heaven's Eyes, Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes, Bright Heaven's Eyes, Jade Heaven's Eyes, White Heaven's Eyes, Violet Heaven's Eyes, Fire Heaven's Eyes. The nine heavens of god eyes opened up one after another!

Qin Mu instantly felt that the world in his eyes was deconstructed layer after layer and reconstructed layer after layer. It was as if his eyes could see through everything.

This was Blind using his own cultivation to help him awaken his eyes. Even though it wasn't Qin Mu who awakened these eyes personally, the effects of the nine heavens of god eyes were not any weaker.

The world he was seeing now was completely different from what he normally sees. This was the world under the state of god eyes!

Village Chief's body floated up and hovered three feet off the ground. He then smiled, "Now this should be enough. Mu'er, follow me, we shall go visit Dark Realm."

Granny Si opened her mouth wanting to say something but she didn't stop them from going, "Mu'er, be careful. If you meet any danger, just abandon Village Chief that damned old man and run back on your own."

Village Chief was brimming with confidence as he brought QIn Mu and floated out of the City, laughing loudly, "Don't worry Granny Si, I'll definitely bring him back safe and sound!"

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