Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 830 - Who is Coming to Die

It was silent in Dao Palace.

Those few emissaries from the celestial heavens also frowned. They have heard about the overlord body when other people were gossiping that in a small place called Eternal Peace of the lower bound, there was an Eternal Peace Overlord Body that was said to be unmatched throughout the ages.

When the gods in the celestial heavens talked about this, they were all laughing and saying how a person from a small place was bragging all the way to the celestial heavens. Most of them only treated it as small talk and no one ever discussed it seriously.

When they heard Qin Mu calling himself the overlord body just now, they almost burst out into laughter. Yet Dao Ancestor's reaction was completely out of their expectation.

Dao Ancestor would rather destroy his statue and not take Qin Mu's worship. It looked like this overlord body wasn't as simple as what the gods of the celestial heavens had thought.

Suddenly, one of the youngest youth among the emissaries clapped his hands and laugh loudly. The clapping sounds woke everyone up from their daze.

That young Daoist said with a smile, "Fantastic, truly fantastic! Eternal Peace Overlord Body actually dares to destroy the god statue of Dao Ancestor and even destroy the three sect treasures in front of Sect Master, as expected of the overlord body!"

Everyone came to a realization and an old Daoist raised his finger to point at Qin Mu. He shouted. "You rascal, you destroy Dao Ancestor's statue of our Clear Sky Heaven and even use some dark techniques to shatter the three treasures of our Dao Sect! Our Dao Sect and you cannot exist together!"

The other Daoists were about to berate when Clear Sky Sect Master shouted fiercely, "Shut up—"

Silence fell upon Dao Palace once again.

Clear Sky Sect Master looked wretched and other than shock in his heart, it was still shock. He had not an ounce of anger at all.

That was because he didn't dare.

He had thought much further ahead than the other Daoists.

Even though Qin Mu's cultivation was not weak and was considered a top-notch practitioner below the god realm, he couldn't destroy Dao Ancestor's god statue. He also couldn't destroy the three treasures.

The three treasures of Clear Sky Sect was Dao Ancestor's treasure. Dao Ancestor was an existence of Emperor's Throne Realm and even though his three treasures were all things that were used daily, things that were used daily by a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne realm was not ordinary. It was impossible for Qin Mu to use any peculiar divine arts to destroy these three treasures.

Furthermore, if Qin Mu made a move, he wouldn't have been able to deceive the eyes of the experts on board.

What destroyed the three treasures was the three treasures themselves.

These three treasures had actually destroyed themselves!

It was the same for Dao Ancestor's god statue as well.

This also meant that Dao Ancestor affirmed that he wasn't worthy of Qin Mu's worship, that was why he destroyed his god statue and the three treasures!

"Salute!" Clear Sky Sect Master suddenly said.

Numerous Daoists in Dao Palace were stunned. However, since Sect Master has given the order so they couldn't go against it. They could only get up and form two lines to bow towards Qin Mu.

Qin Mu took a glance at those emissaries from the celestial heavens and the youngest youth that had spoken earlier frowned. He whispered something to the other youths beside him and Qin Mu didn't know what they were talking about.

'Looks like the youngest one is then their leader."

Qin Mu looked and he waved his hand. "Please rise. Where is my seat?"

Clear Sky Sect Master hesitated for a moment and ordered someone to fetch a seat. He placed the seat in front of the burning god statue and the position was even higher than the emissaries from the celestial heavens.

Qin Mu sat down and looked around him with a smile. "Dao Master Lin Xuan is a Dao friend on the same seniority as me, he needs to have a seat as well.

Clear Sky Sect Master frowned and ordered someone to fetch another chair over.

Dao Master Lin Xuan sat beside Qin Mu and Qin Mu said with a smile, "Everyone, please take a seat."

Clear Sky Sect Master bowed and gave his thanks before leading a bunch of Daoists to sit down respectively.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and thought to himself. 'Looks like Dao Ancestor is still alive and not yet dead. I just don't know if he is in the hands of the extraterritorial celestial heavens or if he is in the hands of the ancient god that's already dead. I really can't understand this old Daoist...'

He didn't know if Dao Ancestor would still look back on the friendship of the past.

During Dragon Han Era, he had given Dao Ancestor and Brahma Buddha some guidance and left behind a friendship. When Celestial Venerable Yu had died, it was Qin Mu who had imparted the techniques and taught everyone the path of immortality. Dao Ancestor was also one of the people that had listened.

However, whether or not this kind of friendship could withstand the corrosion of benefits and time, Qin Mu wasn't sure at all. Luckily, Dao Ancestor didn't dare to take his worship so he didn't get surrounded by Clear Sky Sect.

Qin Mu looked at those few emissaries and he smiled. "Dao friends from the extraterritorial celestial heavens, please take a seat."

Those youths frowned and the youngest Daoist said with a smile, "No need to worry, let us take a sit first. In front of me, he can't do much."

Just as they sat down, those few Daoists sprinted over here in a hurry with a flustered expression. Before he even reached here, they cried out loudly, "Bad news! The disciples of the star gods have all died in Dao Sanctuary!"


An uproar burst out in Dao Palace. The old Daoists that had just sat down got up again and they revealed looks of astonishment. The few emissaries of the celestial heavens were also furious and astonished. They slammed the table and shouted angrily.

Clear Sky Sect Master got up and gripped his fists. Veins popped out on his forehead and his back was covered in cold sweat.

That young Daoist from the celestial heavens continued to sit on the throne and asked coldly, "Fu Yuntian, what is going on? The disciples of the star gods dying in Clear Sky Heaven, how should you be dealt with?"

Beads of cold sweat rolled down Clear Sky Sect Master's forehead and he bowed. "Emissary, please calm down. This disciple isn't clear with his words, let me get to the bottom of this!"

With a hoarse voice, he stretched his hand out to grabbed those few Daoists and asked fiercely, "The disciples of the star gods have died in Dao Sanctuary, is this true or false? Has everyone died? Is there anyone that had escaped? What are the people in Dao Sanctuary doing, how did they let the murderer get his way there? Where are there?"

His heart was flustered and rambled on continuously like a barrage of gunfire. He made those young Daoists unable to reply him in time.

Only then did Clear Sky Sect Master came back to his senses and hurriedly put them down. He slowed down and said calmly, "Since it has already happened, tell us slowly and clearly."

One of the Daoists hurriedly explained, "Sect Master, a few senior uncles had come to Dao Sanctuary at first and one of them was Senior Uncle Tian Hong. He walked a round in Dao Sanctuary and told us that Green Goat Palace had been robbed and cleaned out by the thieves. They had come over to check if the thieves had infiltrated into Dao Sanctuary."

Clear Sky Sect Master nodded his head and said, "They were sent over by me to inform you guys, they are elders of Dao Palace."

Dao Palace was where the elders of Clear Sky Heaven resided in and Dao Sanctuary was the place to research the paths, skills and divine arts. Dao Sanctuary was mostly filled with young disciples that had nimble thoughts and fast reactions.

That Daoist took a glance at him and said carefully, "After that, our Dao Sanctuary got robbed. It was done by Senior Uncle Tian Hong among those few senior uncles that Sect Master has sent to inform us. First, a senior brother realized his treasure was missing, then everyone realized they got robbed as well. Their best treasures that they used daily were stolen without any of them knowing, thus everyone rushed out to find those few senior uncles."

Clear Sky Sect Master frowned and said, "Everyone went out?"

That Daoist hurriedly said, "The disciples of the star god had stayed behind to draft the formation diagram of the constellations. They weren't robbed. When we came out, we realized that all the palace had got robbed. Twenty-four halls, twelve sanctuaries, they were all stolen from. We searched around and found Senior Uncle Tian Hong who got stripped of his clothes and thrown into the treasure vault of Dharma Hall. Smelly socks and underwear were even stuffed in his mouth and his primordial spirit was sealed. That thief disguised himself as Senior Uncle Tian Hong to rob our Clear Sky Heaven. We sealed Clear Sky Heaven and planned to find this thief when we walked passed Dao Sanctuary and flowing out from the gap. We opened up the door and saw that the senior brothers from the celestial heavens all dead inside..."

Clear Sky Sect Master gritted his teeth and said coldly, "Luring the enemies away from their territory! This thief lured you guys away so he could lay his hands on the emissaries of the celestial heavens! Have you found the thief?"

"Not yet. When we hurried over earlier, we heard someone had sealed Senior Aunt Yu Xiao's primordial spirit and stuffed underwear in her mouth. She was buried and had rice straw over her head..."

Clear Sky Sect Master finally couldn't hold back his anger and was about blow up when Qin Mu gave a cough. He said calmly and indifferently, "Sect Master, your Clear Sky Heaven has indeed been robbed. Even we had our stuff stolen. However. it wasn't the thief that had killed the disciples of the star gods, it was that me and Daoist Lin Xuan that had done it."

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Clear Sky Sect Master's mind was blown and everything in front of his eyes turned black. He stumbled slightly.

Qin Mu sat on the throne and his finger gently tapped on the dragon head armrest on the throne. He said indifferently, "I'm here as a guest and Dao Master Lin is here to visit his relatives. We shouldn't have taken our own initiative to kill in the host's house. However, the guests of the host were trying to plot against Eternal Peace and refine some kind of sky map to destroy Eternal Peace. Since they are hostile to us, in that case, we can only make a move. We are upright people that don't do any shady stuff, since we have killed those dogs of the celestial heavens, we naturally have to inform Sect Master."

Clear Sky Sect Master's mind was in a mess and the other Daoists were all at a loss. They just looked at him with blank expressions and waited for him to speak.

That young Daoist from the celestial heavens suddenly stood up and said coldly, "Fu Yuntian, the disciples of the star gods have died in Clear Sky Heaven. You can't handle the responsibility for this crime. Now that you know the murderer is right in front of us, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for Clear Sky Heaven to be wiped out?"

Clear Sky Sect Master gripped his hands and turned to look at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu said indifferently, "Dao Ancestor hasn't said anything yet, is Sect Master going to take matters into your own hands? Why aren't you asking Dao Ancestor?"

That young Daoist turned around to look at Qin Mu and he chuckled. "Dao Ancestor's god statue got destroyed by you, how is he supposed to contact Dao Ancestor? Overlord Body Qin Mu, you have first destroyed the god statue of Dao Ancestor before destroying his three treasures, now you have also killed the disciples of the three-hundred and sixty star gods and is trying to pin the blame on Clear Sky Heaven, destroying the philosophy of Dao Ancestor. You are harboring unfathomable motives and deserve to die!"

Qin Mu laughed and said leisurely, "Sect Master should still have other methods to contact Dao Ancestor, am I right? Aren't you going to do it?"

Clear Sky Sect Master was out of his wits and he gritted his teeth. He turned around to leave and said solemnly, "Where I meditate have a painting of Dao Ancestor, let me ask for his opinion! As for the other people..."

He stopped and frowned before saying with a low voice, "Look after them, don't let them take even half a step out of Clear Sky Heaven!"

One old Daoist asked softly, "What about the emissaries of the celestial heavens..."

"Including the emissaries of the celestial heavens!" Clear Sky Sect Master hurried away.

Qin Mu stood up and yawned. He walked down the steps and walked out of the palace. He said with a smile, "Borrowing power from the good wind, sending me up to the clear sky. Clear Sky Heaven is truly a good place, can I reach heaven in a single bound?"

The young Daoist from the celestial heavens also stood up and follow behind him. He said with a smile, "You can reach heaven in a single bound or you can also miss your footing and fall into the pits of hell."

Dao Master Lin Xuan threw glances to Daoist Cha and both of them walked out of Dao Palace.

"Your bearing is extraordinary, how do I address you?" Qin Mu walked out of Dao Palace and he asked that young Daoist.

"Dao Sect of the celestial heavens, Dao Ancestor's direct disciple, Xiao Chunfeng."

That young Daoist said indifferently, "Even though I'm a disciple of Dao Ancestor, I've never meet Dao Ancestor before. The reason why I entered Dao Sect was only for an honorary title to learn the spells and divine arts of Dao Sect only. With my family's position, being Dao Ancestor's disciple is an honor to Dao Ancestor."

Qin Mu's heart stirred and he asked, "Could brother be the son of some ancient god?"

That young Daoist was astonished and he praised. "Overlord Body Qin's reputation is not undeserved. I am the son of Goddess of Great Moon."

"No wonder your surname is Xiao, you follow your mother's surname."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Great Moon Sovereign is the ancient god of the moon, a god on par with Great Sun Sovereign. However, looking at how young you are, Great Moon Sovereign must have hook up with someone to give birth to you."

The corners of Xiao Chunfeng's eyes twitched.

Qin Mu was full of smiles. "When I killed the disciples of the star gods earlier with Dao Master Lin, I didn't see any disciples of the four deities, may I ask where are they?"

"We are right here." Behind him, those few men and women of the celestial heavens said coldly.

Qin Mu turned around and said, "Which one of you is the disciple of South Deity?"

One young girl in red said, "I am."

Qin Mu examined this young woman carefully and nodded his head gently. He said with a smile, "South Deity and I go way back, I won't kill you. Senior brothers of the celestial heavens, the overlord body is right here, who is coming to die?"

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