Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 831 - Dao Sword Slashing the Celestial Dipper

Numerous old Daoists poured out of Dao Palace and stood around. They frowned when they heard the conversation.

Clear Sky Sect Master was currently seeking Dao Ancestor's opinion and now Qin Mu, Xiao Chunfeng, and the rest were ready to kill each other.

"Should we stop?"

One of the old Daoists started to feel an ache in his head and muttered, "But the main thing here is how do we stop them? They are the emissaries of the celestial heavens, the disciples of the star gods dying in Clear Sky Heaven is already the sin of our Clear Sky Sect, if we stop the emissaries from taking revenge, our crime will not be pardon. On the other hand, it's the overlord body that Dao Ancestor doesn't even dare to take his worship from, we can't beat, scold or touch him so how do we stop him?"

The other Daoists also had worried frowns. Clear Sky Sect Master wasn't here so they were completely out of ideas.

Suddenly, Yu Chen'zi said softly, "Eternal Peace Overlord Body and Celestial Heavens Xiao Chunfeng is actually considering on behalf of their own lives. They are taking this small window of opportunity when Sect Master is seeking Dao Ancestor's opinion to come out a conclusion, making it too late to change anything."

The few old Daoists hurriedly looked at him and asked, "What do you mean?"

Yu Chen'zi said, "Senior uncles, try thinking about this, if Overlord Body Qin wipes out all of the emissaries, what should our Clear Sky Heaven do?"

"Kill the scoundrel and send his head to the celestial heavens!" said a hot-tempered Daoist.

Yu Chen'zi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "The death of the emissaries and three to four hundred disciples of the ancient gods in our Clear Sky Heaven, how grave do you think the crime would be? It would be enough for our Clear Sky Heaven to be erased from existence! When that time comes, our best course of action would be working together with the Eternal Peace Empire and rebelling!"

Everyone came to a realization.

"Xiao Chunfeng's motive is also similar. By killing Overlord Body Qin, Dao Ancestor would have no choice. This would bound Dao Sect and Clear Sky Heaven firmly and allow us to have no chance to rebel. That is because if Dao Ancestor chooses Overlord Body Qin, he will definitely kill Xiao Chunfeng and the rest as sacrifices."

Yu Chen'zi said, "What's done cannot be undone. Both of them want to come to a conclusion before Dao Ancestor makes a decision so that he doesn't have the chance to! Overlord Body Qin sends Sect Master away to ask Dao Ancestor was to take this chance when he's not around to do what should be done. Senior Brother Xiao Chunfeng also has the same motive. This is how smart people act, they don't want to hand their lives and future in the hands of others."

Everyone had whole new level respect for him and one old Daoist asked, "In that case, what should we do?"

Yu Chen'zi muttered and said firmly, "Stopping them would mean we are choosing for Dao Ancestor so no matter what we do, it will be wrong. The only thing we can do now is to get ready to clean up the mess."

Everyone frowned and asked, "What do you mean?"

"If Eternal Peace Overlord Body is victorious and killed the emissaries of the celestial heavens, we have to be prepared to get rid of the corpses and evidence, shifting the blame to Mother Earth and clean up all relationship our Clear Sky Heaven have with them. When the celestial heavens come investigating, they would be led to Mother Earth and our punishment will be reduced to the lightest. We can then plot together with Eternal Peace and slowly develop, waiting for the time to strike."

Yu Chen'zi quickly said, "If the emissaries kill Overlord Body Qin, we will have to prepare all kinds of treasures to bribe the emissaries, asking them to plead on our behalf and reducing the sentence. We just need to do these two points well. No matter who loses or what Dao Ancestor chooses, we can deal with it calmly."


Everyone praised and they hurried away to make preparations.

In front of Dao Palace, Qin Mu, Lin Xuan, and Xiao Chunfeng praised in their hearts when they noticed those old Daoists ignoring them and hurrying away instead. 'There is an intelligent person in Clear Sky Sect that has managed to see the situation clearly.'

Yu Chen'zi had guessed what they were thinking accurately. They didn't want to hand their life and benefit to Dao Ancestor's choice, thus they were going to get rid of their opponent first and force Dao Ancestor to lean towards their choice!

"This is truly a changeable situation in the sky."

Qin Mu raised his head to look at the sweeping wind and surging clouds in the sky covering the man-made sun and moon, allowing various kinds of man-made galaxies and constellations to appear. It was abnormally mesmerizing and he exclaimed in admiration. "The algebra divine art of Dao Sect is extraordinary, it's able to evolve all Dao in this world."

Xiao Chunfeng also looked at the sky and praised, "Overlord Body Qin's horizons are truly extraordinary. The reason why the celestial heavens view Dao Sect important is because Dao Sect's attainments in algebra are unmatched in this whole world, they are the best throughout the ages. The god army of the celestial heavens, including the ten guards of the celestial heavens have their weapons and formations designed by Dao Sect."

"That is why if I want to fight for the world against the celestial heavens, I have to receive the support of Dao Sect," said Qin Mu.

Suddenly, a youth behind him roared and rose into the sky. He leaped into midair and shouted, "The one with the surname Qin, show me what is called the overlord body!"

That youth stood in the air and his body suddenly shook. His primordial spirit appeared behind him with tortoise and snake coiling around each other. The tortoise had a dragon head and the snake had a thousand pairs of wings on its back while its jaw was wide open.

That was the black tortoise.

When Black Tortoise Primordial Spirit appeared, a huge river instantly appeared in the sky and appeared under the feet of the black tortoise. The long river gave off loud crashing sounds as it surged and smacked the air.

Qin Mu looked at Lin Xuan and said with a smile, "Dao Master Lin, the disciple of North Deity Xuan Wu, do you have the confidence?"

Lin Xuan didn't even look at North Deity's disciple and said with a smile, "Cult Master Qin, the structure of your brain is different from others, you always have strange and marvelous thinkings yet you never do it personally, you just hand it over to us. You also always run around frequently and would not return for one to two years. After coming back to Eternal Peace this time, you were also busy so you probably have not understood the extent of our development in the paths, skills, and divine arts in Eternal Peace Dao Sect, am I right?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. Dao Master Lin Xuan took a step forward and slowly rose into the sky step by step. He walked towards the disciple of North Deity Xuan Wu with a smile. "Xu Shenghua once said, Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule and magnetic force, these two research directions, it is easy for the magnetic force to bear fruits from the research but the one with the greatest impact on the reform will still be Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule. Magnetic force only creates one more system of divine arts in the world but the Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule can change all of the paths, skills and divine arts in this world. It can even change the structure of divine weapons, the structures of formations! Over these years, my entire Dao Sect was focused on researching Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule! The Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule you had handed me was only the framework and over these years, my Dao Sect has elaborated on the method of calculation and improve divine art from there!"

In midair, North Deity Xuan Wu's disciple executed the huge river with his primordial spirit and there were also five great thunderclouds that rose from the long river. With five layers of clouds and five layers of lightning, the wind, clouds, lightning and that dragon-like river crashed down on Lin Xuan with a huge momentum!

North Deity was one of the four deities, a god-king from the past, naturally born from the Great Dao. Even Di Yiyue had sought knowledge under them.

And this disciple of North Deity also had incomparably dense cultivation. He stood on the head of the flying serpent which flew in spirals, appearing and disappearing unpredictably. He executed his divine art on top of the flying serpent's head while the black tortoise below gave off a dragon roar. With its sharp claws and teeth, the sky dimmed as it ripped through the sky, and the sky turned bright again when illuminated by the lightning!

North Deity's bloodline was known for its dense cultivation and shocking defense. This person was not to be underestimated!

"What I had changed first was the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword. Even though I had only perfected the first seven writings of Dao Sword, it is far from what the country bumpkins in the celestial heavens could be a match for!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan gave a long howl and pulled out his sword to face North Deity. His words and actions were filled with incomparable confidence. "Cult Master Qin, look at my true sword and know what you have missed over these years!"

First Writing of Dao Sword, A Dot Threading The Vast Movements, Yin And Yang Come And Go Within Two Modes!

In the sky, the black and white taiji diagram that was three hundred yards wide appeared. The yin and yang changing inside had become incomparably fine and the internal structure was completely different from the previous Dao Sword.

In the past, the First Writing of Dao Sword was known for being grand and variated. Now, his Dao Sword was both grand and minuscule thus the transformation in algebra was already complicated beyond measurement!

This was the result of Lin Xuan researching Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule dedicatedly.

When Qin Mu was comprehending the heavenly fire, he comprehended the Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule to use it to construct the minuscule structure inside the heavenly fire.

However, even though he knew Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule had a boundless future, he would never spend all his life and effort to perfect the Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule. That was why Qin Mu handed it over to Lin Xuan and Xu Shenghua.

Xu Shenghua was busy with establishing High Heavens Academy. He also needed to research magnetic force with Granny Si so he rarely had time to head to Dao Sect.

On the other hand, Dao Master Lin Xuan spent all his effort on Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule and over these few years, he finally let his Dao Sword undergo a world-flipping transformation.

Qin Mu raised his head and as the founder of Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule, he could see the true marvel of Dao Sword and he exclaimed to himself. 'Imperial Preceptor is right, in just a few years' time, the paths, skills and divine arts of Eternal Peace has been turned upside down. I have always been drifting outside so I had indeed missed out on a lot of reform. Luckily, it's not too late yet. After I settle Clear Sky Heaven's matter, I need to go to the academies and Imperial College to seek knowledge again. If I don't learn, I might really be surpassed by Lin Xuan and the rest.'Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

In the sky, the momentum of the divine art from North Deity's disciple was huge and incomparable. Yet, it was broken through by Lin Xuan's sword in the next instant!

The entire Clear Sky Sect was looking for the thieving old Daoist and they got astonished by this sword. They raised the head to look at midair with mesmerized gazes.

Clear Sky Heaven was the branch of Dao Sect and they have also cultivated Dao Sword. However, Lin Xuan's Dao Sword had minute difference from them. From grand to minuscule, using different algebra and different details to reconstruct the grand, making it even more perfect and making Dao Sword have no flaw anymore!

Lin Xuan's Dao Sword changed once more, Binding of Five Qi and Three Aeons, Rising on the Spot, Cloud Chariots Crossing!

When this move was unleashed, all of the Daoists on the mountain and below the mountain couldn't help cheering. They were more and more mesmerized.

Dao Sword's second writing was ternary and quinary, using algebra to construct the sun, moon, and seven stars. This involved the course of the sun, moon and the five elements.

Yet when Lin Xuan executed this move, even though the move was the same, the internal structure was completely different. There were unlimited details added and if one continuously deconstructed the insides of the sword skill, they would deconstruct out countless courses of the sun, moon and five elements!

Blood light appeared in the sky. North Deity's disciple was already injured.

Five Colored Auspicious Clouds Cover, Celestial Sounds Tinkling on the Three Heavens!

The third writing of Dao Sword was already out and when Dao Master Lin Xuan executed this move, the beautiful Dao voice poured out and the head of the North Deity's disciple left his neck. His primordial spirit quickly escaped.

Dao Master Lin Xuan's Dao Sword slashed towards his primordial spirit. Behind Qin Mu, the disciples of East Deity, South Deity, and West Deity immediately pounced out and went straight for Lin Xuan who was in the sky, trying to block him.

Lin Xuan's sword skill circulated and his sword move changed again. Every manifestation of nature appeared in the sky and the cheers from the Daoists could be heard throughout the whole mountain.

Turning Heavenly Cycle Silently, Meeting Every Manifestation of Nature Shifting!

The speed at which his sword skill was changing was extremely fast. Every manifestation of nature appeared and in the next instant, they transformed into the fifth writing. Jade Cave Taking Back Myriad of Transformations, Romance on Kunlun Mountains!

Kunlun Mountain's apparition appeared in the air and Dao Master Lin Xuan stood on the mountain. The sword trembled in his hand and his sword move was like jade cave which absorbed every manifestation of nature into it. Even the disciples of East Deity, South Deity, and West Deity were sucked into the jade cave.

With the roars and screeches from the dragon, tiger, and phoenix, the three of them broke out from the hole and their body was covered with fresh blood.

What welcomed them was the sixth writing of Dao Sword, Seven Unusual Looking Golden Lotuses, Fondness of the Generous Qing Dynasty!

The three of them defended at the same time and Dao Master Lin Xuan moved along with his swords while reciting. "Drifting and homeless alone, empty anxiety, rather having exaltation—"

This was the seventh writing of Dao Sword.

After executing the seventh writing of Dao Sword, the three disciples were covered in injuries worked together to block down this move. Suddenly, the sword light pulled back and Dao Master Lin Xuan descended down like a sword light.

He had only evolved Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule to the seventh writing of Dao Sword. After the seventh writing, it would be ordinary Dao Sword that couldn't be blocked by the three great experts.

And at the same time, Qin Mu and Xiao Chunfeng soared into the sky at the same time. Both of them clashed in midair and Xiao Chunfeng blocked Qin Mu's attacks only to see Qin Mu taking off the golden willow leaf on the heart of his brows. His head shook as he revealed his three heads and six arms. Three beams of light burst forth from his three heads!

Xiao Chunfeng had just blocked down his previous move and he cried out to himself when he saw these three beams of light heading straight for the three disciples!

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