Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 832 - Celestial Heavens' Librarian

North Deity's disciple already had his corporeal body severed by Dao Master Lin Xuan, leaving only his primordial spirit to escape. On the other hand, North Deity and West Deity's disciples suffered severe injuries under Lin Xuan's sword.

From the looks of it, the three of them would be unable to escape from the divine light coming out from Qin Mu's third eyes.

In Qin Mu's third eye, layers of heavens opened up and there was a total of nine heavens.

This was the Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill that Blind had taught him. In the past, Qin Mu could only open up Jade Heaven's Eyes but now he could open up all nine heavens!

These nine heavens formed rings of formation in his third divine eyes and there was a total of nine layers of formation markings. In the center of the eyes was a galaxy form by the stars and in the center of the galaxy was a sun that was floating up and down.

Blind's Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill had absorbed the essence of Sun and Moon Pupils that belonged to God Zi Qing, the number one divine eyes of Founding Emperor Era. Blind's eyes skill was improved but because Blind had only received the formation skills for Sun Pupil then, he had only imparted his skill with Sun Pupil to Qin Mu then.

Afterward, Blind managed to patch his skill with Moon Pupil but because Qin Mu was running everywhere, he didn't have time to learn Moon Pupil Divine Eye. If both sun and moon were combined together. the power would only be even stronger.

And now, Qin Mu was using his third divine eye to execute Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill. It was different from what Blind had taught him because what the galaxy surrounded in his eye was a black sun.

The third eye in the heart of his brows was no ordinary eye. It symbolized the identity of Son of Youdu and it was similar to the vertical eye that Earth Count had. It was a devil eye transformed from the Great Dao of Youdu. It was an eye of the oblivion, one that could drive away and slay ghosts and gods.

This eye was originally sealed by Earth Count but after accidentally releasing his big brother, Qin Fengqing, this third eye had only awakened then.

At this moment, he transformed into his three-headed and six-armed form. Three straight and pitch-black beams shot out and sliced through the air.

East Deity and West Deity's disciples weren't far from him so they couldn't dodge in time. The black line pierced through the hearts of their brows. On the other hand, North Deity's disciple got killed by Lin Xuan and only his primordial spirit was left. He had avoided the battlefield and was slightly further away.

However, the black light was extremely fast so there was no time for him to react. The black light pierced through his body.

His primordial spirit was Black Tortoise Primordial Spirit and the black light pierced through his hard shell before piercing through the flying serpent as well. Where the black light had struck, darkness spread out and infected the entire primordial spirit. No matter if it was the black tortoise or the flying serpent, they were both dyed black.


His primordial spirit exploded and transformed into countless black soul sand. With a gentle blow from the wind of Clear Sky Heaven, they quickly dissipated and couldn't be seen by the naked eye anymore.

Meanwhile, East Deity and West Deity's disciple fell from the air and landed near Dao Palace. One of them collapsed to the ground and transformed into a green dragon that stretched for three hundred yards while the other one transformed into a white tiger that was covered in light.

Both of the huge beasts struggled to get up and gave off a few angry roars before taking their last breath. Their bodies quickly petrified and they turned into two vivid stone statues. The forms of their struggles could still be seen.

On the other side, South Deity's disciple let out a sharp scream and transformed into a vermillion bird to escape, leaving a trail of flames in the sky.

Below her, Lin Xuan shouted, "That young lady, Cult Master Qin said he and your teacher go way back, he won't kill you!"

That woman in red ignored him and headed straight for the gate of Clear Sky Heaven with her extremely fast speed. She flew to where the green light was and dove in. The green light undulated and this woman was seen struggling in a net the next moment. She was caught by a heavenly net.

That vermillion bird struggled to break free from the heavenly net but she couldn't do it. At the four corners of the heavenly net were four old Daoists and each of them tugged onto a corner to trap her.

Dao Master Lin Xuan opened up his Yin and Yang Dao Eyes to look and saw the structure of the heavenly net was extremely intricate. It contained extremely profound attainments in algebra so he couldn't help exclaiming endlessly.

"Clear Sky Heaven is skilled in macroscopic algebra, their attainments in macroscopic algebra surpasses Eternal Peace Dao Sect by leaps and bounds."

He was very delighted and said to Daoist Cha who was beside him, "On the other hand, our Dao Sect have attainments that they couldn't match in Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule. If we work together, it would be fortunate for Eternal Peace's paths and skills!"

Daoist Cha hesitated for a moment and he asked, "Dao Master, it's still hard to say if Clear Sky Heaven is friend or foe, is Dao Master so sure that Clear Sky Heaven will help our Dao Sect? Our Eternal Peace Dao Sect is still established by relinquished disciples after all..."

"Cult Master Qin definitely can do it!" Lin Xuan was full of confidence.

Daoist Cha scratched his hair that was alternating between black and white and he thought to himself. 'Are you Dao Master or is he Dao Master? Isn't your confidence in Heavenly Devil Cult Master way too high..."

In the sky above, Qin Mu and Xiao Chunfeng were rising higher and higher. Xiao Chunfeng's abilities were extraordinary and his attainments in algebra were also frighteningly high.

He was the disciple of Dao Ancestor after all, a successor of Celestial Heavens' Dao Sect. Even though he didn't receive personal teaching from Dao Ancestor, his achievements were also extraordinary.

What he had executed wasn't sword skill.

The ultimate skill that Eternal Peace Dao Sect was good in was the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword, it was the sword skill of their sect and every Dao Master had to study and comprehend it. For the technique, it was Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique and it was also incomplete. Only after Daoist Cha had brought the Dao Sect's techniques of Founding Emperor Era was the technique completed.

However, no matter if it was the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword or if it was Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique, they were merely two kinds of techniques among the thousands of techniques.

Dao Ancestor created Dao Sect and the objective was to use algebra to interpret all things in the universe, to interpret the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. Dao Sword was merely one of them and Supreme Mystery Technique was also only one of the techniques. It wasn't considered the best Emperor's Throne technique.

Even so, Dao Master Lin Xuan could be said to be the most outstanding talent of Eternal Peace. There were not many people of the younger generation that could be compared to him in terms of abilities.

However, what Xiao Chunfeng learned was the most orthodox technique of Celestial Heavens' Dao Sect, the complete algebra. In addition to that, he has the best teacher and was the son of Great Moon Sovereign, a half-god with an extremely high bloodline. His abilities among the same generation in the celestial heavens were also outstanding and he even surpassed the disciples of the four deities.

Both of them moved in the sky. The technique that Xiao Chunfeng had executed intrigued Qin Mu. Behind this young Daoist was a divine bridge floating in the sky which was connected to the void. His primordial spirit stood on the divine bridge.

His primordial spirit was a god in the shape of a toad. He stood up, holding a pestle used to grind medicine in one hand and a woodcutting ax in the other. In his mouth was a wooden rod.

The primordial spirit of this god activated the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth and caused the stars in Clear Sky Heaven to shine continuously, boosting the power of his divine art.

In just a short moment, Xiao Chunfeng had executed the divine art of several hundred different systems, dazzling Qin Mu's eyes!

These divine arts included the Great Dao from the three hundred and sixty stars and it even included Great Sun Sovereign and Great Moon Sovereign's divine arts!

The gods of the stars all had different attributes in the Great Dao and they even conflicted with one another. However, he could move them as he willed and it was evident that the Dao Sect in the celestial heavens had interpreted the divine arts of these Great Dao and reconstructed them once.

Not only that, Xiao Chunfeng even executed the divine art of the Great Dao of Xuandu, Youdu, and Yuandu!

He quickly realized the divine art of Youdu didn't have much effect on Qin Mu and he was even countered by Qin Mu. Qin Mu was also extremely skilled in Yuandu's magnetism divine art. He immediately used the divine art of Xuandu and the stars to fight with Qin Mu.

Both of their figures rose higher and higher. In the sky of Clear Sky Heaven, the man-made sun, moon, and stars actually had their powers activated by his spells and divine arts. Stars in the sky trembled continuously and beams of light shot down at Qin Mu!

Xiao Chunfeng was in the right place and the right time so he could be said to be like a fish in the water. If he was somewhere else, he might not have such strong powers but in Clear Sky Heaven, he was nearly invincible!

Dao Master Lin Xuan looked at the starry sky and he looked at the sight of both of them fighting in the galaxy. In Xiao Chunfeng's hands, all kinds of divine arts were in his grasp and this made Lin Xuan sighed to himself ruefully.

'This is then the true successor of Dao Sect.'

Xiao Chunfeng has stirred up his emotion the most. During this trip, he was also the one who had given him the biggest shock. It surpassed others and nearly flipped his view of the world.

Eternal Peace Dao Sect always claimed to be the orthodox sect in the world yet he never expected it to be established by the relinquished disciples from the Dao Sect in the celestial heavens, they were established to fight against the celestial heavens.

In that case, Eternal Peace Dao Sect was actually the same as its old rival, Heavenly Saint Cult. They had the same goal yet they had fought for twenty thousand years for no reason at all.

On the other hand, the fake astronomical phenomenon was forged by Clear Sky Sect, a branch of Dao Sect. This had dealt a heavy blow to his Dao heart.

Now that he saw Dao Sect's true ultimate arts and he saw the true beauty of algebra. One would well imagine the impact of true Dao Sect's inheritance had on him.

'Cult Master Qin has met a tough enemy.'

Just as he thought until here, the galaxy in the sky circulated and all of the stars swirled uncontrollably. In the center of the galaxy, the sun converged!

Next, all of the stars formed Heaven Duke's figure.

The Daoists of Clear Sky Heaven raised their heads and they gave off a frightened look. They saw that the figure of Heaven Duke seemed to be formed from light. The man-made stars were actually forming a man-made Heaven Duke!

"Who is mobilizing the galaxy?" one of the old Daoists cried out in fear.

No one replied to him.

This man-made Heaven Duke couldn't be controlled by the Daoists of Clear Sky Heavens. This caused those Daoists cultivating in the halls on the various stars to be flustered. They quickly left the stars and were messed up.

Qin Mu and Xiao Chunfeng fought their way into the galaxy and at this moment, their bodies were also messed up from the vibration from Heaven Duke formed by the stars. They couldn't stabilize their bodies and got thrown by space lifted up by the movement of the stars.

Under everyone's gaze in Clear Sky Heaven, this man-made Heaven Duke actually slowly stood up and shook Clear Sky Heaven violently. It was as if this heaven of a hundred thousand miles also couldn't handle his power and was about to crumble from being squeezed!

Dao Palace was unstable and kept swaying endlessly.

Everyone on the mountain tried their best to stabilized their bodies only to see that Heaven Duke slowly raising up his head, growing taller and taller, further and further. Heavenly Duke's eyes grew brighter and brighter while the light from the stars grew more and more dazzling.

Dao Master Lin Xuan stabilized his body and was about to find the location of Qin Mu and Xiao Chunfeng who were in the galaxy when he saw Clear Sky Sect Master walking out from Dao Palace from the corners of his eyes.

"Senior Brother Sect Master!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan was about to ask when Clear Sky Sect Master's voice rang out. "Little Friend Lin, I have already made contact with Dao Ancestor, Dao Ancestor says he wants to meet you guys before making a decision. Dao Ancestor has been waiting in the celestial heavens for some time."

Dao Master Lin Xuan's mind was blown and he cried out. "In that case, the Heaven Duke in the sky is..."

Before he could finish his sentence, two thick beams of light shot out from Heaven Duke's eyes and the light shone down. The light shone on Qin Mu and Xiao Chunfeng who were in the galaxy and another hum drone as another beam of light shot towards South Deity's disciple who was trapped in the net. The last beam of light came straight for Lin Xuan.

The light dispersed and the four of them vanished.

The Heaven Duke in the sky suddenly became scattered and transformed into countless stars to move away. They returned back to their own course.

The sky regained its calmness and the tremors in Clear Sky Heaven also calmed down.

Numerous Daoists rose into the sky and head towards Dao Palace. An old Daoist brought a young Daoist to land on the ground and he hurriedly asked, "Sect Master, where are they?"

Clear Sky Sect Master stood in front of Dao Palace and raised his head up to look at the sky. He said unhurriedly, "They have gone to Guardian Pavilion in the celestial heavens, Dao Ancestor wants to meet them there."

"Guardian Pavilion in the celestial heavens?" That old Daoist was slightly stunned.

Clear Sky Sect Master nodded his head and revealed a look of envy. "Celestial Heavens Guardian Pavilion, it's where celestial heavens collect their books, Dao Ancestor is the Pavilion Master there, keeping watch over all kinds of books for the imperial family. Strange."

He was suddenly stunned. He turned around to look at that old Daoist and young Daoist with his pupils contracting quickly. "Junior Brother Fei He, how did your speed become so fast? The other senior and junior brothers still have yet to reach Dao Palace yet you are already here."

His aura suddenly burst forth and locked onto that old Daoist. He said coldly, "You are not Fei He, who are you? Why did you steal from my Clear Sky Heaven?"

That old Daoist suddenly laughed loudly and carried the little Daoist to leave before he was locked on by the qi activity. His speed stunned Clear Sky Sect Master.

Clear Sky Sect Master stretched out a finger and his flying sword soared into the sky like a beam of light. Even though his flying sword was fast, it was getting further and further away from that old Daoist.

Clear Sky Sect Master felt his hair standing on ends and shouted, "Senior and junior brothers, stop him! He is the thief!"

Countless divine arts and divine weapons in various colors chased after that old Daoist and it was a grand and magnificent sight. However, they were all left in the dust by that old Daoist.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Seal Clear Sky Heaven!" Clear Sky Sect Master shouted.

At the entrance of Clear Sky Heaven, a heavenly net spread out only to see a figure flashing past, passing through the net as though it was a shadow. The Daoists guarding there caught nothing.

"Ghost, it's a ghost!" cried out many of the Daoists.

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