Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 834 - Dao Ancestor's Celestial Heavens

Qin Mu controlled numerous jade scrolls to fly around the jade pillar and the runes on the jade scrolls projected themselves into the jade pillar to form the shape of a youth. As the jade scrolls moved, the youth in the jade pillar also slowly turned his body as well.

Qin Mu could clearly see the internal structure of this youth's head as well as the internal structure of all kinds of organs.

Qin Mu shifted the position of those jade scrolls and he could even see magnify the organs of the youth's body and examine even finer structures.

This youth was Celestial Venerable Yu.

Qin Mu stood in front of the jade pillar and carefully examined the Celestial Venerable Yu that was in the pillar. The Celestial Venerable Yu projected out by the jade scrolls gave him a wrong feeling.

The projection of Celestial Venerable Yu was not like the other ancient gods. For the other ancient gods, the runes of their Great Dao were first constructed using algebra as to recur the Great Dao. On the other hand, Celestial Venerable Yu's corporeal body was directly constructed using algebra.

These jade scrolls weren't used to form another Celestial Venerable Yu, they were merely used to form another body of Celestial Venerable Yu.

Qin Mu carefully examined the runes on the jade scrolls and as what he had expected, these runes weren't runes of the Great Dao, they were runes of creation.

On the previous levels of the jade building, the runes on the jade scrolls were all runes of the Great Dao. They were rune markings formed when Dao Ancestor used algebra to deconstruct the Great Dao of the ancient gods.

The runes of the Great Dao of Algebra was different from the runes of creation. The Great Dao of Creation was also a Great Dao created by the races after the beginning of the world, it wasn't the structure of algebra.

Qin Mu felt that he was an expert in this field and the runes on the jade scrolls wouldn't stump him.

'Why is Dao Ancestor using these runes of creation to reconstruct Celestial Venerable Yu's corporeal body?'

He sank into deep thoughts. The quantity of these runes of creation was obviously not like the runes of Great Dao from the other levels. When Celestial Venerable Yu had just died, his cultivation was only just on the celestial palace and he had just become a god.

And yet Dao Ancestor placed the runes of creation on the highest level and even put Celestial Venerable Yu above Celestial Emperor. What was the meaning of this?

Qin Mu looked down and he saw this jade pillar leading straight down to the bottommost level. Layers of jade steps spiraled around the jade pillar while the six walls of the jade pillar were the rows and rows of bookshelves with the jade scrolls placed neatly.

Qin Mu muttered to himself irresolutely. Dao Master Lin Xuan and Xiao Chunfeng were still climbing towards the top while Yu Hongxiu was still knocked out.

Suddenly, his heart stirred and his vital qi suddenly burst forth. He sprinted down the jade pillar!

Xiao Chunfeng was alarmed as he thought he was about to land a fatal blow on him but he saw Qin Mu's vital qi flowing into every level. Qin Mu swept up all of the jade scrolls on those bookshelves and unscrolled them. Countless jade scrolls opened up and turned to face towards the jade pillar!

In these several hundred levels, there was a huge amount of jade scrolls, so much that they were uncountable. Now, all of them had actually opened up!

To control so many jade scrolls, even Qin Mu, someone who had cultivated to the peak of the divine arts practitioner also couldn't help feeling a little strained.

At this moment, the runes that were glowing on the jade scrolls shone onto the jade pillar and instantly, the apparitions of ancient gods instantly appeared in the jade pillar.

At this moment, the lights shone upon each other and a pillar of light shone upward from the inside of the jade pillar.


All of the light struck into Celestial Venerable Yu's body that was at the top and an incomparably dazzling light burst forth from the jade pillar!

Qin Mu covered his eyes. After a moment, he got used to the intense light and looked at the jade pillar.

The apparitions of ancient gods formed by runes on the jade scrolls passed through the refractions by the marvelous structures inside the jade pillar and turned into spots of light in Celestial Venerable Yu's body. The spots of light gradually converged and formed Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

After Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was formed, Five Elements Divine Treasure was formed afterward. On each of the five elements stars, there was an apparition of ancient gods.

What formed next was Six Directions Divine Treasure where Mother Earth and Primordial Tree formed in the light. There were dragon veins, phoenix nests, mountain gods, river gods and small ancient gods all of shapes and sizes.

Next was the Seven Stars Divine Treasure where the sun, moon, and stars appeared. Great Sun Sovereign and Great Moon Sovereign appeared on the sun and moon respectively while the three hundred and sixty star gods appeared on the stars and constellations in the galaxy.

On the other hand, Heaven Duke's apparition was constructed by the stars, constellations, and galaxy to form Celestial Being Divine Treasure!

Qin Mu looked again and it was Life and Death Divine Treasure below. Youdu appeared and Earth Count was located in the darkness below Yuandu.

Next was Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, a divine bridge that led straight to the celestial palace!

Qin Mu looked at the celestial heavens and his heart trembled violently. He saw more spots of light formed by rune markings which formed an incomparably vast celestial palace in the heart of Celestial Venerable Yu's brows.

That was not a celestial palace, there were thirty-six celestial palaces!

There were not just thirty-six celestial palaces, there was also seventy-two throne halls!

This is a complete celestial heavens!

However, the complexity of this celestial heavens seemed to be beyond his imagination. It was constructed by the runes of every ancient god's Great Dao and even Celestial Emperor was only an ancient god sitting on the throne in Numinous Sky Hall!

Not to say the celestial heavens, even the seven great divine treasures were very different from the divine treasures of the divine arts practitioners in the world.

The divine treasures inside Celestial Venerable Yu's body contained all kinds of runes from ancients gods such as Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and Mother Earth, so the complexity was far above the divine treasures of divine arts practitioners.

However, even if the divine treasures were that complex, it was still insignificant when compared to the celestial heavens!

One could well-imagined how complex the celestial heavens that Dao Ancestor had constructed inside Celestial Venerable Yu's body was.

If this kind of technique was imparted out, it wasn't overturning the current cultivation system of the world, it was a massive perfection!

'Is Dao Ancestor sorting out these things in Guardian Pavilion to be used by the strong practitioners of the celestial heavens?'

Qin Mu was stunned.

This sight in Guardian Pavilion was a great shock and yet it wasn't as simple as perfecting the cultivation system of divine treasures and celestial palaces.

These ancient gods that had their secrets fully grasped would be replaced in the future if they were disobedient!

Heaven Duke, Earth Count, it would probably be the same for them.

Yet one thing that puzzled Qin Mu was, why Celestial Venerable Yu?

'The rune markings on the highest level can transform into anyone but why Celestial Venerable Yu?'

He was slightly puzzled.

And with Celestial Venerable Yu's soul being incomplete and a portion of his soul is hidden in this extraterritorial celestial heavens, Qin Mu couldn't understand this action of Dao Ancestor.

'Celestial Venerable Yu's soul was missing his memory so could Dao Ancestor be creating another Celestial Venerable Yu and planned to input this memory into this new body? However, would that celestial emperor in the celestial heavens allow him to do that?'Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

'Or could it be because that celestial emperor felt that Celestial Venerable Yu's corporeal body is the most perfect so he plans to reincarnate into this body?'

'It could also be that this cultivation system of the celestial heavens wasn't perfect so that celestial emperor needed Celestial Venerable Yu's memory and intelligence to perfect this celestial heavens!'

'Is this Dao Ancestor's idea or is it that celestial emperor's idea?'

His head gradually started to ache because Dao Ancestor's attitude was simply too puzzling.

He had met the disciple of Ancient God Celestial Emperor, Yan Qiling, once before and the information she had revealed was that Dao Ancestor was assisting Celestial Emperor. Ancient God Celestial Emperor was different from the celestial emperor of the extraterritorial celestial heavens and they seemed to be enemies that would not back down until one of them dies!

Dao Ancestor was standing on the side of Ancient God Celestial Emperor and he was also the Pavilion Master the Celestial Heavens' Guardian Palace, assisting the celestial emperor of the extraterritorial celestial heavens to establish such a grand library!

Now, Dao Ancestor had summoned into Qin Mu and the rest into Guardian Pavilion to show them the plan of the extraterritorial celestial heavens' celestial emperor!

'Is Dao Ancestor good or evil? Is he neutral or biased? Or could he be...'

Qin Mu had a weird expression. 'A shit-stirrer?'

Dao Master Lin Xuan and Xiao Chunfeng came to his side and looked at the sight in the jade pillar. Both of them were also shocked and froze in place. They stood there, unable to say a word.

"Senior Brother Xiao!"

Qin Mu beamed and said, "Have you seen the cultivation systems of the divine treasures and the celestial heavens in Guardian Pavilion before?"

Xiao Chunfeng shook his head in a daze.

"In that case, have you heard about it before?" Qin Mu continued to ask.

Xiao Chunfeng shook his head once again.

"You have not heard before or seen before, in that case, do you think anyone in the celestial heavens has cultivated this kind of system before?"

Qin Mu slowly guided him to the answers he wanted and asked, "People who cultivate this kind of cultivation system would definitely be incomparably strong and be known as invincible. He would definitely be someone like me and even made you feel that he is an overlord body, that he is another Qin Mu, a person that you look up to and cannot hope to reach. Have you met such a person before?"

Xiao Chunfeng returned back to his senses and looked at him with a weird expression.

Dao Master Lin Xuan also secretly felt that Qin Mu was rather thick-skinned. Who would praise themselves like that?

However, Qin Mu wasn't wrong when he said those that cultivated this kind of cultivation system would be invincible in the same realm and made people have no hope of catching up.

If there was truly a person that had cultivated according to this kind of cultivation system, from the seven realms in the divine treasure to the seven realms of the celestial heavens, there would definitely no one who could be a match on the same realm!

If there were others than could cultivate to the realm of Celestial Heavens, they would even be the first from the past to the present. They would be invincible and even surpass the ancient gods!

The only pity here was that there was only the structure of the divine treasures and the celestial heavens here, there was no technique.

There were countless jade scrolls in Guardian Pavilion and runes of Great Dao on the jade scrolls were more than what they could count. Tidying all of these runes into one technique that unites all would definitely be an incomparably massive project!

Lin Xuan even suspected if there was a technique that could contain such a massive cultivation system!

'Furthermore, this kind of cultivation system isn't perfect.'

He looked at Qin Mu. Xiao Chunfeng didn't know about the imperfection in this kind of cultivation system but Qin Mu definitely knows about it.

This first point was that this cultivation system still had Divine Bridge Divine Treasure.

And Divine Bridge Divine Treasure had already been replaced by Celestial River Divine Treasure that Qin Mu had created. Celestial River Divine Treasure was better.

The second point was still in the cultivation system of divine treasures. That seven great divine treasures were isolated from one another and they didn't transform into one complete divine treasure. Even the Primordial Tree rooted in Six Directions Land was also not complete. It couldn't be connected to the divine bridge.

If it was Qin Mu's Celestial River Divine Treasure, he could perfectly solve this point.

The third imperfection laid in the algebra that Dao Ancestor had used to construct the ancient gods.

What Dao Ancestor used was macroscopic algebra like Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery, Computational Canon of Mysterious Lady, it was missing microscopic algebra like Computational Canon of Supreme Molecule and that was something that Qin Mu had created, the Computational Canon of Supreme Molecule that Eternal Peace Dao Sect had perfected!

Without Computational Canon of Supreme Molecule, the Great Dao of the ancient gods which Dao Ancestor had deconstructed was imperfect.

With these three points, this cultivation system of celestial heavens which Dao Ancestor had constructed was imperfect.

There should still be more imperfections within but Dao Master Lin Xuan could only think of these three points currently.

"Now I know the intention of Dao Ancestor for summoning us here."

Suddenly, Xiao Chunfeng sighed and he became moody. He laughed at himself and said, "So I see. Now that I know the secret that lies in Guardian Pavilion, I can't stay in this celestial heavens anymore. If I want to live, I have to leave. Otherwise, when the secrets get out, I will definitely die."

He smiled bitterly.

He was originally loyal to the celestial heavens but now he had no choice but to betray the celestial heavens.

The more secrets he knew, the more danger he was in.

Now that he knew Guardian Pavilion's secret, if Dao Ancestor told this to Celestial Emperor, he would definitely die without a word!

It was the same for Qin Mu and Lin Xuan as well.

They had to keep this secret. If they couldn't, Dao Ancestor didn't need to kill them, there would naturally be someone to kill them.

Dao Ancestor had summoned them here to perfectly solve the problem of choosing a side.

He wouldn't stand on Qin Mu's side or Xiao Chunfeng's side. He just needed to summon both of them over so that they would have no more difference in factions. He made both of them stood there obediently.

'This is what Village Chief calls old and experienced.' Qin Mu sighed ruefully.

Only now did he understand how childish it was for him to plan to get rid of Xiao Chunfeng and forcing Dao Ancestor to take his side.

This kind of old and experienced person could easily solve their selfish calculations.

"Senior Brother Xiao, what do you plan to do after going back?" Qin Mu looked at the frowning Xiao Chunfeng and asked with a smile.

"I plan to go back to Clear Sky Heaven and help Clear Sky Heaven get rid of the bodies, shifting the blame to Mother Earth. Anyway, another small matter doesn't really matter to her."

Xiao Chunfeng gave another sigh and said, "I will then fake my death and leave the celestial heavens. I won't contact my mother and hide as far as I can... Dao Ancestor is truly too ruthless by doing this!"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "You plan to study this kind of cultivation system? You want to make a comeback in the future when you have the abilities to?"

Xiao Chunfeng said indifferently, "My cultivation, abilities, wisdom, and intelligence are no weaker than you, I naturally have such an ambition. Now that Dao Ancestor still hasn't sent us back, I shall memorize all of the runes in the jade scrolls here, farewell!"

He hurried down the building.

Dao Master Lin Xuan saw him down and he only said then, "Cult Master Qin, that person in the jade pillar is your Brother Yu."

Qin Mu nodded. "It's hard to explain. Let's not talk about this first, let us go down first and memorize the runes on the jade scroll!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan sighed and said, "Even if you say, I really don't dare to listen. The things in this building are already terrifying enough."

He walked down with Qin Mu and whispered. "This Xiao Chunfeng didn't see that when you clashed with him, you didn't use your primordial spirit."

Qin Mu took a glance at him.

Dao Master Lin Xuan said with a smile, "Don't look at me like this, I know your true abilities. Even though you always say you are a line superior to me, I always the line you mean is a straight line, moreover, it's probably a vertical straight line."

Qin Mu wanted to be humble and Lin Xuan continued. "Other people think that you are bragging but they don't know that you are actually too humble. The divine treasures of the god path plus the divine treasures of the devil path, in addition to that, fourteen divine treasures merging as one with the celestial river passing through every one of them, your abilities are already non-human. I wouldn't be surprised if you can beat a devil god to death with your bare fists."

Qin Mu let out a sigh. "Dao Master Lin knows me well. My humbleness is learned from Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. He always says he is a straight line so as the overlord body, I have to be a line higher than the others on my age."

Lin Xuan was silent for a moment before saying sourly, "If you continue to speak like this, you will get beaten to death."

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