Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 837 - Qin Mu's Inflated Ego

Yu Hongxiu was very wary of him. Compared to Dao Master Lin Xuan who was a righteous gentleman, Qin Mu seemed slight demonic so she naturally wasn't willing to join Heavenly Saint Cult.

Dao Master Lin Xuan was very delighted and couldn't resist sneaking glances at Qin Mu. He couldn't hide his glee.

Qin Mu had stolen many of his people away. Numerous Daoists in Dao Sect had run to Eternal Peace to become officials and some had even run to Heavenly Saint Academy to seek knowledge. Many of the younger generations even entered Heavenly Saint Academy to seek knowledge and not many people go to Dao Sect Academy.

Even he, the Dao Master, was subconsciously won over by Qin Mu. There was a period of time where he couldn't compose his Dao heart and wanted to join the Heavenly Saint Cult.

How difficult was it to steal people from Qin Mu? Today he had done it.

Clear Sky Heaven.

Clear Sky Sect Master saw them returning from outside and was slightly astonished. Lin Xuan explained to him regarding what they had experienced and this dispelled his doubts.

"Yu Chen'zi has already gone to prepare on shifting the blame to Mother Earth. The corpses would be sent to the center of Mother Earth's territory and traces of fighting would be laid out for several hundred miles before laying down the bodies. Even if the Howling Celestial God Race goes to investigate, they would only determine that it was the half-gods under Mother Earth that had ambushed them."

Clear Sky Sect Master said, "Don't worry, Yu Chen'zi is very meticulous and his attainments in algebra are extremely high. He would carry out this flawlessly and not leave behind any trace."

Qin Mu nodded. Clear Sky Heaven was a branch of Dao Sect and they were skilled in algebra. Even when the celestial heavens wanted to create a new sky map, they also had to invite the Daoists of Clear Sky Heaven to make it.

As a person valued highly by Clear Sky Sect Master, Yu Chen'zi definitely had extremely high attainments in algebra. He could even understand complicated algebra so it was naturally he could carry things out flawlessly.

"As for how to fake the death of Little Friend Xiao and Little Friend Yu, that would be slightly difficult."

Clear Sky Sect Master took a glance at Xiao Chunfeng and Yu Hongxiu. "Both of them have names and surnames in the celestial heavens, if the celestial heavens wants to check their whereabouts, they just needed to use Life and Death Book to know whether they are dead or alive. If they want to break off the sense of Life and Death Book, the only way is to write off their lives using a Life and Death Book, that way they won't be able to find out. Even if the celestial heavens check with Life and Death Book, they can only check that both of you are already dead. However, Life and Death Book is a rare treasure in this world..."

"That's easy."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Life and Death Book, I also have one here." After saying so, he took out Life and Death Book.

Everyone looked at him in astonishment and Xiao Chunfeng cried out, "You even have this kind of treasure?"

Qin Mu asked with a smile, "Is Life and Death Book very valuable? This was gifted to me by Grandmaster and Xing An, two senior brothers from Eternal Peace. I even saw this kind of treasure in the hands of Son of Heaven Yin's disciples."

Everyone was speechless and Yu Hongxiu thought to herself. 'Didn't they say the lower bound is poor and secluded? How are there treasures like Life and Death Book lying everywhere and to even be gifted away? Is the lower bound poor or is the celestial heavens poor?'

"This is really Life and Death Book, it's a treasure that was Earth Count had created using the Great Dao of Youdu. There's only one in this world and it's in the hands of Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven. The other Life and Death Books were imitations created by Black Deity Son of Heaven Yin and Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven.

Clear Sky Sect Master took over the Life and Death Book and said, "Even though it's an imitation, the Life and Death Book created by Son of Heaven Yin has properties that Youdu Life and Death Book doesn't, it's much better than the original version."

He opened up Life and Death Book and shone it at Xiao Chunfeng and Yu Hongxiu to erase both of their life registries. "These treasures are usually used to search for people and check their true identity but this is only a small part of what it can do. The big part is that it's a weapon of genocide, any normal gods wouldn't be able to fight against it! What is the origin of this Grandmaster and Xing An? Could they give my Clear Sky Heaven a copy of Life and Death Book as well?"

Qin Mu took the book back and shook his head. "They only have this copy as well, when they gifted it to me, they also felt rather pained and chased after me for quite a long time."

Clear Sky Sect Master stared with his eyes wide open and only now did he realized what Qin Mu meant by 'gifted'.

'So gifted in his words means to steal or snatch.'

Clear Sky Heaven arranged the death of the celestial heavens' emissaries properly so there was no need for Qin Mu and Lin Xuan to spend the extra effort, saving their time. What happened next didn't have any relationship to Qin Mu, it was mostly Lin Xuan discussing to allow the Daoists of Eternal Peace Dao Sect to seek knowledge here.

Eternal Peace Dao Sect has already become Dao Sect Academy of Eternal Peace now. If Dao Sect learned Clear Sky Heaven's abilities, they would definitely spread to Eternal Peace.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The four great sacred grounds back then have all become academies now and broke free from being sects of the martial world.

Great Thunderclap Monastery has founded Thunderclap Academy and Wang Muran has founded Jade Capital Academy. Heavenly Saint Cult founded Heavenly Saint Academy and all academies had what they were good in.

Qin Mu even split Heavenly Saint Academy into the three hundred and sixty colleges that were spread throughout Eternal Peace. The hall masters and assistant hall masters were in charge of teaching the scholars and they prospered.

Other than the four sacred grounds, all sects and cults back then had been completely revamped and they formed primary schools and colleges as they tried to survive in this era of reform. If they were stubborn in not changing, they would be disqualified from this era very soon.

The sects that continued to stick to their own tradition wouldn't even need outside forces to wipe them out. They naturally cease to exist just from having too little people.

This was the general trend of Eternal Peace's reform and the general trend was surging like a flood. Anyone who stood in their way would be swept away and only those who followed the general trend and built their ships would still have a chance at survival.

Thinking back to the year of Eternal Peace's reform, all sects had tried to kill off Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and change an emperor, causing revolutions everywhere and to now when all sects have no choice but to conform to the era of reform.

Qin Mu, Lin Xuan, they had personally been through this and this process looked rather normal to them and they didn't think much about it. However, reminiscing it would cause their hearts to surge.

"Cult Master Qin, even though the disciples that the celestial heavens had sent this time died under you and Dao Master Lin's hands, the celestial heavens will still dispatch others to come forth and continue to create a perfect sky map, killing all seeds that might rebel in Primordial Realm."

Clear Sky Sect Master sent them off and said, "When the celestial heavens sent emissaries over again, my Clear Sky Heaven will still do our best to assist the celestial heavens in creating the sky map, sky map will still be created. Dao Ancestor hasn't made a stand so my Clear Sky Heaven won't betray the celestial heavens. About this, may Cult Master Qin pardon us."

Qin Mu wore a serious expression and he said solemnly, "Sect Master, don't worry, I understand the reason behind it."

Clear Sky Sect Master revealed a smile and continued to say, "There's one more thing, that person that had stolen the treasures of my Clear Sky Heaven, no matter what relationship does he have with Cult Master Qin, my Clear Sky Heaven would dispatch people to chase after him to retrieve our treasures. May Cult Master Qin pardon us for this as well."

He sighed. "We don't have the confidence to capture this thief god and retrieve our treasures but this concerns the reputation of Clear Sky Heaven and Dao Sect, we have to do it no matter what."

Qin Mu's face blushed and he mumbled. "I hope Sect Master goes easy on him. That's right, Sect Master, can you let me have a mountain?"

Clear Sky Sect Master asked for the reason and chuckled. "This is minor, see which mountain you like and you can let God Bai Xi go over after changing its name."

Qin Mu gave his thanks and left Clear Sky Heaven with Dao Master Lin Xuan. They brought the dragon qilin and the water qilin away as well.

Beside Deer County, Qin Mu arranged everything for God Bai Xi and God Bai Xi cried from gratitude. He hurriedly took over the new Hundred Years Mountain that was beside the river.

Beside the river, Qin Mu, Lin Xuan, Xiao Chunfeng, Yu Hongxiu and the rest looked towards Surging River where the water of Celestial River surged forth. The surface of the river was like a sea.

"Cult Master, we will part ways here."

Lun Xuan and Daoist Cha tidied up their luggage and Lin Xuan threw the horsetail whisk up. The horsetail whisk transformed into a white dragon to soar in the sky. Both of them sat on the dragon's back and Lin Xuan stretched a hand out to help Yu Hongxiu onto the dragon's back. He said with a smile, "We are returning back to Dao Sect, if Cult Master Qin wants to learn Computational Canon of Supreme Molecule, you can come to Dao Sect to look for me."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "Primordial Realm is not safe now, be careful on your journey. After I find Brother Yu, I will return back to Dao Sect."

Lin Xuan looked down at Xiao Chunfeng and said, "Senior Brother Xiao, Dao Sect is far, let us hurry on our way, come up quickly."

Xiao Chunfeng kept his gaze on Qin Mu and didn't move. He suddenly said with a smile, "Overlord Body Qin, our battle was interrupted by Dao Ancestor so don't you want to know which of us is stronger? You may be Eternal Peace Overlord Body but you aren't Celestial Heavens Overlord Body."

Cold sweat broke out on Lin Xuan's forehead and he cried out bitterly to himself.

Yu Hongxiu's gaze flickered and he said with a low voice, "Dao Master Lin, aren't you anticipating this battle?"

Lin Xuan shook his head, "Senior Brother Xiao is still a line inferior to Cult Master Qin, he is not his opponent."

"The difference of a line, it's still not known who will lose!"

Yu Hongxiu said excitedly, "Furthermore, Senior Brother Xiao is even one of the top few disciples among the younger generation in Celestial Heavens Dao Sect, he is also the first generation child of an ancient god, having an extremely high bloodline! His combat power is even ranked among the Divine Bridge Realm in the celestial heavens! This battle is going to be interesting!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan grunted. "He is a line inferior, there's no way he could win. Even if Senior Brother Xiao learns Computational Canon of Supreme Molecule, he also can't win. Unless he can receive all the fruits of Eternal Peace's reform, then maybe he could contend with Qin Mu for supremacy. However, he is also not that him, it's Xu Shenghua. However, the current Xu Shenghua also haven't learned Celestial River Divine Treasure so he is also a line inferior to Cult Master Qin..."

Yu Hongxiu was about to speak when the ripples on the river surface shimmered. Xiao Chungeng took a step out and a divine bridge stretched across Surging River in the next instant. His tall and sturdy primordial spirit appeared on the divine bridge with a pestle and an ax in his hands!

Xiao Chunfeng's vital qi burst forth and a full moon broke out of the river. Countless runes of algebra transformed into stars to orbit around the moon and it was like a galaxy swirling around a huge moon. Its radiance even covered the rays of the sun!

Xiao Chunfeng laughed and said, "Eternal Peace's Overlord Body, do you dare to fight me?"

On the white dragon's back, Yu Hongxiu gripped her hands in excitement and smiled at Dao Master Lin Xuan. "Senior Brother Xiao is using the power of his bloodline..."

Beside the river, Qin Mu took a step out and a celestial river descended from the sky behind him. The vast and mighty celestial river was connected to the celestial palace and his primordial spirit stood on Celestial River.

Dao Master Lin Xuan sighed.

In an instant, a huge wave on the river surface of Surging River overflowed into the sky and even shattered the space with its impact, opening up a huge hole in the sky above the river!

Yu Hongxiu was only in time to see the galaxy crumbling and bright moon shattering apart. She then saw explosions on the river surface and after a dozen violent tremors, it regained its calmness.

The dragon qilin and the water qilin stepped onto the river and sprinted over to the calm battlefield, following Qin Mu who had walked out from the huge wave that had landed back down, heading to the other side of the river.

That sapphire blue water qilin even stopped in his footsteps to take a glance down the river surface before catching up with Qin Mu with quick steps.

After a moment, Xiao Chunfeng floated back up from the bottom of the river and he laid on the river surface with his limbs opened up. It was as if he had just been trampled over by countless bulls as he looked up lifelessly into the sky with his bruised face and tattered clothes.

Dao Master Lin Xuan sighed again and executed his vital qi. The white dragon lowered a strand of dragon bead and swept Xiao Chunfeng up from the river surface, putting him onto its back.

Dao Master Lin Xuan treated him and grunted. "Cult Master Qin is slowly losing his medical ethics. In the past, he would treat the people he had injured, although the fees are a little more expensive. Now his ego is inflated and he doesn't care this little money anymore..."

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