Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 839 - Artful People Have High Aspiration

Blind raised his head and smiled. "This brother, you said you had found a sword trace on the wall of Dao Sect which is different from the sword skills of Dao Sect, aren't you pointing it out for others? I don't know what you are investigating but when you are telling others what you want to investigate like this, if Mu'er is truly the murderer, he would definitely change his sword skill."

Qu He's gaze fell on his body and he said leisurely, "How do you know I'm not telling him on purpose?"

Blind was slightly stunned.

Qu He's hands were behind his back and he said with a smile, "If he is related with this case, he would definitely hide his sword skill when executing it, I would know with a look if he's hiding his sword skill or not. Furthermore, even if he hid his sword skill, in the fine markings that construct the sword skill, on the fine runes formed by his vital qi, he will also leave traces of it behind.

Qin Mu felt apprehensive.

Qu He continued. "If he is related to this case, as long as he releases a sword move, nothing can escape my eyes. If he is not related to this case, there's nothing for him to hide. I'm a famous divine eye among the Celestial Heavens Divine Constable Camp, mere tricks can't be concealed from me."

Blind narrowed his eyes and said, "What a coincidence, I'm also a divine eye. People who know me call me Blind, however, I'm not a constable. I know an eminent monk, he's a constable in the past."

"Divine eye of the lower bound who calls himself Blind?"

Qu He couldn't resist chuckling. "The people of the lower bound are truly interesting. If that's the case, wouldn't the fastest person be called Cripple?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Blind clapped his hands and praised. "When you said you were a divine constable from the celestial heavens, I didn't believe you at first, never would I thought you are rather remarkable! That's right, the fastest person in our Eternal Peace is none other than Cripple. Not only that, in the countryside like ours, Butcher's knife skills are the best, he's called Heaven Knife. The prettiest woman is called Damned Old Woman Si, the best at smithing is Mute and he is also the loudest when it comes to scolding people. The best in painting is Deaf, the most handsome one is the faceless Apothecary, however, the best in sword skills is still our village's Village Chief. He originally has no limbs and got shaved into a rod by someone."

Qu He laughed and said, "Truly a bunch of weird people. The lower bound is really interesting, the gods of your lower bound don't seem like gods that are high above, instead, you are like clowns fooling around."

Blind sighed. "That's right. We country bumpkin can never be compared to the masters of the celestial heavens, we can only fool around and sell our art for some money. Truth to be told, I usually tell other people's fortune, traveling through the market with my banner. People usually say I'm quite accurate."

Qu He was sincerely impressed and said, "People of extraordinary talents usually have high aspirations. You guys are skilled yet you are willing to remain ordinary, if it's me, I wouldn't have that kind of mood. With my abilities, I would definitely rebel and take over the reign. I would plunder, kill and definitely become a bumpkin emperor."

Blind beamed happily. "We don't dare to do that! We are all docile subjects, we don't dare to rebel. People like us would only occasionally kill a few blind fellows that came from the celestial heavens. For example beating up High Heavens, beating up Lu Li and Xuan Ming from Youdu, beating up Son of Heaven Yin and other people like that. Master Divine Constable, we don't dare to rebel, we can only rob the masters to scrape a meager living."

Qu He was full of smiles. He clapped his palms and praised, "Wonderful! Truly wonderful!"

Blind was also full of smiles. "We are always wonderful. As the poem goes, artful people have high aspiration since the ancient times, daring to call out the celestial emperor for not being a great man! To the masters of the celestial heavens, aren't we exactly the artful people in these barren hills and wild rivers?"

Qin Mu sighed in exclamation and said sincerely, "Grandpa Blind, your self-cultivation has become even higher. This poem is already considered first class!"

Blind was pleased.

Qu He laughed loudly. "To have so many patterns to describe a rebellion, it's no wonder His Majesty keeps saying there are artful people in the lower bound that are plotting his demise."

Blind smiled. "People like you always face others with a smile and give off a feeling that you are a man with a big smile and evil intention. Master Divine Constable from the celestial heavens, we need to hurry on our way so are you allowing us to pass or not?"

Qu He narrowed his eyes in a grin. "Of course I do allow. You guys can just cross over but do not mess up the scene."

The dragon qilin and the water qilin carefully walked forward and the flying ship continued to float in the sky. Qu He still stood at the bow of the ship with his hands behind his back. He looked at them with a faint gaze and watched them slowly getting closer.

Yu Chen'zi stood beside him and he suddenly felt a bone-chilling cold. He saw a three thousand yards primordial spirit appearing silently behind Qu He's body!

The arms of that three thousand yards primordial spirit unfolded like the stamens of a flower and the huge divine eyes on his palms slowly opened up.

Under the boat, Blind and the rest didn't seem to notice and continued on their journey leisurely.

Cold sweat broke out on Yu Chen'zi's forehead because he was nervous. His heart pounded furiously.

Qu He took a glance at him and he seemed to have a smile that was yet not a smile.

On the dragon qilin's head, Blind hummed his song calmly but his eyes closed slowly.

On his waist, his belt that was made of black-colored dragon bones slowly extended itself. The sharp claws that were hidden in its body were now slowly opening up into the air.

Divine Spear Long Tuo gradually awakened and it revolved around Blind's body slowly, giving off soft rattles as its bones moved.

Qin Mu moved two steps back and looked warily in his surroundings. Several youths on the flying ship flew up and came down the ship but they didn't land on the ground. Instead, they stood in the air with shields, chains, knives in their hands.

Those Howling Celestial God Race with wolf heads and human bodies that were sprinting furiously in the wilds also calmed down. Every one of them turned their heads to look over.

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. He stretched his hand out to grab the sword pellet and clenched tightly. The sword pellet expanded in the air and transformed into a divine sword. Qin Mu's hands crossed and split one divine sword into two.

Those youths shook the chains and beams of light burst forth from the chains. The chains connected with one another and weaved in midair, forming chain rings that flowed continuously in the sky.

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes and whispered, "Fatty Water, protect your master. Fatty Dragon, be on guard."

Finally, they walked under the shadow of the ship.

On the bow of the ship, the smile on Qu He's face was even wider.

Suddenly, the thousand arms of his primordial spirit spread their fingers open and stretched down from the deck!

At this moment, Qin Mu and the rest saw a thousand huge eyeballs appearing under the shadow of the ship. Countless formations swirled in the eyeballs and light interweaved in a split second to form all kinds of strange formations, attacking from all directions!

The formation skills transformed countless times in that split second and terrifying power burst forth to crush the space under the ship.

Those pillars of light were so bright that they couldn't keep their eyes open so Qin Mu hurriedly closed his eyes. Only then did he understand why Blind had closed his eyes from the start.

Right at this moment, the roar of a dragon rang out and Qin Mu could sense Blind disappearing. By using his qi activity as his senses, he could feel all kinds of formations clashing beside him and the terrifying waves were enough to crush them countless times!

Yet when the power of these formations burst forth, they actually transformed from the gate of death to the gate of life. Not only that, he could also feel Blind's short stature moving among these formations. Under the pokes and adjustments of Divine Spear Long Tuo, the formations were turning into killing formations that were targeted to the other side.

All kinds of formation skills burst forth under the shadow of the ship and suddenly a loud explosion could be heard. That ship that was three hundred yards long gave off creaking sounds and got thrown into the sky, breaking apart into pieces.

Countless treasures poured out from the ship and sparkled as they dropped down from the sky.

Qin Mu regained his vision and raised his head to take a look. Under the sparkles of the falling treasures, a devil god with thousand arms and thousand eyes was clashing with a blind man who was grabbing onto a black dragon spear. One big man and one small man exchanged blows in the sky.

At the same time, those young constables shook their hands and their chains weaved forward to bind Qin Mu and the rest.

Bang, bang, bang!

The shields in their hands flew up and surrounded Qin Mu and the rest to form walls of shield. Up, down, left, right, there were huge shields all around him that sealed the space.

And in the shield walls, chains rattled and weaved to make it tighter and tighter.

Yu Chen'zi was secretly anxious. "Crap! This kind of situation, Overlord Body Qin will be forced to use his sword skills or else he won't be able to break free. He just needs to reveal a real sword skill and he would expose himself as the person who had killed the emissaries..."

Right at this moment, crackling explosions came from the space inside the shield and a sword light gracefully sliced apart the shields!

Qin Mu's three heads and six arms form and the willow leaf on the heart of his brows had vanished. He gave a sudden roar and beams of light came sweeping in all directions from the heart of his brows!

Those youths were instantly no match for him and numerous of them had their corporeal bodies severed. Just as their primordial spirits flew out, they were sliced into two!

Those people from Howling Celestial God Race that had frozen in place suddenly moved. They leaped around like monsters as they pounced towards Qin Mu and the rest at the same time.

Gate of Heaven Influence appeared behind Qin Mu's body and the three hundred yards tall gate opened up with black qi rolling out. Qin Mu's body spun like a top and the Gate of Heaven Influence starting swirling with Qin Mu as the pivot, forming a piece of black light!

Bang, bang, bang—

Corpses fell from the sky. Those people from Howling Celestial Race had their primordial spirits struck into Youdu when they passed through this gate. Their bodies were perfectly fine but they were already dead.

Suddenly, the remaining youth gave a loud shout and chains flew out from his sleeves to pass through Gate of Heaven Influence, locking the gate in place.

Qin Mu moved the gate but this gate wouldn't budge at all. On the other hand, the wolf-head half-gods of Howling Celestial God Race had already closed in on them!


Qin Mu's primordial spirit stood on a three thousand yards celestial river that had appeared in the sky. With both of his hands raised, the flying sword in Qin Mu's hand exploded with a bang and transformed into countless sword lights. In an instant, sword lights filled an area of three thousand yards to form a sea of sword lights!

In the sea of sword light, broken bodies were everywhere and the fresh blood dyed the ocean red!

The second form of Village Chief's Sword Picture, Sword of Founding Emperor.

Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood!

Suddenly, the sea of sword light was shattered and among the broken bodies, a wolf head mutant pounced over and he had the strongest abilities as he was already a god. This move from Qin Mu was a sword skill for crowd attack so it wasn't enough to kill him. Instead, because of the power that was spread out, he managed to break the sword skill and save the rest.

His sharp claws stretched out as he grabbed at Qin Mu who was on the dragon qilin's head.

The sleeves behind Qin Mu's clothes and transformed into countless formation markings to sweep up the water qilin and Celestial Venerable Yu.

Light flashed as the water qilin and Celestial Venerable Yu got sent far away.

On the other hand, Qin Mu raised his palm to face the sharp claws of that god from Howling Celestial God Race.

With a loud bang, the world tremored and Qin Mu's palm was bloodied. The tendons in his small arm snapped from the recoil and pierced through his skin to dangle outside.

His five fingers were crooked and the bones in his fingers were all shattered.

That wolf-head god instantly kicked towards his head and at this moment, a lump of heavenly fire exploded from the insides of the god's body, turning this god into ashes in the blink of an eye.

Qin Mu raised his hand to sever his arm and a new arm quickly grew out. He leaped into midair and spun like a top. In the process of spinning, his three heads and six arms grew out and with yin and yang in his six hands, he pressed towards the ground.

At the same time, the wolf head half-gods and the other youths pounced at him to intercept him in midair!

The moment Qin Mu got hit, his six arms also pressed down on the ground and rebounded him high up into the sky. The dragon qilin instantly rushed diagonally into the sky to catch Qin Mu as he stepped on the fire clouds.

The dragon qilin turned back and opened his mouth to spew out a beam of fire at the ground.

On the ground, countless prisms of heavenly fire were tunneling out from underground and they were several yards tall. When they got hit by the beam from the dragon qilin, a huge mushroom cloud rushed into the sky. Those youths and Howling Celestial God Race that didn't escape in time were turned into ashes in the explosion and the terrifying waves swept a hundred miles to burn the ground into crystals!

Lava poured out and suddenly dense black gases began to emit from the lava. The black gases turned into clouds and rose into the sky with the flames.

Qu He who was fighting with Blind frowned greatly. Almost everyone he had brought was wiped out and after going through this huge explosion of heavenly fire, it was probably impossible to find traces of Qin Mu's sword skills anymore!

"Artful people!"

Suddenly, the mountains tremored and an incomparably huge body rose up from underground as it tore the ground apart. An angry voice could be heard yelling. "Who dares to disturb my slumber?"

Yu Chen'zi let out a sigh of relief and he thought to himself. 'This earth dragon is transformed from one of Mother Earth's broken roots, my goal is to push the blame to him. If the earth dragon kills Qu He and the celestial heavens send more divine constables to check the scene, this would truly be Mother Earth's fault. No more clues would be found from the previous flaws and traces and the suspicion of my Clear Sky Heaven would be completely wiped clean!'

Washing away the suspicion on Clear Sky Heaven on the first inspection wasn't his goal. There were too many traces that were too difficult to be washed. However, by luring an expert under Mother Earth to kill the divine constable, that would push the blame to Mother Earth perfectly and the suspicions on Clear Sky Heaven would therefore vanish.

This was Yu Chen'zi's plan to shift the blame.

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