Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 84 - The Strangeness In The Darkness

In front of the city gates and facing the boundless darkness, Qin Mu couldn't help but feel anxious. The darkness that could kill anyone it touches was right in front of him. Gently pulsating like a living thing, the darkness was warded off by the glow given off by the dragon pillars and the temples in the city plaza.

He was about to enter the darkness.

Behind him, Granny Si, Old Ma, Cripple and the rest were much more anxious than him. As the city gates creaked open, it was like their hearts were being gripped.

Seven tremors sounded out from Village Chief's body. It was as if seven treasure vaults were blown open in his body, making his aura suddenly extremely violent. Imposing and divine as he floated towards the darkness, he said, "Let us go, Mu'er."

Qin Mu immediately followed him and looked at Village Chief with his Nine Heavens God Eyes. He couldn't help but be shocked when he didn't see a limbless Village Chief but saw an imposing god instead!

At this moment, in his eyes, Village Chief was a god with robust limbs who was similar to the gods he saw in the temples. The only difference would be that Village Chief was a living god and the gods in the temples were just sculpted out.

"I knew the old man was still himself."

Blind propped himself on his cane and sighed, "Old man is still much more powerful than us!"

Mute nodded his head repeatedly in deep agreement, "Ah ah, ah ah ah!"

"Mute's right."

Deaf approved, "It's just that we don't know how long the old man can last. If he can't last long enough, both of them are going to die."

Granny immediately spat twice, "Pooh pooh! Touch wood! May luck be with them!"

In the darkness, the jade pendant on Qin Mu's chest lit up while the youth carefully followed Village Chief who was floating forward in the darkness. Turning back to have a look, Border Dragon City was like a city of hundred gods in the darkness. There were huge dragons on the city walls and huge gods standing upright in the city, guarding that piece of land to prevent the darkness from getting close.

"Village Chief."

He suddenly remembered something and immediately said, "My spirit embryo went into a slumber again."

Village Chief's figure stumbled and the light flames blazing around his body almost extinguished. He immediately stabilized his state of mind and asked, "Mu'er, you haven't told any of those old fellows right?"

At the instant when his state of mind wavered, strange devil voices came from the darkness. It was as if the devils in the darkness were whispering to each other, trying to take advantage of the opportunity when the light flames extinguish to break in.

Qin Mu looked cautiously at his surrounding and shook his head, "I didn't have time to tell granny and the rest. Village Chief, didn't you say each awakening is one elixir of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique? I had already awakened three times and awakened my three elixirs. Now that my spirit embryo is asleep again, it would be the fourth awakening when it wakes up again. Did something go wrong when I was cultivating…"

Village Chief sighed of relief and smiled, "This is a good thing. The three in Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique isn't the three in one two three four. The path produced one, one produced two, two produced three and three produced all things. The three in Overlord Body is the three in three produced all things, therefore there are possibilities of awakening multiple times."

Qin Mu suddenly saw the light and exclaimed in admiration, "Village Chief is wise."

Sweats rolled off from Village Chief's forehead as he exclaimed to himself, "I sure am quick witted. After that explanation, no matter how many times Qin Mu awaken in the future, it will be easy for me to explain. The little fellow is easy to fool but it would be harder for those old fellows in the village to believe me. Luckily they don't know about this yet…"

However, Qin Mu didn't feel that there would be a fifth awakening as all the golden light in the golden sea were absorbed by his spirit embryo.

The darkness was thick and as they went deeper into the darkness, the darkness around them turned denser and denser. It was different from what Qin Mu had seen previously. Previously when he had stretched out his hand, the darkness actually faded and Dark Realm appeared along with a woman stretching her hand towards him.

Whereas now, the darkness was getting darker and darker instead. Other than the places illuminated by Village Chief's light flames, he couldn't see anywhere else.

Suddenly the light screen violently tremored as if there was some huge monster crashing into the light screen. Qin Mu immediately took a look and his scalp turned numb. He saw a huge shadow trying to tear apart the light emanated from Village Chief!


Among Village Chief's hair, a sword light flashed out and flew into the darkness. The huge shadow warped and flickered around like a phantom before fading away, seemingly retreating back into the darkness.

The sword light flew back and Village Chief had a solemn expression. A drop of blood gently slid off the sword light and hung on the tip of the sword light. Qin Mu raised his hand to get ready to retrieve this drop of blood when Village hurriedly shook his head and said, "Don't touch it."


The drop of blood landed on the ground and gave off the sound of when a metal collides with a rock. What followed it was the withering and drying of every single surrounding vegetation.

Following Village Chief forward, only after three hundred yards did they leave the area affected by the devil properties of that blood. He couldn't help but be overwhelmed with shock.

"Just now, that dark monster's ability is extremely strong and is not any weaker than me."

Village Chief had a grave expression as he looked around him. He could faintly see shadows creeping around him, moving and changing irregularly. There seemed to be countless of monsters hiding around them, "That drop of blood is the blood of the devil god. If you touched the blood just now, the god statue that Deaf painted on your would have been tainted and would be unusable. Mu'er, you have floated down from upstream so we'll move upstream along Surging River."

Not long after, they reached the side of Surging River. Village Chief floated on top of the river surface while Qin Mu followed him by stepping on the river. Looking around, Qin Mu could still see shadows continuously moving and peculiar whispers sounding out time and time again. It was as if the devils in the darkness were discussing how to eat them, making his blood run cold.

However, with Village Chief by his side, he felt much more secure.

Village Chief said, "Let us go to the end of Surging River. We'll have to sprint about two thousand miles and your speed is too slow, let me carry you."

Qin Mu suddenly felt his body turning light and floating up like a goose feather. The light flames around Village Chief suddenly blazed brightly. Within the divine light, his body started to become more and more imposing, just like a giant who's able to support both heaven and earth, taking wide strides towards upstream of Surging River.

Qin Mu was dumbstruck. This kind of speed was simply as fast as lightning. In his daze, they passed by thousand mountains and waters in a flash!

If he used his naked eyes to look at Village Chief, Village Chief was still limbless. However, using Nine Heavens God Eyes to look, Village Chief had robust limbs and was glorious like gods. The two different forms existed simultaneously.

In that case, does the Village Chief have limbs or no limbs? He was slightly befuddled.

As they moved, they passed by countless mountains and traveled countless miles. The surface of Surging River was becoming narrower which obviously meant that they were getting closer to the source of Surging River.

Along the way, Qin Mu saw numerous sights he couldn't see normally. He saw giants towering along the coastal area emanating divine light like torches!

They were the stone statues on both sides of Surging River. In the morning they were ordinary stone statues and when at night, his naked eyes could only see stone statues giving off light but with his god eyes, he could see another world!

Other than these villages, there were also ancient ruins on both sides of Surging River. The divine light there was like daytime and Qin Mu even saw living giants moving in the ruins!

"Are there living gods and devils?" He was stunned.

Other than the giant moving in the ruins, he saw even stranger stuff. In the darkness, there were behemoths, which only appeared in legends, hunting for food!

The divine beasts that was as big as mountains fought with monsters in the darkness, shattering mountains and rending the earth. These divine beasts had divine light all around their bodies and were like fire torches in the darkness!

Tonight he saw a totally different Great Ruins, an epic world that was like a fairy tale.

Back when Granny Si picked Qin Mu up from the water, they could deduce that Qin Mu and the woman in the water had floated down from upstream. Now that they were reaching the source of Surging River, if they still can't find Carefree Village there, they could only return.

Great Ruins was too big and too dangerous. They couldn't search the entire Great Ruins in just one night.

At this moment, Village Chief suddenly halted. Qin Mu immediately stabilized himself and was about to say something when his hair uncontrollably stood on their ends. He immediately shut up and even stopped breathing.

In front of them was a huge army marching deep into Great Ruins. The soldiers of this army were tall and majestic just like gods and devils that were shining radiantly. However, their face was ashen with lifeless eyes and had tusks jutting out from their mouth. Even though their aura was extremely terrifying, these gods and devils were clearly corpses!

Some of them were missing arms and some were missing legs. Some had half of their head left while others had a huge hole opened up in their chest. The weapons in their hand were also badly damaged.

Now the great army formed by the corpses of gods and devils hurried on through the forest and crossed the river. There were also ancient bronze war chariots in the army. The war chariots were battered and the war flag hung on them were also full of holes.

Bronze warships which also sailed from far away. These bronze warships were also extremely worn out and had huge holes on the sides of the ship. The masts of the ship had also collapsed.

Qin Mu didn't dare to breathe and even Village Chief held his breath, as he quietly looked at this strange army troops.

When this army of corpses had crossed Surging River, Qin Mu then panted heavily. Village Chief also let out a murky breath with his flickering gaze, "Let us follow and have a look." After he finished speaking, he floated towards the army of corpses.

Suddenly, the sound of slaughter that shook the sky came from the front and terrifying pulses traveled over. Village Chief brought Qin Mu to the peak of a mountain and both of them were shocked at what they saw.

They could only see the badly damaged corpses of gods and devils fighting a war. The ones they were fighting were also corpses that were wielding all kinds of weapons and were giving off extremely intense glow which shone onto the valley, lighting it up like it was daytime!

"This is the ancient battlefield of gods and devils!"

Village Chief had a slight change in expression and immediately pulled Qin Mu back while solemnly saying, "I have come to the ancient battleground of gods and devils in the day once and it was very dangerous that I almost couldn't make it out alive. In the day, not one corpse of gods and devils could be seen. It's only when the darkness surged over will the corpse revive and march into the battlefield for war…"

Qin Mu was stumped for words. What kind of hatred did they have for each other for these gods and devils to still continue to fight after their deaths?

"Mu'er, be careful. We are deep in Great Ruins now, do not wander away." Village Chief very solemnly said.

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