Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 840 - Here Is Where We Part Forever

The ground was rumbling like a pot of boiling soup and the massive creature underground just broke through the earth. His body was too huge and as a result, the mountains far away collapsed as though a hurricane had just swept through.

Qin Mu stood on the dragon qilin's head and the dragon qilin was currently sprinting in a hurry. His speed was extremely fast but he was still struck by the gale raised by the massive creature rushing out from underground. He nearly lost his footing.

This incomparably thick body was over a hundred yards away from them but looking from afar, it was as though he had brushed past them.

That was a body that was covered with wooden scales that looked like the roots of a tree. There were all kinds of natural rune markings covering the wooden scales and it even gave off a metallic luster.

This body was humongous and even though it had the qualities of wood, he was extremely nimble. When he broke through the ground, Qin Mu saw the lateral roots of this body stretching out like dragon claws that were sharp and strong.

However, there were too many dragon claws on the body. There were as many as several hundred claws!

Furthermore, there were also numerous fibrous roots on his body that looked like dragon beard and whiskers while the fibrous roots that grew on his back looked like the mane of a dragon. They were very long and drifted in the air!

Because his speed was too fast, thunder and lightning rolled in his surroundings. The lightning wasn't striking the ground and instead, it was striking out from that monster's body as the center, forming a thick layer of electrical discharge.

Lightning sparked in all directions. When the electric current coursed through Qin Mu and the dragon qilin's body, even then they executed Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique to defend against the power of the lightning, their bodies were still filled with fine holes pierced by the bolts of lightning!

"Master, heal me!"

The dragon qilin cried out flusteredly, "There are some places I can't lick!"

Qin Mu stabilized his body and his corporeal body quickly recovered. He took out over a dozen bottles of dragon saliva and smashed them, allowing the dragon saliva to flow into the dragon qilin's wounds.

He raised his head to look and he saw the head of the massive creature had already appeared in the cloud layer. The cloud in the surroundings had already been parted as that head was spewing out currents of air. Thick smog surged out and flames were inside the smog.

The air currents that he was spewing out were too fast and as a result, the air was ignited.

Yet the air that he was spewing out was utterly dirty and had the rotting smell of being buried underground, thus smog had spread out.

This was an earth dragon and his size was truly massive. The other divine dragons had scarce whiskers and since his whiskers were his fibrous roots, they grew out from the area of his mouth densely. Furthermore, they were very long and drifted around like curtains.

The moment this earth dragon had tunneled out, he opened his mouth to bite at Blind and Qu He who were fighting. With a bite, a portion of the sky vanished as a huge piece of sky map that covered Eternal Peace Empire got chewed off!

Blind and Qu He hurriedly evaded and they barely escaped from his mouth. They landed on the head of this earth dragon and both gods sprinted on his incomparably huge head. As they ran, they continued to attack each other.

Blind's Divine Spear Long Tuo transformed into a black dragon and it was extremely fast whenever Blind stabbed forward and pulled backward. Long Tuo moved nimbly and under Blind's control, it struck the energy points in Qu He's divine arts accurately, interrupting the opponent's battle arrays.

On the other hand, Qu He made use of another type of offensive method. Even though he was pressing hard on Blind, his attacks weren't close quarters and instead, it was his thousand arms that were moving up and down, shooting out beams continuously from the divine eyes in his palms. The beams would collide in midair and bounce off, forming nets.

That was why every time he attacked, it was a type of battle array and each battle array was different from the previous. Using formations as divine arts caused Blind's eyes to light up.

Formations had to be laid out in advance and there would rarely be people that would use formations as divine arts in battle. The only exception was to forge a set of spirit weapons or divine weapons for formation skills.

For example, West Earth Formation Master He Yiyi walked the path of formation skills and she used square stones as the foundation to construct formation skills, using algebra to construct her formation skills.

The square stones were her spirit weapons.

However, to let her treat formations as divine arts, that was beyond her capabilities.

Qu He had an unusual gift. He had a lot of arms and in the palm of every palm grew an eye. He trained his thousand eyes into god eyes and formations were hidden inside the eyes.

When the formations were activated, the light that shot out wasn't purely energy. They were weaved by countless formation markings and when different beams of light collided, all kinds of complicated formation markings would fuse and lay out battle arrays to form all kinds of formation skills.

Of course, the power from this kind of formation skills couldn't be compared to the killing formations constructed with spirit weapons and divine weapons. However, it could be constructed freely and had a myriad changes in an instant, giving others no time to break the formation.

Those who mainly cultivated formation skills would have a difficult time to progress in their cultivation their combat power would surpass people who cultivated other abilities. This was also the reason why Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi was able to win over Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher with her power.

Qu He was also such a person.

However, who he had met today was the famous divine eye and formation master of Eternal Peace Empire. Blind already had very high attainments in formation skills and in his early years, he had retreated into seclusion after getting his eyes dug out by Xing An and losing his willpower. He later walked out of Great Ruins because of Qin Mu and encountered Eternal Peace's reform.

He absorbed the fruits of Eternal Peace's reform and also learned the achievements of formation skills from Founding Emperor Era. In terms of attainments in formation skills, he was already at the top.

Even though Blind couldn't achieve using formations as divine arts like Qu He could, he could use his divine spear to break the formation and this countered Qu He's formation divine arts, causing him to be unable to release any power.

Breaking the strong with weaker power was originally the method every formation master was proud of. When these two formation master encountered each other, whoever cultivation was denser was no longer the crux of victory. The crux of victory laid in whose attainments were higher.

Both of them sprinted quickly on the earth dragon's back and all kinds of divine arts swept in all directions. In the next instant, both of them encountered a treacherous situation.

That earth dragon was startled by Qin Mu's heavenly fire divine art but that earth dragon didn't go and find Qin Mu. That was because Qin Mu was much weaker. The two gods fighting in the sky were then his targets and thus he laid his hands on both of them immediately.

The earth dragon missed his bite and now, both of them had fought their way to his head. The earth dragon shook his head and countless roots came tunneling out from the skin under the wooden scales. The roots then tried to coil around the both of them.

Those roots were like earth-yellow flood dragons and they were extremely durable. They could actually pass through their divine arts without any obstructions.

Blind was astonished and he raised his spear to stab at one of the roots. This spear could be said to be a marvelous strike that was wonderful in destroying overwhelming power yet when it stabbed on that root, there was only a thud.

Divine Spear Long Tuo had only stabbed five inches into the head of the dragon and he didn't manage to pierce this root.

"How durable! What is the reason?"

Blind hurriedly pulled back his spear and turned to leave. Trying to escape, he leaped and suddenly came crashing down as his legs were already bound by the roots which pulled him back.

Countless roots came slithering over and bound Blind tightly.

On the other side, Qu He also suffered the earth dragon's attacks at the same time. His thousand arms were all tightly bound and he couldn't move at all. He shouted loudly, "Earth dragon, don't be impudent! I'm the guard of Celestial Heavens Divine Constable Camp..."

Before he could even finish his sentence, the roots flailed and swept both of them up, hanging them upside down and sending them into the mouth of the dragon.

That earth dragon's mouth was wide open and it was just darkness inside. Smog spread out from the darkness and flames could be faintly seen.

Blind and Qu He struggled with all their might but the roots had already pierced deeply into their muscles and had coiled around their bones. They couldn't break free.

Right at this moment, Blind saw Qin Mu standing on the dragon qilin's head and the dragon qilin was stepping on fire clouds, rushing over to the mouth of the dragon.

Blind scolded angrily, "What are you coming here for? You are just going to send yourself to death!"

The dragon qilin sprinted furiously and chased after them into the mouth of the earth dragon. He finally caught up to them when he reached the throat area.

Qin Mu sprinted quickly on the dragon qilin's head for a few steps and raised his arms. Countless formation markings flew out as he rushed towards Blind and laughed loudly. "Guard Qu He, you are skilled in formation skills but do you know teleportation divine art?"

Qu He was currently struggling and saw those teleportation markings covering Blind before erupting in bright light.

Qu He sneered and said, "Even with teleportation divine art, you can't escape! These roots had already tunneled into our body and coiled around our bones, your teleportation divine art can't slice through these roots!"

The light from the teleportation divine art extinguished and Blind was still surrounded by the roots. Teleportation divine art shifts space but because these roots had the bloodline of Mother Earth, they couldn't be shifted at all.

"If I could teleport away, I would have done so long ago!"

Blind scolded angrily, "Rascal, do you think I was just lazing around these years? I have learned the teleportation divine art of your Heavenly Saint Cult long ago, if I could escape, I would have done so! Go now, don't bother about me!"

Those roots were dragging them down and below was incomparably dark as though it was a never-ending abyss!

Blind smiled and said, "Mu'er, go by yourself. I have not raised you in vain, you are very filial, my life was very fulfilling. Go back now!"

Qin Mu ignored him and hurried the dragon qilin to catch up. He suddenly pulled out his sword and leaped up from the dragon qilin's head. With his flashing sword light, he slashed at the roots that were coiling around Blind.

The willow leaf on the heart of his brows opened up and devil qi began to pour out, raising his cultivation furiously. He was forcefully borrowing the magic power of Qin Fengqing!

His sword light flashed and severed one of the roots. Next, the sword light spiraled and swirled quickly around Blind.

Qu He looked at this sword light and he came to a realization. He sighed and said, "So it is you. The sword trace left behind on the wall of Dao Sanctuary belongs to you, you are the one that had killed the emissaries of the celestial heavens, killing the disciples of the star gods. You are truly daring..."

Qin Mu wielded his sword with his right hand and severed all the roots around Blind while his left hand struck forward and drowned out Blind with the teleportation markings.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"You are the Son of Youdu, am I right?"

Qu He sighed once more and said, "The power you are mobilizing is the power of Youdu, no wonder I found the name Qin Mu to be familiar. Your case file in Divine Constable Camp and I had browsed through it unintentionally. However, I only remembered Qin Fengqing and didn't have much memory of the name Qin Mu. As I had expected, Clear Sky Heaven had really rebelled?"

"Lord Qu, you are worthy of the reputation as the divine constable."

Qin Mu held Carefree Sword in a reverse grip and bowed to him. "It's a pity I can't save you, here is where we part forever."

Behind him, the dragon qilin sprinted forth with all his strength and carried Qin Mu away before the densely packed roots could coil themselves onto Qin Mu's feet.

Countless formation markings of the teleportation divine arts swirled around them and light burst forth. Qin Mu and the dragon qilin had vanished together.

Qu He got swept by the roots into the belly of the earth dragon and he said faintly, "I do not admire you and that blind man, the one I truly admired is that little Daoist called Yu Chen'zi that had brought me here. He is ruthless and immaculate with his methods, I embraced my death that was brought by his scheme."

His body vanished into the darkness, leaving only a pitiful sigh. "After my death, the celestial heavens will dispatch another group of people and they will determine Mother Earth to be guilty. Clear Sky Heaven will become a tumor of the celestial heavens, he is truly a powerful person..."

Outside the body of the incomparably huge earth dragon, light flashed and Blind appeared. He was drenched in blood and there were still roots that were growing frantically out of his body. They were trying to tunnel out of his body and reconnect with the corporeal body of the earth dragon.

Yet at this moment, another lump of light flashed as Qin Mu and the dragon qilin suddenly appeared. Before they could even get a stable footing, Qin Mu had cast the spell again. Countless formation markings appeared once more and constructed themselves in the air.

In the next instant, the three of them had already moved three hundred miles away.

In the sky, the water qilin was stepping on a huge river and sprinting furiously with Celestial Venerable Yu on his back. Meanwhile, Yu Chen'zi was in the sky above them and escaping quickly as well.

Qin Mu stretched out a finger and countless runes swirled forward along the huge river. They soon swallowed up the water qilin and Celestial Venerable Yu.

He struck out with his palm to drown out the escaping Yu Chen'zi with teleportation runes that looked like yellow talismans dancing in the sky.

The earth dragon raised his sharp claws and clawed towards them.

The light flashed again and everyone vanished.

Three hundred miles away, before everyone could even reappear, there were already countless runes dancing in the sky as another teleportation formation was taking shape.

Just as the formation was done, the figures of Qin Mu and the rest appeared and they fell right into the formation. Light burst forth and everyone vanished once again.

The earth dragon gave off an angry roar and chased over, only to see spots of light flashing and moving further away. Soon he couldn't find Qin Mu and the rest anymore.

The earth dragon dove into the ground and vanished. However, the ground rapidly bulged up and mountain ridges were arched up from the ground. It was this earth dragon that was swimming underground and chasing after Qin Mu and the rest.

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