Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 841 - Human Rearing Scripture Completed

Qin Mu's cultivation was about to be exhausted, so he could only stop executing the teleportation divine art and let the two qilins continue to run at full speed.

Blind endured the pain and gritted his teeth. "The earth dragon is still chasing, and his speed is very fast."

The roots in his body were still squirming, but they weren't as active as before. Their strength was also much weaker, and it was obvious that they had gone too far from the body and were slowly losing their vigor.

However, as the earth dragon got closer, the strength of the tree roots gradually grew stronger again and became more and more vigorous.

Soon, Blind was turned into a cocoon.

Yu Chen'zi hurriedly said, "We have to get these roots out, or else the earth dragon will continue to chase after us by sensing the roots!"

"How do we get them off?" asked Qin Mu.

"My Clear Sky Heaven has fought with the earth dragon before. Very long ago, we clashed a few times."

Yu Chen'zi fetched a bottle, and inside the bottle was some powder. "Back then, when the earth dragon attacked Clear Sky Heaven, my Clear Sky Heaven also suffered numerous casualties. The earth dragon's attack power is strong, and weapons can't break through his skin, so his body is hard to injure. Our Daoists from Clear Sky Heaven had roots planted into their bodies, and many of them died miserably. Luckily we received some limbs from the earth dragon and trapped it with formation skills. From there, we slowly researched on how to deal with him. This kind of powder is effective against him."

Qin Mu hurriedly took the powder and gave it a sniff. "This isn't spirit medicine?"

Yu Chen'zi explained, "Medicines are mostly from plants, so using spirit medicine against him will only provide him with nutrients. The earth dragon is transformed from Mother Earth's roots, so he isn't afraid of any poison from plants, therefore, we use poison from metal and stone. Even though it can't poison him to death, we can force the roots out of our bodies. This powder is to be orally consumed, and a bit also has to be sprinkled on the divine treasures."

Qin Mu gave some to Blind, and not long after Blind consumed it, those roots began to fall off his body and squirm out.

Qin Mu used vital qi to control the roots so that they wouldn't touch his body. He then threw them far away.

When the roots landed on the ground, they transformed into root dragons that were six to seven feet long and began to croak loudly.

The dragon qilin turned his head back to spew out sacred flames, yet those root dragons continued to jump around in the flames. They were not afraid of the qilin sacred fire at all.

The dragon qilin was shocked and hurriedly ran far away from that place.

"This kind of medicinal powder has some side effects on the human body. One will be easily allergic to it, but after urinating or defecating, the powder will be flushed out. Therefore, there's a need to drink more water."

Yu Chen'zi said, "The reason I dared to bring God Qu He over and planned to let the earth dragon consume him is because I have this medicine with me. If the earth dragon swallowed me as well, I would sprinkle this powder all over me. The earth dragon would then feel that I'm not tasty and would throw me out of his body. Even though it would be dirty, at least I wouldn't have to die."

"Senior Brother Yu Chen, using your wits on Clear Sky Heaven is a pity. Your plan to wash the crime off Clear Sky Heaven is a series of schemes to allow Clear Sky Heaven to be entirely free of suspicion."

Qin Mu used dragon saliva to rub the wounds on Blind's body, and he threw him a glance before giving praise. "The squad leader of the Divine Constable Camp is still a seventh ranking official in the celestial heavens. His death here will definitely lead to the strong practitioners of the celestial heavens fighting the earth dragon. The earth dragon is bound to die. Squad Leader Qu was a capable man, and the earth dragon is an existence on the Numinous Sky Realm, yet both of them will die under your hands. If your talent remains trapped in Clear Sky Heaven and can't be showcased anywhere, you will only lead a life of regret."

Yu Chen'zi said with a smile, "I'm a Daoist to begin with, and a Daoist should be putting his heart into the art of Dao. There's nothing bad in remaining in Clear Sky Heaven."

Qin Mu took out several bottles of fresh dragon saliva and planned to have Blind drink them.

Blind shook his head and said, "I'm not drinking that, that's your big dog's drool."

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "This isn't drool, this is dragon saliva. Your organs have been pierced by the roots of the earth dragon in many places, so if you don't drink it, the wounds are going to explode open, and your blood will be quickly drained."

The dragon qilin chuckled and said, "Old Master Blind, I'm not a big dog, I'm a dragon qilin. I have the bloodline of a dragon and a qilin. Just drink it. Cult Master has just gathered it not long ago, so it is still quite fresh."

Blind closed his mouth, and Qin Mu pinched his mouth open by force to pour it in.

Blind shuddered and scolded angrily, "Rascal, let's see who will save you once I recover!"

Qin Mu took the chance to pour in a few more bottles when he was drinking and said to Yu Chen'zi, "What you are saying is contrary to your convictions, am I right? People say that Daoists come out from seclusion during times of chaos and return back to seclusion during times of peace. Coming out of seclusion is to return peace to the world, and returning back to seclusion is so that the mortal world doesn't affect your Dao heart. The time of chaos is now, and your abilities are needed."

Yu Chen'zi shook his head and said, "If the times of chaos arrive, my Clear Sky Heaven still has twenty-four kingdoms of gods under us, there are still places that need me."

Qin Mu said with a smile that was yet not a smile, "I'm not clear on what kind of standard the twenty-four kingdoms have, but would you not be clear? When we met, you said Eternal Peace Empire's power was weak and that we were rude and greedy. However, if the twenty-four kingdoms want to develop to Eternal Peace Empire's standard, they will still need several hundred years. Furthermore, you still need an Emperor Yanfeng, a Jiang Baigui, a Qin Mu, and countless colleges, academies, and the contribution of countless intelligent people."

Yu Chen'zi was silent for a moment. "I'm a Daoist, I won't enter your Heavenly Saint Cult."

Qin Mu laughed and smacked his shoulder forcefully. He said with utter sincerity, "Dao friend, I'm asking you to go to Eternal Peace Empire! You have the talent. My Heavenly Saint Cult isn't big enough for you, nor is there a place for you to showcase your talents there. Only Eternal Peace Empire has such a platform. If you agree with this, I will write you a recommendation letter. You can meet Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, and he will definitely value you highly! Think about your entire life's comprehension and your aspiration! Are you willing to just take over as Clear Sky Sect Master, or are you going to carve out your own world?"

Yu Chen'zi finally made a decision, and he bowed. "May I ask for Cult Master Qin's letter of recommendation!"

Qin Mu immediately took out his brush and paper to write a letter.

Yu Chen'zi stowed away the letter and said with a smile, "In that case, I shall go meet Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. If I can move him with my talent, I won't take out your letter of recommendation. If I can't, I will then take it out."

Qin Mu was stunned.

Yu Chen'zi laughed loudly and floated away after bidding farewell.

"Even though this Yu Chen'zi is young, he sure is old and experienced."

Blind's injuries were basically healed. He grabbed Divine Spear Long Tuo in his hand and narrowed his eyes in a smile. "Mu'er, it has been a long time since we sparred with each other. I don't even know how much your cultivation has improved. It's rare that we can be reunited, so why don't we have a spar."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Qin Mu's face changed slightly.

The collisions of explosive divine arts rang out, making the dragon qilin, the water qilin, and Celestial Venerable Yu raise their heads to look up. They saw both of them fighting in the sky and falling to the ground before moving to the peaks of two mountains, fighting across a mountain.

Celestial Venerable Yu was worried. "Is my brother alright?"

"It's fine. Cult Master is used to the beatings."

The dragon qilin suddenly stood up like a human and transformed into a robust youth with a qilin head and dragon beard. He executed techniques to temper his body and grind his primordial spirit. The qilin bead and the dragon bead swirled continuously around him and gave off rays as they absorbed the spirit energy of heaven and earth. After the spirit energy of heaven and earth were refined, it was used to nourish his corporeal body and primordial spirit.

These two treasures were sparkling and translucent from his refinement, and they contained a massive amount of power.

Meanwhile, the dragon qilin's primordial spirit was standing on a celestial river and breathing fog in and out. When his primordial spirit breathed, the qilin bead and the dragon bead outside his body would breathe as well; they were sometimes big and sometimes small.

The water qilin was shocked and hurriedly asked, "Brother Pi, when did you morph? You even opened up the Celestial River Divine Treasure! When did you do it?"

That qilin-headed youth was pleased, and he said with a smile, "You only see me sticking around Cult Master shamelessly asking for food, but you have never seen my hard work. During my time in Mother Earth's earthly palace, I curried favor with all of those big shots beside Mother Earth, and all of them were existences on Jade Capital Realm or Numinous Sky Realm. They helped me fuse the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique with a technique from the qilin race, and from then on, I was already able to morph."

The water qilin was astonished.

The dragon qilin continued to explain, "After I morphed, I opened up the divine treasures one after another. As the saying goes, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first. By being beside Cult Master, I witnessed Cult Master opening up twenty-six kinds of seventh divine treasure. Even if I'm dumb, I can also learn them. And so I secretly cultivated, and when you were shamelessly asking for spirit pills from your master beside the Celestial River, I had already taken the chance to open up the Celestial River Divine Treasure."

The water qilin was dumbfounded and speechless.

"Do you now know why Cult Master values me so highly?"

The dragon qilin continued to speak as he cultivated. "That is because I'm strong enough! Spirit pills aren't just treasures for you to enjoy, they can also be used to curry favor with other strong practitioners. Look at me, I met the Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi's Devil King Lü Zheng and showed my filial respect to him by giving him spirit pills. After eating my spirit pills, he gave me pointers for my cultivation and divine arts. I encountered Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's Senior Brother Niu Sanduo and also gave him spirit pills, smoking the water pipe with him. Naturally, he gave me pointers on Martial Dao cultivation. I even curried favor with Heavenly Teacher Fisherman's red kuns, as well as the black tiger god, and they all gave me pointers before."

The water qilin was flabbergasted and prostrated himself in admiration.

"Now that there are more and more experts beside Cult Master, whenever Cult Master converses with those experts, you just have to listen attentively and comprehend diligently. From that, you will be able to learn god knows how many incomparably intricate divine arts and techniques."

The dragon qilin said with a smile, "For example, when Old Master Blind was teaching Formation Dao to your master and Cult Master, you could have learned several hundred killing formations that have strong power! Have you learned any?"

The water qilin shook his head in a daze.

The dragon qilin was resentful towards him for failing to meet expectations, so he spat out a scripture from his mouth. "This is a scripture that I created, take it and have a look. Don't throw the face of our qilin race."

The water qilin hurriedly transformed into a human form that was over thirty yards tall and let Celestial Venerable Yu sit on his shoulder. He held the Human Rearing Scripture in his hands and studied it carefully. He felt every word was like a pearl and that it was wondrous.

Celestial Venerable Yu sneaked a peek, and the water qilin hurriedly covered it. He smiled subserviently and said, "Master, this is for mounts to cultivate, you can't cultivate it."

Not long later, Blind returned with a smug grin. The dragon qilin raised his head and saw Qin Mu hanging from Divine Spear Long Tuo. He lowered his head and swayed with the wind.

"Heh, Grandpa Blind's skills are still superior!" The water qilin closed the Human Rearing Scripture and praised him.

Qin Mu glanced at him weakly and said, "We shall have a qilin feast tonight."

The water qilin hurriedly pulled back his head and thought to himself, 'This Human Rearing Scripture sure is profound, but my cultivation isn't there yet, so I can't use it for now. This is so that I don't offend anyone with my flattery.'

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