Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 849 - Fallen God Valley's Sword Bridge

Qin Mu gripped the Carefree Sword, and only then did this divine sword gradually stop humming.

'Founding Emperor's sword skill and my sword skill indeed have similar points. I learned part of the Carefree Village's inheritance from father and also met Founding Emperor at the Jade Pool Meeting, I reckon we somehow influenced each other slightly.'

He examined it for a moment and saw that the round ball of light didn't move. What was moving were the multicolored rays, which created the misconception that the light was moving

There were corpses everywhere in front of them, and the huge skeletons of gods and devils laid throughout the mountains. There were even golden runes all over some skeletons, and when those runes lit up, they would snap and crackle before disintegrating in the divine rays.

Qin Mu was astonished. These divine rays possessed terrifying power which had sealed this area.

'The light is a mark left behind in the space by the sword skill, and the multicolored rays are also marks left behind by a kind of divine art.'

Xing An carried his chest and walked towards the ruins. "Follow after me carefully. These ruins are different from the rest, so we need to walk on these divine arts that are marked in the space."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. Walk on the divine arts marked in the space?

He had also entered quite a number of ruins, and he usually had to avoid the divine arts that were marked. That was because these marked divine arts usually possessed terrifying power, and touching them could result in the divine art erupting and shredding the invaders apart.

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Right at this moment, he heard a voice laughing. "Celestial Venerable Mu! Long time no see!"

Qin Mu's heart stirred, and he looked over at the source of the voice. He couldn't help breaking into a smile as he waved his hand. "Big Sister Yan Qiling, I've missed you so much since we parted ways previously. How has big sister been faring these days?"

Xing An stopped and looked over to see a pleasure boat sailing through the air. Numerous goddesses surrounded a girl who was standing at the bow of the boat, and behind the head of the girl was a flowing halo, which made her look extraordinarily sacred. That halo wasn't a perfect circle, and instead, it was oval and had numerous kinds of strange markings.

Xing An didn't recognize her, but his eyes lit up as he said with praise, "This woman is worth collecting!"

Qin Mu said, "Disciple of Ancient God Celestial Emperor, there aren't many differences in her abilities and mine, so she's naturally worth collecting. However, the women beside her are also powerful, their abilities are extremely high, and they are unfathomable."

Yan Qiling also came to this ruin, and she stopped her boat. She was still three hundred yards away from Qin Mu.

Yan Qiling walked down from the boat with the group of women. Another youth also walked down the ship, and his age was similar to Yan Qiling's age. He also had a halo behind his head.

'Could this youth also be Celestial Emperor's disciple?' Qin Mu thought to himself.

Xing An also noticed this youth and praised internally, 'This boy is also worth collecting!'

Yan Qiling said with a smile, "After getting injured by Celestial Venerable Mu previously, little sister had to spend a very long time to recover. His Majesty is very angry with you for fooling him. You gave his blessing to a wild black boar, and His Majesty communicated with that wild black boar for a long time before realizing what was actually going on. He was furious and scolded you for a very long time."

She burst out into laughter, but that youth beside her had an unpleasant expression as he said solemnly, "Junior Sister, this guy insulted Celestial Emperor, and you're still joking with him?"

Yan Qiling said softly, "Senior Brother Mu, His Majesty still needs him to work for him, we need to leave him alive."

That youth called Mu Qiubai still had an unpleasant expression, and he sneered, saying, "Insulting Celestial Emperor, it's hard to escape his crime."

Qin Mu was immensely proud of himself, and he said with a smile, "His Majesty wants to control me, so I naturally have to be on guard. That's right, how is that wild black boar?"

Yan Qiling shook her head. "His Majesty was very aggravated, and he ordered people to catch that boar demon, but that boar demon was very intelligent, bringing along his entire family to escape beforehand. His Majesty even sighed and said that boar demon was very crafty and would become quite a remarkable figure with his blessings sooner or later, it would become a stain of his. So what is Celestial Venerable Mu doing at Fallen God Valley?"

"This place is called Fallen God Valley?"

Qin Mu was delighted, and he hurriedly took out Xing An's geographical map. He wrote down the name of Fallen God Valley on the map and said with a smile, "Thank you, Big Sister Yan Qiling. Big Sister Yan, how are Mother Earth's injuries?"

Only then did Yan Qiling realize that he didn't know what this place was called. Before she could reply, the ground bulged up, and a series of mountain ranges continued to burst out from underground. Over a dozen gods stood on the mountain peaks as they whooshed over.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, thank you for asking, Mother Earth is doing very well."

A loud voice boomed like thunder, and Qin Mu looked over at the mountain peaks that had suddenly appeared. He saw an old dragon king in the lead with his brows and beard drooping low. He had blurry eyes, but every time he opened and closed them, divine rays would shoot out in all directions. He spoke to Qin Mu with a muffled voice, "Mother Earth misses you very much, and she is waiting for you to reconstruct her soul!"

Qin Mu felt apprehensive. This old dragon was none other than that old dragon king in front of Mother Earth's earthly palace. He was an existence on par with Feng Qiuyun!

Feng Qiuyun was brought away by the ghost ship and was still missing. Mother Earth was first injured by the other Mother Earth and then severely injured by Scholar Zi Xi. Later, she was heavily injured by Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Zhuo Cha and Mingdu Heavenly King Tian Shu when she fought her way to Eternal Peace Capital City. After that, she hadn't shown any other movement.

The dragon qilin said in delight, "Dragon King Tian, do you remember little brother?"

That old dragon's face turned black, and he pretended not to have seen him. The dragon qilin had used spirit pills to bribe him and became brothers with him, currying quite a lot of benefits. That was a stain in his life, so he naturally didn't want to bring that up again.

Dragon King Tian said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, Fallen God Valley is not a place you can come. For Celestial Venerable's safety, you should come to my side, I shall bring you to Mother Earth."

Mu Qiubai's gaze lit up, and he looked at Dragon King Tian. "Celestial Venerable Mu needs to come back with us. Dragon King Tian, please go back."

Dragon King Tian's blurry eyes suddenly revealed a fierce gaze, and his killing intent burst forth.

Qin Mu laughed and said, "Both of you want me to meet Mother Earth, but there are two of them, which one should I meet? Or should I make a decision after the outcome of the fight between the two Mother Earths is decided."

Dragon King Tian snorted.

Mu Qiubai said, "Dragon King Tian, do you swear your allegiance to Celestial Emperor or Mother Earth?"

Dragon King Tian said indifferently, "I only know Mother Earth, I don't know Celestial Emperor. I will kill whoever blocks Mother Earth's way."

Xing An looked at the surroundings. Their retreat had been completely cut off by these two groups of strong practitioners, and the only path left was into Fallen God Valley.

Now that so many strong practitioners had suddenly appeared, he was also starting to feel the heat.

Suddenly, Yan Qiling said with a smile, "Everyone, we are all here for Fallen God Valley and not to fight for Celestial Venerable Mu, so why do we have to fight each other now? Since we are here for Fallen God Valley, we should naturally explore Fallen God Valley first. Dragon King Tian, what do you think?"

Dragon King Tian also seemed to have restraining fear, so he nodded his head slowly. The numerous half-gods led by him walked down the mountains, and the old dragon king's body trembled. Strands of snow-white dragon beard floated backward and pierced through a heaven.

That world was opened up by his dragon beard, allowing countless fire dragon crows to come flying out from the world and into Fallen God Valley.

He didn't have the confidence to explore this forbidden ground, so he let the fire dragon crows scout out the path first. These fire dragon crows grew crow heads, dragon mouths, crow feathers, and dragon tails. They were about fifteen yards long, and they were half-gods with the bloodline of the dragon race, having an extremely high number of them.

One of the maids beside Yan Qiling and Mu Qiubai took out a door and placed it flat on the ground. That woman grabbed the handle of the door and opened it up. Behind this door was also another world, and numerous bird winged half-gods came flying out.

Xing An shook his head and sneered. "These dumba**es only know how to throw lives away without using their brains, they really don't know the meaning of death."

Midway through their flight into Fallen God Valley, the bird-winged half-gods and the fire dragon crows suddenly turned into white skeletons and crashed into the ground. However, there were also quite a number of them that had survived and made it to the foot of Fallen God Valley.

Yan Qiling, Dragon King Tian, and the rest ascertained the path and walked towards Fallen God Valley.

Qin Mu looked at Xing An and said leisurely, "That path is a path of death, the true path of survival is right under our feet. Notice what's under our feet and remain at the same height as my feet. The height of your head also cannot surpass mine."

Qin Mu hurriedly raised his leg, and the dragon qilin also shrunk in a panic to become a yard long. His height didn't surpass Xing An's height. Yan'er, who was shorter than Xing An, suddenly transformed into a green sparrow to stop on Qin Mu's shoulder.

Xing An took out a large-scale calculation spirit weapon, and countless runes changed along with the pitter-pattering. Only after some calculations did he finally take the first step.

'This calculation spirit weapon is exactly the same as mine!'

Qin Mu had a weird expression, and he thought to himself, 'Xing An copied my spirit weapon!'

Xing An took a step out, and he suddenly saw a bright light bursting forth from that ball of light. A sword light that was dozens of miles long rushed at his face, and the boundless sword qi made him shudder!

This sword light was so terrifying that it had pierced through dozens of multicolored rays, and wherever it passed by, the space was sliced open!

The copious power in the sword light tore through everything, and not just Xing An and Qin Mu, but even ordinary strong practitioners on the Jade Capital Realm would be slain in one sword!

This sword light reached the bottom of their feet and caused them to feel as though countless fine sword lights were penetrating through their bodies. There was a very severe stabbing pain, but the weird thing was that the sword light didn't hurt them, the stabbing pain was actually from the sword will that was hidden in the sword light.

Xing An stepped on the sword light and hastened his footsteps. He said solemnly, "Move faster, this sword light will retract back very soon."

Qin Mu hurriedly brought the dragon qilin to follow closely to Xing An.

Meanwhile, below them, Yan Qiling, Mu Qiubai, and Dragon King Tian raised their heads and saw Qin Mu, Xing An, and the dragon qilin sprinting past them. Everyone was astonished. 'This sword light is a bridge and not a killing formation in Fallen God Valley?'

Around them, there were still numerous half-gods melting away in the divine rays, and as they walked, they would just turn into a pile of white bones. Everyone started to feel the pressure.

Yan Qiling hurriedly leaped up and jumped onto the sword bridge. "This place is safe."

The others also leapt up, and suddenly, six to seven people with taller physiques lost their heads the instant they jumped onto the sword bridge. There was still a person who only got half of his head shaved off, and it was extremely horrifying!

"Be careful, this sword bridge can only protect you to a height of seven feet, lower your body!" Dragon King Tian hurriedly shouted.

When they landed on the sword bridge, Qin Mu and Xing An had already come to the end of the sword bridge, which was the front of that ball of light. Behind the light were cliffs, and there was a floating bridge that connected the cliff to the other side.

Xing An jumped down from the sword light and landed right on the floating bridge. Qin Mu also hurriedly jumped down, and the moment he landed on the bridge, he heard a hum, and that sword light suddenly retracted back into the bright light above their heads. The divine rays that were severed by the sword light converged back together once more.

Yan Qiling and the rest who had landed on the bridge instantly stepped on nothing, and they lamented in their hearts as they saw the divine rays flooding over.

"Retreat!" Dragon King Tian shouted resolutely.

Everyone hurriedly retreated backward, and some people turned into skeletons as they ran.

Everyone escaped out of Fallen God Valley, and Mu Qiubai opened up the gate again to let more bird-winged half-gods fly out. He shouted, "Find that sword bridge!"


The sword bridge appeared once again and severed the heads of several hundred bird-winged half-gods, leaving behind their corpses on the ground. Mu Qiubai finally determined the accurate location of the sword bridge.

Meanwhile, on the floating bridge, Xing An shook his head and said, "These fellows only know how to throw away their lives."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "In that case, how many lives did you lose before finding the sword bridge?"

Xing An was silent, and he resisted the urge to beat him to death.

They came to the cliff on the opposite side, and behind the cliff was a valley. There were precipitous cliffs around the valley, and there were chains from all directions which tied up a coffin vertically. Below the coffin was a stone well.

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