Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 854 - Dragon King Tian's Reanimation

Qin Mu returned to the suspended coffin, and Xing An also walked in with the chest. He took a glance at 'Celestial Venerable Yu', Yan Qiling, and Mu Qiubai, who had jumped into the coffin as well.

The blind elder didn't welcome anyone, so they could only leave.

Suddenly, a bloodied dragon head floated up from the water and jumped into the coffin. That was Dragon King Tian, and he was only left with a head after being gnawed by the corpse demon.

Yet he actually hadn't died and was hanging on to his last breath.

Dragon King Tian stared at them ruthlessly as he hid in a corner to gasp for breath. He kept a wary eye on everyone, and corpse gas was spreading out from his face.

The corpse demon transformed from the emperor's corpse had an extremely strong corpse poison, and it was currently invading his brain, tainting his primordial spirit.

The suspended coffin closed with a clack.

Outside the coffin, there was the sound of running water again. Previously, there were numerous people that had entered the suspended coffin, and only a few of them had survived. Numerous people had lost their lives on the way to solve the seals in Fallen God Valley, some had even died from internal strife, and some were eaten up by the corpse demon.

Yan Qiling originally had a lot of maids beside her, and now there was only one left. Furthermore, her injuries were rather severe.

Yet this coffin was still full of dangers.

Dragon King Tian was currently being assimilated by the corpse poison from the emperor's corpse, and even though only his head was left, he was still panting heavily with corpse breath.

"Dragon King Tian, you are about to turn into a corpse."

The dragon qilin couldn't resist saying and reminded him softly, "Cult Master is skilled in the art of healing, he might be able to help you get rid of the corpse poison."

"Hehe, you want to kill me?"

Dragon King Tian's head was gasping heavily for breath. Currents of air went into his mouth and came out of his neck, causing green corpse gas to shroud around him.

This divine dragon was abnormally wary, and he sneered. "You can't kill me, so you are trying to poison me? Not that easy! Heheh..."

The dragon qilin frowned and looked at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "I can't save him. Even I can't solve the corpse poison of an emperor's corpse. If it was Grandpa Apothecary, there might still be hope."

The dragon qilin felt sorrowful. Dragon King Tian had graced him with his kindness and helped him complete his technique. He really wanted to save this divine dragon, but if Qin Mu was helpless, he naturally didn't have the means to.

Dragon King Tian was still executing his magic power and tried to get rid of the corpse gas, but everyone in the coffin could clearly see his vital qi gradually turning milky. It was becoming a green-colored serous fluid.

The divine art runes of his vital qi were also tainted by the corpse poison, and they were broken apart one by one.

Xing An felt a bone-chilling cold, and he carried his chest to leave the pavilion silently. He retreated into the darkness and vanished.

The two big dragon's eyes of Dragon King Tian had already become white in color. His pupils had vanished, and yet he was still blinking as though he could see his surroundings.

Yan Qiling and Mu Qiubai felt slight fear, and they also moved back secretly, vanishing into the darkness.

Qin Mu signaled to the dragon qilin, and the dragon qilin hurriedly followed after him. Yan'er transformed into a green sparrow and stood on the dragon qilin's head as they walked towards the darkness without a sound.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' had also left this place and had hidden somewhere.

"I see you guys!"

Corpse liquid flowed out of Dragon King Tian's mouth, and he continued to stare with eyes with no pupils. He cried out, "I see you guys, don't think about harming me! Fuu, fuu... I see you guys..."

He didn't have any breath left, and after a moment, this huge dragon head flew up silently. The head was shrouded in a green fog, and it gave off a peculiar voice while chuckling. "I see you guys!"

He flew into the darkness and laughed. "I see you guys! Where have you hidden my body? Once I catch and eat you, my body will be able to grow back, hehehe..."

The space inside the suspended coffin was extremely vast. When they first fell into the suspended coffin, they had fallen for quite some time before they reached the bottom. Only now that Qin Mu was fumbling forward in the darkness did he realize that the space inside the suspended coffin was even bigger than his imagination.

The suspended coffin was a tool of transportation, a tool to receive the Celestial Venerables to where Celestial Venerable Ling was buried; however, this suspended coffin was constructed by the blind elder. The blind elder's abilities were immeasurable, and he had distorted the space inside the suspended coffin into a vast space. Qin Mu walked in the darkness for a very long time, yet he still didn't reach the border.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Fatty Dragon?" Qin Mu whispered.

There were no sounds behind him.

Qin Mu was astonished, and he hurriedly stopped. His heart moved, and his vital qi transformed into a ball of flame to shine in his surroundings. The dragon qilin and Yan'er had actually disappeared into the darkness!

This place was simply too dark. There was no light, so he didn't notice when the dragon qilin had disappeared!

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead, and he thought to himself, 'He has Yan'er on his head, Fatty Dragon will be fine...'

Right at this moment, Dragon King Tian's twisted and peculiar laughter rang out. "I see you—"

Qin Mu hurriedly extinguished his flames and executed the Phantom Illusion Technique, turning his body into a black shadow on the ground.


Dragon King Tian's huge head was wobbling as it flew past him, and his eyes were shining with a lush green gleam. He flew to somewhere else.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief, and his shadow stood up. With a tremble, the shadow that had no thickness suddenly swelled up, and his body was restored.

"I see you—"

Dragon King Tian's weird laughter came from far away, and suddenly, there was a miserable scream. He didn't know who had suffered from the vicious attack.

Qin Mu composed himself, and the big head of Dragon King Tian flew further and further away. Finally, his laughter couldn't be heard anymore.

Silence filled the surroundings.

Qin Mu took out his sword pellet, and his heart moved slightly. The sword pellet suddenly broke down and transformed into countless swords to fly silently around him, covering a radius of three hundred yards.

He continued to fumble slowly in the darkness, and the flying swords also moved together with his body. These flying swords traveled up and down, while the formations that they constructed also changed continuously.

And at this moment, a figure walked out from the side of the pavilion and moved into the pavilion. Mu Qiubai looked around and let out a sigh. "Dragon King Tian has turned into a corpse and is chasing after my maid, so he probably won't come back to this pavilion anytime soon. This is then the safest place... Who's there?"

He suddenly turned around and looked nervously into the darkness.

In the darkness, indiscernible footsteps rang out, and a youth carrying a chest appeared in front of his eyes.

Mu Qiubai let out a sigh of relief before smiling and saying leisurely, "So it's that expert beside Celestial Venerable Mu. You were actually hiding nearby as I did, you must have thought that the most dangerous place is the safest place. It looks like you have some intelligence as well."

"Your body is very good, I like it very much."

Xing An put down his chest and examined him with a fervent gaze, as though he was admiring a work of art.

The chest opened up automatically with a clack, and Xing An was still tilting his head and examining Mu Qiubai. His gaze became more and more fervent.

Mu Qiubai was extremely uncomfortable from his stare, and he sneered. "You and I clashed at the Numinous Sky Hall before, and I have to admit that you are indeed very strong. However, you wouldn't expect me to be the disciple of Ancient God Celestial Emperor. I have cultivated alongside His Majesty Celestial Emperor ever since I was young, and I know all of the Great Dao in the world by heart. Challenging me is just seeking your death."

Xing An continued to observe him and nodded his head repeatedly while muttering, "Disciple of Celestial Emperor, no wonder your corporeal body is so good, your primordial spirit is also so strong. To deal with you, I need to use my trump card... Cult Master Qin always felt that I had gone down the wrong path by stealing other people's limbs for my immortality. I was shouted at and hunted everywhere I went, but they didn't understand me."

There weren't many collections left in the chest since most of them had already been lost in Fallen God Valley, but at that moment, a terrifying aura spread out from the chest.

Xing An smiled slightly and said, "They thought I did it for immortality, but that was merely my dream when I couldn't become a god. Now I have an even higher dream."

From the chest, a huge body gradually crawled out, and it was a behemoth formed by the arms, heads, and body parts of dozens of true gods. The behemoth crept there, and its heads stared at Mu Qiubai excitedly.

Xing An stood on the body of this devil god and looked at Mu Qiubai before saying faintly, "I'm going to collect you."

This behemoth soared into the sky and pounced at Mu Qiubai.

Mu Qiubai's mind was in a daze. 'What Dao is this? Such a Dao was never recorded in Celestial Emperor's treasure vault!'

In the darkness, Qin Mu heard the fluctuation of the divine arts coming from the direction of the pavilion, and his heart stirred slightly. He immediately headed in the direction of the wave motions.

Suddenly, he stopped in his footsteps. There were also divine arts bursting forth in front of him and shining brightly.

"Mother Earth's Dao Three?"

Yan Qiling's voice rang out. "Great Sun Sovereign's Dao One! Celestial Empress' Dao Two! Heaven Dao's Dao Sixteen! Who exactly are you, how can you control the rules of these Great Dao?"

Beams of bright light tore through the darkness, and Qin Mu looked over to see Yan Qiling and 'Celestial Venerable Yu'.

Yan Qiling's cultivation was extremely strong. When he and Yan Qiling fought, he was nearly beaten to death by her.

Yan Qiling had learned from Ancient God Celestial Emperor, and Dao Ancestor should have sorted out all the Great Dao in the world, handing them to this Ancient God Celestial Emperor. That was why Yan Qiling was familiar with all the Great Dao.

The most crucial point was still Yan Qiling receiving Celestial Emperor's true teachings and cultivating the great divine art of Celestial Emperor's Dao One that had incomparably terrifying power!

Yet the 'Celestial Venerable Yu' in front of her was even more terrifying. Yan Qiling was only familiar with the divine arts from all kinds of Great Dao, while 'Celestial Venerable Yu' could freely use the divine arts from all the Great Dao. Every one of them was exquisite, and every one of them had frightening power. It was as if the ancient god was executing them personally in the same realm!

Yan Qiling fell into a disadvantage, and she suddenly gave a fierce roar to finally execute Ancient God Celestial Emperor's great divine art of Dao One.

At this moment, the rules of Dao burst forth as though Celestial Emperor had descended personally. The terrifying waves pounced right towards 'Celestial Venerable Yu'.

At the same time, 'Celestial Venerable Yu' also executed a similar great divine art of Dao One. In Yan Qiling's fearful eyes, the two great divine arts of Dao One collided together. In an instant, the bright light burst out from the divine arts, illuminating a radius of several hundred miles!

Yan Qiling coughed up blood and fell backward. Her body suddenly transformed into a black sparrow with a white belly to flap away.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' took two steps to pursue her, but he suddenly stopped to look over at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's gaze met his gaze, and it was as though two invisible fists had collided ruthlessly on each other in the air. This caused the air between both of them to stir and raise a gale.

"I see you guys—, hehehe..." In the air, a huge head was flying over rapidly.

Qin Mu stretched out his hand as an invitation, and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' gave a slight smile. Both of them walked forward.

The light from the great divine art of Dao One faded, and both of them vanished into the darkness. However, they still continued to walk forward.

The stench of the corpse rushed over, and the big head of Dragon King Tian flew over from the sky. He chuckled and said, "I see you..."

Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' continued to walk forward, and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' placed his hands behind his back to walk into the darkness. "Back then, in the battle of Jade Pool, you shocked the world with your unmatched divine art, it was truly admirable. Thinking back on it now, your divine art can still be considered not bad. I've already met Celestial Venerable Qin after he grew up, he could pressure the world with his techniques. However, it was a pity the time he had cultivated was too short."

Qin Mu's footsteps were steady, and he said solemnly, "You are merely borrowing an imperfect body to come forward now, your cultivation and abilities aren't strong at all. Killing you is not a problem for me."

'Celestial Venerable Yu' laughed and said, "You thought the divine arts of the celestial heavens had always remained frozen and hadn't advanced? You are too naive. The divine arts in the celestial heavens have already advanced to a step that you cannot imagine. It's been a million years, Celestial Venerable Mu. It has already been a million years since you became a hero at the Jade Pool Meeting. You have no idea how divine arts developed in this million years."

He scorned. "You are still absorbed in your glory from a million years ago. The frog at the bottom of the well is what describes you."


A huge dragon head rushed in between them. Dragon King Tian was giving off lush green corpse gas. One of his eyeballs looked left, and the other looked right, while stinky corpse liquid flowed out from his mouth as he chuckled. "I see both of you..."

Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' burst forth at the same time and attacked each other across the huge head of the corpse dragon!

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