Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 866 - The Mountain Is Not A Mountain, One Is Lost In The Summit

"Mahakala, you have been beaten till you lost your acute spirit. After hiding in the lower bound for so long, you have no idea how terrifying the celestial heavens of today is."

'Celestial Venerable Yu' smiled slightly, walking out of the palace. "This body of mine is the amalgamation of the intelligence of the celestial heavens from the past million years, it is the most powerful weapon! In the future, the celestial heavens will depend on such a weapon to cleanse the heaven and earth, clean up the universe, cut down all devil miasma and attain the unknown realms that which you can only aspire in your lifetime but never attain."

Mahakala's expression darkened and he snorted coldly, standing up to follow him out.

"In the future, there will be ten great gods who will rule the universe and rule each of the worlds, irregardless if it were Youdu or Xuandu, Yuandu, or the Ruins of Ends. All of these places will no longer have any power to rebel, there will not be any possibility for them to be able to rebel or go against the celestial heavens!"

'Celestial Venerable Yu' voice contained a stimulating power that gripped at people's hearts, "By then, there will no longer be the so-called reforms, because all of the techniques and skills, all of the divine art, all of the Great Dao, will be contained within this body. No matter how the innumerous gods and beings of the future try to put to use their intelligence and wisdom, they will not be able to go beyond the knowledge that is contained within this body. They will very sorrowfully discover that all the efforts they have made, all the reforms, will be within the control of this body! In the future..."

He revealed a smile, "To the ambitious, it would be an incredibly pessimistic and hopeless future. To those like us who wield power, we will have a future free of worries."

Mahakala felt a great tremor in his heart, speaking in a low voice, "A lifeless future..."

He was even a little fearful of the future situations that he had imagined.

Just try imagining for a while, that in the near future, there will be ten of the strongest, indomitable 'Celestial Venerable Yu's, wielding the strongest powers of all time, floating high up in the skies of the different worlds in the universe, suppressing everything!

Their faces will be like the physical incarnation of the Heavenly Dao, their eyes like the sun and the moon, their bodies stronger and tougher than any weapon in the world, and the immensity of their magic powers will be even more boundless than the sea of the netherworld.

They will float above the sun, moon and stars, even above the galaxies, as heaven and earth revolves around them.

In this world, the ancient gods have fallen, the common people are insignificant, regardless of the god race, devil race or the human race, all would seem like ants, and everything would be under the surveillance and control of these ten indomitable gods.

What kind of horrifying future would that be?

'Hopefully this day would never come!' Mahakala composed himself, catching up with 'Celestial Venerable Yu'.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' walked out of the palace, Qin Mu was stretching his body in front of the palace, doing all sorts of stretches that seem impossible to normal people.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' smiled slightly, watching him stretch out his muscles and bones.

After a short period, Qin Mu turned to look at Mahakala, revealing a smile, "Mahakala, is this person the powerful being that you have invited? Upon defeating him, will the bet between us then be in effect?"

Mahakala nodded, replying solemnly, "Yes. If you defeat him, the rulers of the three hundred and sixteen heavens will be at your disposal. Those three hundred and sixteen fools, I will let you take them freely. I won't interfere again, but I will also not hand over the northern heavens."

Qin Mu laughed out loud, "I want to lay down the Pact of the Earth Count with you, however you are too of Youdu, there are too many loopholes in the Pact of the Earth Count - Earth Count is too simple-minded, he doesn't know how to workaround. If I lay down the Pact of the Little Earth Count with you, the Little Earth Count may not be able to defeat you. Thus, I can only count on you keeping your promise."

'Celestial Venerable Yu' gave a small smile, "Young man, you don't have to consider all these, because you simply cannot win. You are the rumored one and only Overlord Body, but this body of mine, is the king of all Overlord Bodies - there's only one of it in millions of years."

Qin Mu laughed softly, taking a step back, his body was now hidden in the darkness outside of the palace - only two rows of snow white teeth floating in the air could be seen.

The spotlessly white teeth that was floating in the air opened and Qin Mu's laughter could be heard, "This brother, please!"

"Brother? You call me brother?"

'Celestial Venerable Yu' couldn't resist smiling, taking one step forwards and walking into the darkness, he laughed, "How insolent."

In the darkness, rays of lights burst forward abruptly, Qin Mu and this 'Celestial Venerable Yu' had already started to exchange blows. Their divine art swept the darkness away from the surroundings of the palace of Mahakala in a split second, revealing the enormous planet behind the palace.

The surface of its body was multi-colored and it was extremely rough looking.

Surrounding the palace of Mahakala, the numerous huge and towering gods and devils - as though they were forged from meteorites - stood tall in the darkness, looking like all sorts of strange sturdy mountains and remaining motionless, allowing the divine art from the two to clash against the surface of their skin.

The aftereffects of Qin Mu and this 'Celestial Venerable Yu''s divine art raised a gale with such violent wind speeds that wherever it passed and rubbed against the air, there were lightning flashes and thunder rumbles.

When the gale blew past the bodies of these gods and devils, it actually caused a huge fire from the friction, setting the skins of these gods and devils ablaze - it was like a prairie fire.

There were three hundred and sixteen gods and devils - they were the rulers of the three hundred and sixteen heavens of the north.

Their abilities were far beyond that of the other gods and devils, they were incredible formidable, and most were beings of the Jade Capital Realm - even if they were at the center of the clashes of Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu''s divine art, they would also be unscathed.

This battle concerned their fate and future, thus they have to personally witness the victory or defeat of this battle.

Within the palace of Mahakala, Mo Santong, Xue Taidou and the other disciples of Mahakala quickly walked out, looking towards the darkness, their expressions changed suddenly.

In the darkness, all of 'Celestial Venerable Yu''s various Great Dao divine art were executed with ease - any of the divine art that he casually executed seemed to be great divine art that could enter the path!

It was as though he mastered every single paths, skills and divine arts in the world, and he had comprehended every system of paths, skills and divine arts to the level of entering the path!

Entering the path, there were also differences in levels - divine arts practitioners and gods and devils use the heavens to differentiate the levels of entering the path.

Being able to comprehend a single skill of divine art to enter the path, it is the first heaven; comprehending the second skill of great divine art to enter the path, that is the second heaven.

The different Great Daos had heavens with different levels.

For example the Sword Dao, the most powerful record of the sword dao was made by the Founding Emperor, it was rumored that the Founding Emperor's sword dao had thirty-three levels of heaven - he was the only one from past to present, and even until now, no one had managed to break his record.

Thus the celestial heavens of the Founding Emperor had thirty-three levels of heaven, the celestial heaven was then built on the thirty-third heaven.

Then there is also the Buddhism Dao, the strongest record of the Buddhism dao was of Brahma Buddha's - there were twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm, and it was rumored that the twenty heavens were formed from his Great Dao.

And there was also the Devil Dao, the devil dao of Mahakala had also reached an unfathomable level, just exactly how many levels of heaven he had attained in entering the path, Mahakala had never mentioned it before.

However, previously when Great Emperor of the Martial Path, one of the four great heavenly teachers of the Founding Emperor came, Mahakala had executed a total of seventeen skills of great divine art that could enter the path, resulting in losses on both ends.

As the disciples of Mahakala, Mo Santong, Xue Taidou and the others were lucky to be able to view that battle. Back then, some of the junior brothers amongst them had not entered the path, yet because they had viewed that battle they managed to enter the path in one go, gaining extraordinary attainments.

The opportunity to encounter the fight between the two great Emperor's Throne powerful individuals was one that may only come by with luck.

However, what truly made them astonished was that the youth that Mahakala had invited could actually execute any Great Dao divine art, and regardless of which level of heavens the great divine art was at, he could execute it with ease - it was extremely wondrous!

This was something that should be impossible, yet it was actually happening before their eyes.

For a similar Great Dao, like the Heavenly Dao, he could even execute all forty-nine different types of divine art that entered the path without repetition!

He could even execute fifty-eight kinds of divine art that entered the path for mother earth's Great Dao of Magnetism!

The three hundred and sixty, different types of divine art that entered the path dazzled their eyes.

To those like Mo Santong, the levels of entering the path were differentiated by the different heavens. However, to the ancient beings of the celestial heavens, the so-called levels of heavens of entering the path were merely serial numbers like Dao One, Dao Two, Dao Three and so on.

Of the living beings of the lower bound, there were innumerous divine arts practitioners who trained painstakingly to be able to enter the path. They racked their brains strenuously, pursuing it arduously.

Yet, these extraordinarily intelligent people would not have been able to expect for the Dao Ancestor of the Dao Sect to actually restructure almost all of the ancient gods and the Great Dao of the ancient gods as algebra, turning it all into knowledge, and making it unexpectedly easy to enter the path.

What made Mo Santong and the others even more astonished was that Qin Mu had managed to block all of it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

No matter how many levels of heavens of divine art that 'Celestial Venerable Yu' executed, Qin Mu had blocked each and every one of it, even being able to retaliate.

In the darkness, light rays burst out ceaselessly, the figures of Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' could also be intermittently seen in the dark. At one instant their blows clashed, and in the next instant they could reappear a hundred miles away!

In this instant they may be in close combat, fighting each other physically perilously. In the next moment they may be a hundred miles apart, blasting out great divine art, and with the clash of their divine art, it would explode at the center with extreme brilliance.

Suddenly, the two of them appeared on the head of a four-headed devil god that stood in the darkness.

The devil god had four heads, and they were all covered with black hair that were as thick as trees. Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' each stood at the tip of a hair, squashing the hair of the devil god till it was slightly bent.

Qin Mu pressed the sword fingers on both his hands and his sword pellet suddenly burst open, transforming into numerous flying swords that traveled speedily through the forest of hair of the devil god, flying towards 'Celestial Venerable Yu' from the bottom to the top with murderous intent.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' gave off divine rays of magnetism, and above his head floated the galaxy and constellations. Between the stars, the divine rays of magnetism connected and sucked up all the flying swords with a swoosh, nailing them onto the stars.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' rubbed his palms, the galaxy shifted upright, revolved about and flew towards Qin Mu. In an instant it transformed into a huge constellation formation that drowned Qin Mu.

The numerous thick strands of hair on the devil god's head were ripped out by the huge formation, the strands of hair dripped demon blood at their ends and floated into the air.

Suddenly, a devil sun rose from the center of the huge constellation formation - tainting all the stars in a split second, and there were no more light in the sun and the moon.

Qin Mu took off the willow leaf on the heart of his brows, a black sun appeared behind his head, and he broke through the huge constellation formation. Shaking his head, he grew two more heads - now he had three heads and nine eyes. Qin Mu stood on the last strand of hair of the four-headed devil god, his body spinning around like a spinning top.


Divine rays from his nine eyes cut through his surroundings, slicing apart the stars and the thick hairs of the devil god that floated in the air.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' leaped into the air, avoiding this attack. His footsteps moved about speedily, landing on the eyelash of the left eye of one of this devil god's head.

In the next instant, Qin Mu appeared on the eyelash of the devil god's right eye.

The four headed devil god widened his eyes, his eyeballs rolling downwards to stare at them, a huge droplet of sweat emerged from his forehead, and a drop of sweat the size of a small hill rolled down his nose bridge, hanging off the tip of his nose.

At the split second that Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu''s divine art burst out, the devil god finally couldn't resist and shut his eyes.

When he reopened his eyes, Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' had already left his eyes, and were now on the shoulder of another gigantic devil god, fighting from his shoulder to his huge earlobe.

The earlobe of the devil god was very long, the two of them stood on his earlobe, their bodies parallel to the ground as they fought in close combat. Qin Mu executed the martial path great divine art while 'Celestial Venerable Yu' had a true dragon coiling around his body, executing the full extent of the Great Dao of East Deity Qing Long.

An enormous crash resounded and the devil god with the long earlobe couldn't help but tilted his head, patting on his ear. At this moment, Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' had already left his earlobe, landing on the multi-colored ribbon rays that coiled around another female devil god.

The two of them sprinted as though they were flying on the ribbons, several miles apart. Their divine art ever-changing as they attacked each other in a frenzy.

The eyeballs of the female devil god rolled about frantically, trying to see the battle situation of the two that was at the ribbon behind her back, yet she was unable to see it. Suddenly, the two of them had followed the path of her ribbon and were transforming as they moved along. They flashed by the front of her chest, as though crossing two steamed bun mountains.

Qin Mu was distracted as he looked towards it and was flung out with a blow from 'Celestial Venerable Yu' - breaking his bones and snapping his tendons.

The female devil god could not help herself and giggled, her two peaks trembling involuntarily.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' could not resist and turned to look at it, and he was struck in the head with a sudden blow of the knife, landing in the center of the peaks.

The figures of the two vanished again, in the next instant they reappeared in the middle of two devil gods, each spitting out blood and staring at each other intensely.

"Solely relying on the strength of this corporeal body, I cannot take you down."

'Celestial Venerable Yu' revealed an expression of admiration, smiling, "It seems like only by utilizing my own path, skills and divine art can I take you. Mahakala, this opponent of yours is truly something, using your Dark Mo Jia Sutra to exchange for me to fight for you, you are not losing out either."

In the distance, Mahakala snorted in response.

Qin Mu held his breath with rapt attention, the devil path divine treasures within his body opened up one by one - the divine treasures of the god path and the divine treasures of the devil path merged into one!

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