Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 867 - Undying Body

'Celestial Venerable Yu' hadn't utilized his full abilities, but similarly, he hadn't either.

Qin Mu's goal was to force 'Celestial Venerable Yu' to utilize his full abilities. He wanted to see if the person behind 'Celestial Venerable Yu' was one of the nine Celestial Venerables from back in the day.

Even if this person wasn't one of the nine Celestial Venerables, Qin Mu would still be able to observe his cultivation attainments through his divine arts.

When Qin Mu defeated the previous 'Celestial Venerable Yu', even in death, that 'Celestial Venerable Yu' hadn't demonstrated his true capabilities because he wasn't willing to reveal his true identity. This 'Celestial Venerable Yu', however, intended to execute his own ultimate arts, something Qin Mu greatly anticipated.

Within the celestial heavens, there were few who were qualified to obtain the corporeal body of Celestial Venerable Yu, and to be able to control his corporeal body and go to the lower bounds—only leaders or masterminds of the Heaven Alliance would be qualified.

Qin Mu wanted to see just how formidable this being who controlled the celestial heavens could be!

Within his body, the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was already circulating in full force, connecting all fourteen of his divine treasures together!

The celestial river was vast, and it passed through Life and Death, Celestial Being, Seven Stars, Six Directions, Five Elements, and Spirit Embryo, turning and flowing past Xuandu, entering the divine treasures of the devil path—the fourteen divine treasures merging into one!

Qin Mu's primordial spirit unified god and devil, and his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique had combined all his powers into one. His primordial spirit stood upright atop the celestial river, prepared to burst out with all his power and all his potential at any time!

This would be the most powerful strike of his entire life!

The darkness surrounding the palace of Mahakala returned, flooding over Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu'.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound from behind the palace. The gigantic star split apart, and a long valley emerged, stretching through both sides of the planet.

The valley continued to split apart to the sides—the mountains retreated, and the seas receded. The valley grew bigger and bigger, wider and wider, revealing an unimaginable looking eyeball.

The enormous devil eye looked into the darkness, waiting for 'Celestial Venerable Yu' and Qin Mu to make their moves in the dark—it had great anticipation for this battle.

This eye was the eye of Mahakala's true body.

The Mahakala that appeared before everyone wasn't his true body. After all, he was the first devil god, and his true body was too colossal. If he showed his true body, even gods and devils wouldn't be able to see his entire form clearly.

Thus, Mahakala used a fake body to appear before everyone, hiding his true body within the darkness.

When Qin Mu came to the palace of Mahakala, after staying there for some time, he had walked into the darkness. Searching around the dark, he had felt a terrifyingly huge thing within the darkness and had then returned to the palace with a smile.

At that time, he had already sensed that the real Mahakala was hiding within the darkness. Knowing that he wasn't able to leave, he decided to just happily turn around and go back into the palace.

Within the dark, violent tremors emerged. It was as if the whole space had continuously vibrated tens of thousands of times, and everyone who stood before the palace was unable to achieve stable footing!

This wasn't due to the clash of Qin Mu's and 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' divine arts, it was the energy that burst out from 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' activation of his divine art.

It was hard to imagine that a body of the Divine Bridge Realm was actually able to contain such an immense and boundless power within it!

In the dark, Qin Mu was at the center of the tremor. 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' divine art was like a calamity of heaven and earth that exploded, taking with it boundless rage to punish all the treason and heresy of this world!

Qin Mu also burst out thoroughly—there were no longer any other thoughts or ideas in his mind.

His qi and blood were like violent waves, it was like the spirit of an era was burning in his qi and blood—it was incredibly intense, like a fiery blaze on boiling oil!

He sprinted forwards frantically, as quick as a flickering shadow. His speed was so fast that even the qi and blood that were like the vast sea could barely catch up with his figure.

He raised the huge sea of qi and blood, and it stood upright, as though it was a banner that had been dyed with blood. The waves of this sea of qi and blood rumbled ceaselessly, letting out rolling thunder sounds.

The sword pellet in his hand transformed into an incomparable sword will and pierced towards the enraged god within the darkness!

Before the palace of Mahakala, Mo Santong, Xue Taidou, and the others looked out into the darkness towards Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu', however, they weren't able to see anything.

The darkness had blocked their vision.

The other indomitable gods and devils within the darkness were sweeping the surroundings, trying to view this battle clearly. Their gazes were like torches, like pillars of light slicing through the dark, yet they were still only able to see fragments of the scene, only capturing sights of the figures flashing past and the apparitions of divine arts that continuously burst out.

Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' were too fast, and the surroundings were enshrouded in darkness—there weren't many places that their sight could reach.

Suddenly, it all quietened down.

"Has it ended?" one of the rulers of the heavens mumbled.

At this moment, a few hundred miles away, another divine arts explosion swept towards them. Everyone looked towards it anxiously. Their gazes had only just landed there, yet Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' had already vanished, leaving behind a mountain peak that had been snapped apart. They watched as the peak fell off, smashing into the valley with a dull thud.

Following that, another loud sound of divine arts exploding came from a hundred miles away. The more than three hundred rulers of the heavens hurriedly turned to look in that direction, the numerous pillars of light lighting up that area.

Qin Mu's body hung from a mountain peak, his three heads and six limbs had been beaten and damaged beyond repair. 'Celestial Venerable Yu' bowed towards him, and the mountain peak blew up. Qin Mu was blown to the other end of the peak, where he couldn't be seen anymore. 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' figure quickly vanished as well.

Finally, they sensed another wave of divine arts.

When the gazes of the more than three hundred rulers of the heavens shone in that direction, the sword light in Qin Mu's hand had reached over a dozen miles long. It didn't seem like a sword, it more resembled a pillar that was almost a yard wide in radius. The sword crashed down on 'Celestial Venerable Yu', sweeping across the waist of a mountain.

The mountain was snapped into two at the waist, yet the peak didn't fall off. This was because the speed of Qin Mu's sword was so fast that although the peak was shortened by a chunk, it still landed flat on the body of the mountain.

The rulers of the heavens were all top existences amongst the gods and devils, and thus, as their gazes lit up the area, they were able to see the sword pillar in Qin Mu's hands very clearly for what it was.

It wasn't actually a sword pillar, it was a pillar made out of numerous moving flying swords that were each executing a different sword skill and were jumping about within in a strange manner.

Looking from afar, it looked as though Qin Mu had picked up a pillar that was dozens of miles long.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' looked like he had been crushed by the sword pillar, but in actuality, he was blocking the sword lights that were ceaselessly piercing towards him from within the sword pillar. He had received dozens of sword stabs, and he revealed a look of astonishment in his eyes. He had opened his mouth and was saying something, but due to their distance, they weren't able to hear what he was saying.

"What is he saying exactly?"

The rulers of the heavens felt bewildered. Darkness surged forth again, and Qin Mu and 'Celestial Venerable Yu' vanished within.

When the wave of divine arts emerged again, 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' palm, on which three fingers had been broken off, was pressing on Qin Mu's face. He smashed him ruthlessly into a huge lake within the darkness. The water in the lake burst out, and almost all of it was sent flying into the air. It was as though a meteor had crashed into the surface of the lake.

A few hundred gazes stared in that direction. At the bottom of the lake, 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' fists were like a fiery storm, crushing Qin Mu as he frantically pounded down on him. The ground surrounding the lake cracked continuously. The fissures were astonishing, reaching several yards in depth and continuing to grow deeper.

Suddenly, 'Celestial Venerable Yu' leaped into the air like a startled goose, narrowly avoiding a pitch-black gate.

The moment he avoided this Gate of Heaven Influence, a ray of sword light pierced out from the gate. There was a figure standing at the center of the gate, who had been beaten up beyond recognition. Shockingly, it was Qin Mu. The sword pierced straight into the heart of 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' brow.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' waved his hand to cleave the sword, actually using his palm to break the divine sword with sheer brute force.

The two of them vanished again.

When the two of them reappeared, Qin Mu was running away, trying to escape the horrifying forces behind him, wearing an expression of terror on his face.

Yet, numerous bits of starlight suddenly appeared before him, entangling together into chains. Qin Mu was caught by surprise, and he ran through the net of chains formed by the starlight. He was suddenly minced into several hundred pieces, and even his head had dropped off.

"The Overlord Body has lost!"

The more than three hundred rulers of the heavens all let out sighs of relief and revealed smiles. "The Pact of Little Earth Count can also be rescinded now."

At this very moment, they saw that the several hundred pieces of Qin Mu had all grown out arms and legs and were running about everywhere. As they ran about, they actually merged back together, forming a complete Qin Mu.

The gods and devils of the northern heavens watched this sight in a daze, and they were slightly perplexed.

"Undying body?"

The enormous devil eye behind the palace of Mahakala was shocked. "Wasn't it long lost following the disappearance of Crimson Emperor? How is it possible that there is still someone who is able to cultivate to a similar level of Crimson Emperor?"

Behind Qin Mu, numerous flying swords broke out of the ground. Resembling sword mountains and sword forests, they broke through the divine art that was chasing after him.

Qin Mu turned around and raised his six arms up high. The sword mountains and sword forests rose up, rumbling, following the directions of his six arms and cleaving down as they did!

One of 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' arms was chopped off, and he retreated backwards, the two of them disappearing into the darkness again.

This time, for a long period, no sounds were heard, and there were no waves from divine arts.

The rulers of the heavens surrounding the palace all concentrated their gazes, the numerous light pillars bursting through the darkness as they searched around. However, the darkness that enshrouded the palace reached thousands of miles around it. Even given the power of their gazes, they were still unable to find the two of them in a short period of time.

"Where did they go?"

At this very instant, suddenly, there was loud crackling at the center of the gods, and thunder and lightning lit up the entire area until it turned as bright as snow. Qin Mu had an arm pierced through his chest as he fell from the sky. Before he landed on the ground, suddenly, the Gate of Heaven Influence appeared and swallowed him up.

The Gate of Heaven Influence vanished, and there was nothing on the ground.

Far in the distance, a sword light appeared, and the Gate of Heaven Influence reappeared. Within the gate, there were two white skeletons fighting each other relentlessly.

One of the skeletons had an arm stabbed through his chest, while the other skeleton was missing an arm.

The towering Gate of Heaven Influence floated about in the air, drawing the attention of everyone. Inside the gate, the two skeletons were still trying to kill each other without restraint.

"These two fellows, do they want to perish together?"

Suddenly, the Gate of Heaven Influence fell with a loud crash, standing upright before the palace of Mahakala. The gate shut suddenly, and clashing sounds could be heard from within. The two skeletons were probably still beating each other up.

There was utter silence surrounding the gate, no one dared to even breathe loudly as they waited quietly.

After a long time, suddenly, the noise inside quieted down.

Everyone continued to wait. After a while, the gate creaked noisily and opened up slowly. Suddenly, fresh blood gushed out, surging out of the gate like floodwater, and there were fragments of broken bones within the blood.

Everyone was in shock, and they waited further.

From the gate, a white skeleton supported itself on the gate and walked out. With a splash, it fell into the pool of blood, and blood and flesh started to grow out of the body.

"Overlord Body of Eternal Peace, you truly live up to your reputation! The most formidable big shot of the celestial heavens, under the same realm, is still unable to deal with you."

Mahakala suddenly burst out into laughter as he clapped his hands together. "You won, I have lost. The three hundred and sixteen rulers of the heavens are at your disposal. However, my northern heavens, you don't even have to think about laying a finger on it! Rulers of the heavens, take your master, and get out of my territory!"

The more than three hundred rulers of the heavens didn't move, their gazes landing one by one on Qin Mu, who was lying in the pool of blood, his blood and flesh still growing.

"If we kill him, the Pact of Little Earth Count is no longer going to be a problem!" a devil god mumbled.

Suddenly, the gods and devils moved together, attacking Qin Mu!

Mahakala closed his eyes, muttering, "Why are there so many idiots under me?"

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