Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 872 - Entering the Path Through Worldly Affairs

Within the moon palace, Qin Mu and Bai Qu'er were actually really having a discussion about sword techniques. Although Bai Qu'er's sword techniques were derived from Qin Mu's, after forty-thousand years of skills polishing, her techniques had made drastic improvements based off Qin Mu's sword techniques foundations from back then.

Back then when Qin Mu and Grandmaster returned to forty-thousand years ago, in Hundred Prosperities City, Qin Mu had demonstrated his sword techniques to Bai Qu'er, Bai Qingfu and the others. However, when the High Emperor Era collapsed, out of the many who had witnessed Qin Mu's sword techniques only Bai Qu'er had survived.

After Qin Mu left, she had protected her people alone, searching for a place to allow the High Emperor Era to continue to survive, enduring all the trials and tribulations by herself.

Qin Mu's sword techniques had gradually evolved under her as she became a god who protected her citizens. She was like another First Ancestor Human Emperor - their difference being that she had even more acute determination in pushing forward.

Bai Qu'er's starting point was even lower. First Ancestor Human Emperor Qin Wu was the descendant of the Founding Emperor - he had been given the most superior education since he was young, and he cultivated the most formidable techniques and divine art.

In comparison, she was merely the daughter of the city lord of Hundred Prosperities City and she was not of the pure bloodline of the dragon race. The best divine art that she had learned was Qin Mu's sword technique and the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique that he had imparted her. However, back then, Qin Mu was not able to completely impart his sword techniques to her in time, and the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique was also in bits and pieces.

She could only rely on herself to figure it out, changing and improving the techniques - although Qin Mu's shadow could still be seen in her sword techniques, the essential properties and the concept of the sword techniques had long strayed from Qin Mu's path.

This was also what made Qin Mu admire and respect her.

Only when the sword techniques encompass the spirit of an era can one enter the path.

This type of entering the path is not from using the Emperor's Throne techniques or relying on algebraic constructions and runes of ancient gods' Great Dao as celestial heavens' 'Celestial Venerable Yu' had done.

Entering the path using Emperor's Throne techniques relies on the cultivation of the founder - it brings limitless comprehension to the cultivators.

Entering the path using constructed Great Dao runes is an opportune shortcut method that allows one to be able to execute the Great Dao divine art of the ancient gods.

These two types are both shortcut methods.

The true way of entering the path is when one has been influenced by the spirit of a great era, allowing their Dao heart to situate itself within the era as their Dao heart pulsates along with it, touched by its breath and pulse - the Dao heart will then be stimulated by worldly affairs, thus allowing one to enter the path.

This type of entering the path is when one enters the mortal world.

Entering the path through worldly affairs - that is the true way of entering the path.

Village Chief's Sword Dao is from waving his sword again and again through setbacks as he commemorated the martyrs with a vast heart.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's entered the path with reforms and a determination to push forwards.

Butcher entered the path with an unyielding spirit that refused to bow to the heavens and the earth or to accept defeat. He had pointed his knives to the heavens and was one who believed in returning debts of gratitude and avenging vengeances.

Qin Mu entered the path after being provoked by the First Ancestor Human Emperor. He bore heavy burdens and responsibilities but was powerless to do anything. With a furious strike in the battlefield of Supreme Emperor Heaven, he wanted to change the fate of humanity.

In Bai Qu'er's case, she had entered the path using her sword to look after the safety of the people, protecting the common citizens and giving them hope and the will to live.

Her Sword Dao had stopped advancing when the High Emperor Era had completely ended and after the common people were safe. It was only then when there were no longer war and chaos that the citizens from the High Emperor Era had the chance to live and flourish.

At that time, her Sword Dao had reached the twenty-seventh levels of heavens in cultivation.

The talents of the new generation like the Founding Emperor also started to rise from then, allowing for Bai Qu'er the High Emperor Sword God to finally be able to put down her heavy responsibilities. This was also the reason that in the tens of thousands of years that came after, her Sword Dao was no longer able to improve any further.

However, her sword techniques and philosophy had still influenced the Founding Emperor Era that would last twenty thousand years, and thereafter the Eternal Peace of forty thousand years later.

In their discussion of sword techniques, Qin Mu had imparted to her the eighteenth sword form and nineteenth sword form that he had founded, and in return he had also learned her Sword Dao great divine art.

He was able to see the trials and tribulations that this girl had experienced, as well as her stubborn persistence, through her Sword Dao great divine art.

This time, Qin Mu imparted his sword techniques completely to her, also imparting the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique in its entirety to her.

The reason why this High Emperor Sword God Bai Qu'er was unable to cultivate to a higher realm was exactly because the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique was lacking in parts. Now that she has the whole technique, even if it could not improve her attainments in the Sword Dao, it would be able to allow her cultivation realm to advance further.

"You want to look for the Ruins of Ends?"

Bai Qu'er heard Qin Mu mention the Ruins of Ends, thinking briefly, she continued, "Back then I led my clansmen into east sea, at that time Yuandu had not been sealed yet. In an area in the sea I met a huge dragon, it sounds like the Dragon Count you mentioned. Since Dragon Count was there, then Ruins of Ends should be nearby."

Qin Mu's eyes lit up and he quickly inquired where she had met Dragon Count.

Bai Qu'er drew a maritime geographical map for him, "Dragon Count has a very bad temperament. He is a descendant of the ancient divine dragons, if you go there, you must be careful."

Within the sky map, the scholars of Eternal Peace were very diligent and they were like busy worker bees, patching up the damaged parts of the formation in the sky map and shifting about the structure of the formation.

The sky map was a precious artifact and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wanted to reconstruct the whole of this artifact to make it a formation weapon for Eternal Peace.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had also considered putting away the sky map, however, doing so would only speed up the forging of the new sky map by the celestial heavens. To Eternal Peace, this would be even more disadvantageous.

Making use of the laziness of the celestial heavens, and letting Eternal Peace look even more harmless - this was what would benefit Eternal Peace instead.

Qin Mu and Bai Qu'er too made their way out of the moon palace to help the scholars mend the sky map and improve the structure of the formation, spending their time fruitfully.

This went on until that day when Qin Mu suddenly thought of Celestial Venerable Yu.

'Damn, I have left Brother Yu in River Tomb Academy for almost half a year!'

Qin Mu had no choice but to leave. Bai Qu'er stood before the moon palace and waved goodbye to him.

Qin Mu stood on Dragon qilin's head as Dragon qilin sprinted towards the world below.

He turned his head around to look - that girl was dancing with her sword under the brilliant moon.

Qin Mu watched the girl dancing in the moon with a daze - he felt that Bai Qu'er's Sword Dao that had been stagnant had seemed to suddenly have elevated again, and had advanced further.

The girl seemed to have found someone or something that was worth sacrificing her life to protect again, and thus her attainments in Sword Dao had increased once again!

'Does she want to protect the Eternal Peace that had inherited the High Emperor's philosophy, or does she merely want to protect me...'

Qin Mu shook his head, breaking into laughter, 'She wants to protect Eternal Peace, that must be it.'

River Tomb Academy, with a black face, Qin Mu picked up Celestial Venerable Yu and Water qilin who had both become much fatter after being fed by Yan'er. In the span of a half year that Celestial Venerable Yu had followed Duke Wei, his voice had also become unusually louder - Qin Mu's ears rang from the vibrations of his voice.

Qin Mu's expression darkened even more, he strictly forbade Yan'er from feeding Celestial Venerable Yu and Water qilin anymore, and forced Celestial Venerable Yu to train insanely along the journey, not wasting any time to train away the flabs on his body.

As for water qilin, Qin Mu left dragon qilin to train him.

Regarding reducing flab from the body, dragon qilin knew his stuff well.

Yan'er no longer had the chance to feed them, and thus she could only look after Qin Mu. Qin Mu bought some sunflower seeds for her, letting this girl peel them one by one to feed him.

"Does young master eat devil gods?" Yan'er caught a devil god that was as big and sturdy as a mountain, trying to tempt him.

Qin Mu shook his head.

Yan'er was very disappointed and she ate the devil god herself. She flew off and returned with a god, tempting him again, "Does young master eat gods?"

Qin Mu shook his head.

Yan'er burped after eating her fill.

They reached Jade Capital Academy. Wang Muran's Jade Capital Academy was slightly inferior as compared to the other academies. Back then it was the most famous and the number one sacred ground of Eternal Peace - it had fallen backwards as it was too detached, and it had not been able to reform at the first moment, and had used the profound and long-lasting foundation of Little Jade Capital to attract scholars here.

Yet, Qin Mu had met First Ancestor Human Emperor here - other than the First Ancestor, the past human emperors had actually came here to be its directorate and to teach the scholars.

Little Jade Capital was originally a broken part of the celestial heavens of the Founding Emperor - it was of deep sentimental value to the First Ancestor, and back then when he became dispirited, he had turned into a stone statue at this very place.

Second Ancestor, Third Ancestor, Human Emperor Qi Kang and the others were all the most outstanding geniuses since the twenty thousand years after the destruction of the Founding Emperor. Now that they had revived and reemerged, they were naturally even more formidable than they were back then.

These human emperors had actually all reopened their celestial river divine treasure - their abilities were truly extremely strong.

Further, they continued to be the main forces of Fengdu and thus drew many to Jade Capital Academy.

First Ancestor Human Emperor had also moved the Jade Brightness Palace collections over to Little Jade Capital, greatly increasing the progress of Jade Capital Academy.

Qin Mu brought Celestial Venerable Yu here to seek knowledge, after more than a dozen days, he had finished learning all the results of the reforms while Celestial Venerable Yu had not, and thus he could only wait here for him.

"Human Emperor Qin, you seem to care a lot about this little fatty."

Human Emperor Qi Kang carelessly rubbed 'Little Fatty''s chubby face, squeezing Celestial Venerable Yu's mouth into a flower shape and he laughed, "Could it be that you plan to groom him as the next generation's Human Emperor?"

Qin Mu's eyes lit up, he had not actually given thought to what he should plan for Celestial Venerable Yu.

He merely did not want to disappoint Elder Messenger of Death - he wanted to groom Celestial Venerable Yu into an existence that was not inferior to his past life and would once again become the Celestial Venerable who would astonish the world.

However, Qin Mu could not possibly always take Celestial Venerable Yu along with him - perhaps he could nurture Celestial Venerable Yu into becoming the next generation's Human Emperor.

"Each generation of the Human Emperor is more powerful than the previous one."

Human Emperor Qi Kang smiled broadly, "Do you think that in future he would be able to defeat you?"

Qin Mu modestly replied, "Our Hall of Human Emperors do have such a tradition, Brother Yu is also truly outstanding and extraordinary, he is way beyond me. However, I am the Overlord Body after all..."

Human Emperor Qi Kang sneered, "Leave the little fatty here, all of us old fellows will teach him together. I guarantee he will be able to beat you - the Overlord Body - up until you cry out for your father and your mother!"

Qin Mu burst out laughing and actually really left Celestial Venerable Yu there, instructing, "Don't teach him techniques, and don't teach him how to awaken the divine treasure. Whoever dares to teach him that, I will beat them up until they cry for their father and their mother!"

The past Human Emperors laughed coldly and intended to teach this master-deceiving and ancestor-destroying rascal a lesson - Qin Mu hurriedly called for dragon qilin, taking Yan'er along, and flew off with a whoosh.

"Young master, where are we going?" Yan'er saw that he was in high spirits and couldn't help but ask with a smile.

"East sea!" Qin Mu pointed in the far east and exclaimed loudly.

Yan'er asked curiously, "Have young master grew tired of eating the gods and devils of the land? Do you want to eat seafood? The gods and devils of the sea have a fishy stench."

"We are going to look for the Ruins of Ends!"

Qin Mu laughed lengthily, "We are going to search for the tracks of Heavenly Saint Cult's Founding Master, Big Senior Brother Wei Suifeng, and see what kind of secrets he had left behind in the Ruins of Ends for me!"

Dragon qilin sprinted joyfully towards the East sea. When he reached the surface of the sea, they saw giant beasts trampling through the waves, frolicking about with joy.

Months later, dragon qilin floated on the surface of the sea with his belly sticking up towards the sky - no matter how Qin Mu beat him he refused to get up to continue the journey.

'Based on the maritime geographical map that Qu'er gave me, the place where she saw Dragon Count should be nearby.'

Qin Mu looked around his surroundings, matching it to his geographical map, yet still he didn't make any discoveries.

He removed the willow leaf from the heart of his brow, entering the Qin word land with his consciousness, he asked courteously, "Heaven Duke, can you see me?"

After a short period, the clone of Heaven Duke replied, "Yes! What do you want to do again this time?"

Qin Mu hurriedly replied, "May I trouble Heaven Duke to help me find the Ruins of Ends?"

Heaven Duke glared at him.

Qin Mu's expression remain unchanged.

After another short while, Heaven Duke snorted coldly, "The sea surface is very flat, there is no Ruins of Ends here."

Qin Mu was stumped, he turned to the magma Earth Count, but Earth Count ignored him.

He could only retract his consciousness. He opened up the Gate of Heaven Influence behind him with a 'swoosh' and then waited outside the gate earnestly.

After a long period of time, a small boat leisurely floated to a still by the gate with the Elder Messenger of Death standing at the head of the boat.

"Celestial Venerable You, dare I ask the way to Ruins of Ends?" Qin Mu asked.

The lamp in Elder Messenger of Death's hand almost extinguished, and he shook his head silently.

Qin Mu continued to press, "Then what about Dragon Count Country?"

The lamp in Elder Messenger of Death's hand trembled, with the gate between them, he raised his hand and pointed in a direction.

"Thank you." Qin Mu replied politely, intending to shut the Gate of Heaven Influence.

"Wait for a moment!"

Elder Messenger of Death stuck a hand through the gate, the lamp shone straight in Qin Mu's face - the expression of the elder standing behind the lamp was not very pleasant. "You called me out just to ask for directions?"

Qin Mu nodded.

The palm holding the lamp trembled slightly, the elder behind it was drawing long breaths and he replied, forcing himself to be tolerant, "On account that you are taking care of Celestial Venerable Yu...Where's Celestial Venerable Yu? Where did you dump Celestial Venerable Yu at?"

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