Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 875 - To See a World in a Single Flower

Qin Mu did not know how he managed to execute Brahma Buddha's Boundless Calamity Sutra either. He just felt that he had the technique in his head and then at the same time, he wanted to take a nap.

He had then unconsciously executed the Boundless Calamity Sutra when he entered his dreams.

In his dreams, he dreamed of a world of bubbles - this world opened up in his dreams, the bubbles continued to grow and then gradually merged with the ruins of Dragon Count Country.

Within this world of bubbles, countless selfs had grew out like weeds and ran about in all directions.

It was a peculiar dream - every self within the dream seemed to be an independent being of its own, yet they were all connected to his vision, and his sleep-talk in his dreams had also become the language spoken by these mini 'Qin Mu's.

The words spoken while dreaming were incomprehensible, even the identical mini 'Qin Mu's found it difficult to understand what either of them were saying. Eventually, he decided to use the simplest language to let these mini selfs to interact with each other, thus, the 'ma ha's of the dragons became the language of communication amongst them.

It was a rowdy scene within his dream. In this dream, Qin Mu had turned Dragon Count Country upside down and finally found the clues left behind by the founding master. Only then did he wake up from his dream, taking a big yawn and stretching his lazy back.

The world of bubbles collapsed and was obliterated as he woke up - it was as though a world was being annihilated, and all the mini selfs within that world also disappeared completely.

Brahma Buddha's Boundless Calamity Sutra had unimaginable uses - this dream world was merely one of its many marvelous uses. There were still many other mystical cultivation techniques, it was just that Qin Mu did not actually understand how to cultivate this technique, or how to execute it - everything seemed to just come to him naturally.

He put aside his doubts about the Boundless Calamity Sutra and walked to that area of ruins that he had discovered.

Dragon qilin and Yan'er followed him there and they saw that Qin Mu was standing on a star gazing platform of Dragon Count Country. The armillary sphere and other divine weapons on the star gazing platform were already shattered and it was a complete mess.

Qin Mu lowered his head to inspect the star markings on the ground. Immediately after, he took out his calculation spirit weapons and begun to calculate nosily.

Yan'er was not skilled in algebra and even after staring at what he was doing for a long period, she could not understand it and she questioned, "Young master, what are you calculating?"

Dragon qilin replied, "This is a puzzle left behind by the founding master of the Heavenly Saint Cult. Every time, this big senior brother will use algebra to come up with a problem for Cult Master to solve. After solving the problem then we would be able to obtain the clue he left. They always communicate in the language of algebra."

Yan'er was astonished, "Algebra is also a language?"

"To masters of algebra, it is a language."

Dragon qilin continued, "Others often say that the Dao Sect is the number one sect in algebra, however, they have overlooked us Heavenly Saint Cult. Back then, I had followed Patriarch in researching algebra extensively, and I have some attainments in it. The teleportation divine art, teleportation formation, stars formation and technique of creation of Heavenly Saint Cult are born of the research in algebra. Further, founding master is an expert in algebra and Saint Woodcutter is a grandmaster of algebra. Even his mount, Senior brother senior tiger, is also skilled in algebra - If they are ranked in the Dao Sect, they can still be considered top experts there."

Yan'er rewarded him with a spirit pill, praising him, "Fatty Dragon is really knowledgeable!"

Qin Mu solved the problem that the founding master had left behind and he paced the star gazing platform, muttering to himself, "What he left behind was the data for a dimension. But for dimensions, it requires for there to be a center point to know where this dimension is. If I use the star gazing platform as the center to determine the dimension..."

His expression was odd, and suddenly several hands grew out from under his armpits and started to calculate animatedly.

"This dimension does not exist in the same space as the Primordial Realm!"

Qin Mu's expression gradually became weirder, following the dimension data that Wei Suifeng had left behind, Ruins of Ends was really not in the Primordial Realm - it was part of another world.

This sort of dimension architecture was like Youdu to the Primordial Realm.

Yuandu overlapped with the Primordial Realm and with all the other tens of thousands of worlds and heavens - however, they did not exist in the same dimension.

Ruins of Ends was like that too.

"It is very difficult to enter this dimension if I solely rely on the teleportation divine art."

Qin Mu immediately imprinted runes onto this star gazing platform - to enter the dimension that Wei Suifeng had marked, only through the use of a teleportation formation of a huge star would it be possible.

Dragon qilin too followed and helped, after two days, they finally crafted out the architecture of the teleportation formation.

Yan'er transformed into a green sparrow and perched on Qin Mu's shoulder. Dragon qilin too came to the center of the platform. Qin Mu activated the formation, the teleportation light rays shot through the skies - when the rays finally receded, they vanished from Dragon Count Country!

When Qin Mu was finally on solid ground, they saw that it was incredibly dull around them - there was a low lying planet in the sky, there were numerous big holes in it, and near the damaged parts of the planet there were also many broken pieces scattered around it, hanging tranquilly up in the sky.

Beneath their feet was a pitch black ring-shaped mountain range, beside them there were magnificent looking palaces, and surrounding the mountain range was a boundless dark sea.

And in the center of this ring-shaped mountain range, there was a bottomless abyss!

The ring-shaped mountain range was extremely large and it's circumference was almost immeasurable - even if one was to move all twenty heavens of Mount Meru over, it would still not be able to fill up that abyss in its center.

This abyss is the abyss of the Ruins of Ends!

The celestial river starts flowing from the celestial heavens and ends in the Ruins of Ends.

However, Qin Mu did not see the celestial river flowing to this area, he looked towards the skies and could indistinctly see that there was a river stream left behind by the celestial river in the skies above.

The river stream was a space remnant that had been imprinted by the weight of the celestial river.

Yet, the celestial river had been cut off.

At the end of the High Emperor Era, Celestial Venerable Ling had executed her divine art in the High Emperor Celestial Heavens of Yuandu, intercepting the celestial river, and had replaced the substance within the celestial river with herself - she had demonstrated a world-shaking divine art that could pass through past, present and the future.

From then on, the celestial river stopped flowing towards the Ruins of Ends, instead flowing into the east sea.

When the Primordial Realm was sealed, the celestial river then became the Surging River.

The celestial river was cut off and no longer poured into Ruins of Ends. The shattered planet in the sky should have been the star that had revolved around the celestial river back then, yet due to a great battle, the planet had been rather badly shattered.

Qin Mu and the others stood before the side palace of the Ruins of Ends and looked towards the center of the Ruins of Ends. They instantly felt dizzy and dazzled, and there was a feeling as though their souls were about to be sucked into this abyss - they then hurriedly retracted their gaze.

"Big senior brother's geographical map - it is this place."

Qin Mu retrieved a scroll of geographical map from his taotie sack, spreading it out and flattening it, he inspected it closely. Back then, in the valley of stars outside the Paramita Ark, among the geographical maps Wei Suifeng had drawn with star sand, one of them was the Ruins of Ends geographical map.

Twenty thousand years ago, he had came to the Ruins of Ends to search for ancient secrets, wanting to achieve the establishment of three things to become a saint. Here, he had witnessed an unbelievable event of the celestial river flowing back.

The celestial river had already been cut off, yet when he came here the celestial river actually reemerged - the river stream in the skies that had dried up was now filled with the majestic celestial river that surged downwards from the skies and poured into the Ruins of Ends.

What was bizarre was that a fog had surged forwards from the celestial river and swept Wei Suifeng into it. He met Celestial Venerable Ling within the fog, and by the time he emerged from the fog, he had traveled back to the Dragon Han Era and became a member of that great era, even becoming the commander of the Feathered Forest Guards of the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens and controlling the most formidable great army of gods and devils under the Celestial Emperor.

Qin Mu inspected the geographical map closely.

On the Ghost Ship, Wei Suifeng had a letter. The letter had also contained a geographical map of the Ruins of Ends, however it was different from the one that Qin Mu had - it was obvious that they were drawn in different periods.

However, on the whole, the Ruins of Ends did not change.

"The thing that big senior brother had left behind is hidden in the Ruins of Ends."

Qin Mu had an odd expression on his face - he looked at the map and then at the abyss, his head feeling a little dizzy.

The location that was marked on the map where Wei Suifeng had hid the item was the abyss!

"Can the abyss be entered?"

He was a little doubtful - the abyss was able to swallow even the celestial river, and it was also extremely strange. It seemed to be capable of swallowing souls, if one was even a little careless, they might die miserably.

Dragon qilin picked a giant stone and threw it into the abyss. The stone fell in and vanished in the darkness. Even after a long time there was still no sound of it hitting the ground.

"Could it be that we have to jump in?"

Qin Mu frowned, he used the Heavenly Devil Creation Technique to seal his three souls and seven spirits, suppressing them within his body. This way, it would not be possible for the abyss to pull out his soul.

When he was about to jump into the abyss, suddenly there was a meteor shower pouring from the skies, numerous huge stones descended from above. It was a badly damaged planet that had orbited into the skies above the abyss of the Ruins of Ends and was captured by force of attraction of the abyss, resulting in the shattered pieces of the planet furiously falling into it.

The pieces of the planets that was the size of mountains drew rays of fiery light across the sky, gaining speed and falling into the abyss, disappearing one by one.

In the sky, even though the planet was already damaged, it was still extremely gigantic. In this moment this planet was actually captured by the abyss as well - it shifted slightly in the sky yet failed to escape the force of attraction of the abyss - it too was dragged down towards the abyss.

In the shift, the damaged planet ruptured ceaselessly from the compression, the surface of the planet was also set ablaze - the tens of thousands of volcanoes on it spewed out and very soon its surface completely transformed into a magma sea of flames!

Following this, the planet was tugged apart by a terrifying force, and it was like the long noodles that the Eternal Peace chefs would pull with force - it became thinner and thinner, longer and longer.

As Qin Mu and the group watched on in fear, the planet was pulled into a beam of flames and it sunk into the abyss!

In the depths of the abyss, the flaming glow shone brilliantly for awhile and then gradually, the light dulled down.

Qin Mu wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and his voice was hoarse, "Fatty Dragon, we can leave this place through the river stream of the celestial river..."

Before he could finish speaking, suddenly there was a gradual glow of flames lighting up from the depths of the abyss, and it was becoming brighter.

Qin Mu was stunned, the light grew brighter and brighter, and suddenly, a world-breaking earth-shattering loud noise could be heard and the abyss of the Ruins of Ends erupted!

"The undercurrent of the Ruins of End exploded?"

Qin Mu's heart jolted, the whole abyss of the Ruins of Ends suddenly had a current that was spewing upwards and outwards - it was surging outwards at a shocking speed, and the force of the current was so powerful that it directly shattered the skies!

Prior, they had saw a bright light within the Ruins of Ends. However, the current that had spewed out from the abyss was a pitch back in color and did not have any light!

This abyss of the Ruins of Ends was like an extremely humongous mouth of a monster that had burped after eating a planet!

There was no color in the sky - it was originally already very dim and now it was almost dark as night. The seawater beyond the Ruins of Ends had also became blacker, and the sky seemed to have disintegrated from the impact of the currents of the Ruins of Ends as a shower of ashes started to float slowly in the air.

The flocci of black were like marks left behind from the sky being burned into ashes - they disintegrated instantly once it landed in the hand and vanished like smoke in thin air.

"These are not the ashes of the sky, they are the ashes of the planet from just now..."

Qin Mu raised his head, looking at the spewing dark current, he almost scolded out, "This damn place, it's not a place for humans to come to! The abyss of the Ruins of Ends can easily purge a planet, who can enter it? Big senior brother, you are too good at hiding things!"

At this moment, the spewing undercurrent gradually slowed down, a bright light rose higher and higher from the center of the Ruins of Ends - it was the light that they had saw before the current spewed out.

Qin Mu was stunned for awhile, the darkness seemed to have stood still in the sky, resembling a dark celestial river that was flowing extremely slowly.

Within the undercurrent, the light came closer towards them.

Finally, the light appeared before them.

It was a stalk of flower - an incomparably enormous flower. It was a single stalk but on it grew two flowers - it resembled two lotuses that grew together from the same base, one on the left and one on the right. One of the flowers was vermilion red in color while the other was a dull black. The black flower was almost completely camouflaged against the black flow of darkness.

Qin Mu's heart jolted slightly and he suddenly burst out laughing, "So this is how it is! Big senior brother is ingenious! Now that the Ruins of Ends is calmed, there is no more force of attraction, so one can enter the flower and through it, enter the abyss and obtain the thing that he had left behind!"

"Cult Master, are you certain you want to go in there?" Dragon qilin's heart was thumping with fear.

Qin Mu had already stepped into the dark celestial river and flew towards the two giant flowers. Yan'er perched on his shoulder and turned around to yell, "Fatty Dragon, hurry up!"

Dragon qilin did not want to go in. However, he looked at the surroundings and observed that it was extremely dim, and there were faint shrill cries coming towards them - he could not tell if it was the sound of the darkness pouring through the Ruins of Ends rubbing against space or if there was really some monster that had been spewed out. With that, he could only hurriedly dash into the dark celestial river, following behind Qin Mu.

"Cult Master, what if these two flowers retreated back into the abyss? Wouldn't we end up being trapped till death in there?" He asked in a hushed tone.

At this very moment, the two giant flowers trembled gently and the dark celestial river started to reverse its flow!

Qin Mu shot him a fierce glare and increased his speed to dash towards the two giant flowers!

"Fatty Dragon, were you a crow in your previous life?" Yan'er asked curiously.

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