Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 876 - Woman in the Flower Beautiful like Jade

The current from the fall back of the dark celestial river bombarded downward and the speed grew faster and faster. Meanwhile, those two giant flowers were also gradually sinking down, as a result, the terrifying force of attraction coming from the huge abyss was becoming stronger and stronger as well!

The dark celestial river and the heavy pressure from the force of attraction caused the bodies of Qin Mu and the dragon qilin to become incomparably heavy. They couldn't maintain their balance and fell into the abyss involuntarily.

"Dragon Sparrow Biting Heaven!"

The green sparrow on Qin Mu's shoulder suddenly cried out and her primordial spirit appeared to form a dragon sparrow behind her. The head and the tail of the dragon sparrow were connected and its body was half of a vermillion bird and half of a green dragon. It had the body and tail feathers of a vermillion bird but the tail of a green dragon also stretched out from the tail feathers.

The dragon sparrow spread its wings and circled in the sky. Raising its head to give a sharp cry, the cry of vermillion bird and the roar of a dragon came from its mouth as it spewed out blazing sacred flames.

Her tail feathers were inconceivably long and they were nearly connected with her head, forming a loop that surrounded everyone.

The vermillion bird sacred flames from her mouth ignited her green dragon tail and the sacred flames quickly spread throughout her entire body to form a flaming hoop, blocking the terrifying power from Ruins of End.

Dragon Sparrow Biting Heaven, with the head biting the tail, its body form a loop and in the center was an independent heaven. A safe heaven was thus formed.

It was still Qin Mu's first time see Yan'er executing her ultimate art and it was actually so strong. It actually blocked down the returning flow of the dark celestial river and the force of attraction.

This girl usually caught gods and devils in Primordial Realm to have a sumptuous meal but Qin Mu had basically never seen her attack before. This girl was especially fond of serving people and other than feeding, she also loved to tidy Qin Mu's clothes and smooth the creases.

And now that Yan'er's abilities had burst forth, only then did Qin Mu knew how strong and terrifying she was. She was actually even stronger and fiercer than First Ancestor Human Emperor!

One had to know that First Ancestor Human Emperor was an existence on Jade Capital Realm!

'I wonder how are Sister Yan'er's abilities compared to Sakra Buddha?'

Qin Mu immediately increased his speed and rushed towards those two giant flowers.

He was more curious about the birth of Yan'er who was gifted to Celestial Venerable Yu as a maid by South Deity Zhu Que. He thought to himself. 'To have both he bloodline of the vermillion bird and the green dragon, in that case, what is the relationship between Sister Yan'er, South Deity Zhu Que, and East Deity Qing Long?"

He blinked his eyes. This girl that likes to serve people couldn't be the daughter of South Deity Zhu Que and East Deity Qing Long, right?

As the daughter of two deities, she should be as precious as a princess, how did she get the habit of serving people?

Finally, they rushed through the gap between the petals before the two giant flowers closed completely!

Behind them, the petals completely closed and cut off the terrifying force of attraction from the abyss and the pressure from the dark celestial river. However, as the force of attraction and pressure suddenly vanished, Yan'er couldn't control her body and crashed ruthlessly onto the ground.

The small heaven that her primordial spirit surrounded was also destroyed. Qin Mu and the dragon qilin also crashed down and tumbled on the ground. They crashed into a thick stamen and got bounced off onto another stamen which bounced them back again.

The stamens were very soft and even though they had a hard landing, they weren't injured at all. However, being bounced to and fro had still caused them to become rather giddy. Other than that, they were fine.

Qin Mu stood up and pulled Yan'er up. The dragon qilin also crawled up only to feel the ground to be soft beneath him. He stepped on the ground and saw that the ground here was actually soft as well. This made him click his tongue in wonder.

Qin Mu looked around. Compared to the outside world, this place was surprisingly serene and surprisingly vast. The two flowers had formed two worlds that were connected to each other.

These two worlds were not small at all and they were equivalent to the heavens that were in the outside world. However, there were no sun, moon, and stars in the sky.

Furthermore, even though it was completely dark in Ruins of End, there was actually light here. One of the worlds was pinkish-red in color while the other world was dark. They had landed in the red-colored world and the markings on the petals weaved across one another in the sky. The markings were very strange and those markings flashed continuously with red light.

Where the two worlds converged, there were two palaces that should be connected. One of the palaces was red and the other was black.

The dragon qilin looked around his surroundings and said cautiously, "There was a star that dropped down just now and only then did the undercurrent of the celestial river appeared. What if there was no more star that would fall from today onwards, wouldn't we be trapped here forever?"

Yan'er glared at him sternly and he lowered his head without another word.

He had just seen how powerful Yan'er was and had decided from then on, he would also maintain absolute respect for this big sister that always fed him.

Yan'er was tidying up Qin Mu's clothes again and smoothing out the corners of his shirt.

Qin Mu was long used to this and he walked to the end of the horizon to stroke the flower wall of this world in the flower gently. The flower wall was soft to the touch and felt like the skin of a young girl. The sensation could even be said to be even more exquisite and unique than the skin of a young girl.

"We are situated in the flower room inside these two flowers. These two flowers are actually real flowers and not things like divine weapons."

Qin Mu had a weird expression and he said in astonishment, "What kind of flower can withstand such a terrifying force of attraction and destructive force from Ruins of End?"

Those markings on the flower walls were actually moving gently and the face of a woman suddenly appeared on the flower wall. The face closed its eye and rubbed its face on his palm gently as though it was enjoying very much.

Qin Mu was shocked and he hurriedly took back his palm.

"Celestial Empress!"

He was sure if he was a cat, his fur would all be standing on ends!

The face that appeared on the flower wall was actually Celestial Empress' face!

In the coffin of the ghost ship, he had seen the corpse of Celestial Empress before so he wouldn't be wrong about this face.

The face of the flower wall grew further and chased after his palm to rub its face on his palm. It was very charming and gentle.

"Little brother!" The face of Celestial Empress gave off shrill laughter.

Qin Mu's body tightened and he didn't move. The neck of the maiden that had grown out from the flower wall was very long. There was no body and it looked like a snake belle.

"Little brother, it's been so long since anyone has come here."

The snake belle coiled around him and numerous scales actually grew out on its neck. The scales brushed past Qin Mu's neck and cuts started to appear on Qin Mu's neck. Fresh blood started to leak out.

His corporeal body has long been refined until it was as strong as a god and yet in front of the scales of this snake belle, his body was as fragile as tofu.

'It's not just Celestial Empress and her sister that are the ancient gods in Ruins of End!'

His heart trembled violently. 'There are also other ancient gods born here!'

Yan'er who was on Qin Mu's shoulder hurriedly flew up and landed on the dragon qilin's head. She tilted her head and looked curiously at this snake belle that had stretched out from the flower wall.

"I have been guarding this place under big sister's orders, I've been so lonely for tens of thousands of years."

The neck behind Celestial Empress' face coiled around Qin Mu's body and her face touched Qin Mu's face. She rubbed her face gently against his and giggled. "Sister Celestial Empress always got me to guard our home and to stay guard here, I've been bored to death. After waiting so long, such a pretty little brother like you have finally come."

She stretched out her tongue and it wasn't the dainty little tongue of a young girl. Instead, it was a forked tongue that was long, soft and very agile. She licked Qin Mu's face and said with a smile, "Is little brother here on big sister's orders?"

Qin Mu was unfazed and said, "I'm indeed here on Celestial Empress' imperial decree."

That face suddenly laid on Qin Mu's chest to listen to his heartbeat. She chuckled and said, "There's no change to the frequency of your heartbeat and there's also no change to the pressure of the blood flow. If you are lying, you must be a professional in lying."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Big sister, how would I dare to lie?"

That snake belle chuckled and said, "Your mouth is rather sweet. Password."

Qin Mu's heart sank and the corners of his eyes twitched. The face of the snake belle changed drastically and she bound Qin Mu tightly. Raising her head high up, she said with a smile, "You are indeed a professional at lying! You had also tricked me! Heehee, I had wanted to eat you since just now, now I can finally dig in!"

Her mouth split open to become wider and wider. Right at this moment, Yan'er's clear and loud voice rang out with utter bliss. "What a cute... and big worm!"

That green sparrow flapped her wings over and her body became incomparably huge. With a peck at the snake belle's neck, she tugged outward forcefully.

Qin Mu almost died from being bound and he hurriedly transformed into a shadow to break free. Sticking onto the ground, he hurriedly escaped.

That snake belle got caught by the neck and gave off a miserable shriek. "Little bird, I'm not a worm!"

Yan'er bit onto her neck and moved backward continuously. With a step backward, she moved over a dozen miles back and the snake belle got pulled longer and longer. More and more of her body was being pulled out from the flower wall.

Just as Qin Mu broke free of his shadow state, he saw the green sparrow crossing over his head and the snake belle was taut from the pull.

"Sister Yan'er, that's not a worm, it's an ancient god!"

Qin Mu hurriedly shouted, "It's an ancient god from Ruins of End!"

"It's a worm!"

The green sparrow revealed her true form and showed her dragon tail as she transformed into the complete form of a dragon sparrow. Her bird claws transformed into robust dragon claws which she used to tug backward with force. She planned to pull this 'big worm' out from the flower wall completely to eat and she shouted, "It's a big worm! This flower has got a worm!"

Qin Mu and the dragon qilin felt chills running down their spines. They saw the snake belle being pulled several hundred miles out and she was still not out completely.

"That would still be an ancient god worm!" Qin Mu shouted in exasperation.

Suddenly, in the inside of this world in the flower, those soft stamens started to warp and Celestial Empress' faces started to grow at the tip of these stamens. Every single one of them cried out delicately, "It hurts—"

"Little bird, you have hurt me!"

The inconceivably long stamens warped their bodies like snakes and they slithered towards the dragon sparrow like lightning!

Yan'er instantly became excited. "This worm has grown so many heads! Furthermore, it is even bigger than what I've imagined, I can eat for a long time!"

She flapped her wings and was sometimes big, sometimes small. She avoided the attacks from those stamens and would slash with her wings at times to slice off the stamens. Sometimes she would spew out vermillion bird sacred flames from her mouth to burn those stamens, making them giving off delicate cries. Other times, she would control the heavenly lightning to strike here and there.

Qin Mu brought the dragon qilin to hurry to where the two worlds converged and headed straight for that black palace and red palace to avoid the aftermath of the divine arts from these two behemoths.

And yet in the sky, Yan'er was fighting more and more furiously with that snake bell. The power of their divine arts was becoming stronger and stronger which forced him to keep avoiding.

'Would Sister Yan'er be fine?'

He hurriedly looked back and saw that the abilities executed by the dragon sparrow Yan'er had transformed into to have exceeded the field of South Deity's fire and East Deity's lightning. Her divine art had become very unusual.

Every time her body shifted, there would actually be a series of mirror images and there was a total of thirteen mirror images. The mirror images possessed the abilities of her true form and when they attacked those snake belles, she was not at a disadvantage at all.

Thirteen layers of mirror images.

'Could Celestial Venerable Yue have imparted her abilities to her?"

Qin Mu was stunned and he suddenly felt slight anticipation. If he could learn Celestial Venerable Yue's ultimate art from Yan'er, it would be rather fortunate!

Yan'er and that ancient god from Ruins of End fought even more fiercely and this forced him and the dragon qilin to move further and further away, avoiding the ripples of their divine arts.

Finally, they finally came to where the two worlds converged.

Qin Mu walked to the front of the red palace and the dragon qilin stretched his head to look inside the palace. "Could there be enemies inside as well?"

"Don't jinx it!"

Qin Mu was furious and kicked him into the palace. The dragon qilin gave off a miserable scream and after a long while, his voice was still incomparably loud.

Qin Mu was at ease and walked into the palace. He said with a chuckle, "Fatty Dragon, you can stop screaming, there's no enemy..."

He was suddenly stunned as he saw that he had kicked the dragon qilin onto a crystal coffin. His four claws gripped the four corners of the coffin and he was sprawled on the coffin, not daring to move.

The dragon qilin was most afraid of supernatural things and by kicking him onto a coffin, Qin Mu had scared him out of his wits. He just kept staring at the corpse in the crystal coffin and screaming non-stop.

Qin Mu shook his head and walked forward. "After following me for so long, how are you still not used to these strange sights? I..."

He looked a the face in the crystal coffin and his mouth fell agape. His eyes opened wide and he couldn't continue what he wanted to say.

In the crystal coffin laid another Celestial Empress. However, there was one thing that was different from the Celestial Empress on the ghost ship. The Celestial Empress in the coffin had a black mark on the heart of her brows while the Celestial Empress on the ghost ship had a red mark on the heart of her brows!

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