Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 878 - Time-Traveling Wei Suifeng

After the divine art was executed, it was quiet again inside the cauldron. Wei Suifeng let out a sigh of relief. "I don't wish to kill you, I only want to trap and seal you. As long as you don't resist, you won't get hurt. When I'm done investigating the abyss of the Ruins of End, I will then release you…"


Before him, a crack suddenly formed on the huge cauldron. Wei Suifeng was startled. He watched as the various divine weapons that had formed the cauldron started to split up and float about in the air like stars.

Qin Mu stood in the center of these divine weapons, breaking the connections between them. He was about to escape from within.

Suddenly, Wei Suifeng's divine weapons fused together again, transforming into chains that intertwined with each other and danced about around him.

Different rune imprints emerged from these chains, and they radiated dazzling rays of light. The runes imprinted themselves on the surface of Qin Mu's skin, multiplying.

"Teleportation runes!"

Qin Mu's scalp turned numb. On his arms, his legs, his head, and his chest were numerous teleportation runes that had been imprinted on him, forming six sets of teleportation divine art!

That was to say, if these teleportation divine arts were activated, he would be split up into six pieces!

This was the first time he had ever seen anyone use the teleportation divine art in such a manner.

Before he was able to react, the rune imprints from the chains had already completed the teleportation divine arts.

"Wei Suifeng, d*mn your a**…"

Qin Mu had only just said these words when the teleportation divine arts burst out. His head suddenly vanished, his legs and arms disappeared consecutively, and finally, even his chest was teleported away!

Wei Suifeng had actually used the teleportation divine art to chop him up into six pieces!

"No matter who you are, if you stand in my way, only death awaits you."

Wei Suifeng raised his hand, and the chains broke apart, transforming into divine weapons and automatically gathering together behind his back. He continued indifferently, "I already gave you two chances."

He walked towards the female corpse on the ground. He was just about to bend down and inspect it when, suddenly, he had a feeling and hurriedly stood upright to look around his surroundings. He saw that Qin Mu's four limbs, head, and chest were flying towards each other from six different directions!

"He didn't even die from that?"

Wei Suifeng was extremely shocked. Qin Mu's body and four limbs met in mid-air and pieced themselves together, forming a headless body. Qin Mu's body bent forward and suddenly ran with all its might in a straight direction, each step covering several miles. The headless corporeal body was so formidable in power that it actually compressed the air several miles apart into a wall, and then it smashed apart this wall of air!

When he took a single step, there was the sound of thunder rumbling behind him, and he left behind a vacuum zone that was about ten miles in length!

The corners of Wei Suifeng's eyes twitched. He waved his sleeves, and the countless divine weapons behind him collided into one another noisily, transforming into a clear mirror. The mirror wasn't aimed towards Qin Mu's headless body, it pointed towards the side.

Qin Mu's head was currently flying in the air towards his body. Upon being touched by the mirror's ray, there was a huge boom, and his head was blown away to god knows where!

Wei Suifeng waved his hand, and the mirror that was in front of him flew towards Qin Mu's headless corporeal body, which was dashing in its direction. The mirror's ray shot forward, and it actually reflected the image of a building.

Qin Mu's headless body rushed towards it, and the mirror suddenly broke down, fusing with the image of the building. The image of the building materialized, and it fell to the ground with a loud crashing noise.

The impact of Qin Mu's body dragged the building with it across the ground, causing a path of sparks and lights that burst out in all directions.

The building stopped just in front of Wei Suifeng, and loud bangs could be heard from within the building. It was the sound of Qin Mu's headless corporeal body attempting to break through the building and rush out.

Wei Suifeng encircled the building at great speed, his palms changing into tens of thousands of forms that he consecutively imprinted onto the bottommost level of the building.

"Eight Extremes Determines Life and Death!"

His figure rose upward, and he reached the second level. His figure resembled a dragon swimming about fluidly as he attacked the insides of the building with different divine arts.

"Seven Stars Level the Skies!"

His figure rose to the third level. "Six Directions Collapsing!"

"Five Elements Reversal!"

"Four Symbols Conundrum!"

He continuously executed his divine arts as he made his way to the uppermost level, activating every single one of the killing formations in the building.

Wei Suifeng landed on the ground. Opening his arms wide apart, he made a hugging motion that caused the eight-story building to shake. The killing formations within the building rushed upwards into the sky, and the crisp sound of metal and stone colliding could be heard continuously!

After a period of time, blood flowed out from within the building, dyeing the ground red.

Wei Suifeng raised his hand, and the eight-story building grew smaller and smaller until it landed in his palm.

"What a difficult fellow to deal with. It's a pity that his realm was a little low and that he had yet to cultivate to become a god."

He threw the eight-story building upwards, and the divine building broke apart. Some shattered bones fell out from within the building as it broke up into various divine weapons that floated behind him.

Suddenly, Wei Suifeng's pupils contracted. He watched as Qin Mu strode towards him.

Just now, he had clearly refined Qin Mu's headless body to death within the building, so where did this Qin Mu come from?

He looked down at the fragments of bone on the ground. Qin Mu had indeed been refined to death by him, yet what was with this Qin Mu that was walking towards him?

"Could it be the Creation Writings of the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scripture?"

Wei Suifeng was astonished, and he shook his head. "It's impossible for the creation technique to grow out a body from your head. Even I didn't manage to comprehend such a profound technique of creation."

"When Teacher Woodcutter imparted the creation technique to you, even he didn't know of the technique of creation of the Crimson Light Era. Of course he was unable to impart that to you."

Qin Mu raised his palm, and the sword pellet appeared. It revolved continuously, breaking apart as it turned, transforming into numerous flying swords. Qin Mu shook his head. "Teacher Woodcutter was biased. He taught Third Junior Brother for two years, and he taught Big Senior Brother, you, for an even longer period of time. Yet, he never taught me personally. Fortunately, I found something even better."

Wei Suifeng's sleeves rolled, and the divine weapons behind him started to combine again. However, at this moment, Qin Mu raised his palm and pressed forwards into the empty space!

Wei Suifeng immediately saw that, behind Qin Mu, an apparition of the Heavenly Cycle Stars had actually appeared. It transformed into a boundless galaxy, with countless stars and sparkling starlight. Divine rays of magnetism were released, and an enormous magnetic force field was formed in the middle of these stars!

This sort of magnetic force field was far more formidable than the Great Heavenly Cycle force field from the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures!


An extremely terrifying force suddenly attacked, and it caused all of his divine weapons to fall onto the ground. The ground sank downwards furiously, and the pressure on Wei Suifeng's body also increased exponentially in an instant. His body trembled violently, and he barely remained standing.

"Big Senior Brother, your abilities are truly formidable. You entered the path through divine arts, didn't you?"

Qin Mu's neck shook, and two more heads grew from it. Arms tunneled out from his armpits, and he laughed as he raised them up one by one. "However, I come from twenty thousand years in the future, your divine arts are already obsolete."

Boom boom boom—

Layers of Great Heavenly Cycle force field pushed downwards. Wei Suifeng had almost reached his limits and couldn't hold on any longer. His entire person was squashed until he was lying flat on the ground, unable to even lift his head!

Luckily, the ground of the world within the flowers was very soft. Even as Qin Mu's Great Heavenly Cycle force field crushed down on his back like great mountains, he didn't suffer any severe injuries.

Teleportation formation runes suddenly appeared around him, and with a swoosh, he vanished with the divine weapons that were wrapped around him.

Qin Mu dispersed the Great Heavenly Cycle force field, his three heads looking about in all four directions. Wei Suifeng didn't reappear.

At this very moment, Qin Mu felt his stomach bloating up. He was alarmed. 'It's the teleportation divine art again!'

His belly started to inflate at a terrifying speed, growing bigger and bigger as numerous divine weapons emerged within his body. Wei Suifeng had directly teleported his divine weapons into Qin Mu's chest!

"No wonder they call us, the Heavenly Saint Cult, the Heavenly Devil Cult!"

Within Qin Mu's divine treasures, rays of light sparkled. The frantic emergence of the divine weapons had caused his divine treasures to continuously inflate as well!

His corporeal body was also expanding furiously. Qin Mu tried his best to strengthen his corporeal body so as to stop it from being ripped apart by the divine weapons that had suddenly emerged within his body!

"Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon!"

Qin Mu roared. The vital qi within his corporeal body surged, and the loud and clear roars of a dragon could be heard. It sounded like the chanting of the ancestral dragon who had coiled within the formless mass when heaven and earth first split apart. The resonating dragon roars suppressed the divine weapons within his body and divine treasures. The countless divine weapons had actually been struck by the Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon until cracks formed on them.

Under the dragon roars, the numerous divine weapons burst apart and were vibrated into the finest particles.

Qin Mu roared again, and the great sun in his divine treasures suddenly burst out. Its boiling energy transformed his divine treasures into the most terrifying and hottest furnace in the world, directly refining the pieces of the divine weapons into molten iron.

Qin Mu clasped his hands before his chest as he executed Sakra Buddha's Glazed Eight Treasures Body. The melted divine weapons transformed into steam and spewed out of his pores. The divine metal steam immediately condensed into Eight Treasures Glaze. The eight treasures revolved and transformed into a circular Buddha ray made of metal at the back of his head.

Qin Mu leaped up and reached out his hand to strike the air. The depths of space trembled violently, and a teleportation light flashed past from the depths. An enormous palm print suddenly appeared within it, and it faced his fist head-on.

Qin Mu shifted his figure, chasing after that teleportation light, his six arms throwing out punches like raindrops and furiously blasting towards the depths of space. He punched from the borders of this world within the flowers all the way to the top of the sky. Along this path, there were innumerous fist marks that appeared in the sky, and they all connected into a straight line!

Suddenly, all of the fist marks surged towards Qin Mu, transforming into a single magnificent fist!

Return of Thousand Palms Beyond the Strange Peaks of Heavens!

With this punch, a terrifying power emerged directly, and space was torn apart. The densely packed fist marks continuously destroyed the space, shattering into pieces the teleportation runes that surrounded Wei Suifeng, who was hiding within the space.

After Qin Mu executed this great divine art, he immediately transformed his fist into a palm. Smacking the palm out, numerous teleportation runes burst out. The countless flying swords that were transformed from the sword pellet traveled through the teleportation divine art and entered the space.

The sword rays disappeared completely.

Qin Mu landed on the ground, and he looked up into the sky. His six arms clutched sword techniques that were changing continuously, and it was dazzling to the eyes.


The sky suddenly split apart, and a ray of light burst out from the crack, landing straight onto the ground. The light retracted instantly and transformed into the figure of Wei Suifeng, who was covered in blood. He raised a hand. "Junior Brother, stop!"

Loud clangs sounded out endlessly as numerous flying swords descended and stabbed into the ground surrounding him, transforming into a sword forest that was a hectare or so wide!

All the bodies of the swords faced him. On the shining sword bodies, there were numerous teleportation runes that shone onto his body.

Wei Suifeng carefully observed his surroundings, his vital qi suddenly transforming into countless mirrors that refracted the runes on the flying swords as he laughed and said, "Junior Brother, you learn pretty fast."

Qin Mu waved his hand, and the sword forest rushed upwards into the sky, clinking and colliding noisily as they transformed back into the sword pellet and landed in his hands. "Big Senior Brother, you admit that I am your junior brother now?"

Although he had picked up this skill from Wei Suifeng, purely relying on the teleportation runes on the bodies of the swords wouldn't be enough to deal with Wei Suifeng.

The mirrors that were formed by Wei Suifeng's vital qi refracted the teleportation runes on the flying swords. If Qin Mu activated the teleportation divine art and tried to tear Wei Suifeng into eight pieces, then Wei Suifeng would be able to make use of the mirror surfaces to damage the teleportation divine art.

When the teleportation divine art burst out, he would be safe from danger, but Qin Mu's flying swords would then be torn into pieces by the teleportation divine art.

It was the first time Qin Mu had seen someone who had cultivated the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to such a level. On the transformations of divine arts, Wei Suifeng was the only one, out of all the divine arts practitioners and gods and devils that he had encountered before, who could match up with Xu Shenghua.

When Xu Shenghua was still inexperienced, he was even inferior compared to Wei Suifeng.

"Big Senior Brother, I have finally met you!"

Qin Mu laughed out loud, walking forward with great strides and wrapping his arms around him tightly. He spoke out with great excitement, saying, "I have been following after your footsteps to move forward in the pursuit of the truths of history!"

Wei Suifeng was obviously not used to this. All these years, he had gone around searching for the truths of history all by himself, so he was at a loss at Qin Mu's overly passionate behavior.

He tried to break away from it but was unsuccessful. He could only hug Qin Mu back, replying helplessly, "Junior Brother, you can let go now… Junior Brother, you can really let go now! Let go of me… what's up with this female corpse?"

Qin Mu finally released him and smiled. "This female corpse is the corpse of the sister of Celestial Empress. You left this for me."

Wei Suifeng shook his head. "You came from twenty thousand years in the future to my era and obtained this female corpse. How could it have been left behind by me for you? The one who left this behind must be someone else."

Qin Mu was a little shocked. "However, in the future, you left behind this geographical map of the abyss of the Ruins of End for me, marking this location on it."

Upon hearing this, Wei Suifeng felt that it was all very preposterous, and yet it was reality. He could only accept it.

"Junior Brother, I may have marked a location that meant that there was something there, but that thing may not have been left behind by me."

He bent down and inspected the peachwood hairpin at the back of Celestial Empress' sister's head. "This woman died due to this hairpin. Could it be that the owner of this hairpin left it for you? I have encountered many peculiar events…"

He exerted pressure into his palm, intending to pull out the hairpin. Qin Mu sensed something in his heart and quickly cried out, "Don't remove it!"

However, it was too late.

Wei Suifeng had already pulled out Celestial Venerable Ling's hairpin. At this very instant, a wave of fog suddenly appeared, and he was swept into it.

Qin Mu hurriedly stretched out his hand to grab at Wei Suifeng, who was enshrouded in the fog, but Wei Suifeng vanished together with the fog!

When Wei Suifeng's senses finally returned to him, he saw the celestial river flowing within the fog. There was a woman dressed in a leopard print skirt and straw shoes standing on the river surface while holding a lantern in her hand.

"Why is it you?"

The woman revealed an expression of disappointment. She shoved the lantern into his hand and took the hairpin from him, her figure disappearing into the fog. "It should have been him who returned to help me. Wei Suifeng, when you meet me again, it will be the time when you should leave. Remember, on the day the lantern extinguishes, you will be able to leave!"

When the fog dissipated, Wei Suifeng looked around in a daze. A magnificent celestial river was rolling towards him, and numerous flags flew from the ships that were sailing past him.

"Who are you? How dare you stand in the way of Celestial Emperor's patrol?" Suddenly, a god with the head of a bird and the body of a man yelled out from one of the ships.

Wei Suifeng was taken aback. "Celestial Emperor? This is…"

"Idiot! This is the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens!"

The god laughed. "Men, take down this fool!"

Wei Suifeng hurriedly executed his divine arts and beat up some of the gods who had come forward to grab him. The eyes of the god with the head of a bird instantly lit up, and he praised, "Your abilities aren't too bad! Fellow, would you be willing to join my Feathered Forest Guards?"

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