Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 88 - Heavenly Devil Horde

"Village Chief was pulled by the devil monster into the whirlpool, would he…"

Qin Mu had all kinds of bad thoughts. Turning back to take a look, he wasn't far from the gates of Fengdu. The fog hadn't totally flooded the gate yet but if the fog continued to rise, he wouldn't be able to find the gate anymore.

"Village Chief has such strong abilities, he would definitely be fine! I need to leave this place now and not to become his burden!"

Thump, thump, thump.

The gray fog saturated the air and the footsteps in the fog were in a mess. Some came from his back and some came from his sides. There were also some blocking his way to the gates of Fengdu.

Qin Mu composed himself and immediately rushed towards the gates of Fengdu. As he sprinted forward rapidly, he got closer and closer to the incomparably huge mountain gates of Fengdu when suddenly a loud growl came from his front as a shadow flew towards him.

Without any explanation, Qin Mu stabbed his sword finger out. The fish dragon of Junior Protector Sword leaped out, spitting out the treasure sword which sliced apart the gray fog and stabbed the shadow as fast as lightning!


As the gale whistled, Junior Protector Sword pushed the shadow back and with a piercing sound, the shadow collided onto a stone pillar and was nailed to death.

Qin Mu continued to sprint forward forcefully. As he passed by the stone pillar, his sword finger pointed backward and Junior Protector Sword flew back into the fish dragon's mouth behind him.

The corpse of the shadow slid down the pillar and revealed a sinister looking mutant. It had fish scales all over its body and frog webbing on his hands and feet.

The mutant's vital qi had yet dispersed and was still coiling around its body like a huge bloodstained snake. Qin Mu smelt a fishy stench and suddenly felt giddy. He stumbled and knew that it was obviously a highly toxic divine art!

He then felt the painting which Deaf had drawn on him by using dragon's blood heating up and the toxicity quickly vanished.

"Divine arts practitioner? I actually killed a divine arts practitioner?"

Qin Mu was stunned and suddenly remembered when he was executing his vital qi and used it to manipulate sword, the great furnace that Mute hid in his chest had ignited in flames and instantly raised his vital qi by a hundred times!

It was exactly this Great Furnace which had suddenly increased his vital qi to the extent where he could slay a divine art practitioner in one sword!

What's even more incredible was the great furnace only suddenly increased his vital qi when he was executing it. When Qin Mu kept his vital qi back, his vital qi would revert back to usual. This way there wouldn't be a huge burden on his body.

It was like filling a cauldron with water. If a cauldron could only fit three buckets of water and ten buckets of water were poured in, seven buckets of water would overflow out. However, a human body wasn't a cauldron and there was no place for the vital qi to overflow, it would normally result in bodies exploding.

The marvel of Mute's great furnace was after lending Qin Mu a hundred times vital qi, these hundred times vital qi would return to the great furnace and not affect his body.

Qin Mu sprinted forward and his mind was processed quickly, "That way with my current cultivation I can also execute divine arts? In that case, it's not like I can't fight the Heavenly Devil Horde."

The great furnace that Mute had placed in his body provided him with a hundred times vital qi, such a vigorous vital qi was something Qin Mu had never even dared to think of. Previously his fist skills were still fist skills and knife skills were still knife skills. However now he felt that he could use his hundred times vital qi in his body to execute the divine arts of fist skills and knife skills!

How powerful would the abilities that Old Ma and Butcher had imparted to him be like after breaking through into divine arts?

His footsteps grew faster and faster as he subconsciously incorporated Heaven Pilfering Leg Skill which Cripple had taught him into his sprint, pouring the boundless vital qi in his body into his legs.

Qin Mu gave a long whistle and his feet took a step out. The air under his feet was compressed under his step and formed a gale. This was the wind formed by his own footsteps.

As he took this first step, Qin Mu instantly felt that the air was flat ground. Everywhere in the vast sky was flat ground and places he could land his feet!

His speed suddenly increased as he traveled in the sky. In just a few steps, he broke free from the gloomy gray fog and appeared in the sky above the gray fog before dashing towards the mountain gates of Fengdu.

Suddenly a huge figure leaped up from the gray fog. It was a monster that was blazing with flames and looked like it was formed from lava. Its punch was as heavy as a mountain as it punched towards the sprinting Qin Mu!

Qin Mu's hurriedly increased his speed and broke through the air. Suddenly the Pig Slaughtering Knife on his back flew out from its sheath and landed in his hand!

Sun On East Sea Thousand Layer Waves!

Pig Slaughtering Knife gave off a glorious luster just like a blazing sun leaping up from the east sea along with a thousand layers of waves surging forth.

Zhnng zhnng zhnng—

Sounds of clashing rang continuously as Qin Mu collided with the colossus and bounced off straight away, returning his knife back into the sheath and sprinted away.

Thud thud thud thud. Stones fell to the grounds and a huge head followed right after. The huge lava giant was broken down by his knife skill!

This was the divine art of his knife skill. The lava giant was a powerful divine art practitioner that had immense strength, however, when compared to the divine arts of Butcher's knife skills, it was still slightly weaker!

Lightning suddenly flashed in the sky as a handsome youth rose up from the gray fog below. Lightning crisscrossed among his hands and his ten fingers suddenly opened up. The lightning weaved around each other to form a net and struck towards Qin Mu!

"Divine arts evolved from Green Dragon Vital Qi? Can it be stronger than the divine arts from Old Ma's fist skill?"

Qin Mu gave a shout and released a punch. The vital qi in his fist transformed into dragons and formed forty-five dragon forces, Tempest Of The Nine Dragons!

The forty-five Green Dragons roared broadly and powerful, swallowing the handsome youth along with lightning flashes and thunder rolls.

Both of their fists met and the body of the handsome youth turned stiff. He then exploded with a bang as his flesh turned into forty-five red dragons surging out!

"I'm that strong?"

Qin Mu jumped in shock. He had seen the power of Tempest Of The Nine Dragon from Old Ma's hand but Old Ma was Old Ma after all. It was natural that his attacks were powerful. However, now that Qin Mu had unleashed his fist skills to the level of divine arts did he realize how astonishing was the power of Thunderclap Eight Strikes.

However, Tempest Of The Nine Dragons had created too big of a ruckus and would definitely allow the Heavenly Devil Horde in the dense fog to pinpoint his location through the sound!

Qin Mu immediately heard the sounds of breaking through the air and his heart fell. The numbers of Heavenly Devil Horde that the devil god had sprinkled out just now were too many. If he couldn't be in a favorable location, it would be impossible for him to defend against them.

He was getting closer and closer to the mountain gates of Fengdu. Suddenly a pitch black devil cloud rolled out in front of him and blocked his vision. Qin Mu sighed and immediately halted, dropping back down into the fog.

A huge head popped out from the pitch black devil clouds. The face was filled with a curly mustache and his gaze spewed fire as he looked around.

The devil cloud then rapidly shrank. The huge head also shrank together with the devil cloud and when the devil cloud had shrunk to three yards, an ugly woman appeared. Her mouth was filled with yellow teeth that were like thick nails and on her back was a bloody bottle gourd that was as long as a human, meanwhile the shrinking devil cloud continued to tunnel into the mouth of the bottle gourd.

Another woman rose into the sky and stood on the gray fog. This woman had pretty facial features, white smooth skin, a fantastic figure, big bust and a skinny waist, however, from her back grew a thick and long scorpion tail which barb was swinging around.

The two women looked downwards to search for Qin Mu and didn't find him. Suddenly the swooshing sound of a sharp sword broke through the air and before the scorpion lady could react, a sword light had come slashing across her neck.

The scorpion lady covered her neck and wanted to put her head back on her neck yet she couldn't help it as her head slid off uncontrollably.

This was the most basic sword art that Village Chief had taught him. Cleave.

The ugly woman gave a screech and the devil cloud on her back surged out again. In the devil cloud stood a giant and even though there was only the upper half of his body, his fists were like mountains as he went smashing ruthlessly down at the direction where the sword had come from!


Dull thumps sounded out as a groan came out from the gray fog. The eyes of the ugly woman lit up and the giant in the devil cloud continued to smash towards that location!

After the giant in the devil cloud had punched a hundred times, the ugly woman gave a smiled as she saw the blood spatters on the giant's fist. She descended down into the gray fog and her feet touched the land.

Her spirit weapon was out of the ordinary and was the blood bottle gourd. The giant with only the upper half of his body from the bloody bottle gourd was the divine art that she had cultivated from her technique. However, under the nourishment of the bloody bottle gourd, the giant's body had already been refined like steel and iron, having astonishing strength.

The ugly woman landed on the ground and walked to the place where the giant had hammered, only to see a corpse which had been smashed in bits. Her expression changed hugely when she saw that it wasn't a human corpse but the corpse of her clansman!

At this moment, her heart felt a chill as Junior Protector Sword stabbed through from her back.

Behind her, Qin Mu had silently closed in and disappeared back into the gray fog after retrieving his sword. With the layers of dense fog and the Heaven Pilfering Leg Skill Qin Mu had learned from Cripple, it was the perfect place for Qin Mu to assassinate!

As he weaved around in the dense fog, he concealed himself and headed towards the sources of sounds, using sword or knife to kill them in one blow!

The vast gray fog gradually became thicker and thicker that Qin Mu couldn't see much farther with his Nine Heavens God Eyes.

Suddenly a pitch black tentacle waved past in front of him and Qin Mu stood there motionlessly to let the tentacle pass him. Chi chi chi. A fine sound traveled out as spider silks flew past his body and formed a web.

The spider silks trembled as if there was something stepping on the spider silk and stretching it taut, giving off a tune that was like strumming a string instrument.

The spider silks grew more and more, gradually enveloping the surroundings of Qin Mu. More tentacles in the fog also flailed around in the air, trying to force him out.

Qin Mu frowned and directed his vital qi secretly into his white glove. The thread of the glove secretly popped its head out just like an extremely fine spirit snake.

This fine thread clung onto the spider silk in absolute silence and slowly snaked its way forward, crawling from this spider silk onto another spider silk. This white gloves was equivalent to the scriptures of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and formed by countless of tadpole scripts. It could change its shape and size at will, therefore, Granny weaved this treasure into a glove for Qin Mu to wear.

Controlling Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, Qin Mu let the fine thread overlapped with the spider silk. After some time, the thread of the white gloves on his hand had come off and only five fingers were covered.

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