Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 881 - History Strongest

Celestial Empress' side palace had stood upright for a million years without being destroyed. It was constructed using divine metals and was extremely luxurious, but no matter how luxurious it was, it wasn't able to defend against the collision of a great expert such as Yan'er.

The side palace was in a mess, and over half of the area had been destroyed by the fat bird Yan'er had transformed into. It was especially so when her dragon sparrow primordial spirit had executed her divine art when her primordial spirit came smashing over. As a result, the vermillion bird sacred flames had melted down the side palace, causing molten iron to overflow.

The sacred flame wouldn't stop burning, and so it ignited the other side palaces that hadn't been destroyed.

Yan'er stood up from the debris of the ruins, and she pulled back her primordial spirit. She patted her wings and shook off the shattered rocks on her body. Not far away, a pavilion that was originally swaying from being burned by the sacred flames instantly collapsed when the gale raised by her wings blew past. The pavilion fell into the sea of fire.

The dragon qilin also climbed up and shook off the dust on his body.

Qin Mu stood up and got to work again as though nothing had happened.

The dragon qilin watched as he took the chance when the sacred flames had melted the divine metal to refine out the divine metal. He imprinted teleportation runes and was probably planning to construct a large scale teleportation formation to leave this place.

Qin Mu hurried to and fro, but the dragon qilin could see something very heavy weighing on him. That was because the dragon qilin was also proficient in algebra, and he saw that Qin Mu had made several mistakes when calculating the nodes of space.

This was something that was impossible during normal times.

As one of the strongest masters of algebra in the current world, the frequency of Qin Mu making mistakes in his calculations was close to none, which made several mistakes in a row something that was impossible.

With him making several mistakes in a row, it was clear that there was something gnawing at his heart, which resulted in him not being able to concentrate.

"Cult Master, what did you see in the abyss?" probed the dragon qilin.

Qin Mu stopped constructing the teleportation formation and fell into a daze. After a moment, he said, "The person that killed Celestial Venerable Ling was Ancient God Celestial Emperor. When he leapt out of the broken section of the celestial river, I saw his face. It was the same face as the Ancient God Celestial Emperor that I met in Heavenly Yin World."

The dragon qilin was puzzled. "Ancient God Celestial Emperor?"

"Or I should say, the corporeal body of Ancient God Celestial Emperor. As for who the one controlling this corporeal body is, that is something that I wouldn't know."

As Qin Mu began to speak, his thoughts started to unravel. "Ancient God Celestial Emperor's corporeal body isn't in the celestial heavens, and that is the reason the existences controlling the celestial heavens are pressing for the creation of the perfect Celestial Venerable Yu. That is because Ancient God Celestial Emperor's corporeal body is the strongest corporeal body in history, and no other Celestial Venerable can unleash the full potential of this corporeal body. They have to work together in order to unleash all of the power in Ancient God Celestial Emperor's corporeal body!"

He walked to and fro, and his thoughts sped up. "This corporeal body is a tool for them to hold one another back. When no one is able to completely control Celestial Emperor's corporeal body, it instead creates a balance between them since they wouldn't dare to lay their hands on one another."

"However, if Ancient God Celestial Emperor's corporeal body is gone, who should be the one to control the celestial heavens? Authority would make them suspicious and jealous of one another. Furthermore, without Ancient God Celestial Emperor's corporeal body, Heaven Duke and Earth Count pose a great threat to them. That is why they need to create a powerful weapon, a weapon that is able to deal with Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and everybody else.

"This weapon is Celestial Venerable Yu!"

Qin Mu stopped in his footsteps and pondered for a moment. "This is the reason they created Celestial Venerable Yu and controlled his body to come to the lower bound. They wanted to test if this weapon is feasible, to see if it could be compared to Celestial Emperor's corporeal body."

The dragon qilin asked curiously, "Cult Master, is the person that is trapped in Celestial Emperor's corporeal body still in the celestial heavens?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "Only his corporeal body is in the celestial heavens, his primordial spirit isn't. He's trapped by Celestial Venerable Ling and can't escape. If you want to kill Celestial Venerable Ling, how could you not pay a price? Ancient God Celestial Emperor doesn't need to use a weapon, his corporeal body is the strongest weapon, and yet this person had to use a spear as his weapon. He should be a founding elder in the Heaven Alliance. The price he paid was very high, and he is now trapped in the celestial river, never to break free. Furthermore, there's already no footing for him in the celestial heavens."

He was now full of energy, and there were no further mistakes when he continued to layout the teleportation formation.

Yan'er fed the dragon qilin with a spirit pill, and she praised, "Fatty Dragon, your Human Rearing Scripture is becoming more and more incredible."

The dragon qilin ate the spirit pill and said with a smile, "Cult Master is too smart, sometimes he will just be caught in a wild goose chase and be unable to break free. He just needs to speak out and is then able to break free by himself. However, these smart people tend to not speak out. I didn't do much, I just let Cult Master speak his mind."

Yan'er beamed and continued to feed the dragon qilin.

Qin Mu finished constructing the teleportation formation and went off to gather divine metal. Celestial Empress' side palace had been completely burned down, and all of the divine metal had also been melted into molten iron. Yan'er took back the sacred flames, and the divine metal solidified.

The divine metal used for Celestial Empress' side palace was a specialty from the Ruins of End. It was abyss iron that was spouted out from the abyss, and it could only be found in the Ruins of End. Qin Mu got Yan'er to smelt the abyss iron again and refined it into metal cubes, stacking them after they were completed.

"Young Master, we can't bring these away."

Yan'er and the dragon qilin looked at the mountain of abyss iron and felt astonished. Yan'er shook her head and said, "Abyss iron is too heavy, even I can't carry it."

"It's alright, I have a place to store them."

Qin Mu took off the willow leaf on the heart of his brows and threw the abyss iron, cube after cube, into Qin word land.

In Qin word land, abyss iron fell like rain and piled up into a big mountain. Heaven Duke, Crimson Emperor, and Brahma Buddha surrounded the crystal coffin with black faces and let the abyss iron land around them.

Lava Earth Count's face didn't become black, as his face was alternating between red and black to begin with.

"Nonsense! This is a place to seal his older brother, how could he throw everything inside?" Lava Earth Count said.

Qin Mu finished sorting the abyss iron, and he jumped up and down. He didn't feel any weight and said with a smile, "From today onwards, I don't even need the taotie sacks anymore!"

He took out the Carefree Sword and looked at the sky. The broken stars in the sky were very close to the Ruins of End.

Heaven Duke and the rest also saw the broken stars in the sky of the Ruins of End, and they looked at each other in dismay.

"What is that brat planning to do?" Everyone was at a loss.

The chubby baby, who was sitting in the Slaughter Cauldron and eating, looked up when he heard them. He said with a smile, "Bad brother plans to push the stars down and smash them into the Ruins of End, luring out the two flowers."

Heaven Duke hurriedly said, "Brothers know each other best. What is your bad brother trying to do by luring out the two flowers?"

"To chop them off with his sword and bring them away," said Qin Fengqing.

Heaven Duke's face changed drastically. Earth Count's expression didn't change, but his limbs were also shaking.

Brahma Buddha and Crimson Emperor didn't know the origin of these two flowers, so they didn't think much about it. However, Heaven Duke and Earth Count were terrified.

"Ridiculous! Truly ridiculous!"

Heaven Duke's white beard trembled randomly, and he scolded angrily, "Those two flowers are used to plug the sea eye!

Lava Earth Count clenched his fists tightly and reprimanded furiously, "These two flowers are why the Ruins of End don't swallow up all of the stars!"

"If you chop them off, even the east sea of Yuandu would be sucked clean!"

They looked at the sky, and Qin Mu was currently standing on the head of a big fat bird. He was flying up to one of the stars above the abyss, planning to use the fat bird's primordial spirit to push that broken star into the abyss.

Heaven Duke instantly made a decision and shouted, "Throw the older brother out and suppress the younger brother, don't let him carry out this farce!"

Qin Fengqing was still picking out his food in the Slaughter Cauldron when he saw Heaven Duke, Earth Count, Crimson Emperor, and Brahma Buddha surrounding him. Even the usually timid Great Sun Sovereign came up. Everyone lifted up the cauldron, throwing him out of the sky along with it.

Qin Mu was full of mettle and was instructing Yan'er on how to change the course of the star so that they could push the broken star into the abyss. Suddenly, his head became giddy, and he cried out furiously, "Heaven Duke, you schemed against me! Aren't you afraid of my big brother creating havoc after being released?"

He flailed his arms and legs as he fell from the sky. In the next instant, he saw that he had fallen to the ground, and around him was the Qin word land. Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and the rest surrounded him with unpleasant looks.

On the other hand, Yan'er heard Qin Mu crying out and thought to herself, 'Young Master indeed has something wrong with his brain, he always thinks he has an older brother.'

She suddenly felt Qin Mu becoming incomparably heavy and was astonished.

Standing on her head, Qin Mu's corporeal body expanded frantically, and in a split second, he transformed into an incomparably huge baby that was even larger and chubbier than her true body. She nearly couldn't fly up!

Yan'er was astonished, and she heard that huge baby speaking in his baby voice. "Earth Count frequently says I'm evil, now you know who the true baddie is, right? Bad brother is the evil one! Bad brother always gets himself into trouble, and I have to clean his a**. However, what can I do when I'm the older brother..."

Yan'er felt fear in her heart and saw that chubby baby stretching out his palm. His chubby palm gently stroked that huge broken star, and with a flick of his finger, he flicked away that celestial body.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here to rescue you!"

The chubby baby jumped down and landed on the ground with a boom. Standing in the abyss, he stretched his hand to grab the neck of the chubby bird and said with a smile, "Don't be afraid, I don't kill for no reason now. I have my own rules now. That's right, do you want to form a Pact of Little Earth Count?"

Yan'er hurriedly shook his head.

The chubby baby placed her down and shrunk his body. He spent a great deal of effort to crawl into the teleportation formation left behind by Qin Mu and said, "I've become chubbier, Mother will definitely be happy to see me again... Come on, let us return to Eternal Peace, we can't stay here, or else bad brother will run out to create mischief again."

Yan'er and the dragon qilin had blank expressions on their faces, and they only hurriedly walk into the teleportation formation after his warning. The dragon qilin said with a trembling voice, "Are you Cult Master's older brother?"

The chubby baby nodded his head and played around with the teleportation formation. "I don't like to come out, it's too noisy outside, there are too many rules, I still like to go back. However, little brother is causing trouble, so I have no choice but to come out... How do you use this toy?"

The dragon qilin hurriedly executed the teleportation formation, and the runes on the formation lit up.

The eyes of the chubby baby lit up, and he stretched out his chubby hand to stroke the head of the dragon qilin. He praised, "You know a lot, no wonder my little brother doesn't eat you..."

The light flashed, and they vanished from the teleportation formation.

In the next moment, they appeared in the ruins of Dragon Count Ancient Country. Elder Messenger of Death had already taken away the souls, and this place was deathly silent.

The chubby baby grabbed Yan'er and the dragon qilin, putting them on his shoulders. He said with a smile, "You guys run slow, let me bring you guys back. You have to take good care of bad brother, don't always let him create trouble. I also don't like to come out..."

The dragon qilin and Yan'er were in a daze.

They suddenly saw this chubby baby taking a stride with his short leg, and he sprinted forward with force. With a loud bang, he crashed through the barrier of Dragon Count Country and rushed into the sea. The speed in which he was sprinting on the sea was so fast that even Yan'er was flabbergasted.

The chubby baby sprinted at full force, leaving behind raging waves. With such a speed, they wouldn't even need a few days to reach Eternal Peace!

"There is really an older brother in Cult Master's body!" The dragon qilin finally came back to his senses.

In Qin word land...

Qin Mu sat obediently in the center of everyone and lowered his head without saying a word.

"So close, you were so close to creating a calamity!"

Heaven Duke was infuriated and scolded him, saying, "Why do you think Celestial Empress and her sister have such high statuses? Why do you think Celestial Emperor must marry them? It's because of the two lotuses blocking the sea eye. Those two lotuses are the root of heaven and earth! If you had chopped them off and plucked them out, there would be no more lifeforce in Yuandu, and even the galaxy of my Xuandu would be swallowed up by the abyss in the Ruins of End!"

Qin Mu hung his head down. "I know my mistake now."

Heaven Duke scolded angrily, "Suppress Qin Fengqing? I think we should suppress you instead! You are too good at creating trouble! What is the matter with the corpse of Celestial Empress' sister?"

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "This isn't my fault, Celestial Venerable Ling is the one that killed her."

Heaven Duke still wanted to scold, but his face suddenly changed drastically. He cried out, "This is bad! I'm going to die!"

Lava Earth Count's complexion also changed, and he cried out, "Crap, my time is almost up!"

Qin Mu was stunned, and he hurriedly got up to inquire.

The clones of Heaven Duke and Earth Count paced to and fro anxiously when Brahma Buddha also sighed and said, "Senior Brothers, I know what you mean. That weapon has also come to my Buddha Realm."

Qin Mu's heart skipped a beat, and he cried out, "Weapon?"

The clone of Heaven Duke waved through the void, and he said with a sigh, "Take a look."

His hands spread apart, and what was happening in Xuandu appeared in the sky above the Qin word land. In front of Heaven Duke, who had a gigantic body, a god with an ability to rule the world crashed through the world barrier of Xuandu, appearing inside.

It was a Celestial Venerable Yu with celestial palaces floating behind him in clusters to form a celestial heavens. Celestial Venerable Yu was like the ruler of the celestial heavens.

"For the strongest weapon of the celestial heavens to appear in my Xuandu, is it here to get rid of me?" The clone of Heaven Duke sighed.

Lava Earth Count said, "In Youdu, such a weapon has also descended."

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