Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 882 - Powerless to Do Anything

Lava Earth Count pointed at the ground with one finger. Demonic aura surged on the ground, and then the ground disappeared, revealing what was happening in Youdu.

Qin Mu looked towards it only to see that before the true body of Earth Count, yet another 'Celestial Venerable Yu' had descended. His imposing corporeal body, although still inferior compared to Earth Count, was extremely enormous. It was about one-tenth the size of Earth Count's.

The 'Celestial Venerable Yu' in Xuandu was of such build as well. Heaven Duke and Earth Count's true bodies were immensely colossal, and only a few ancient gods could truly match up to them.

Youdu's 'Celestial Venerable Yu' also had layers of celestial palaces that formed a boundless celestial heavens. It was an incredibly magnificent sight.

'Celestial Venerable Yu's' divine treasures and celestial palaces were constructed using almost all the ancient gods' Great Dao runes. Hence, it was inevitable that once Heaven Duke and Earth Count encountered such a 'Celestial Venerable Yu', their hearts and minds would be thrown into disarray!

There were no such things as realms for the ancient gods, they were born that formidable. They were able to cultivate and increase their abilities, but cultivation was only for them to increase their level of comprehension for their own Great Dao, it wouldn't allow them to surpass their own limits.

For example, Earth Count wouldn't be able to comprehend Heaven Duke's Great Dao.

Comparatively, the lifeforms after the beginning and the half-gods didn't have such limitations. However, these lifeforms and half-gods were born immensely inferior to them. Even with the cultivation system of divine treasures and cultivation system of the celestial palaces, they still wouldn't be able to match up to the ancient gods.

After all, no matter how much the lifeforms after the beginning and the half-gods increased their levels of comprehension, they would still never be able to surpass the ancient gods who were born of the Great Dao. The Great Dao that was achieved through comprehension would ultimately still be a little inferior compared to the true Great Dao.

However, Heaven Duke and Earth Count knew there was an exception.

In the first year of the Dragon Han, at the Jade Pool Meeting, Celestial Venerable Hao had revealed Celestial Venerable Yu's god realm, the eighth realm. This eighth realm was the realm of the Celestial Heavens.

Celestial Heavens was the crucial point for the lifeforms after the beginning and half-gods to surpass the ancient gods!

The Celestial Heavens encompassed all of the ancient gods' systems, including all thirty-six celestial palaces and seventy-two throne halls. Once one had cultivated to the realm of the Celestial Heavens, their ability would be on par with existences like the ancient Celestial Emperor!

All along, there hadn't been any records or tales in the world regarding the realm of the Celestial Heavens. Those who wielded power in the celestial heavens weren't willing for anyone else to know of this realm, and the ancient gods also helped to hide its existence.

This was because the realm was simply too terrifying!

Heaven Duke and Earth Count were also both aware that all this time, the ones who wielded power within the celestial heavens had been searching for the various Emperor's Throne techniques so as to create a Celestial Heavens technique. However, to put together all thirty-six celestial palaces and seventy-two throne halls was still extremely difficult, so the wielders of power still didn't manage to achieve much.

There were already very few strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne in each era, and in addition, each technique of the thirty-six celestial palaces and seventy-two throne halls had to be of different attributes. Because of that, gathering all of it was naturally a process beset with difficulties.

Despite that, the sudden appearance of the two 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' in Xuandu and Youdu still alarmed them greatly.

"Wrong, wrong!"

Qin Mu counted and said, "These two Celestial Venerable Yus, the number of celestial palaces behind them is wrong! Xuandu's Celestial Venerable Yu has eighteen celestial palaces, and Youdu's Celestial Venerable Yu has twenty celestial palaces. They are not of the complete Celestial Heavens realm! They are not invincible!"

Lava Earth Count calmed down and nodded. "In Youdu, I can fight him! They didn't get a hold of the Son of Youdu, and they didn't research the Great Dao of Youdu thoroughly."

The clone of Heaven Duke said dejectedly, "I'm about to be completely studied by others. This time, the one who came isn't anyone else, it's that unfilial son of mine. Him coming down this time around, I fear that it bodes ill rather than well. However, before he has completely researched me, that unfilial son won't do anything to me. He wishes to surpass me, replace me, and become stronger than me. If he doesn't achieve it, then he won't lay a hand on me."

Qin Mu composed himself, pacing left and right. He suddenly looked at Brahma Buddha. "Buddha is a member of the Heaven Alliance, will the 'Celestial Venerable Yu' in the Buddha Realm attack you?"

Brahma Buddha shook his head. "Although he may not attack me because I'm also a founding elder of the Heaven Alliance, my Emperor's Throne true scripture will definitely have to be given up. Celestial Venerable Mu, the celestial heavens won't touch Earth Count and Heaven Duke, for now. The thing they want to lay their hands on now… I fear it is the Primordial Realm."

The expression on Qin Mu's face changed drastically, and he cried out, "What you mean is that there is also a similar 'Celestial Venerable Yu' that has descended into the Primordial Realm?"

Brahma Buddha sighed. "Mother Earth, who is in the Primordial Realm, is dead but not yet vanquished, so she must be eliminated. Other than the Primordial Realm, there are also the four deities. The East Heavens, West Heavens, South Heavens, and North Heavens that they are in probably also have a 'Celestial Venerable Yu' descending on them. Eternal Peace is in the Primordial Realm. Originally it was safe in its corner, but now it is in a precarious situation. Annihilating Eternal Peace is as easy as blowing away dust for this weapon."

Qin Mu's limbs turned cold, and his voice was hoarse. "What can be done?"

He looked towards Heaven Duke, but Heaven Duke's clone sighed and remained silent.

Qin Mu looked towards Earth Count, but Earth Count avoided his gaze and was silent.

He then turned to Brahma Buddha, but Brahma Buddha shook his head. Then, he looked to Crimson Emperor and Great Sun Sovereign. Crimson Emperor said, "We are already dead and are thus completely useless. I fear that my Crimson Light Era will be completely extinct now…"

Qin Mu was in a state of disarray, and he sat down dejectedly.

The one situated in the most danger was neither Heaven Duke nor Earth Count, it was Eternal Peace.

Before completely deducing the entirety of Heaven Duke and Earth Count's Great Dao runes, the celestial heavens wouldn't lay a hand on them. They would suffer great losses otherwise.

However, dealing with the Primordial Realm, to them, was an extremely easy task.

As a small and unremarkable place within the Primordial Realm, it would be difficult for Eternal Peace to escape this time.

"Son of Qin, we can barely defend ourselves, so we can't help you much either."

Lava Earth Count continued, "Youdu is still somewhat safe. Celestial Venerable You is already on the way to Eternal Peace to pick up the real Celestial Venerable Yu. With Celestial Venerable You and me around, we can guarantee his safety. Don't stay in Eternal Peace, it's too dangerous. Go to Youdu, we can plan what to do from there."

Qin Mu's mind was blank.

Heaven Duke said, "You can also come to my Xuandu. The unfilial son won't lay a hand on me for now. You won't be able to go to the Buddha Realm, you are still wanted there."

Qin Mu's heart was in a mess.

Suddenly, his heart burned with hope. "Oh, Celestial Emperor, there is still the ancient Celestial Emperor! He is also a leader of the Heaven Alliance! There is also Celestial Venerable Yue, Goddess of Heavenly Yin, and the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor! They can help Eternal Peace! There's still hope!"

"You are the Son of Youdu, you must not let the celestial heavens get hold of you."

Lava Earth Count continued, "If the celestial heavens get hold of you, it will be the same as them getting their hands on my Youdu's Great Dao. At that time, even I will be in danger. Go back to Youdu. You were born in Youdu, you are one of Youdu, you don't belong to Eternal Peace. It's Youdu that is your hometown, your homeland."

"I want to return to Eternal Peace!"

Qin Mu suddenly gritted his teeth and yelled out loud, "I want to go to Eternal Peace!"

Lava Earth Count frowned. "Go back to Eternal Peace first and pick up some friends and family. I will let Celestial Venerable You go pick you up."

Qin Mu didn't say another word.

Qin Fengqing ran all the way. After two days, they could already see the land of the Primordial Realm in the distance.

Suddenly, Qin Fengqing jolted a little. He raised his head to look towards the sky and cried out, "There is still a fellow who is even more gigantic than I am. How long would it take to finish eating something like that?"

In the skies, a towering 'Celestial Venerable Yu' crushed the world barrier of the Primordial Realm, descending from high up in the sky. Even from the borders of the land of the Primordial Realm, one could see this god.

At the back of his head were layers of wheels of light that revolved around with flying flames of light. He descended in the direction that used to be the Great Ruins.

Rings of wave tremors burst out in all directions with him at the epicenter, shifting the heavens in the skies above and sweeping away all the clouds in the sky.

A terrifying pressure swept out across millions of miles through the Primordial Realm in a split second. In the boundless space of billions of miles, everyone was able to feel this terrifying aura. It made everyone feel as if their hearts were being crushed by a god that radiated brilliant light.

Even the powerful individuals who had defeated the gods in their hearts still couldn't help but experience an immense feeling of helplessness when they sensed this existence.

At this instant, almost everyone in the Primordial Realm could sense and also see this most formidable weapon of the celestial heavens.

The weapon that intimidated the heavens had fallen upon them on this day.

Accompanying that 'Celestial Venerable Yu' to the lower bound were countless battleships. When 'Celestial Venerable Yu's' body had crushed the barrier of the Primordial Realm, these battleships floated around this towering body, descending with 'Celestial Venerable Yu'.

On the ships was an army of gods and devils from the celestial heavens.

'Celestial Venerable Yu' wasn't here to deal with the remaining survivors of the Crimson Light, High Emperor, and Founding Emperor eras. He was here to deal with the ruler of the Primordial Realm, to kill Mother Earth.

Eliminating the remaining survivors of the Crimson Light, High Emperor, and Founding Emperor eras was the responsibility of the celestial heavens' army of gods and devils that followed him to the lower bound.

"I can't defeat it," Qin Fengqing mumbled. He then took the dragon qilin and Yan'er off his shoulder and yelled out, "Bad younger brother, we have reached the shore. There's a big fellow out there, and I definitely cannot defeat him. Look out for yourself!"

With that, his corporeal body shrank rapidly, and very soon, he resumed the appearance of Qin Mu.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, find your friends and family as fast as possible. Celestial Venerable You will come to fetch you all to Youdu!" Earth Count's voice traveled into his ear.

Qin Mu didn't reply to him. He took out his willow leaf and covered up his forehead. Then, revealing a smile, he turned to Yan'er and said, "Sister Yan'er, my clothes are in a mess, won't you help me tidy them up?"

Yan'er was still shocked by that enormous 'Celestial Venerable Yu', but upon hearing what he said, she hurriedly transformed into a chubby lass and helped him organize his clothing with some effort. "Young Master, the person who came from the heavens seems to be Blue Fatty."

Qin Mu nodded. "It's an imitation, but it's ridiculously formidable."

Earth Count's voice traveled into his mind. "Don't have any thoughts of taking chances, Eternal Peace's annihilation is set in stone! Return to Youdu. Ultimately, you are the Son of Youdu!"

Qin Mu saw that Yan'er was having a difficult time, and he laughed. "Let me do it. Sister Yan'er, if you carry Fatty Dragon and me at your fastest speed, how long would it take to fly to the peach forest?"

Yan'er let out a sigh of relief and revealed her true form again, transforming into the form of the dragon sparrow. "It will only take me a day!"

Qin Mu flew onto her back and replied in a low voice, "Then, we will head to the peach forest first! Fatty Dragon, come up!"

The dragon qilin hurriedly leaped onto Yan'er's back, and the dragon sparrow extended her wings and flew off into the skies. Although she wasn't as fast as Qin Fengqing when he sprinted with all his might, she was still incredibly fast and was much faster than the dragon qilin!

On the second day, Yan'er flew across the Kunlun Border and descended outside the Dao Sect Academy.

Dao Master Lin Xuan saw this divine bird descend from the heavens and hurriedly walked out of the academy, only to see Qin Mu sliding off the back of the divine bird and sprinting towards the peach forest without greeting him.

"Celestial Venerable Yue!"

Qin Mu barged into the peach forest and yelled aloud, "Your old friend Celestial Venerable Mu seeks your appearance!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan was a little startled. He watched as Qin Mu continued to venture deeper into the peach forest, yet ultimately, he only walked about in circles in the outer layer of the peach forest.

"What's up with Cult Master Qin?" Dao Master Lin Xuan asked the dragon qilin.

The dragon qilin glanced about his surroundings, replying, "Eternal Peace is about to be finished. Cult Master wishes to seek the help of the master of the peach forest, so he brought out his identity. If the master of the peach forest still cares about old ties, then she won't reject his request."

Dao Master Lin Xuan was confused and replied hurriedly, "Eternal Peace is going to be finished, is it related to that Lan Yutian who suddenly descended from the heavens? That god looks quite similar to the Lan Yutian by Cult Master's side, other than him being a little thinner than the latter!"

At this very moment, several Daoists came searching, and they said loudly, "Dao Master, Clear Sky Heaven has sent people down, please head over!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan didn't have time to ask for more details. He hurriedly returned to the academy to welcome the guests from Clear Sky Heaven.

What surprised him was that this time around, Clear Sky Sect Master had actually personally come. Dao Master Lin Xuan was about to exchange pleasantries when Clear Sky Sect Master raised a hand. "Junior Brother Lin, I am here on Dao Ancestor's instructions to ask you to immediately migrate Eternal Peace Empire Dao Sect to Clear Sky Heaven and stay far away from this place of troubles! Eternal Peace cannot be saved!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan's eyes widened, and he was speechless. Suddenly, he lost all his strength and leaned devastated against a pillar, his voice hoarse as he asked, "Dao Ancestor said that?"

"Dao Ancestor said that!"

Clear Sky Sect Master immediately took his leave, saying in a solemn voice, "I still have to notify the Dao Sects in the various heavens and tell them Dao Ancestor's instructions! Junior brother Lin, Dao Ancestor values you greatly, even asking me to notify you first. Don't disappoint him!"

Following that, he flew away.

Dao Master Lin Xuan's mind was thrown into disarray, and he only regained his senses after a period of time. He sprinted out of the Dao Sect Academy with staggered steps only to see that Qin Mu was still pacing about the borders of the peach forest. He was still attempting to enter the peach forest, yet it seemed that the master of the peach forest still hadn't responded to him.

At night, the peach forest was lit up faintly. A woman carrying a lantern walked out from the peach forest and said, "Young Master Qin, Goddess said that she can't do anything regarding this event. She won't be able to help, so please return. Goddess also said that Young Master should be wise and play it safe and that you shouldn't be too involved in the matters of the mortal world. If Young Master isn't here to ask for help, you can enter the peach forest anytime. There are no conflicts or danger within the peach forest."

Qin Mu was stunned.

The woman with the lantern looked towards Yan'er. "Sister Yan'er, Goddess wants you to return to the palace."

Yan'er was flustered. She looked at Qin Mu, then at the dragon qilin, and finally at the woman carrying the lantern. She was a little hesitant.

The woman continued, "Goddess said that out here, your life is in danger. Especially in following Young Master Qin, you will be in even more danger."

Yan'er was hesitant, and she suddenly said, "Fatty Dragon, go convince Young Master to enter the peach forest with me, Goddess can ensure your safety."

The dragon qilin glanced at Qin Mu. "Cult Master has made his decision, no one can persuade him otherwise. Sister Yan'er, go on your own."

Yan'er panicked. "Aren't you going to leave with me?"

The dragon qilin laughed. "Cult Master needs me. When I almost starved to death, Cult Master was the one who gave me food. I can't just leave when he's in trouble. Now is the time when Cult Master is most helpless, all the more I can't leave. Although I'm a coward and a glutton, I do not fear death. Sister Yan'er, please take care!"

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